Ex-Judge Snares Union Job




There is life after politics.

Former County Court Judge Julio Gonzalez Jr. is the latest example.

Gonzelez was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush in 2006.  He subsequently failed to hold on to his job in 2008 when he was defeated along with two other Hispanic judges in an election that smacked of bias.


Julio Gonzalez Jr. 


He lost another election last year for the circuit court.

Now he has a new job as general counsel of the Broward County Police Benevolent Association.

Gonzalez has a lot of experience with cops.  He spent 17 years as an assistant district attorney with the Brooklyn DA’s office. Then he moved to Florida in 2000 to take a job with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.

In addition to his job as a prosecutor, Gonzalez has been a private attorney.  One of his former employers is notorious – the law firm of Scott Rothstein, the jailed fraudster. Gonzalez was never accused of wrongdoing.

“We look forward to working with Julio to serve our membership,” Jeff Marano, president of the Broward County PBA, said in a news release. “He has the expertise our members need. We’re excited about having him join the team.”


7 Responses to “Ex-Judge Snares Union Job”

  1. Go Julio says:

    I hear 90k a year and benefits, congrats.

    RRA was a firm that specialized in labor law so he probably picked up a few tricks from Rothstien.

    Interesting they would hire someone with no collective bargaining experience.

  2. just one vote says:

    as long as he is not a judge.
    and if cops behave and do their job, no suits to defend so the job will be really easy.

  3. Duke says:

    Rothstein’s firm didn’t know too much about labor law. He was a terrible lawyer who was too busy running his ponzi scheme in the back room to focus on any meaningful litigation. He only represented defendants, and had a knack for settling at the last minute on the eve of trial. I was fortunate enough to be working for a lawyer that sued Hooters when Rothstein represented them, and she flat-out scared the shit out of him.

  4. @Duke says:

    You worked for the lawyer or worked for Hooters? Them fakies may fly in Dania but not in the big city.

  5. Lamberti is garbage says:

    The PBA serves its members? That is new to us, the members. The PBA did whatever civilian elect criminal Lamberti wanted them to do.

  6. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Julio Gonzalez is an honorable and talented man who overcame many hardships along the way to success. He is a high quality human being. An outstanding lawyer Julio was an even better judge. I respect him personally and professionally and know that he will succeed at whatever he does.

  7. Pines Resident says:

    O Angello. Once again putting your two cents in on something that has nothign to do with you. Nobody cares about what you think or how you feel. Also, watching the dates and times of all your posts which will be checked with BSO and Pembroke Pines for ethical violations and doubkle dipping!!!