Exclusive Video: Did Superintendent Robert Runcie Lie To School Board? You Decide





If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

I’m sharing with Browardbeat.com readers video excerpts of last week’s School Board meeting on the hiring of Houston school executive Leo Bobadilla.

Houston’s construction bond, which Bobadilla managed, was the subject of a negative audit that Superintendent Robert Runcie denied existed.

This follows my earlier post, which is linked here.

The video was compiled by a Browardbeat.com reader and sent to me.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure:







47 Responses to “Exclusive Video: Did Superintendent Robert Runcie Lie To School Board? You Decide”

  1. The river of denial says:

    “Before the cock crows you will deny me three times.” Bible readers know how well that went.

  2. Poll says:

    Did he lie? I am going to go with yes.

  3. A reader says:

    There must be some way to undo the damage Runcie is unleashing by lying to facilitate the hiring of Bobadilla.

    The SBBC should hold an emergency meeting and unravel the web of deception Runcie has built.

    The taxpayers and students in Broward County deserve a retake of this action.

  4. juliet hibbs says:

    Not the first lie….just another one. He has been committing insubordination for years

  5. Duped again by RR says:

    This tape could be the end of Runcie. How can the Board ignore it?

  6. DSL says:

    Runcie’s haram won’t abandon him until the feds show up with handcuffs. The video will be exhibit number one.

  7. Mr. Smith goes to Broward says:

    Exclusive public records?


    Exclusively compiled excerpts so that readers don’t have to sit through the torture of watching the entire School Board meeting.

  8. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack says RunDMC said he spent more time personally searching for a candidate for this position than any other. Karnack says that says it all. Karnack says how did he do it? Karnack says it is simple. Karnack says step one, google school districts with major bond programs. Karnack says step 2, determine which one is embroiled in controversy and has the most negative audit findings. Karnack says step 3, ignore audit findings and hire leader of failing program. Karnack says step 4, deny any knowledge of audits. Karnack says success another useful tool enters the fold.

    Karnack foretold RunDMC was not careful with this hire. Karnack foretold that RunDMC was carefree with this hire. Karnack says my bad. Karnack says RunDMC knew exactly what he and the harem wanted. Karnack says the job now is to paint lipstick on the pig that is the failing bond program here. Karnack says this is also simple. Karnack says continue to claim all audit findings are flawed. Karnack says continue to say everything is fine and on schedule when nothing is fine or on schedule. Karnack says all you have to do is say it right? Karnack says when will the harem require hard data that is public. Karnack says where is any data? Karnack says WTF…….no data just words.

    Karnack says one year after bond passing and organization is still not in place to manage it. Karnack says unless you consider the band of useful idiots who are there and managed to do nothing prior or since it passed.

    Karnack says Peter McIntosh should provide us a list of how much money we have paid URS compared to the value of projects they have completed. Karnack says Peter should provide us the total salary dollars for facility staff, plus the contracts for URS, and the other two project management consultants versus total of projects completed. Karnack says Peter should wait on this until a third proposed consultant is finally hired. Karnack says oh by the way they are at impasse and this one may have to go back on the street, re-advertised. Karnack says major portion of bond already being eaten by so called management consultants who are managing what projects?

    Karnack says Peter should provide the total salary dollars for facility staff prior to bond passing versus salary dollars today. Karnack says Peter should explain why the district is not saving any money by contracting out management services. Karnack says all of these burning issues under scrutiny as RunDMC plays his fiddle and the board sits idly by. Karnack says the train has left the station. Karnack says the train goes clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.

  9. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack says it is a criminal misdemeanor to provide false information to public officials. Karnack says this is simple. Karnack says sitsonhishands needs to subpoena phone records of RunDMC and his crack staff to determine who called Houston regarding the public and about to be public audits of their bond program. Karnack says several calls were placed to their audit department.

    Karnack says if not RunDMC or his staff then who. Karnack says if not RunDMC and his staff then why not. Karnack says harem should have asked or be asking these questions. Karnack says they on board with this. Karnack says oopps he made a funny. Karnack says the train has left the station. Karnack says they are all on board.

