Fields: Allen West Is A Hypocrite And Other Goodies

Guest Columnist

At some point during his campaign someone has to ask Allen West,  Republican candidate for Congress: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?

While he might deny party membership, he would have difficulty disputing that his 22-years Army stint was living the Marxist dream.

West —  the retired Army lietuenant colonel running the second time  for Congress in U. S. House District 22 —  never had to spend a day worrying about corporate bankruptcy, competition, layoffs or a bounced paycheck. Housing, healthcare and food were taken care of by the government.

I am not suggesting the Army should be any other way or that risking your life does not justify this economic security.

What I am saying is that West is hypocritical to question national health insurance, while having taken advantage of a VA healthcare system where everything is owned by the government and everyone works for the government.

It’s absurd to claim to be a spokesman for free enterprise when you choose a professional career of living off the government teat and are now trying to get another “gummint job.

West is a hypocrite.


As the Florida Legislature considers allowing local government to ban dangerous dog breeds, pit-bull defenders like Sun-Sentinel Editorial writer Nicole Brochu insist it’s all about the training.

I guess it is a coincidence that Michael Vick only used pit-bulls for dog fighting? Or that, among dog breeds they are the number one killer of people.

They have been bred to kill which is why they have a 2000 lb bite compared to 600 lb for other dogs.

Wake up Nicole.

The world will be a safer place when they get rid of pit-bulls and the lesser known but, even more dangerous Presa Canerios.


Just when you thought you heard it all it all about the dangers of driving while on your cell phone or texting, Megan Barnes brings driver distractions to a new level.

The Conch Republic resident was driving to Key West for a date when she was involved in an accident. Apparently she did not have her eyes on the road.

Why? She was preoccupied shaving her ahem.

A day earlier she had her driving privileges suspended for DUI.

Enuf said.


Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry has threatened secession. I have previously written: “good riddance.”

We now have a new reason. The Texas Board of Education approved standards for history books that blocks references to contributions to American history by Black or Hispanics.

No mention shall be made of the history that lead the Founding Fathers to include the anti-establishment freedom from government religion clause in the First Amendment.

This explains why the official name for 24 million assholes is “Texas.”

87 Responses to “Fields: Allen West Is A Hypocrite And Other Goodies”

  1. Jerry Williams says:

    Dear Sam:

    The problem with banning pit bulls is the slippery slope. What breed is next? My best pal is a 120 pound bull mastiff named Padlock. As any dog afficianado knows, Bull Mastiffs are a gentle breed and have no reputation for attacks on humans or animals. Yet, I can imagine an activist, gadfly, cat-lady introducing legislation to lump bull mastiffs with pitbulls and presa canarios.

    Jerry Williams & Padlock

  2. sunny skies shady people says:

    let me understand you uncle SAM…
    22 yrs in the army protecting the rights of a insecure napoleanic schlep like you…and what did you do in the army SAM…a nebishkite desk job…HE GETS MY VOTE!

  3. Blame the Owner says:

    “In the ’70s they blamed Dobermans, in the ’80s they blamed German shepherds, in the ’90s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the pit bull.” -Cesar Millan

  4. Lest We Forget says:

    Allen West supervised the beating of an Iraqi prisoner. He pleaded guilty, was fined $5,000 for assault and was allowed to retire.

    I know some believe there is nothing wrong with beating such prisoners. The fact that we don’t beat them legally and punish those who do like West makes us different from the terrorists.

    Sam is right. West’s career snuggled in the bosom of the military does not prepare him for the votes he would make in Congress. The end of his career, where he took the law into his own hands, downright scares me.

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Trying to land her car while shaving her landing strip? Recipe for disaster…

    Sorry to say Sam, this is poor reporting on your part. You didn’t (a) include the “right pictures” and (b) tell us if she nicked her two times Tuesday who-ha.






  7. prb says:

    What crap.
    I’ll bet Al West, like most professional soldiers, had no idea what the retirement healthcare would be. Soldiers don’t join and serve because of retirement benefits.
    Professional soldiers serve for a reason you can’t even fathom.
    “Snuggled in the bosom of the Military”….where did you serve DisneyLand?
    Al West did not ‘beat’ anyone, the info he garnered from the battlefield interogation saved the lives of many of his soldiers as the PW id’d the location of explosive devices he had help plant.
    “Snuggled in the bosom of….” sounds more like someone who’s claim to fame is a ‘community organizer’ that was so business savy Sam, that he got special real estate deals from convicted felon slumlords.

  8. Fred Perry says:

    Mr fields:

    You Race Baiter….you have never stood a post, or stood a mid-watch at Sea. You insult everyone that has served and has stood those posts so you can write drivel from your swivel chair. From your bully pulpit; that sir, is cowardice.

    I served in the US Coast Guard. My son is a rifleman in the Marine Corps. If you uttered those words or took a cheap shot and paroted back the word “gummint” as you have in your column to me or any of my shipmates, or to my son or any of his rifle squad; you would not have walked away intact.

