Facebook Feud In Brow Commission Race





Chip LaMarca,  the only Republican on the county commission, is facing a tough challenge next year from former County Commissioner Ken Keechl, a Democrat.

So why is Katie Leach, one of the School Board’s two Republicans, posing with Keechl on Facebook?

“I was (Facebook) friends with her,” LaMarca said. “I’m not anymore.”

These former allies are no longer friends (personal, political and Facebook) because of a posted pix. Welcome to politics in the world of interactive social media.

Leach and Keechl posed during the Stonewall Pridefest Parade earlier this month.

Keechl put the photo on Facebook, calling Leach a “friend” in caption.

Later, LaMarca says he ran into Leach.

“I asked her about the photo.  She told me she had lots of friends,” LaMarca recalled.

Then as if to brush off LaMarca, Leach posted her own photo. It was her with Keechl and Oakland Park Vice Mayor Shari McCartney, another Republican.

Leach told her side in an e-mail to Browardbeat.com:

“(The) picture was taken while we were waiting for the Stonewall Pride Parade to start which we were all in. Apparently Commissioner LaMarca has taken offense because he sent me a text message the evening of the parade with a similar picture and said, ‘Thanks friend.’  I responded to him that ‘I am friends with lots of people,’ with the picture below.  He then “unfriended” me on Facebook.  If he had been there I would assume I would have taken a picture with him as well but he wasn’t in attendance.

I am surprised by all of this because I supported him during his 2010 campaign both financially and by standing at the polls on Election Day with my children. I am a long time friend and supporter of George Moraitis and his family. I am also in a picture with his potential opponent but can’t imagine (Moraitis) having any issues with it.”

LaMarca seemed hurt, but was philosophic.

“I am going ahead with my campaign based on the issues,” he said.

But he’s not over the snub.

After I hung up, he texted me, “Buddy we are ultimately judged by the company that we keep.”

Here’s a tip:

Don’t seat Leach and LaMarca together at your next event!




The picture! That’s Ken Keechl in a campaign shirt with his arm around Sheri McCartney (on left).  Katie Leach on right.   


31 Responses to “Facebook Feud In Brow Commission Race”

  1. District Resident says:

    It is obvious from LaMarca’s statement of “Buddy we are ultimately judged by the company that we keep.” i think he means the GLBT community.

    This is why the Republican Party will be down for a long time to come. Gays are entitled to the same rights as everyone else and it is these continued stone age thinkers like LaMaraca that feed the fire of prejudice.

    I am a life long Democrat who has only voted for one Republican in my life and that was for Leach. He willingness to stand up to the bullies of the Tea Party when they pulled her endorsement because she was endorsed by Equality spoke volumes. Then for Leach and my Commissioner McCartney to show their support for the gay community particpating in the Stonewall Parade only to be criticized for being in a photo with Ken Keechel… and they say gays are drama queens?

    Maybe Commissioner LaMarca should read the Constitution we as Americans have the right to free association. Gasp! yes even gays and straights.

  2. just saying says:

    Citizens Rule 1 Never connect or Like on linkedin, Fb or other social media with electeds, nor should electeds connect or Like with other electeds(see sunshine law and ethics rules) don’t ‘follow’ electeds on twitter
    Citizens Rule 2 We’re going to be swapping these current electeds out like out of season shoes at next round of elections.

  3. Former LaMarca Fan says:

    “Buddy we are ultimately judged by the company that we keep.”
    I am fairly certain that with the exception of Ms Leach, everyone in that picture is openly gay. Is LaMarca a homophob?

  4. Broward Dem says:

    What a baby. Chip can’t understand that people may have friends on both sides of the aisle, or just be friendly and cordial? Katie is doing her best to be politically neutral at her job in the best interests of the children of Broward and should be commended.

    Was Chip at the Stonewall parade? I doubt it. His campaign supporters were quite hateful in 2010 toward LGBT community, and Chip has even tried to diminish the importance of domestic partnership benefits as a Commissioner. Not really going to fly in today’s climate.

  5. My 3rd Grade Daughter says:

    Mwahhhhhhh…I’m going to unfriend you on Facebook because you like someone that doesn’t like me.

    What a freaking baby this guy is.

    My 9 year old daughter is more mature than this “commissioner”.


  6. mcort data guy says:

    what a bunch of babies!

  7. Former is always the same says:

    Sad that some folks never change.

    Former Lamarca Fan = Mike Ahearn

    One would think that Mr Ahearn would be busy with his new role with the school board and Mr Runcie. Wonder where he got that gig? Wait, isn’t he a registered lobbyist? That would mean that there are public records for all of these conversations and meetings, right?