  10. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack says data reports, reports data, data, data, data, data, reports, reports, reports. Karanck says status reports, data, status, status, status. Karnack says maybe the harem is hiding them. Karnack says if not why are they not demanding them. Karnack says RunDMC promised all this bond program would be “transparent”. Karnack says where is the data. Karnack says where are the reports. Karnack says where is the schedule. Karnack says where is the actual project time versus the schedule. Karnack says WTF……no schedule, no data, no reports.

  11. Kirk Pollard says:

    I am a parent who supported the bonds and encouraged my friends acquaintances to do the same. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of progress. The failure of the School Board to get this program moving is a disgrace and a betrayal of trust. Last week I found out that renovations at my son’s school aren’t promised to start for three years, which parents don’t believe even that because nothing has started yet in the county. Once burned a mistake. Twice burned my mistake!
    Runcie stood in front of the parents of our school and lied a year ago when he wanted our vote. He lies to the School Board. It is time to get someone honest for education.

  12. Calcetines says:

    If Runcie was Pinocchio then it would be so obvious when he lies! What we have here is the mob from Chicago at work!

  13. An Observation says:

    I have drawn the conclusion that while School Board Members may be knowledgeable about education (for arguments sake here), they don’t know much about running a government or management.

    The answer to the question is yes, and that a bad School Board Member doesn’t know enough to recognize (or even question) a bad management decision. They go along with Runcie since they don’t know any better. They hope that he knows what he is doing since they don’t.

    So they next time someone runs for School Board citing their educational background, I hope someone asks about their management ability to critically review how their government works. A business background would help.

    I think we have too many pure educators on the Board and need a couple of critical thinkers that have management skills.

  14. Displaced Worker Bee says:

    I have a better job now, so I’m not as resentful as I used to be about getting laid off when the Sbbc displaced all of the workers from Facilities & Construction Mgt while leaving in place the liars, cheaters, and backstabbers who were in power when the misdeeds occurred that were given as the reasons for the layoffs. The combined incompetence of those that were left in place gave no reason to expect anything positive for students to happen. The subsequent lack of results certainly proves my extremely low expectations were justified. It is easy to understand why my former co-workers conspired to mislead the Board as they were fighting to keep their jobs. What is more complicated to understand, is why the Board, with the exception of Rupert, would turn a blind eye to the obvious lies about the savings from the layoffs and the functions that were lost. It may be simplistic to say, but I believe it speaks to the environment that the Board operates in, employees don’t support candidates as well as consultants, contractors, construction mgt firms, vendors, lobbyists, business interests, and all the other moneyed shysters who thrive on the corruption and willful malfeasance of the Board and the current administration. And by “support candidates”, I’m not saying kickbacks, bribes, paid trips, jobs for relatives, donations to sham charities, packaged campaign donations, or any other quid pro quo, as I have no evidence that this Board is guilty of any of those things like recently departed Board Members who took doggie bags of money and used their influence to save developers from paying for the impact of their developments. But, absent an ulterior motive, I cannot understand how a responsible Board would have swallowed hole the package of lies that were presented to justify the layoffs. It is a danger to all staff and students that the District with close to 300 sites with many aging facilities doesn’t have a single engineer on staff, can’t process a contract, and can’t get anything done. None of this should be surprising, as nothing good should be expected from an unethical organization. The corruption and malfeasance is not a surface issue, it is a core principle of the Sbbc, it comes from the dark soul of Broward politics, and it will not change without more outside (FBI) intervention and or a ctizen result. Would you let a crooked businessman educate your kids?

  15. Peter McIntosh says:

    Dear Karnack,

    I am not in a position to speak to the details of the Program Managers’ cost versus the previous Facility staff salaries. It is apparent that Karnack has access to the relevant data.

    However, I suspect that the data and Cost Estimates for the Needs Assessments was compiled with a hybrid strong SBBC matrix organization with a Consultant.

    The intent was to save on the expenditures for Consultant’s fees. Karnack should know how well that went!!!

    I would imagine that a simple Public Information Request by Karnack to see the relevant data for cost comparisons, could easily provide an accurate accounting of his concerns. I would strongly recommend however, that a competent Business Analyst would provide the opinion.