    You are a poster baby for the whimpy, cowardly left.

    Now beat it…men are here and, we have work to do.

    Fred Perry
    Ft. Lauderdale

  9. Fred Perry says:

    Mr “Lest We Forget”:

    I would like your nom de voyage back…you dishonor the phrase.

    As for Mr. West’s 22 year career….a paratrooper, an Artillery officer, ROTC Instructor of the Year, battalion commander in a War zone, active duty in three different war zones, Bronze Star: If that does not prepare a man for service in Congress, pray tell..what exactly has qualified Barak O’bama for a four year term as President?

    Fred Perry

  10. COL(R) Jack Peevy says:

    Allen West is an American hero. Who is this Fields???

  11. John Sykes says:

    This is an disgusting insult to anyone who ever wore or wears this country’s uniform. 233 years of history and many 100,000s of lives have proven that freedom isn’t free. Fortunately, our warriors could not and would not choose who they were protecting. They did it, most often with honor and bravery, qualities sadly lacking in the hypocrite who wrote this article.

    Allen West is exactly what we need serving us in Washington, a duty that will pale in the light of some of the things he has learned and done in the service of this country.

    Shame on you, Fields!

  12. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Hey Fred;

    What do you stand for? You stand for America right? What does that exactly mean to you?

    When was the last time you read the Geneva Convention Common Article Three? If ever that is…

    What ever happened to our principles? Given away one bit at a time.

    Oh and by the way, I’ve been a card carrying member of the ACLU for the last two decades… Bet that just frosts your ass…

  13. Rick H. says:

    quite possibly one of the stupidest arguments I have ever seen published anywhere

  14. Juniper says:


    Unlike yourself Lt. Col. Allen West has put his life on the line for a number of years to protect all of us and all of our freedoms including the right to free speech.

    You are using that guarantee of free speech to to impune the character of a great American, an American that has every right to speak out against socialized medicine in this country if he so desires.

    Who do you think you are to call this brave man a hypocrite? I can think of a few terms for your name calling but I’ll not lower myself to your level.

  15. Fred Perry says:


    Remember to point out Article Three of the Geneva Convention (which applies to uniformed combatants) to the Islamic mob that hauls you from your home and makes you watch as your family is defiled in front of you; just before they dispatch you and your head separately, to whatever place you believe you will go to in the here in after (or no place). Oh yeah…your ACLU card is sure to be a big hit as well.

    Sweet dreams to you and Mr. Fields.

  16. Army Mom says:

    Mr. Fields,

    You’re a clever fellow, eh? I sometimes wonder if there no end to the length a leftist will go to justify their logic. You have not disappointed me in that respect.

    Now then, lets see if we can discern any difference, any at all, between an Army officer who has served his country for over twenty years, and say, me.

    I have done NOTHING to EARN free or nearly free health care coverage. I have not served my country (though I raised a son who chose to leave college and enlist in the Army after 9/11). So why in the hell SHOULD the government pay for or give me, health care?

    Allen West earned his benefits, as have all who SERVE (bet you just cringe at the word). That’s a difference isn’t it? You want to GIVE benefits to Americans- just because. Allen Weat is not being GIVEN anything.

    Look, Mr. Fields- you and others who share your beliefs will never grasp the principles and beliefs of us on the right. But here’s something to think about. I could have written the same piece r one similar in tone and attitude to yours- when I was in my 20’s.

    One of the difficulties in dealing with you prgrossives is you just never grow up.

    You’re long overdue, Mr. Fields.

    Regards from an Army Mom.

  17. Candy Fields says:

    Mr. Fields, ‘guest’ columnist, what exactly are the president’s qualifications?

    I look forward to your answers next column.

  18. Forgive the ignorant says:

    Dear #4. “lest we forget” above:First,you are an ignorant, misguided and ill-informed fool. Col. West did not “beat” a prisoner you numb skull, know-nothing.
    Allen West allegedly breached the Geneva Convention rule regarding battlefield interrogations.
    Upon the capture of an AlQueda (not an Iraqi you idiot!) combatant on the battlefield, Col. West questioned him about the local placement of IUDs. The response was along the lines of “f___ yourself”. Col. West drew his sidearm, cocked it and gave him another chance to respond. When he refused, Col. West fired one shot about two inches from his ear. The man then changed his mind a gave a tour of the local IUD placement locations.
    The story made national news and many believed that even though Col. West technically violated the Convention (he could have shot and killed the combatant and that would have been an acceptable use of force to kill the enemy), he should not be punished.
    He won in the court of public opinion, but lost in the Army.
    Col. West received an honorable discharge and receives a full pension.

  19. AlwaysSeekingTruth says:

    Mr. Lest We Forget,

    You need to get your facts straight. Lt.Col.Allen West did no such thing. Instead, he used proper measures (no beatings as you claim) to get information from the enemy terrorist which saved the lives of many American soldiers.

