Gunzburger Guilty of Hypocrisy? You Decide


Does Ms. Ethics, Broward County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, speak out of both sides of her mouth?

Gunzburger very publicly fought for new ethics rules which would ban commissioners from serving on potentially corrupting selection committees.  At the same time, she was asking to be join these same committees.

She begs to be on the committees while calling for laws to curb them.

Is Gunzburger is hypocrite? 

You decide.

The new ethics laws would radically reform these selection boards.  They are currently pay-for-play groups polluted by campaign contributions.   

The committees make the real decisions on purchases, which are merely ratified at commission meetings. So commissioners on the committees are deluged with campaign donations from lobbyists.

Consider this: If Gunzburger was so dedicated to ethics reform, why not set an example by refusing to sit on selection committees?

Maybe she needs the campaign contributions the committees provide. Gunzburger is enmeshed in a tough re-election campaign against former state Senate Minority Leader, Steve Geller

How much money?

After a selection committee on an airport engineering contract last year, Gunzburger got more than $11,000 in contributions, according to the website.

That was just one decision on one deal!

Her committee work continues.

On June 15, Gunzburger asked to be included on the committee picking a coffee sales concession at the airport.

On June 8, Gunzburger joined three committees including one recommending who will build a huge, multi-million dollar bridge for an airport runway over the Florida East Coast Railway.

In May, Gunzburger became a members of  one committee that will decide who will build a new courthouse parking garage and a second committee to select a construction manager for four Port Everglades terminal projects.

Gunzburger is not alone.

A tough re-election is obviously why Mayor Ken Keechl — He once billed himself as “The Ethics Mayor — has joined six selection committees since April.  They will hand out hundreds of millions in airport, port and courthouse contracts.

Unlike Gunzburger, Keechl has a job outside the Government Center.  He’s a lawyer.  So why would he serve on these time consuming committees unless there was something in it for him campaign contributions?

Then there is Commissioner Al Jones.

Appointed to replace bribe taker Josephus Eggelletion, Jones is facing much better known opponents in his election for the central Broward commission seat.    

So he has put himself on every heavily-lobbied committee in the past three months. Lobbyists equal campaign contributions.

This month, Jones put himself on four committees to pick consultants on four different airport projects.

In May, Jones asked to be on the selection committees for the courthouse parking garage project and airport planning consulting services.

In April, Jones landed on a committee picking the airport coffee sales concession and the design consultant for an airport maintenance facility.

Gunzburger has been right on ethics, but not totally upfront.

She, and her colleagues Keechl and Jones, are vivid examples of why new ethics laws are needed.  The rush to serve on these committees is an indication that the current system is driven by campaign contributions, not good government.

One company official involved with an airport engineering contract selection committee told  “I have personally never witnessed such a politicized selection process.

These new laws would attempt to change that “politicized selection process by ending commission participation on the committees.

It’s the right thing to do.

33 Responses to “Gunzburger Guilty of Hypocrisy? You Decide”

  1. Nipsy says:

    I thought Gunzburger’s husband selling benches to the county and making millions was bad enough. This takes the cake.

  2. Concerned Voter says:

    Buddy: So you are attacking 3 commissioners, why not point out the other 6? Are you bias against these 3???


    The ones I mentioned are the ones running for re-election. The others who serve on a lot of selection committees are Ilene Lieberman, Stacy Ritter and John Rodstrom. Lois Wexler was on some. I didn’t see one in the last three months that Kristin Jacobs asked to serve on.

  3. Resident says:

    And somehow they don’t see that they need ethic reform? But everyone else does? That is the definition of Hypocrite.

    Someday if someone lectures on the subject, they could use this County Commission as a Case Study, and an example of what not to do.



  5. Yaki says:

    Oh YEAH! She’s a Hypocrite for sure!

  6. nottommythefrycook says:

    Wow, just wow……

  7. Geller Lies says:

    This changes nothing.
    Geller is a paid lobbyist who refuses to answer the question whether he will still be a paid lobbyist once elected.
    He will use his position on the county commission to further his lobbying business.
    Geller opposed any ethics laws until it benefitted his campaign. Sue Gunzburger has backed ethics laws for more than 10 years.

  8. nottommythefrycook says:

    Geller Lies…… are you and idiot??? He HAS answered the question many times!!! He has said he WOULDN’T once elected. Maybe you should ask Sue the same question. She is a paid lobbyist. Sitting on the committees and getting funds for her campaign from the same people she is on the committees for. Open your ears and listen. I guess that’s impossible because you still ask the same old dumb question. Your eyes aren’t open either because Gunzburger is talking out of both ends with the ehtics. If she really wanted to follow what the voters and / or commissioners wanted, she would follow the term limit whether she is grandfathered in or not…..