    Karnack’s conclusions may or may not be accurate but a professional analysis of the data will tell the full story.

  16. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    KARNAK the GREAT has unfortunately disturbed me by mentioning URS – or AECOM as it is now owned by that Los Angeles firm which traces back to the old Ashland Oil Company sell off of its construction/engineering business in the late 1980s to its manager Mr. Newman, the architect of AECOM’s rise to its present Zillion Dollar business as the contractor to US and Foreign Governments for huge projects from Abu Dhabi to wherever.
    The problem is the reason URS was forced into a sale to AECOM. Know the story? The geniuses at URS spent the money they made on what I would assume are the modern version of cost plus government contracts of the 1950s and 1960s – which they should NEVER HAVE LOST MONEY ON and DIDNT, on buying a “successful” OIL COMPANY which turned out to be a SINK HOLE FOR THEIR MONEY and caused losses for the stockholders of URS. An “activist” Hedge Fund – or greedy bastards looking for a quick greenmail windfall profit – your choice – forced the management of URS to fly into the arms of AECOM in Los Angeles only a few years ago!
    The problem with dealing with firms like URS or AECOM or others that are founded by “staffers” or “employees” instead of inventors or enterprising founders is that the “bosses” have no skin or money in the game and have to constantly make more money in order to pay themselves money to become rich. They become “empire builders” without being Emperors!
    IF the County School Board is solely relying on a firm like URS it MUST HAVE THE MOST SERIOUS OVERSIGHT not the kind of bureaucratic three card monti crowd we have now in the Runcie Administration.
    It comes back to a famous saying that I am afraid no one thinks about any more except maybe Mr. Nevins, Miss Greenbarg, Mr. Fields on a good day, and perhaps even Mr. Sham and Mr. Ha Ha when they are feeling benigh:
    Building a school or public building is not only a science BUT AN ART. I don’t see any artists or art critics on the School Board or working in the Superintendent’s Office.

  17. Edn says:

    This tape could be the end of Runcie? How can the Board ignore it?

  18. More BS says:

    #15. Peter McIntosh, what gives you the confidence that the data is accurate?

  19. Amazing Karnack says:

    Dear Peter McIntosh,

    Karnack says once again Peter you miss the point by a mile. Karnack says the point is not to hear you say I should be able to find it. Karnack says the point is where is it? Karnack says we are over words. Karnack says put up or shut up. Karnack knows not of the needs assessment. Karnack says show us the data good or bad not your spun excuse to cover Run and his useful tools when the bond issue started to go bad.

    Karnack says not only do you not have data you don’t even have a system to input or track data. Karnack says if wrong please tell us what system and how to extract the data. Karnack says we should not be expected to submit a public request for data. Karnack says RunDMC promised “transparency” where is the data you say I can get through a public record request and why isn’t it on your web site.

    Karnack says at the end of the day Peter you look and smell like what you are a professional apologist with nothing but words to try to sooth the justified concerns of the public you work for. Karnack says not to worry you won’t have to apologize much longer you can go back to where you came from like several of your useful tool partners. Karnack says that train has left the station too.

  20. OhSnap! says:

    What website? They were all taken down because the data was not accurate. Now we have lovely .pdf’s. Real 2015.

  21. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Anyone who wants to find out what’s going on should attend the Facilities Task Force meetings or at least read the minutes, listen to the presentations to the Board and hear Chair Lynch-Walsh grill the Facilities people.

    She turns them inside out and exposes their lies. If the parents who weren’t lackeys of the administration had bothered to do that and read Broward Beat and Florida Bulldog exposes about the dept. they wouldn’t have voted for the bond. Buyers’ regret is so sad.

    The whole cesspool needs a forensic audit by the Feds.

  22. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    I’m willing to file any necessary complaint to get justice, if there is a way to do it.

    I’m sure there are others who would join. If not, that’s OK too.

    Forget the FL Ethics Commission, an oxymoron for years.

  23. Peter McIntosh says:

    in the words of one of our previous bloggers I must have struck a nerve Karnak. Why don’t you lead the way and I’ll follow you back to where I came from.

    I am sure you’re putting it all together now.