    To those who may read my comment, this article by Mr. Fields just shows us that the Socialists/Progressive/Democrats are truly afraid that Allen West will win by a landslide in November! The folks in Florida District 22 know Allen West is who they want and need in Congress!

  20. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Mr. Fields, while you enjoy the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, please think of the cost.

    I have had the honor, and privilege of meeting with the Colonel. You, sir are a boot licker, cool-aid drinker…neo-comm, name your own epithet…

    You have no clue of life in the military. My daughter was birthed in a supplies room over a G.I. trash can (short, metal, and gray…the folks who have served know what I’m talking about), at MCAGCC, 29 Palms, CA. FRappin’ good health care.

    The cost to me…nothing. The cost to my bride, and children; months of separation, deployments, and PCS moves.

    Your stand speaks volumes….

  21. William R Hadley says:

    Let me see, a police officer involved in setting EIDs several that just killed some of his troops refused to answer questions. So he fired his pistol right next to his ears. The guy quickly sung and revealed a number of EIDs location. Afterwards he reported himself to higher command. That is character and integrity. His troops were threated and he lost his career because of it.

  22. Greg Warneford, CDR USN Ret. says:

    Whats the difference between a lawyer and a carp. One’s a bottom dwelling scum sucker the other is a fish. Mr Fields is the worst kind of bottom dweller. Check Forbes out to see how Americans rank scum bag lawyers like Fields compared to Military Officers (#6). Lawyers didn’t make the top 20 which included journalists and members of congress. Shakespeare nailed it in King Henry the Sixth, Part II(Act IV, Scene II).

    “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. –

    We can only pray for this…as for you Mr. Fields it cant come soon enough.

  23. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Lest You Forgot…or are so ignorant…The Colonel did this..ahem..policeman a favor.

    The Geneva Conventions provides for the swift execution of illegal combatants.

  24. Doug Pettit, LtCol, USMC (Ret) says:

    You….are a turd.

    FROM BUDDY: I sympathize with your point of view, but let’s try to keep the debate on a higher level, Lt. Col.

  25. SAM FIELDS says:

    Note to Buddy. Try to restrict responses to people who appear to have gotten at least 350 on the written portion of their SAT.

    My point with Allen West is this. If he truly felt that the government was not able to administer health care why would he support the most extremist government controlled system for those who have sacrificed so much for our nation?

    Why not give them a check to join a Humana HMO?

    A health care system in which the government owns all the facilities, salaries all the providers and decides all the rules is communism. Communism by any other name, including “The VA” stinks just as bad.

    I worked on Capital Hill for a number of years. If the average person saw the health care system that the opponents of Obamacare provide for themselves they would look for a rope and a tree to hang the hypocritical bastards.

    Just remember, there is only one crime in this world and that is hypocrisy. Everything else is just and administrative regulation.

  26. SAM FIELDS says:

    I love the people who insist that the Pentagon produces people who understand solid business principles.

    The waste and fraud in the DOD procurement process is a national disgrace. Remember these are the same people that gave us the $8000 toilet seat and the $4000 wrench

    They make the practitioners of welfare fraud look like Scrooge McDuck.

    At the personnel level it is no better. Today’s military is top heavy with general officers many of whom are looking to open that revolving door so that they can now draw that mega check from those they used to regulate.

    The only business lessons that DOD has for us are how NOT to do it.

    Just remember we are now well into our second trillion expenditure responding to an enemy that spent $500,000 to inflict wounds on The Cole, East African embassies and 9/11.

    It may the most costly business blunder in the history of the world.

    I can’t even begin to discuss the wasted American blood without screaming.

  27. prb says:

    Mr. Fields,
    The only part of your response that makes any sense is the part concerning the SAT score.
    Please apply same to self.

  28. prb says:

    I agree in part.
    Government run operations tend to run to fiscal excess.
    So tell me Sam, why do you support Govt. run healthcare again?

  29. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Note to Sam: Restrict yourself to a smaller, less knowlegeable, less pro-American crowd.

    Try the pseudo-intellectuals at your local coffee shop.

    We don’t serve our country because of “promised healthcare” or “pension”. We serve because we love our country, because our fathers’ father did so; we serve because it is just; we serve to preserve the gift given…

    if you don’t understand that, hellsbells, ya needs ya some help!

  30. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”
    – Goethe

  31. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Actually, as for me, I would rather compare my S-B test scores….

    Care to comparison shop?

    PS. I scored 1540 on my SAT’s.

  32. prb says:

    I agree.
    I assume you are directing your rapier sharp wit at Sam Fields.
    In other words Chaz, one aims in a specific direction before squeezing the trigger.

  33. prb says:

    any Genius with such stellar test scores knows that

  34. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Actually… If you ever read my blog, you’d have witnessed I am a proponent of pulling the trigger than yelling stop.

  35. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    PS For those keeping score at home, I play for Team Sam.