  9. Sue is a hypocrite says:

    Gunzberger is absolutely a hypocrite. She is asking for ethics reform when she has no ethics herself. After all these years of being on the commission, she is pushing for ethics reform when she is running for reelection. It is a miracle that she has suddenly seen the light. She sits on committees and votes for who will give her the largest campaign contributions. She made millions of dollars from county contracts from her plastic bench company while on the county commission. Hopefully, Sue will be voted off of the commission.

  10. Geller Lies says:

    It is amazing that a slimball lobbyist like Geller, whose net worth has gone up more than 10 times while in public office, is pictured as the ethical one while Sue Gunzburger is smeared.
    That is Geller for you. The only way he can divert you from his record of dirty deals for the insurance companies and taking money from Scott Rothstein and the Mutual Benefits ponzi scheme is to throw mud at Sue.

  11. No Calypso says:

    Judge Geller By The Company he keeps
    Judy stern and David Brown. Two of the biggest low life’s in Broward County

  12. Get facts straight says:

    To Geller Lies, Why don’t you get your facts straight. It is Gunzberger and her family who have made millions of dollars off of the taxpayers. It is the Gunzberger campaign who started a website for the sole purpose of smearing Geller. It states nothing about Sue’s accomplishments in her 18 years on the commission. Obviously because she hasn’t accomplished anything. The only thing she can do is smear Geller. That is what I call slimy!

  13. Sara says:

    Isn’t this part of her job? The rules haven’t changed yet to say otherwise. Why do we spend so much money on Commissioner’s salaries if they don’t work full time? Unlike some other Commissioners who barely work, she works hard, probably more than fullyime hours.

  14. Sue Gunzburger Campaign says:

    “Get the Facts Straight” consistently gets the facts wrong. He wrote our campaign site doesn’t mention Sue’s 18 years of accomplishments. That statement – like nearly everything from the Geller campaign – is blatantly false. Check out Sue’s great accomplishments (new libraries, new & expanded parks, beach restoration, 11-straight years of tax rate cuts, etc) on her campaign website:

    Of course, if you want to read about developer lobbyist & ponzi pal Steve Geller’s real record, all verified by giving you direct access to all the original independent source documents, visit:

  15. Yaki says:

    Sara, honey…read the article. Gunzburger works hard at making sure she gets payback from vendors seeking business from the county. She is very busy being a CROOK.

  16. Not Tommy the Fry cook says:

    To Geller lies….. it is amazing that YOU keep defending Sue. First, not only did Sue take money from Scott Rothstein, she didn’t return it all like Geller did. She is a HYPOCRITE. Second, Sue’s television ad about Geller’s net worth is a TOTAL LIE! I went and looked at her webiste where she shows Geller’s actual net worth documents. Her ad says that his net worth went from $ 151,000 in 1998 to 1.2 million dollars in 2008. That’s 10 years. The documents that she has on her website however, show that his net worth was $ 151,000 in 1989, so she is lying again to the voters, trying to make them believe that Geller’s net worth increased over 10 years when it is really 20. But 20 years doesn’t sound as good as 10 does it? In addition, most of Geller’s net worth increased because of the value of his house over the years, as did mine and probably yours. But then again, you’re an idiot, so you didn’t know to check the facts. Gunzburger’s net worth went from over a million dollars to over 4 million dollars since she has been on the commission. And third, now we learn in the paper that Sue has had herself appointed to 3 contract selection committees on the commission so that she can raise more money for her campaign from those bidding on county contracts that she will be able to award. So much for her being the queen of ethics. She takes slimy to a whole new low level.

  17. Get facts straight says:

    Gunzberger campaign, First,in my post I was obviously talking about the Geller website you started. Second, I am not part of the Geller campaign. Here are some headlines you could add to your Gunzberger site: Gunzberger lies and distorts Geller’s record. Gunzberger’s plastic bench company awarded county contracts while Gunzberger sits on the county commission. Gunzberger’s kids work at Broward county government jobs while she is a county commissioner. Gunzberger sits on selection committees then takes campaign contributions from the companies. I could go on and on about Sue’s accomplishments in the last 18 years in lining her own pockets.

  18. Geller Lies says:

    Geller twists everything. He can’t escape that he is everything the county residents are sick of. GELLER IS A PAID LOBBYIST who wants to be a county commissioner to further his job and line his pocket.
    He refuses to say whether he will lobby in other parts of Florida if elected. He wants to use the title Broward County Commissioner to lobby. He has no other way to make a living. We would have no way of knowing whether he can get legal clients when not in office since he is a CAREER POLITICIAN who has held office almost his whole life.
    He is wrong for Broward County, especially since he will open the door for more high rises along the beaches and along Pines Boulevard.