  24. Bam Says says:

    @ Peter Moquintosh

    You really should be ashamed of yourself. Professional lying is not a real career. Remember, fat, dumb, and stupid is no way to go through life…

  25. Amazing Karnack says:


    Karnack has to laugh, hit a nerve? Karnack says how so, I don’t see any data. Karnack been out here a long time leading the cause to protect the public interest. Karnack says you want me to lead from inside too? Karnack says it has been put together for some time. Karnack says you frustrated the outcome for you and Run getting worse. Karnack says look around you the only one out here working in vain. Karnack says you want me to provide more leadership. Karnack says give me a call you got the number.

  26. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Amazing Karnak the Great and the long time well known and respected Miss Greenbarg like boars sniffing fir truffles have detected a false lead – the obviously Board of Education tied thru some sleazy its defender clique. It is sad decent hard working taxpayers cant spend thw time going thru public records to document the goodies handed out from our taxes to defend the indefensible Board of Education,

  27. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @21 Charlotte, the Florida Bulldog stories about Broward Health (aka North Broward Hospital District) are at least an order of magnitude bigger than that… see for example this story:


    Court documents describe the massive healthcare fraud that led Broward Health to pay $69.5 million to settle a whistleblower’s lawsuit last week as an illegal “scheme of mutual enrichment” between the hospital system and its physicians. … the settlement agreement between the North Broward Hospital District, Broward Health’s legal name, and the government leaves open the possibility that the district and some of its past and present officers, commissioners, attorneys and physicians are the focus of a behind-the-scenes criminal probe. … Should a criminal investigation be initiated, court records reveal an abundance of evidence describing how Broward Health and its individual administrators and physicians profited personally from the enormous fraud. …

  28. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Mr Ha Ha Ha is 100 per cent right but my point and I think others like Miss Greenbarg is that I understand the Governor appoints and controls the Hospital Board but WE THE PEOPLE elect the dumb sleazy lazy stupid majority of the school board with their 20 Year Old AIRBRUSHED photos on the School Board Website!

  29. Karnack Should Say says:

    Karnack should say that he’s just mad that he got kicked off the bond team and has to work for a living, which to him means go to McGuire’s and follow around Mayor Seiler.

  30. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Amazing Karnack the Great was on bond team according to Karnack Should Say! Oh, so apologists for sleazy lazy dumb School Board admits or alleges Amazing Karnack the Great can ADD n SUBTRACT as well as READ n WRITE in clear English! Too bad School Board majority Super n Supporters lack these BASIC SKILLs or the desire to teach them to students!

  31. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    HaHaHa, the corruption on the School Board has been going on for years. It’s at least the magnitude of Broward Health. Look at the audit reports Pat Riley’s brave band have been producing and the Grand Jury reports as well.

    But you see unless the feds get involved, nothing happens.

    Count LF Etc and others get it.

    And Karnack’s been exposing dreck for a long time. Just another system lackey making false charges.

  32. Senior PMS says:

    Well well well sports fans now we are getting somewhere. It looks like there is a bond team and this Karnack clown got kicked off it. Is it possible that Karnack took his ball and went home. Maybe Karnack has the data and reports. Can someone get a public records request filed on this Karnack guy to find out.

    Who exactly is on the bond team? If there is a team are they winning? Is it the left overs from the old facility team or the very expensive replacements. Did the replacements join up with the left overs to field the dream team. Maybe the dream team has the data. Is the dream team doing any work?

    I sure hope Karnack didn’t take all the system, data, and report information and give it to this Mayor Seiler guy. If he did will the Mayor give it back. If we get it back will it have grease stains on it from the fish and chips?

    Is it possible that Karnack took all of the tools and knowledge with him when he got kicked off the team and that is why nothing has gotten done since? If Karnack is working for a living is he taking what its giving?

    Does Mayor Seiler know he his being stalked by Karnack. One thing is for sure if the answers to these questions are yes that would explain why RunDMC and the entire “bond team” can’t seem to get out of their own way. Karnack please give the data and reports back the public deserves to get this program moving and it looks like you are the one totally responsible for the year long delay. Oh and when you give it back how about some clam chowder for the team that has been working so hard since you left.