  36. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Sorry, Chaz. I really hate it when those of keen mind choose poorly.

    PS: For those keeping score at home, I play for Team USA.

  37. prb says:

    “Actually… If you ever read my blog, you’d have witnessed I am a proponent of pulling the trigger than yelling stop.”
    I am again assuming your stellar scores were heavily weighted on the math side.
    Chaz, you squeeze a trigger not pull.

  38. disenchanted says:

    sam sorry your a bit overboard on this one,,, stick to religion or sex,

  39. Chaz Stevens says:


    If you’ll leave the writing to me, I’ll give you rants and raves.

  40. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    A couple of other ideas about being “pro American.

    1. There is a wave of patriotism devoid of critical thought sweeping this nation. Blind patriotism. It revolves around the United States military and the troops who put their lives on the line. It’s all over the social networks and I’m sure you’ve seen the messages floating around, virally growing and feeding as people blindly agree and forward on to others.

    There is no room for discussion about what this means. There is no latitude to define how (or if) you support the troops. You can’t comment that you don’t support the reasons the government put our young men and women in danger. You either support the troops or you do not. There is no middle ground. That, people, is a False Choice Fallacy.

    2. Wilde once said “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.”

    3. I am extremely proud to be a card carrying member of the ACLU for the last 20+ years.

    Name another organization devoted to protecting our rights under the First and Fourth Amendment.

    If guarding those most sacred gifts isn’t “pro American”, I am at a loss for words.

    In the end, I hope that enjoy the punch. Heard the grape flavor is the way to go.

  41. Sailfish says:

    Field’s must be so proud of the racial “gummint’ comment about how he thinks African American’s should talk. He brings credibility, integrity and racism upon the law firm.

  42. Capt. R Mullen USMC, Ret says:

    Fields is a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. He was a DC lobyist and one of the top anti gun & gun product liability laywers in the country.

    The firm is a major supporter of Col. Allen West’s opponant, Run-A-Way Ron Klein.

    Fields is a surrogate for Klein. He failed to disclose this relationship in his hit piece against West.

  43. Recon says:

    Sam, the fact you’re stupid enough to compare service to our country in the military to the Communist Party says a whole lot about why you made the post. You had no purpose other than insult.
    “never had to spend a day worrying about corporate bankruptcy, competition, layoffs or a bounced paycheck. Housing, healthcare and food were taken care of by the government.”
    You NUMB FUCK. Living OFF the ‘gummint’ teat? You’re too stupid to be entitled to your own opinion. Just another tiny prick out swinging in the wind. Fuck off.

  44. Joseph Higgins, LtCol, USMC says:

    Served three of my 26 years in the Marine Corps with Al West and found him to be in the top 5% of all officers I had encountered in terms of bearing, setting the example, and integrity. Funny that you fail to mention ANYTHING at all about his humble Atlanta, GA upbringing PRIOR to him serving our great Nation. Bottom line: you DO NOT know Al West at all.

  45. prb says:

    Fields is a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. He was a DC lobyist and one of the top anti gun & gun product liability laywers in the country.

    “The firm is a major supporter of Col. Allen West’s opponant, Run-A-Way Ron Klein.

    Fields is a surrogate for Klein. He failed to disclose this relationship in his hit piece against West.”

    Makes sense now…a paid for punk boy DC lobbyist lawyer….can you be a lower bottom feeder?

  46. James B Beyersdorf says:

    Sam West God Bless you for writing such garbage. LtCol Allen West has more intestinal fortitude in one hand then you have in your whole body. I spent 25 years in the Military also. However I do not believe I got everything for free.
    I had to work sometimes 72 hrs or more with out sleep. You try it!
    Take for instance we collected and processed 40 units of blood for a lady in the Operating room, to try to save her life. You try it!
    Jim Beyersdorf
    PS: on the dog business it depends on how the owner takes care of a dog. Does not matter what breed it is.

  47. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Hey, Chaz!

    Team Sam: 0

    Team USA: 1 + 200,000,000

  48. Fields Wrong Again says:

    Sam Fields sits in Fort Lauderdale law office spouting about atheism and putting down good military men like Allen West. I will publish a list of judges Fields supports here. They will lose hundreds of votes for because of his support.

  49. SAM FIELDS says:

    HYPOCRISY–feigned high principles; the false claim of having beliefs

    I now realize that my critics didn’t understand what a fancy word like “hypocrisy “ meant. I hope I have cleared it up.

    An example would be a person who publicly proclaimed that government managed health care would be a disaster for the American people while at the same time demanding government managed health care for himself.

    Sure sounds like Allen West to me.

    Of course there are other possibilities

    1.. Like the Tea Partiers who didn’t know that Medicare was a government program, Allen West may not know that the VA is also the government.

    In that case Allen West would not be a hypocrite. He would be an idiot.

    2. Another possibility is that he really does believe that the VA provides inferior healthcare; but he is self loathing and wants to subject himself to inferior medical care.

