Evan Jenne’s Only Opponent Out Of House Race



Former State Rep. Evan Jenne is almost surely future state Rep. Evan Jenne after his opponent dropped out today.

Elaine Geller, a Democratic from Hollywood,  whose campaign had been on hold for months due to her daughter’s Leukemia, withdrew from the race on Friday and endorsed Jenne.  She was Jenne’s only opponent.

“It’s really sad,” Jenne said of Geller’s reason for quitting.  “There is no glee on my part.  She was my opponent, not my enemy. I don’t wish this on anybody.”

Browardbeat.com had disclosed in September 2013 earlier that Geller had lost her license to sell commodities due to shady sales practices and had declared bankruptcy. That post is here.

A Democratic member of the House from 2006-2012, Jenne of Dania Beach did not run again when redistricting virtually eliminated his old south Broward district.  He will now take over term limited state Rep. Elaine Schwartz, D-Hollywood, heavily Democratic District 99.

Evan Jenne is the son of former Broward sheriff Ken Jenne, who served from 1998 until he resigned in 2007 in the wake of federal corruption charges.  Ken Jenne also a state senator from 1978-88 and 1990-98.

Although the qualifying for local office ends next Friday leaving a new opponent very little time to mount a campaign, Evan Jenne said he wasn’t taking anything for granted.

“I’m moving forward as if I’m running all the way through November,” Jenne said.

His first term in the House wasn’t Evan Jenne’s first time in the Capitol.  That time he was very visibly bored, as shown in this famous picture:


Evan Jenne yawns while Ken Jenne speaksEvan Jenne, 7,  yawns while his father, state Sen. Ken Jenne, speaks on the Senate floor, 1985 











From: Elaine Geller <elaine@elainegeller.com>

Date: June 13, 2014, 11:29:03 AM EDT

Subject: My future plans



Dear Friends and Supporters:


I am writing to thank you — my old friends and my new ones — for your friendship and support.  You shared your stories and concerns with me as a Candidate as we plotted the course and focus of my Campaign; and you gave me your love and encouragement to help me as a Mom, to grapple with my daughter Megan’s devastating illness.  I will always be grateful.  This letter is difficult for me to write, but it is imperative that I now fill you in on my daughter’s condition and my political plans.

As you know, Megan was diagnosed with Leukemia this past October.  After lengthy, debilitating chemotherapy treatments first at NY Presbyterian and then at UM/Sylvester Cancer Center Hospital, she was given a stem cell bone marrow transplant. As sick as the treatments made her, Megan and I, as well as her doctors, were pleased that her cancer went into remission and were hopeful that the graft cells would continue to triumph over her host cells and bring Megan back to good health.

However, the remission lasted for only a short period of time and, unfortunately, the cancer has since returned.  In a few days, we are going to MD Anderson in Houston, in the hopes that Megan can become a participant in a clinical trial.

As a proud Mom, let me tell you that Megan is the bravest, strongest person I know and one who never stops striving to achieve her potential regardless of her condition. She wakes up every morning determined to fight for her life. She has withstood seven rounds of chemotherapy accompanied by six straight months of hospitalization.  Megan graduated from UCF in 2009 during the height of the great recession, and like so many other teachers, she couldn’t find a job here. Megan  then took a chance, moved to NYC, taught school, and just as was finishing her Masters Degree in Special Education at Hunter College, when she was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Of course, as her Mother, I have stood by her side—even slept by her side–and want to continue to do so, as any Mother would. We hope and pray that Megan will be accepted into the Clinical Trial and have a successful outcome.  As you understand, I must take that physical and emotional journey with her. It is during these most trying times that we really find our strength to fight on.

Therefore, with absolute certainty that I am doing the right thing, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy from the race for Florida Representative.  I am honored and humbled to have had your support.

When we started this campaign in January 2013, I was not well known. I was not a politician, but with your help and hard work, we were able to reach out to our friends and neighbors in the District who were looking for a leader who had the same day-to-day struggles as they did.  Many of us struggle day to day to raise our families and put food on the table .Finding time to help our  elderly parents and holding on in an economy that had crushed many. We all had faith that there are answers to these problems, with leaders like us who are willing to roll up our sleeves and get it done.

As Democrats, it is imperative that we come together and support one another.  Only with a united front, can we get rid of Rick Scott as Governor, and start the process of taking back Legislative leadership.

Towards that end, I stand solidly behind Evan Jenne.  I urge you to not only vote for him, but to work with him and energize him to passionately carry the banner of progressive ideals forward. Broward County must have a powerfully strong Democratic vote to get us back on track!

In closing down my campaign I will, of course, be closing the campaign account.   Election law permits me to donate the money to one or more 501(c)3 charities. Just as you helped me, I will continue to pay it forward, and help others in return.

Again, I cannot begin to thank all of you for everything you have done.  I hope that we can all work together in this election cycle, as well as in the future, to transform the government of the State of Florida into one that, once again, works to serve the People, instead of Special Interests.


Love and Appreciation Always,




Elaine Geller

8 Responses to “Evan Jenne’s Only Opponent Out Of House Race”

  1. Fed Up with Broward Corruption says:

    I wonder how much she got?

  2. frank says:

    Holy smokes, they both have hair!

  3. Alice McGill says:

    Evan does his homework on issues and is an intelligent young man. He talks one on one with voters. He will represent his constituents well.

  4. Ms. Crabtree says:

    @FedUp – daughter having Leukemia isn’t a good enough reason to drop out?

  5. Daniel Reynolds says:

    @FedUp Go f**k yourself troll. Have you no humanity or shame?

  6. Broward says:

    It a shame his father used his political clout to bully people and stomp on them. While all high and mighty and feeling untouchable gets federally charged and arrested losing his 40 year pension. How smart was that decision to take money from a developer. Evan Jenne seems like a good guy. I am sure his father pulled some kind of crap to bully her out of the race.

  7. Fed Up with Broward Corruption says:

    #4, yes it is. I wish her the best.
    #5, No, go fvck yourself. It has happened before.

  8. Broward County win win. says:

    It seems they are two very committed candidates, who are willing to serve their community for a somewhat meager paycheck. Sometimes life deals you cards that you must play, and family should come first. It says a lot about Ms. Geller. And I must say that Rep. Evan Jenne is a class act who has been an effective voice for his constituents and has worked well with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. He will be welcomed back in Tallahassee with open arms because he is a fair, frank and honest member who is respected by all. My prayers and best wishes for Ms. Geller and her daughter, and congratulations to Rep. Jenne. Go get ’em!