  33. Back to the real issue says:

    As entertaining as your bantering back and forth has been, can we get back to the real issue? We know Runcie has continued to lie to his bosses and to the stakeholders. This is definitely not the first time, nor will it be the last. Now that he’s been caught red handed, after the Board guaranteed that they would hold him accountable, what do we do? Blatant lie…check, just cause…check! How do we remove Runcie from his position? He has completely destroyed this district! Morale is at an all time low. He’s created a culture of unrest. We can’t convince teachers to work in Broward! We can’t even get substitutes. We went from a surplus of teachers to a major teacher shortage. No one wants to work in this environment. We all know Bob has surrounded himself with a bunch of unethical, incompetent puppets. I’d like a tiime out from your pissing match to address the real issue. How do we get Runcie out so we can begin to repair the damage he’s done?

  34. Peter McIntosh says:


    It is always very unfortunate when opinions and facts are clouded with personal insults. I started to think I should just not read or comment in this forum anymore and just leave the six or so regular Bloggers to continue forte telling of the inevitable negative spiral down the path of doom and gloom for everyone in Broward County.

    So Karnack says, “Peter you look and smell like what you are a professional apologist with nothing but words to try to sooth the justified concerns of the public you work for. Karnack says not to worry you won’t have to apologize much longer you can go back to where you came from like several of your useful tool partners. Karnack says that train has left the station too.”

    Now let me descend to your level for a moment…….. Peter says that Karnack should close his mouth for a minute and he will be surprised to find out that what he smells is really right under his nose.

    For all those who lay claim Broward County exclusively then understand that we all may need to leave since the Seminoles may be the only group who have the right to be xenophobic.


    I agree with Peter.

    Karnak and Peter Macintosh have a lot of substantive information. Let’s refrain from the personal attacks.

  35. More BS says:

    #33 To the Board Members: As members of the SBBC cabinet say…”if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

  36. Amazing Karnack says:

    Karnack says that if the term professional apologist and go back to where you came from rises to the level of a personal attack then Peter should consider his own words. Karnack must have “struck a nerve”.

    Karnack says this forum provides all the opportunity to voice an opinion and or provide actual facts not known by the general public. Karnack says Peter has most often directed his comments at Karnack in a failed attempt to derail the facts and information presented.

    Karnack has always found these comments to be what they are insider opinions to spin the real truth. Karnack asks again what are the real facts and reasons behind hiring someone with a clearly tarnished reputation? Karnack asks again where are the facts and data behind the massive delays and allegations of bid rigging and proven cone of silence violations. Karnack says again all that Peter has provided is lame “apologetic” words (no facts) in defense of these serious questions.

    Karnack says if Buddy believes Peter has provided substantive information, Karnack has missed it. Karnack would be the first to apologize if proven wrong. Karnack says when the heat gets to hot the apologists first excuse is to always claim anyone asking pointed questions has made it personal. Karnack says he will continue to ask the hard questions and provide the “inside” information that frustrates those like Peter. Karnack says they hate there business being on the street. Karnack says hence do data.

    Karnack says it is easy Peter answer the questions with facts not with we should file a public records request. Karnack says please understand how shallow that makes you sound and appear. Karnack says many have been out here shouting at the establishment to provide much more. Karnack says in that vain you currently reside on the apologist side. Karnack says you want more respect out here than you have to give us more respect instead of answers like that. Karnack says no respect no change in the way he conducts his business. Karnack says that train left the station many years ago.

  37. Hey Buffoons says:

    The reference to Karnak being on the bond committee and having been removed is a joke and an attempt to discredit Karnak’s information.
    Political operatives are using this to discredit a lackey who was trying to work on the bond campaign to pass the bond but wasn’t hire. As if he is now typing as Karnak to impede the bond because he was fired from bond campaign.
    I have been following Karnak for many years as well as Browardtown politics. Karnak is well informed but not likely Seiler’s valet. It would be convenient to discredit him as such. Sorry Ashley, Judy or Joel. It ain’t him.

