Facebook Page Attacks Judge O’Connor


Someone out there doesn’t like the Miami Herald’s endorsement of Circuit Judge Eileen O’Connor.

Check out this post on O’Connor’s opponent Rhonda Sokoloff’s Facebook page:


Ana Marti Miami Herald stinks, you shold get enhorsement, go Rhoda

 The link takes readers to a Facebook page called Bigot Eileen O’Connor.

 This is what judicial elections have come to, folks.  

3 Responses to “Facebook Page Attacks Judge O’Connor”

  1. G.B. says:

    This isn’t even worthy of a comment.

  2. What is worse says:

    Rhoda goes around talking about how her grandparents were Holocost survivors then stoops to playing on racial discrimination in an attempt to win the election. That is messed up.

  3. Rhoda Sokoloff says:

    The referenced posting concening The negative posting on my fan page on facebook about Judge O’Connor was not posted by me or anyone on my behalf. I do not support or condone this kind of negative campaigning. Unfortunately, no one can control what someone else writes and posts on a fan page on facebook. As soon as I have become aware of these deplorable negative postings, I delete them.