    3. Allen West is a foreign spy who wants to undermine our military readiness and morale by subjecting soldiers and veterans to substandard health care.

    4. Allen West is a Republican political hack who will toe the party line without thinking or caring about the absurdity of his position.

  50. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Last time I looked, Sam’s got the column space and you’re reduced to nipping at his heels with banal commentary…

    How’s that for impotency there buddy?

  51. sunny skies shady people says:


    here u go again talking out of your arzz. A “Republican political hack” and what are u boychick. The difference between you and I is a very small one. you seem to think that you know everything and i know that you don’t. insulting a soldier just goes to show your ignorance. I learned a long time ago, wheter i agree or not with the war, NEVER insult the soldier. as a former Washington hack yourself Sam you should know better. Come on boychick, stroking your ego on the blood of soldiers, who is the enemy now Sam?

  52. MSgt O. Jurjans USMC ret says:

    The sorry content of your drivel does not justify a response. You’re getting this one from me as a reminder that it is because of men such as LtCol West that you are able to spout your moronic, offensive, garbage without fear of assuming “room temperature” for doing it.
    If I were a Florida resident, he’d get my vote.

  53. MSgt O. Jurjans USMC ret says:

    if anything, my comment requires intensification – feel free not to print it!

  54. S.O.B. says:

    I am getting in a late comment in this stew of comments. Excuse me but, I understand we are a country of equals, yes. why do we keep giving this Mr West a title above all others? I understand in the service you have titles, so you can tell the chiefs from the indians, but this is civialn life, we do not have titles other than Mr., Mrs. etc…of courtesy… Oh yeah did I forget Dr. thats another story. Mr West may be a fine fellow, a candidate for office, in the public, in the sunshine, we compare candidates- resume-past performance-future beliefs, etc. I we agree with them we vote for them, in the SunShine…and in private.

  55. James says:

    Have to agree with Mr. Fields concerning Alan West. Every paycheck Colonel West has ever cashed was government issued.
    I’m sure Colonel West would gladly rescind his government health care and opt for the private sector instead. Uh Huh. Colonel West epitomizes hypocrisy. Plus, he has no shot in that district, no matter how much free advertising he gets on WFTL.

  56. BanditThree says:

    Mr. Fileds Wrong:

    I am actively involved in the Ft. Lauderdale community. I assure you that; if you provide the list of judges; I will ensure that these elected officials will have an opportunity to see Field’s column and the responses to it.

  57. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    It was Malcolm X who said “You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.” It’s wrong to denounce our President for being a diplomat who wants to wage war at the negotiation table instead of in the streets. It’s wrong to give up your liberties for the illusion of temporary security. It’s wrong to send our troops to die when there may be other options available to us. It’s wrong to label someone who questions the government as unpatriotic, since patriotism has nothing to do with government and everything with country.

  58. Sam's support is a plague to any Candidiate says:

    Sam you dont rally support for your candidate, you merely rally the base of your opponent with your foolish dribble. You are defintely not politcally savy. I promise to vote for West, and realize what a good guy he must be because Sam attacks. I have never read of Sam attacking something bad actually. Allen West, dont worry you are in the company of the Dalai Lama, God, Mother Theresa, American Patriots etc. Sam’s guy Ron Klein is merely in the company of Sam, that is about as low as one could go. Sam attacking Allan West is really like an endorsment West must be a good god fearing patriotic honest man! Thanks for deciding my vote Sam, I was undecided until now!

  59. sunny skies shady people says:

    it is not wise to criticize someone who buys his ink by the truck load. it seem to me that SAM has run out of ink and now chooses to use the blood of our soldiers as his ink. the difference between an average writer and a great one is the color of his ink!!!

  60. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Allen West is in the company of the Dali Lama?


    Holy crap dude. You seriously jumped the shark.

    The last time I checked. the Dali Lama is a pacifist and doesn’t pack a sidearm.

    You sir are an idiot.

  61. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Hey, Chaz…impotent??? I wrote something, and you responded. Et ut, Chaz?

    C’mon, “professor”. I am, and will remain potent until I am killed. The only way my First Amendment Rights will be abridged, is to dispatch with my Second Amendment Rights. That, sir, I will try my damndest to survive.

  62. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    S.O.B., you have obviously not served; this is not a slight. Military personnel, current, retired, and former, retain a certain etiquette that is close-held, and life-long.

    I don’t know MSgt Jerjans, but I will refer to him as Master Sergeant Jerjans until given leave, by him, to call him by familiar.

  63. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    MSgt Jurjans, I apologize for misspelling your sirname. I’m up way too late, as 0400 comes pretty damned early.

  64. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    You are a damn commie pinko socialist liberal God hating, Prius driving, tofo eating, Keith Olbermann loving Ivy League eduMAHcated reporter.

    And I love you man…

    How dare you question this man’s credentials… When was the last time you waterboarded someone? Until then, just sit there and STFU.