  38. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    First of all Mayor Seiler who is not a friend political ally neighbor or social acquaintance but who I know solely from public events has too full a schedule in out of town trials and spending quality time especially with his promising college son etc to be “hanging around McQuires”! Mayor Seiler is more likely at a prayer breakfast then a bar!
    But turning to personal attacks but also objective fact based background. I and I believe others get the feeling that Peter MacIntosh is not an unbiased citizen from the private sector with experience with government operations but a board of education wmployee vendor or non profit employee of a firm dependent on the bloated misspent county school board budget.
    Conflicts of interest is what fuels more corruption than out and out cash bribes!
    Amazing KARNAK the magnificent on the other hand does Not have his hand in the cookie jar!
    I have said in letters to the editor departments in London New York Miami and Fort Lauderdale when someone or their spouse has a Financial Interest (or personal interest like getting or trying to get their child transferred from one school to another) in an issue that conflict should be disclosed so people can take with a grain of sand defences by hired guns and value honest criticism from esteemed community people unquestionably Miss Greenbarg probably Amazing Karnak the Magnificant and ignore people who appear to have conflicts AND SUDDENLY SMEAR A GOOD FATHER n successful trial lawyer as hanging out in bars!

  39. Three Monkeys says:

    I don’t understand why everybody is getting confused about the issues here. The majority of the School Board — Freedman, Murray, Osgood, Korn,Good and Levinson — are like the deaf, dumb and blind monkeys. They see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil when it comes to Runcie. They are lied to and the proof is here. School scores are down. Morale stinks. The Sunshine Law is broken. Expenses are out of control. They ignore it like the three monkeys. Except there are six of them.

  40. enough already says:

    Seiler’ buddy who hangs out Maguires is Mike Ahearn who is an infamous anonymous blogger on here. So odd that people are always afraid to call him out by name.


    Mike Ahearn, a lawyer and a political consultant, had nothing to do with this post.

  41. To Clarify #40 says:

    No one is scared to say your name. No one thinks you have any knowledge that is relevant here.
    Please move along now. The grown ups are speaking

  42. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Mayor Seiler, Mr. Ahearn, McQuire’s all HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SCHOOL BOARD and the 800 MILLION DOLLAR CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM I and others are concerned about being screwed up, if it has not already been screwed up!
    Mr. Nevins is trying to inform the public about school construction, Miss Greenbarg and the Amazing Karnak the Magnificent are saying things that “sound true” to me as a former appointed and elected public and Democratic Party official in New York City as well as being a native Floridan who has returned home to retire.
    What in the Name of Heaven does the Mayor of Ft. Lauderdale or a political consultant have to do with the issues of construction?

  43. Plz ask says:

    Ms Charlotte Greenbarg, please ask Mr. Pat Reilly or one of his brave band for a copy of the email dated Monday February 25, 2013 and his response email dated Tuesday February 26, 2013.

    Illicit acts are not restricted to the School Board.

    Please ask.

  44. Good points says:

    Karmack makes good points.
    This forum provides all opportunity to provide actual facts not known by the general public.

    The public should be made aware of job vacancies so the public will have the opportunity to apply for the job vacancy. Vacancies should not be processed without being advertised (or open to the public).

    Karnack makes a good point.
    Karnack say they hate their business being on the street.

    Two job vacancies, one processed properly and one processed in secret.

    When identified Department staff comment “it’s like a pair of shoes, you see one you don’t need to see the other because it’s a pair”.

    Personal philosophy, School Board culture or SPIN???

