Exclusive Poll: Only a Miracle Can Save McCain



It’s over!

The faltering economy has pushed U. S. Sen. Barack Obama into a significant lead in Florida and that will make him the next president

Economic woes are convincing even some bigots to hold their noses and vote for Obama.

Those are the findings of a statewide USAPoll run by Jim Kane, the Browardbeat.com pollster, this week.

The USAPoll findings are:

 *49 percent for Obama
*43 percent for U. S. Sen. John McCain.

*8 percent undecided

“Without some catastrophic change of opinion, the race for the presidency is over, says Kane. “This is going to be a landslide. 

“Unless John McCain goes to Pakistan and personally drags Osama bin Laden out of a cave, there is virtually no way for him to win Florida and thus the nation.

Political scientists widely assume that the Republican ticket can not win the presidency without a victory in Florida.

Unlike previous surveys over the years which found bias among voters against black and Jewish candidates, this poll found bias wasn’t preventing votes for Obama.

Since voters answering polls are likely to lie about their prejudices, the survey used a technique which disguised the questions about bias.  Developed by Kane and a University of Florida political scientist Ken Wald, the list of questions has proved mathematically accurate in the past.

The formula uncovers how many white voters are mad about a minority candidate running for office. The method has been reviewed and published in a scientific journal. 

“We know from previous surveys that there is bias among Florida voters, Kane says. “We found this time that it made no difference if the candidate was black.”

“The economy’s problems have overshadowed any bias the white voters may have in the past.

Kane predicts that the attack ads on Obama by McCain will have no effect on the campaign.

“Hillary used the same attacks and it didn’t work. I’ve got four words for McCain to understand: Economy, economy, economy stupid, he says.

Just over 52 percent of those answering the survey named the economy as the number one problem facing the nation. 

A majority 51 percent said Obama was better equipped to handle the economy.  Only 39 percent named McCain as better on the economy. 

Around 12 percent named the Iraq War as the most important issue.

The USAPoll used individuals to question 839 likely voters statewide.  The survey identified experienced likely voters from their past voting record.  It identified newly registered likely voters from a questionnaire about their interest in the race.

The margin of error is 3.4 percent points, plus or minus.

The poll mirrors a statewide survey done for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The Florida Times-Union released today.  The newspaper poll found Obama at 49 percent, McCain at 44 percent and 7 percent undecided.

The survey for the newspapers telephoned 600 likely voters.  It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.


5 Responses to “Exclusive Poll: Only a Miracle Can Save McCain”

  1. voter says:

    Hey Bud, things seem quiet coming from your little cave in Plantation. Bet you’re busy sneaking through the neighborhood reading your neighbors mail out of their garbage cans, huh? Why no comment on Scherer and Rogow’s big loss at the Florida Supreme Court this week? Eating crow really sucks doesn’t it? The rumor is that you are in their back pockets with Sam Fields… so pathetic. Some would hope you were a free thinker, a respected journalist… but no you are just a hired gun doing the business of an old washed up has-been Republican past power broker… and now that NBHD let him go… he is NOTHING.

    Well, The lesson to learn here is not to get caught up in a messy grudgematch and not to believe all the propaganda that you hear from the Ross/Field/ Scherer gang. Rogow should have known better then to argue such a frivolous matter…. he loses much credibility here (once again).

    FROM BUDDY: I’ve commented a lot on this case.
    I have nothing but admiration for Bill Scherer and Bruce Rogow’s actions.
    You sound like you are jealous of their tremendous successes over the years.
    The real losers are the voters.
    Another loser is Levey/Cohen. She won the suit, but her name won’t be on the ballot. A vote for Dijols will be a vote for her.
    In the end, the joke is on her. She ran against Dijols, I believe, because he had a Spanish name. She probably believed voters wouldn’t vote for someone with a Spanish name.
    Now she has to run under his Spanish name. Serves her right!
    I’m sure Scherer and Rogow can count that as a victory.
    The winner, I hope, will be Bernard Bober.
    And what Sam Fields has to do with all this, I don’t know.

  2. young says:

    If we get Obama, we’ll get change. That’s all we’ll have in our pocket. Change. Since he will take the rest of our money to use for all his give away programs. Vote McCain!

  3. thomas mcfaster says:

    Palin for president.

  4. Sam Fields says:

    From: Sam Fields

    To: Dale Ross and Bill Scherer

    Re: Next “Broward Axis of Legal
    Evil” meeting.

    Agenda: How did they find us out?

    Time/place: Usual time, usual place.

    Special Note: It’s Ross’s turn to pick up the check.

  5. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    After reading all of the above comments I had to go back and see what the article was about because everybody ran the subject off into the ditch. McCain is way too old to be effective in office and Palin as President is frightful. Tina Fey would do a better job. Only when the Dems are in office do our budgets get in the green but this HUGE mess may be hard for even the Pope to turn around.