  65. Capt. R Mullen USMC, Ret says:

    Mr Stevens
    I am a female standing 5′ 5″and weighing in at 120lbs. I am supremely confident that I would out debate you, deconstruct any pathetic argument you might offer and hurt you in ways you can not imagine.

    You sir, are a pu*sy.
    R. Mullen

  66. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Sorry, Chaz…I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never
    surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to
    –Article II, U.S. Military Code of Conduct

    I’ve been waterboarded; when is the last time you went to SERE??? Might I recommend NAS North Island, CA??? Wonderful accomodations.

    Skipper Mullen, you, ma’am have my respects.

  67. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Capt’n Crunch.

    Are you intentionally trying to give me a boner?
    ’cause it’s working…

  68. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    MYTH 2: US Conservatives tend to be patriotic, ethical Americans; liberals tend to hate America and are immoral.


    Liberals aren’t the traitors to America. In fact, conservatives who insist on sending American troops into the Iraqi slaughterhouse to watch some blood-n’-guts “towelhead” ass-kickin’ are the traitors. Most of them could care less about our troops, no more than Mao or Stalin cared about the safety of their own soldiers. In the neocons’ view, these young boys and girls are expendable test dummies. They’re dying for virtually nothing, so that the hicks in the previous Bush Admin can make good on their campaign promises to their buddies from the petroleum and infrastructure-rebuilding industries. By revving up the Arab threat, these MFs can scream “national security” and “freedom” as smokescreens, while getting their hands on a diminishing resource: Middle Eastern fossil fuels, which power everything from your lightbulbs and computer that you leave on all night, to your stupid gas-guzzler pickup truck.

    Pro-war conservatives are the traitors to America. With only 29% of the public approving of Bush’s policies, it took a full 5 years for America to finally wake up in bed next to this disgusting fact.

    Do liberals hate America? No, in fact they care so much about the USA that they fight so aggressively to make it better. They’re not anti-American; they’re just anti-stupidity. Do liberals hate American policies? Sometimes, but only the self-destructive ones that threaten human rights, liberty, democracy, justice, inquiry, excellence and reason– the values that our country was founded upon.

    As for conservative moral superiority? Frauds. Think of the child-molesting priests, money-scamming televangelist preachers, Jack Abramoff’s friends in the Bush Admin, gay-hating Jesus lovers, the Christians who beat up the professor who opposed intelligent design, human rights violators like Lynndie England and her Abu Ghraib hick officer pals, Tommy “Scandal-icious” Delay, Scooter “Leaky” Libby, the entire K Street Project meant to hire only Republicans, FEMA’s Michael “Yer doin’ a heckuva job” Brownie, and so on.

    Oh and by the way, conservative Red states have a divorce rate 27% higher than the liberal Blue states, the per capita rate of violent crime in Red states is 49 per 100,000 higher than in Blue states, the top 5 states with the highest rates of alcohol abuse are Red states, and the per capita rate of gonorrhea in Red states was 41 per 100,000 higher than in the Blue states. Time to unshelf the antibiotics for our “ethical,” “God-fearing” conservative friends with their “traditional family values.”

  69. prb says:

    As in most of your very condecending
    Null Hypotheses

    1. There is no statistically significant correlation between Red States and violent crime rates.

    2. There is no statistically significant correlation between Blue States and violent crime rates.

    Alternative Hypotheses

    1. There is a statistically significant correlation between Red States and violent crime rates.

    2. There is a statistically significant correlation between Blue States and violent crime rates.

    Statistical Correlation Measure

    The statistical correlation measure used herein is the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (denoted by r) which measures the linear correlation between two variables X and Y, giving a value between -1 and +1. The closer the r statistic is to +1, the greater the positive correlation between two variables. The closer the r statistic is to -1, the greater the negative correlation between two variables.

    For purposes of this study, an r statistic of +1 would indicate a perfect positive correlation between strongly partisan Republican or Democratic states and higher violent crime rates. Alternatively, an r statistic of -1 would indicate a perfect negative correlation between strongly partisan Republican or Democratic states and higher violent crime rates.

    An r statistic of 0 indicates no statistical correlation between partisanship and violent crime rates.

  70. prb says:

    In other word you just love to hear yourself expound crap

  71. Robert Sermon Sgt USMC (fmr) says:

    Chaz, this conservative christian thinks you have little dick syndrome. I would say more, but as the axiom goes, “those who argue with a fool…”

    See ya in Hell…I’ll be a waiting.

  72. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Do you really need to be thinking about my penis? Don’t you have something else better to do with your time?

  73. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    PS Atheists, like myself, don’t believe in Heaven or Hell.

    But we do believe in a good spanking. Ain’t that right Gunny Sergeant Mullen?

  74. Capt. R Mullen USMC, Ret says:

    Mr Stevens
    you show your ignorance by confusing Mr Stevens

    You have confused a Gunnery Sgt., with a Captain in the Corps, for which you owe an apology to Gunnery Sgts

    The former would give his life for his men, the latter has a solemn responsibility to see to it that he doesn’t have to.

