Former Broward Democratic Chief Mitch Ceasar Loses DNC Bid





Former Broward Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar lost his election to be a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee on Saturday.




Mitch Ceasar


Ceasar was vying for seat with several candidates.  It was won on the second ballots by Michael Blake, 34, a Bronx, NY assemblyman.

After failing to get the required 206 out of 411.5 votes on the first ballot among member of the DNC in Atlanta, Ceasar and a few other candidates withdrew. Blake won the second round with 237 votes.

Due to the DNC’s gender quotas, Ceasar had an uphill battle for the vice chair at large post from the start.  Two of the open vice chair positions were reserved for women.  The third was for both male and female candidates.

The gender quotas plus the heavy vote favoring ethnic candidates resulted in the lack of a white male DNC chair or vice chair at large.

The newly-elected female DNC vice chairs at large are Maria Elena Durazo, a California labor leader, and Grace Meng, a New York City member of Congress.

The new DNC Chair is Tom Perez, former Labor Secretary in President Barack Obama’s administration from the Washington, DC area. The DNC Deputy Chair is Keith Ellison, a Minnesota congressman and one of two Muslims in Congress.

Ceasar platform in his DNC race emphasized using Florida’s fair redistricting amendment as a blueprint for the entire United States.  “We can’t start winning in Congress if we don’t win state legislatures,” he told the DNC audience.

Ceasar, 62, pledged to “remain fully engaged” in both local and national Democratic politics.


3 Responses to “Former Broward Democratic Chief Mitch Ceasar Loses DNC Bid”

  1. Chaz Stevens says:

    Better luck next time Mitch!

  2. Chip Psoriasis says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Put the dinosaur out to pasture.

  3. Behind the Scenes says:

    It needs new people. That last crew just didn’t do well. Good people I’m sure but they did not get the job done.