FBI Targeted Bevy Of Broward Politicians After Tip From Corrupt Lawyer






When corrupt lawyer Alan Koslow was caught laundering money nearly six years ago, FBI agents gave him the following instructions:

“We need your help, Alan, in taking us to the dirty people,” recalled FBI Special Agent Jerry Hester in a deposition taken earlier this year. 


Alan Koslow’s mug shot



Frantic to stay out of jail, Koslow gave agents a list of Broward politicians in 2013 that he said were were “dirty.”

After the investigation — which included Koslow taping conversations with some of the politicians — the FBI found nothing.

All the politicians named were guilty of nothing.

They included:

  • Jack Seiler, who was mayor of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Bruce Roberts, who was a Fort Lauderdale commissioner.
  • Walter Duke, who was mayor of Dania Beach,
  • Joseph Gibbons, who was a state representative from Hallandale Beach
  • Steve Geller, now a county commissioner. Out of office at the time, Geller extensively lobbied for developers in Hallandale Beach.
  • Joseph Geller, who was also not in office at the time is now a state representative representing southeast Broward County. He is Steve Geller’s brother and the two practiced law at the same firm at the time.
  • Alex Lewy, who was a Hallandale Beach commissioner.
  • Anthony Sanders, who was a Hallandale Beach commissioner. He later resigned after it was learned that voted to award roughly $1 million in city money to a non-profit that made payments to a church he founded which paid members of his family.
  • Peter Hernandez, a Hollywood Commissioner.

The FBI surreptitiously monitored meetings between Koslow and some of these politicians. Agents opened files on several of them. 

None of the tips from Koslow panned out.

Nothing. Nada.

“My only mistake was being friendly to a sleaze bag like Alan,” said one person named.


Jack Seiler


The list of targeted politicians and details of the undercover work against them is contained in depositions taken from three FBI agents testifying in the the corruption case of Joy Cooper, the former Hallandale Beach mayor. 

She was charged last year with money laundering, official misconduct and campaign law violations. Her trial is scheduled for later this year. 

It took FBI almost three years to go through Koslow’s list of supposedly corrupt Broward pols. He wore a wire, meeting with a succession of politicians.

Just one example:

FBI agents followed Koslow to a June, 2013 meeting with Seiler and “monitored” their conversation, states one of the agent’s depositions. 

The feds quickly found out that Koslow was an inept secret agent.  More Inspector Jacques Clouseau than James Bond.

Perhaps Koslow’s failures undercover were aggravated by was stung out on cocaine much of the time.

He was so addicted to cocaine, he tested positive for cocaine after starting his work for the FBI. The FBI interviewed a woman and a man who separately sold drugs to the attorney. 

When Lewy fell under suspicion and Koslow went to see him, he didn’t properly button his shirt. 

“Lewy told Koslow that if he’s going to wear a wire, that he should keep his shirt buttoned,” Davis quipped during the depositions. 

Another time Koslow, who boasted about his expertise and familiarity with gambling, got mugged by an “attractive woman” while visiting the Casino at Gulfstream Park. He lost his watches and $1,500.  

Koslow’s FBI undercover code name was “Rooster.”

Why that code name, Agent Marco Rodriquez was asked?

“Because he’s cocky and arrogant. I’m being honest,” Rodriquez answered. 

The case against Koslow was part of a wide ranging investigation to uncover public corruption in South Florida. Other than Mayor Cooper, undercover agents struck out in Broward. 

Pretending to be mob-connected developers who were moving money around to launder it, agents promised to funnel campaign contributions to Cooper through Koslow.  He allegedly passed her $5,000 in exchange for supporting the “developer’s” project. 

Koslow was then quietly approached in a hotel room and “flipped,” agreeing to work undercover for the FBI, agents testified.

When his informant work didn’t pan out, Koslow was arrested and charged with money laundering. He was convicted and sentenced to a year and a day in a federal prison. He would have gotten five years if he hadn’t cooperated with the feds, according to the depositions.