    Fortunately for you, dickl*less fools are not eligible to apply.

    R Mullen

  75. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    No Sir.

    There was no confusion. My slight was intended.

  76. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Wait. No Madam… And yes, I deserve a spankin’

  77. prb says:

    I suggest you direct your comments to the author.
    The other individual is a ‘ball nibbler’ in a little pond that gets his excitement from irritating others.
    He is a ‘blogger’ that believes his own press clipings and saves laudatory comments on his site to prove it (to himseld I suppose).
    I know that the only thing he can’t stand is to be ignored.
    Ignore him.

  78. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Ball nibbler? What is up with you people? First it’s my penis, now my testicles?

    Come on folks. Don’t ask and I won’t tell.

    As far as being a little fish, let me let my buddy Buddy Nevins answer that for us.

    Now blogger Chaz Stevens’ Acts of Sedition has taken up the cudgel.  Stevens has one of the best blogs in South Florida, so readers deserve a look at what he wrote.  Here is the link and you decide about Seidman.

  79. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Capt Mullen,
    First of all I want to say that the back and forth about this is a most wonderful tribute to the First Amendment.

    Second, I am thrilled to see that someone on the Right is finally willing to debate me face to face.

    I have regularly offered to publicly debate my critics on a variety of topics: Iraq, Israel, healthcare or superstition (religion as you call it) etc.

    You are the first one to take up the challenge.

    I would be more than happy to appear on some local radio station–including some wacky Rightwinger shows like Joyce Kauffman or Steve Kane, etc.— on this or any other topic in which we disagree.

    So here is the suggested topic: Resolved: Allen West’s opposition to Obamacare and defense of the current system of VA medical care is hypocritical.

    By the way I wonder if you know that it is spelled “p-u-s-s-y” not “p-u-s-*-y” But on second thought I won’t ask if you won’t tell.

  80. prb says:

    Mr Fields,
    a counterpoint to the ‘marxist dream’ of the avg soldiers existance.
    As in most ‘quick take’ analogies there is usually some surface comparison but rarely any depth to the argument.
    An example.
    During my carreer I was transfered numerous times. Normally about every 3 years unless promoted and then as little as 18 months.
    Because of this turbulance my working wife never worked long enough to garner any health care or retirement options from civilan employers…marxixts don’t worry about that.
    Post housing was not available to me without a wait of up to 12 months on 5 occasions.
    We purchased housing normally as do most families as rent can be very high around a base. We were given an off post housing allowance and that was nice but it never came close to an actual mortgage.
    Since we moved so often we never accrued any equity in our homes and never broke even in a sale.
    In one instance we owned two homes at once when I recv’d orders to relocate after 18 months.
    We paid two mortgages for 9 months.
    Marxists don’t worry about that either.
    You can be removed from service for poor performance or for the needs of the Govt.
    For enlisted it is a QMP for officers a rift. In the 90’s many were asked to leave that wanted to stay in service.
    Food is not ‘taken care of’ unless you are a single soldier living in the barracks.
    The commisary is a great deal but we do pay for our groceries.
    If I ate in a mess hall I paid the going rate for every meal.
    The off post subsidy for food does not cover food costs.
    I am not griping about the Govt’s tech/method of compensation in these regards but it does not and is not all inclusive. That is why some soldiers with larger families qualify for food stamps.
    BTW we do have a yearly payment for healthcare and co pays. It is very affordable.
    Our dental only exists if we insure and it is rather expensive. I pay out of pocket.
    When I did retire I did not own a home, had no equity in one due to constant moves, so assumed the largest mortgage debt I’d ever had on my retirement pay.
    Not your avg Marxist dream.
    However, I’m making it work and would not change a thing as it relates to my service.
    I am extremely grateful to our Nation for compensating professional soldiers for the unique job they do.
    I do not feel tho that it was a handout.
    I served actively in 4 conflicts.
    Was wounded twice.
    Spent eight years overseas without family due to hardship tours or combat tours.
    During the first 5 years of married life I was gone 3 years.
    That’s why the benefits exist as they do.
    The military is not a Democracy/Republic and could not operate that way.
    Now I live as a civilian and those rules no longer apply.
    I can make or break my future and choose the freedom to fail over the Nanny state as does Mr. West.

  81. Travman says:

    SAM FIELDS, Do you have any idea how hard it can be to serve in the military for all branches. The constant training. Most of all, the years away from your family. There is no time to take care of all those things because your always busy. Not 8 hours a day busy, 5 days a week busy, but weeks to months to years on end with no sleep busy in brutal conditions busy. This is true service to your country. The Gov should take care of soldiers and their families when they are gone. A Marxist dream is very different then that.