  8. See The Light says:

    Chip was betrayed by someone who he thought was a friend and supporter. He had a right to be mad.
    This campaign should be about Keechl and his overwhelming desire to get back on the public payroll after his failure as a commissioner 2006-2010.

  9. Sam The Sham says:

    I don’t blame LaMarca for not going to the Stonewall event. He has no friends in that community and would not have won any votes there anyway. Besides, why celebrate some riot…some 40 years ago?

    BTW, years ago when the ineffectual Keechl was Mayor of Broward, he friended me on Facebook. Keechl is such a slimy little opportunist, he never met me but friended me anyway. That rammed home (forgive the expression) how ridiculous Facebook is in the first place.

    LaMarca should have ignored it or talked to Leach privately for an endorsement.

    Oh, did I forget to say that Keechl is an ineffectual, do-nothing, opportunistic, phony little douche? Other than that he is a great guy.

  10. Sam the sham is gay says:

    Sam, did Ken refuse to sleep with you, you closet queen? Just saying dude, I mean chip er Ryan er David.

  11. City activist Robert walsh says:

    If this race is between Keechl & Lamarca just remember the 3g to the boyfriend Chip. People this is not hard. District 4-come on. There are plenty of you that could make this quite a race. Comm.Larmarca watch Keechl, and more importantly his “gays goons”.

  12. HanSolo says:

    Am I the only one offended that Keechl has filed to run for a seat in a district where he doesn’t live? I know he’s going to move back to the district, but he insults us by jumping from race to race in a seemingly desperate manner to get back on the County Commission. Maybe he needs to understand his 15 minutes is up.

  13. Former LaMarca Fan says:

    @7 – Not Ahearn. Guess again.
    While you are pondering, let us take a trip down memory lane…..

    “Chip LaMarca, chairman of the Broward Republican Party,…. “You can’t divide a party. You need to come together with a common message that all the different members of the Republican Party have in common. That’s how you win elections.”

    Chip supports Bill McCullom against Rick Scott. McCullom loses.
    Chip supports Carl Domino against Ellyn Bogdanoff. Domino loses
    Chip supports David Maymon against George Moraitis. Maymon loses.
    Chip is elected to the County Commission quickly turns against the guy who got him there.

    Chip supports Torey Alston over Katie Leach for the appointment to the school board. Leach gets the appointment.

    Chip “considers” giving Hasner a primary. Then thinks again.
    Chip support Rick Perry. Did he lose or quit?

    Chip’s aide supports Charlie Crist over Governor Rick Scott

    Chip is up for election and who will be supporting him?

    Hey Chipster – You reap what you sow.

  14. Ronald Reagan says:

    I believe de-friending fellow republicans is a violation of the 11th commandment.

  15. Chip is a fraud says:

    The guy runs around in tailor made clothes and shoes driving his new jag with the ” en vino” license plate the whole time his only job is what he makes from the county while in foreclosure. You would think being in foreclosure he would find another source of income to pay his mortgage. Then again the job market is limited for those with only a public school high school diploma.

    How can this guy tell Lori Parrish, Brenda snipes and the sheriff how to manage their budgets when he himself is in foreclosure.

    I harken back to the days when republican men were financially successful and above pettiness. LaMarca is just a small time scott Rothstein. All show and no substance. An appearance of financial success when in fact it’s all a facade. Republicans like LaMarca give true republican men like claw shaw a bad name.

  16. Where is the like button? says:

    Buddy – You need to get a “like” button option for your blog.
    @15 – Kudos to you. You nailed it!

  17. MonaLisa says:

    Geez Ahearn you suck at this. So transparent. If you’re going to be KK’s little minion you’d better figure out a way to not be so obtuse, otherwise it’s going to be a long 16 months. In other news…..Keechl was ousted once from District 4 and it’ll happen again. Look what happened in 7! Amazing that he’s coming back for more! Come on Ken, take a hint. Those days are over. It’s actually kind of sad and pathetic to see him not be able to move on.

  18. Anonomyte says:

    Funny, I got an unsolicited LinkedIn request from Chip LaMarca. I didn’t friend him.

  19. independent says:

    Hey “Chip is a fraud,” have you actually SEEN that jag? It’s an old jag — probably around 1990. Not exactly “new” like you said. And you question the foreclosure. Do you know how many people in South Florida were facing foreclosure? 1 in 10 homes on your street. Yup. That’s the truth. Not all Republicans are financially successful. Some are just average guys trying to make a difference.