Koslow, who now. lives in Boca Raton,  lost his license to practice law.


Larry Davis



FBI agent Hester explained in this exchange with Joy Cooper’s lawyer Larry Davis why Koslow’s list of “dirty” politicians was worthless.

Hester:   We walked away.

Davis:     Well, maybe you walked away, but maybe they walked away because they weren’t really….Guilty of anything, or, you know, weren’t amendable to bribery or anything along those lines. I mean, that’s a fair reading of that; is it now?

Hester:    I think that’s what I’m saying. 

17 Responses to “FBI Targeted Bevy Of Broward Politicians After Tip From Corrupt Lawyer”

  1. Team Judy Stern says:

    Read like a who’s who list of Judy Stern cronies.


    That means nothing, even if it is true, which I don’t know.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Typical Snitch (Koslow).

    Got caught.Life a total mess.Becomes an FBI informant.

    States above listed r all corrupt( they r not) and attempts to set them all up.

    Put it to u this way.U honestly think Jack Seiler or esp.Bruce Roberts would wink,wink and say take a brown bag full of cash for some dev.to be pushed through etc and risk not only going to prison but face public humilation- Jack and Bruce- never.

    Hate a snitch.Edp.those that just make up shit or throw mud on a wall and see what sticks for what u say- quite obvious for a reduced sentence etc.

    Larry Davis u must be laughing all the way to the bank with getting clients that Koslow burned.Good for u Larry.

  3. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    And Jack Seiler be careful who u go to lunch with..

  4. Palm Beach is Corrupt County says:

    Palm Beach Pols makes Broward look like Junior High crooks

  5. J. H. Warner says:

    Seiler was a lot of things wrong with government, but I can’t believe he would take cash bribes. Koslow was just naming anybody he could think of to get off. It p aid off because he got a reduced sentence.

  6. Seeing The Future says:

    Koslow will get The Florida Bar’s permission to practice law again. The Bar is not diligent about keeping scum off its books.

    Koslow then will be the same dirt bag he ever was because a tiger doesn’t change its stripes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Buddy, You really need to be a little more careful posting pictures next to headlines. Koslow’s picture belongs next to the headline about a corrupt lawyer, not Larry Davis’ picture. Larry is an excellent and ethical lawyer. The inference created by your post is unnecessary and unfair especially when people who do not know the players may casually peruse your blog and reach unsubstantiated conclusions as a result.

  8. Buster Beach says:

    Last time I saw the arrogant Koslow, he pulled up in front of Dunkin’ Donuts, parked in the ‘no parking’ zone, walked in and crowded in front of customers in line. Someone told him to go to the back and he yelled “Screw you, they know my order!” A total piece of crap.

  9. Charles King says:

    This list of so called dirty politicians does look like a certain lobbyist’s roster sheet doesn’t it? The recording of this momentous meeting of “Jack” Seiler the discredited developer darling former Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Alan Koslow and the FBI listening in through Koslow’s chest hair must be priceless if not completely criminal. My guess is “Jack” used his lawyerly powers of deduction and his eagle eyes to spot the microphone in Koslow’s habitually unbuttoned shirt. If Koslow wasn’t high on coke and thinking clearly, he would have offered “Jack” a fancy toilet for one of his 7 throne rooms in his house. For the uninitiated, it was a free toilet bribe from a developer that took down Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson a couple years back. If “Jack” is indeed as pure as the driven snow like he likes his political base of uber-Catholic country club going Notre Dame fans to think, then why doesn’t “Jack” call on the FBI to release his tape and totally exonerate him, so his never ending political career can grind on? We’re waiting “Jack.”