  45. Gryphon says:

    Buddy, thank you for having this venue for discourse. Let me start by saying that I am sure I will be labeled as a crony, apologist, feeder of the tax payer teat, etc.. So, here goes. It is reassuring to know that K and CC aren’t former disgruntled employees of a certain department as I had assumed by their knowledge of “inside” information. It is more likely that they and many others are being fed handpicked warped cherries of information. If they had been insiders, they would know full well that beyond the internal difficulties and self inflicted pains that the much maligned construction group suffers, the most negatively impacting actions that happen are beyond their control and directly resulting from actions of other departments. When the department responsible for acquiring designers and contractors has no one on contract, life gets difficult. When this same department is also responsible for getting the projects on the street but is incapable of doing that, it gets harder. Mixed in with this is another department responsible for funding the jobs. To much chagrin, this group seems to be dead set against understanding the fact that estimates done 5+ years ago are low and that Broward Schools will ALWAYS receive higher bids than the rest of the competitive market. Simply put, no one really wants to work with Broward as any one who does eventually gets sued by them. Let’s not forget legal review that can completely hamstring a project as it is realized that previously issued documents/contracts are fairly worthless are amended by adding new language while never removing the problem areas. Throw in the mix a nice dab of politics and backside covering by other external sources and you will find projects being pushed forward and being pulled at a bewildering rate. Once you have actually somehow gotten through this, there is another outside department task with upholding codes and standards to work with. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are very good at their job and do a great service to the tax payers. Unfortunately, some of them also enforce their personal preferences which directly conflict with the codes and standards and end up killing jobs or more frequently cost the tax payers significant sums.
    As a few examples (so that I don’t get accused of making baseless statements), did you know that Northeast HS was on the Board agenda for June and July of 2014 but was pulled? Did you know that there is over $80 million in projects ready to go that are stuck in some of these outside offices? Did you know that there is about another $40 million in projects that have been ready to go for a year but other departments/politicians keep changing how they will be released? Did you know that a certain high profile job has gone out to bid 3 times already resulting in 1 no bid, re-release with bids way over budget and then again with a gutted scope to try to get in budget?
    In short, the easy target is not the true problem. This organization (Broward Schools) has been a train wreck for decades and it will remain so until there is some cultural change that gets people to understand the concept of the greater good. That I do not foresee happening, ever.

  46. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The points made by Gryphon (which is in fact the name of our coat of arms) are worthy n worth consideration because I know in my pre-retirement days in Newark Jersey City New York and particurly enogh in metropolitian Muenchen contractors added to what they would charge private projects more money for delays changes and general nonesense caused by politicians and their minions on advisory boards (as opposed to monioring boards that can be useful).
    Let me say something in general that governments – where local county state or national here or in foreign countries such as my experiences in England France Germany Australia New Zealand can drag out payments until all your hair falls out.
    But having said all that we are still stuck with a superindendent who is useless or nepotistic and a group of talentless Yettas – albeit not neccessarily Jewish who will not fire the clown n get a decent head for the schools of Broward Co.

  47. Amazing Karnack says:

    Dear Gryphon,

    Karnack says SOS. Karnack says first it is personal attacks then it is anyone with facts and or opinions that differ with the party line are disgruntled. Karnack says get some new material already. Karnack says you are restating all the same old excuses used by four administrations before you and since.

    Karnack says grow some leadership. Karnack says he told you we don’t need talk or worn out excuses we need facts and data. Karnack says RunDMC ran off anyone who could have helped with all the delays and kept all of the delayers. Karnack says was it a disgruntled employee who blew the whistle on the cone of silence and bid rigging for program management services delaying it for a year. Karnack says a year. Karnack says if RunDMC’s direct reports so good how come they can’t recoup. Karnack says they left town instead. Karnack says was that K and CC’s fault. Karnack says is it the employee’s fault that they could not take the amateur leadership in all of the departments you mention and left leaving administration with no resources to do the work. Karnack says was it the employee’s fault that RunDMC and his privatization useful tool woman butchered the facilities department with no plan to replace the skill sets or people. Karnack says it took RunDMC a year to hire URS to replace them. Karnack says they have been here two years and we are all waiting for the data on what they have actually done.

    Karnack says whose fault is that the former chief of facilities insisted on writing his on RFPs for services that even SBBC lawyers could not approve delaying advertising for years. Karnack says it is failed leadership that has caused the problems not the various departments and employees. Karnack says just like your counterpart Peter you show no respect for anyone out here with your lame ass story. Karnack says again get some new material better still get some facts and data and come back when you grow into some big boy pants.

    Karnack says agenda items get pulled over and over again because the lame stories concocted by department heads selected by RunDMC can’t get their goofy stories past the fifth grade test. Karnack says blame that on disgruntled employees. Karnack says RunDMC’s hair is on fire. Karnack says because he never managed to put it out it has now spread to the harem. Karnack says harem hair on fire means they will use RunDMC to put it out. Karnack says that train has left the station. Karnack says the train goes clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.