  20. Hey Mona says:

    Hey Monalisa, can’t you do better than that? Pretty lame. Bye bye Chip.

  21. Tamaracguy says:

    “District resident,” I find it disheartening in modern day politics where if someone doesn’t like a candidate who is gay, he must be a homophobe. Or if you don’t agree with the President, your racist. Maybe people just don’t like the person as a candidate or office holder because of their job performance. I don’t think Lamarca cares about her hanging out with members of lgbt. Maybe he just doesn’t like her hanging out with his opponent…. That just happens to be gay. I think we look to far into whether someone is gay, black, Hispanic, Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran, Irish, etc. and I think when we do, we are being racist. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s politics, doesn’t mean you are a homophobe or racist.

  22. To Jag or not to Jag says:

    I have seen the Jag and so can you, follow the link below. The In Vino license plate is so adorable, and of course the Life is Cabernet thing around the license plate is priceless. One thing for sure it is not a 1990 Jag, it is closer to the current body style.


    I agree not all Republicans are financially successful. True Republicans have no use for those living off the taxpayer dime. Isnt it odd that Lamaraca has no other significant gainfull employment other than his County salary and that income cant get him current with his mortgage?

    No wonder LaMarca is not supportive of Gov Scott, his slogan is “Let’s Get to Work” not get elected, coast on the part time salary being a County Commissioner and not pay your mortgage.

  23. MonaLisa says:

    Ahearn, no need to “do better than that”. LaMarca’s election doesn’t hinge on the fact that you have all this free time to comment on a blog as often as you do.

  24. Amanda Sierra says:

    Ya’ all are haters. grow up. sell a few webpages and you can buy your own jaugaur. Get a vanity plate at the Swap Shop flea market

  25. Chip is a fraud says:

    Interesting, all of the negatives written about LaMarca and not one person will deny they are true, misconstrued, or a misunderstanding. All thecan do is go after ahearn whoever that its. Better wake up, this foreclosure is going to be a major campaign issue. You guys keep your focus on what Ahearn is doing that’s a winning strategy, lol.

  26. Mona Lisa says:

    Leach and Ahearn keep laughing but you two better go look who the references are for Judge Ross. When it is announced it is Judge Tony Loe next week make sure you tell the Ross family how you cost them all their support.

  27. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow the comments about Comm lamarca. Chip can you reach the gas petal ok in that Jag?(I should talk-if I push that seat any closer i’ll be hitting the windshield). Anyhow ok so he likes to dress up and play big shot, so what. How’s that wine cellar. I’ll tell you if its between Chip and Keechl I think your comments about Chip Lamarca wil get you no where. Just remember the 3g to the boyfriend. (imagine paying yourself 3g from your campaign monies to give to your honey -bunny. If that was me Kenny I would never “bottom” out(3g a month- you must have a sore fanny there Teddy)…..

  28. Darth Vader says:

    No worries for Ross. All of her friends that haven’t left the Death Star still have her covered.

  29. MonaLisa says:

    I hear the Bugel is chiming in on this. The unofficial propaganda rag of Israel, Ron Gunzberger and Roger Stone. How much of Rubin’s lobbying contract goes to Stone for his bugeling? Israel, the good people of BSO that you let go because of friendships with Sheriff Lamberti will come back to haunt you. Try all you want to hurt us, we know what a loser you are. Stone no doubt put the gay porn star in the race to help Keechl raise money and rally the gay base. Commisioner LaMarca is right, you get judged by the company you keep. Keechl keeping company with shady people like Sheriff Israel, Ron Gunzberger, Roger Stone, Katie Leach and Mike Ahearn, show a lack of integrity and ethics by Keechl.

  30. Panda Bear says:

    First of all, I just can’t believe you went out and elected these Broward Kardashians to be your personal role models! And secondly, no one in their right mind would even open a Facebook account, never mind post family pics or post their lives online for the world to see. How many million was Mark Zuckerberg paid two weeks ago to have a “bug accidentally leak out” personal info to everyone on the globe?? And it’s not the first time! Are people really idiots to fall for this moron’s scam? I don’t care whether it’s fashionable to have a Facebook page with your name on it. People need to go back to basics and use their not-so-common common sense and think things through. It’s just unbelievable!

  31. Tammy Eckerton says:

    To Tamaracguy and MonaLisa, you are absolutely correct! Unfortunately many people slide up to public officials and pretend to be the best of buddies with them. And the statement “you are judged by the company you keep” shows common sense. How true it is.