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Once again the Florida Legislature has failed to deal with an important issue—healthcare reform. This will require the taxpayers to pay for a special session.

I believe we could end this foot-dragging real quick if the members were forced to pay the cost of Special Sessions out of their own pockets

Beginning with waiving their $129-per-diem, the members should have all the costs taken out of their salaries.

I’m pretty sure that would encourage them to get their work done on time!


Tex-Ass…They’re Even Stupider Than You Think 


After learning that the U.S. Army was conducting military exercises in Texas—something they do just about every day—Republican Governor Greg Abbott asked the state National Guard to investigate if this was part of an Obama plan for a hostile military takeover of Texas.

Back in the 1950’s and 60’s The John Birch Society would regularly warn us that United Nations troops were verging on a takeover of the United States.

Idiots come in different varieties, but they all sound the same.

Hypocrisy Over Cuba 



There is only one real crime—hypocrisy.  Everything else is just an administrative regulation.

Under the right circumstances, murder, robbery, rape have all been endorsed as okay.   Think of The Bible and The Koran.

I can’t think of any narrative where hypocrisy is viewed in a positive light.

I thought about that this morning while reading about House Congressional hearings attacking the opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

As usual, leading the charge was U.S. Rep. Illeana Ros-Leightinen, R-Miami, who attacked the policy as an affront to human rights.

Her remarks typified the Miami Cuban Right which willingly embraces rightwing dictatorships while turning a blind eye to their “inhuman” acts against their own populations…as long as they oppose Castro.

Somoza, Trujillo, Pinochet, the Arena Party, Stroessner regularly got a pass from Ros-Leightenin and her ilk.

No better was U. S. Rep. Elliot Engel, D-NY. His issue was Israel, thousands of miles and in a different hemisphere from Cuba.

It doesn’t matter that the Israeli Army continues to occupy land that Palestinian live on, thus violating numerous United Nations resolutions and International Law. It doesn’t matter that Palestinians and much of the world view Israelis occupation as reprehensible.

Castro supports the Palestinians, therefore Obama is wrong, Engel said.


6 Responses to “Fields: A Way To End Legislative Special Se$$ions”

  1. Chaz Stevens says:

    But but but…

    We can’t criticize Israel, that’s downright Un’Murican.

  2. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Israel is our only democratic ally in the middle east and for Jews to bash it like j street n Sam fields isn’t very attractive. Cuban Americans have serious grievances against the communist dictatorship in Cuba.
    And for the record Israel withdrew from Gaza and got rockets in violation of Undisputed International Law as opposed to the disputed arguments of Palestinian terrorist supporters like j street n Sam field.

  3. SAM FIELDS says:

    Dear Count,

    Certainly the fact that a country is more or less democratic is a consideration for American support.

    It is not the only factor.

    Otherwise, we should support Putin, Iran and Maduro????

    NeoZionist crazies–who were elected— have put Israel on a course of self-immolation. Unlike you, I see no reason we need to also jump into the fire simply because they got the most votes.

    Hamas’s homemade rockets were in no way an existenial threat to Israel.

    Of course if the Palestinians developed a million man army with nuclear weapons. Then added a half dozen aircraft carriers each equipped with a hundred F-35’s and a nuclear submarine fleet I might be concerned. Be sure to let me know when that happens.

    Right now they have as many tanks, artillery pieces and fighter jets as you. I believe that number is zero.

    Together, the West Bank and Gaza are slightly smaller than Palm Beach County (look it up)

    They have no utilities, no money, no industry.

    The Palys are not doing anything different than the Jews did to drive out the British.

    What did Israel do to terrorists that operated on their behalf?

    They made them Prime Ministers!

    Think Begin, Shamir, the King David Hotel, Count Berneadot, Lord Moyne, etc, etc.

  4. count l f chidkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Dear Mr. Fields

    One point you made is absolutely wrong. The West Bank has money, utilities, etc. I worked for three Arab owned, one Palestinian, firm and not only keep in touch with non American Arab publications but Arab including Palestinian history n business former colleagues. No government except Israel since 1945 has left territory it won in a war – and as I pointed out Israel’s departure from Gaza has cost Israeli deaths n wounded. And remember Arabs come from Arabia and Israelites from Israel. Palestinian became a Word under the post World War II anti-Semitic British Mandate and adopted by Arab terrorists and sekf-hating Jews in the very late 1960s as all Arab League States declared the zWest Bank Jordan n Gaza Egypt. The idea of a Pakestinian State was rejected BY THE ARABs until after Israel beat Egypt n Jordan in war after war.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If rockets from Cuba were landing on Sam Fields’ home, he would be the first to demand action. The small country of Israel can not survive constant rocket attacks. Fields is an idiot who apparently supported Israel when it had a left wing government but now doesn’t support it anymore because it is right wing. Weren’t both governments democratically elected?

  6. Buddy says:


    This post, which is about the Florida Legislature, has unfortunately become a forum for the Israeli/Palestinian dispute.
    I’m putting an end to it because such debate is pointless, will accomplish nothing and is way off topic.
    Stay on topic.