  10. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #8 Dunkin Donuts huh.Why doesn’t t this surprise me.This looks good for Joy Cooper.With Larry Davis at the wheel- your in good hands.Atty.Davis will put Koslow on stand.Will bring out cocaine abuse,as with the notion that Koslow will do and say anything to get out of jail or reduced sentence.Mr.Davis should arrange plea.Cooper please to honest services fraud etc.Pays restitution and given 5 yrs probation with first yr.on house arrest.Bring out the fact Larry case week with prosecution star witness( Koslow) a Coke addict etc.Destroy his creditability Atty.Davis.Boy Mrs.Cooper your probably into Larry Davis at what over 50G.With another 50G to come.Although with your good looks u could always sell Avon- to pay him.Although well worth it.He has kept u out of jail so far.Priceless….

  11. Chaz Stevens, Unstable Genius says:

    My three politicians I helped take down still tops the list.

    So suck it.

  12. A taxpayer says:

    Maybe it is time to investigate the FBI in South Florida. They dropped the ball on tips about the Parkland shooter. They put a wire on a coke head and fail to gather any pertinent evidence. A waste of taxpayers’ money.

  13. DAVID NITKIN says:

    Here’s a lede that didn’t age well: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1994-08-24-9408240063-story,amp.html


    Here is the top of the story that David Nitkin, a former Sun-Sentinel reporter, wrote and linked to:

    The troubles of Alan Koslow, the former Hollywood city attorney who resigned amid a sex scandal, may be coming to an end.

    Koslow is now on vacation from his current law job so he can serve a 45-day suspension from legal practice. The punishment was meted out by the state Supreme Court for a breach of ethics.

    Koslow got into trouble last year for approving a legal settlement that paid $50,000 to a woman with whom he was having an affair. The woman, Ina Griesbeck, a city secretary, sued the city after claiming her supervisor sexually harassed her.

    Koslow resigned in the ensuing scandal and was brought up on charges by The Florida Bar. Griesbeck was later fired.

    I broke the story in April 1993 about Koslow using city money to pay off his former girlfriend. I distinctly remember having the uncomfortable task of calling Koslow’s wife and asking her what she knew about the affair and the payoff. After I talked to her, I got the State Attorney’s Office to confirm that they were investigating the payoff and then I pried quotes out of other:

    “The Broward County State Attorney’s Office is investigating whether Hollywood City Attorney Alan Koslow had a sexual relationship with a city employee who received a $50,000 settlement recommended by Koslow in a sexual harassment case.”

  14. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    This whole story stinks.
    Koslow for whatever reason is attempting to tarnish the reputation of former mayor and past police chief who I am familiar with.
    Its a shit show.
    The Feds knew these above listed did nothing wrong.They ,some had lunch with Koslow and pitched some deals,which evidently the above parties were clearly not interested.To say to clear Jack Seiler to request the Feds to release the audio as some suggest is a waste of time.Besides I’m sure the Feds destroyed the audio.Probably due to embarrassment.Reason clear as to what u state#12.
    This proves my point that Joy Cooper case looks better for her.Cause of the simple fact that Larry Davis will destroy Koslow creditability.Jury if

  15. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Let’s not criticize politicians who meet with people they dont know everything about. I MEAN DO REAL ESTATE SALESMEN WORKING FOR THEIR WIVES OR HAIR STLYLISTS TURN DOWN POTENTIAL CLIENTS?

  16. Ha Ha Ha says:

    When “Lewy told Koslow that if he’s going to wear a wire, that he should keep his shirt buttoned,” did that secretly generate “news through the grapevine” that Koslow was wearing a wire when meeting with politicians?

    Were all the other Broward politicians immediately tipped off that they should be 100% squeaky clean with everything they say whenever Koslow is around?

    Did the FBI waste 3 years sending Koslow to meeting after meeting, even though all of the potential targets already knew that Koslow was only there to record evidence for the FBI?

  17. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    It’s the Hollywood way. Remember when HPD had officers who thought they were going to be “made” Mafia? It was spilled to everyone in the city administration. They had to cut it short and only get the little fish