  19. Geller lies lies! says:


    At least, for a change, you’re blogging on your own time, not the taxpayers. I want to make sure that I understood you. Your mom has been in office for 28 straight years. Geller served 20, and has been out of office for 2 years, and you say he’s the career politician, not Sue?

    I’ve never heard anybody credible talk about Geller supporting high rises on Pines Blvd. Only the Gunzburger campaign, which is the one that most developers and lobbyists are supporting. Curious.

    You always talk about “the question”, and whenever Geller answers “the question”, you find another. It’s a waste of time for him to answer you.

  20. Geller Lies says:


  21. Ron: Stop blogging on government time! says:


    You’re a lying liar. Are we supposed to believe it just because you put it in caps?

    And stop blogging on government time!

  22. Sara says:


    Not surprised you are pro-Geller since you are obviously a sexist big. I am not your honey.

  23. Yaki says:

    Sara,don’t be so sensitive. BUT again I ask, did you READ the article? It was quite explicit in condemning Gunzburger.

  24. Geller Is A Lobbyist says:

    Everybody on this thread should realize that Geller is a developers’ lobbyist who took money from ponzi scheme criminals Rothstein and Mutual Benefits Insurance. He is on record in newspaper interviews as wanting more development along the beach and Pines Boulevard.

  25. No, I want the last word! says:

    Did too!

    Did Not!

    Did Too!

    Did Not!

    Gunzburger campaign, it’s getting old. You keep saying Geller wanted Development along Pines Blvd. His campaign denies it. You keep saying there’s articles. Prove it!

    Gunzburger took Rothstein money first. Blah, Blah, Blah. Tired.
    Just keep repeating the same lies and quarter truths (not as much truth as half truths) and hope people will believe the crap. Dissapointing.

  26. Geller Lies says:

    (1) Geller took a $50,000 check from Scott Rothstein. Gunzburger took $7,500 from various lawyers in the Rothstein firm along with Rothstein.
    Geller stalled when asked to give the money back. Gunzburger gave the money back immediately.
    Geller’s campaign is being funded by a handful of special interests giving large sums of money to his committee Floridians For A Stronger Tomorrow. Gunzburger is funding her entire campaign within the $500 limits of the law.
    (2) Geller supported legislation that Mutual Benefits ponzi insurnace scheme wanted. He then got campaign contributions from this fraudulent company. Gunzburger had no connection with the firm.
    (3) Geller has said in the newspapers that he believes development should take place along transportation corridors and natural areas of intense development. That is why he lobbied for developers who built high raises on the barrier island and along overcrowded Hallandale Boulevard.
    (4) Geller says Gunzburger’s late husband sold recycled benches to the county park’s division. True, but what he doesn’t say is that the contract was let before Gunzburger took office and that it was awarded because Gunzburger’s late husband had the low bid. Geller has no campaign so he has lowered himself to attack a dead man.

  27. Yaki says:

    LMAO!!! Gunzburger is under investigation! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,…and she is trying to blame Geller, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,Ha, Ha, Ha! TOO FUNNY!

  28. Yaki says:

    You have got to see her press conference and then see another video also on of Lori Parrish deny she is part of their campaign while Gunzburger’s son and her employee is right there on camera! This stuff is TOO FUNNY.

  29. Yaki says:

    Just saw a tv commercial from GELLER’s campaign…It was very nice. All I’ve seen from GUNZBURGER is nasty attack ads. My neighbors and I have stopped reading them…what a waste of money.

  30. Yaki says:

    Gunzburger being investigated is THE STORY of the DAY! Isn’t it? So sad too bad…how it got to this point in interesting but NOT the real issue. The allegations continue to swirl about Gunzburger… and her son, attorney Ron G., will try his best, but my guess is Gunzburger WILL get herself a REAL criminal defense lawyer.

  31. Yaki says:

    GUNZBURGER wtf is “third/fourth hand” source? HUH? Someone told someone, who told someone else who might have told still someone else? Sounds like that children’s game “telephone”…WTF!!! I think she is going to have to come up with someone who HEARD first hand otherwise she’s just BATSHIT CRAZY if she thinks that will fly.

  32. Yaki says:

    Hypocrite, Hypocrite, Hypocrite… yeah, she’s a HYPOCRITE!!!!!
    Look at her now…all together now, nice and loud…..H – Y – P – O – C- I – T -E

  33. Yaki says:

    Let’s all remember, just less than a month ago, this article pointing out what a HYPOCRITE Gunzburger is. She is UNETHICAL, and I don’t doubt probably crossed the criminal line at one point or another. There is a lot of documents to comb thru…and it is being done. GUNZGURGER will not be a commissioner much longer.