    You also forgot to mention that LTC. Allen West came up from the inner cities of Atlanta, GA. It takes hard work to do find your way out of that. He is simply stating that everyone has a chance, and if you like sitting on your but expecting handouts, then you are the ones aiding in destroying this country among other people, journalist and politicians. I know there is people who genuinely need help, but we now have speed lines for entitlements that people do not need, nor deserve.

    Who really deserves to have their way paid for them, their entire life? In my eyes, the mentally retarded, the ones born sick from the beginning or have some serious physical problems, blindness etc..
    They can have my taxes, not the lazy.

  82. Travman says:

    Chaz Stevens,
    Everything you have written is completely stereotypical. The fact that you single out certain groups, shows how much you have divided this country in your mind. We are all Americans. We have our differences, but people like you inhibit the progress of working together. I am glad to have served. Stop watching movies, that’s exactly what they are, movies. You are blinded by your stubbornness. Try this for a change, put yourself in both shoes, then draw a conclusion. I know plenty of Republicans and Conservatives who hate war and also know plenty who are atheist. I also know a lot of Liberals who are Christians and are pro war. Stop the dividing, brother, fellow American. Maybe you should educate yourself on the war of 1812. After the British had burned Washington D.C. to the ground and America was pushed into a corner, every American Pro or Anti-war came together and kicked the British out for good.

    By the way, California, the most liberal state has one of if not the hugest debt in America. They also have the 7th largest economy. It seems that Liberals aren’t very good with economics. Let’s look at Community Reinvestment Act, courtesy of Carter, and where that got us as well as the Ninja loans under Clinton. 2003 Bush tried to regulate Fannie may, but the liberals accused him of being a racist. 2005 John McCain proposed a bill to regulate Fannie Mae, shot down again. I am not saying bush was a great pres. But, liberals take 0 responsibility for anything. They have been the majority in congress since the beginning of 2007. Barney Frank took over savings and loans and urged people that everything was fine. Republicans have done a lot of B.S. too, It’s on both sides of the plate. Until people recognize this, we will get absolutely nowhere as a country.

    By the way, the newest FBI report shows that violent crimes are way down due to the surge in gun sales. It’s common sense. 4/5 Criminals interviewed in prison said that they would never try to commit a crime against someone if they new that person was armed. So American’s, please by all means, exercise that 2nd Amendment. If your a man or women, you are responsible for your family and the average response time for police is 5 to 10 mins. A lot can happen in that amount of time. Remember banning guns is impossible. Look at drugs, their illegal, and people have no problem getting there hands on them. Out of 40 inmates of gun crimes, 39 obtained them illegally.


    […] […]

  84. Chris says:

    Perhaps Frank Marshall Davis also spooned with you as a child.

    Allen West has a very distinguished record. And why, pray tell, was his decision to discharge his sidearm in the proximity of dregs (not at his skull) in order to extract information that ultimately saved lives of Americans such a bad thing for you? Nevermind. I already know the answer.

    You fools who blindly cite the Geneva Convention know nothing of its contents. They were specifically drafted for and relevant toward uniformed soldiers, not the insurgents/terrorists who hide among regulars and with whom you would gladly sing kumbaya as they suicide-bomb innocents and implement Shariah law around the globe.

    And the Marxist implications are very juvenile Fields. You see, when you use the Marxist “progressive” tax-code mandate to pilfer from “the rich” in order to pay for your entitlement programs that ultimately make people of all colors and creeds useless, you are harming BOTH PARTIES. This is called theft. One party loses money they rightfully earned, and the other the independence and self-esteem required to survive on their own.

    On one hand, you have a handout that ruins people so-called “progressives” assume are incapable of handling their own affairs. On the other, you have men and women commanding a meager salary for putting their arses on the line so that you can insult them.


  85. SAM FIELDS says:



    Sam, I’ve told you before. When I was at the Sun-Sentinel and received letters all capitalized, they were inevitably from crazy people.

  86. Chris says:

    Firstly, I think you meant “you’re”, which means something entirely different than “your”.

    Secondly, you can disengage your CAPS-LOCK at any given time. Shouting won’t make anyone take you seriously.

    Thirdly, punctuation would be nice. Even elementary schools require this. My six year old seems to have a better command of grammar, and she certainly knows much more about the virtues which America was built upon.

    Fourthly, your logic would have us believe that every government program that ever existed is communist. Focus, sir! Nobody has ever claimed that. However, it’s worth noting that a national military force IS one of the few powers ever provided reserved for our federal government. Per the 10th Amendment, other rights are generally left to the states, or the individual.

    Perhaps you should research socialism, the ideological bridge to communism known as Marxism, and communism itself. You really don’t seem to grasp the three concepts, let alone what Allen West truly stands for. So you smear him claiming he supports communism simply because he served in the military? Is that really what public school is teaching children today?

    And, since you’re a “progressive”, perhaps you can offer ME some advice. At what point can I begin to call you racist for trashing a black man?

    Thank you in advance for the feedback.

  87. Chris says:

    By the way, I too have worked for Sun Sentinel. In what capacity were you employed?