Update: Evan Jenne To Drop County Commission Bid



State Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Dania Beach, dropped his short-lived bid for county commission leaving the field a little less crowded.


“I’m going into the private sector,” Jenne, 34, said. “I made a lot of financial sacrifices the last few years.”

His departure from office means that the first time since 1975 — with the exception of 1988-90 — that a Jenne did not hold office in Broward County.  His father, Ken Jenne, was a county commissioner 1975-78, a state senator 1978-88 and 1990-1999, then Sheriff of Broward, 1998-2007.

Jenne said he was seeking work that would use his knowledge of state and local government. He was last a marketing director for a financial company.

Elected in 2006 at 27 years of age, Jenne was a political science major at Florida State University and has a MBA from the same school.

Although he had another two years left before term limits in the Legislature kicked in, Jenne was virtually redistricted out of a seat.

He said when he returned from the recent Legislative session in March, about a month after filing for the commission, he started to rethink his future role in elective politics.

“I had jumped into the county commission, but I decided I really didn’t want to be on the county commission,” Jenne said. “I really owed it to myself to go out and get a job.”

Jenne, who is now 34,  would not rule out running “somewhere down the line.”

The face for the open seat now held by term-limited John Rodstrom remains crowded.

Former County Commissioner Ken Keechl, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, former state Rep. Tim Ryan, Jerome Clair and Robert McKinzie are candidates for the open seat, which is expected to be one of the most contested in the August Democratic primary.

Local political experts have mixed opinions about the effect of a Jenne departure.

Some say it will help Ryan, whose base is roughly the same area as Jenne’s in Dania Beach and other areas south of Interstate 595.  Ryan carries a name known in Dania Beach for generations and represented the area in the state House.

Others say it will help Rodstrom, since it gives her a better chance to make inroads south of I-595 as the alternate to Ryan.

Experts say that Jenne quitting would have little effect on Kechel, who they give little chance in the race and is widely seen as appealing only to a slice of the gay community.  But I believe many observers may be underestimating Kechel.

17 Responses to “Update: Evan Jenne To Drop County Commission Bid”

  1. Citizen says:

    Does this mean Stern kisses and makes-up with Rodstroms? Jenne should stay in as it will make it real interesting. What else is he contemplating to run for?

  2. Stan says:

    Well you got Keechl spelled right 1 out of 3 times!

    Stan. Thanks for pointing my typos out.

  3. kiss n tell says:

    judy is already kissing up to tim ryan

  4. Real Deal says:

    That is not and has never been the right district for Evan Jenne.

  5. Karma is a bitch says:

    Go Charlotte, that is what Stern gets for selling out a decades long friendship with the Rodstroms for what she thought was the next young sure thing she could control.

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “Karma is a bitch”- Number one I would not mess with Judy Stern or Comm.Rodstroms . Secoundly if it rains tomorrow Judy Stern will be held accountiable for that to. I say I like both Judy/Charlotte,. Besides its all business, nothing personal. If Mrs.Rodstrom needs Judy, Judy will be there for Charlotte, and vice versa. Go ladies go-Robert Walsh has both your backs.

  7. Stern Judy says:

    Thanks Mr. Shitty Activist! The check is in the mail.


  8. Citizen says:

    See how interesting this is going to be? give the voters a full slate!!

  9. Ryan says:

    Do any of these sources give reasons why they think he’ll drop out ?

  10. dumb dumb says:

    If you think things are just business between Judy and Charlotte you are more of a clueless idiot than your writing style lets on. Read the SS articles Judy blew off a 20 year friendship with the Rodstroms for Jenne. Ask Steve Glassman they are still kicking him around years later, everything with the Rodstroms is personal.

  11. get real!! says:

    Robert Walsh is a scum bag and has no life!!!

  12. all that glitters... says:

    At what point was Judy Stern ever an activist? not a big thing, but just saying…

  13. @Privacy_Shades says:

    Everyone knows Ken is going to switch to run against Moraitis. Even if he loses, he will be a hero to the party and get a clean run in 2014. Judge Keechl anyone?

  14. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “dumb dumb”-well you seem to know all huh? I hardly think Mrs.Stern blew off the Rodstroms. Secoundly I like how you hide behind your computer and most likely your coffee cup. I know your soooo intimiadting. Basiccly what goes on bewteen Mr.Glassman, Judy Stern and the Rodstroms is between them not you. I happen to think they if work together are a remarkable force, and a force to be reckoned with. If this is your analysys, fine, but don’t say this one was under handed, two faced etc. Win nothing could be futher from the truth. 64 thousand dollar statement Evan Jenne is no longer running. This states it all. Good luck Mr.Jenne. And yes he could beat Moratis, so could Barbra Stern for that matter(in regards to running against Moratis).

  15. hey robert says:

    Yeah Walsh, maybe you dont think Judy blew off the Rodstroms but they sure think so.

    John Rodstrom and lobbyist Judy Stern — the friendship is over!

    By Brittany Wallman February 21, 2012 12:52 PMUPDATED with comment from Judy Stern
    Broward County Commissioner John Rodstrom has hosted super-lobbyist Judy Stern in his North Carolina pad, he’s gone to dinner with her countless times, she’s run his campaigns and those of his wife, and they’ve been friends for maybe two decades.

    It’s over!

    “I’m not taking her phone calls anymore,” Rodstrom said.

    According to Rodstrom, his wife, Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, went to lunch with Stern on Monday to ask her a question: whose campaign will Stern work for if state legislator Evan Jenne indeed runs for Broward County Commission in the same district?

    “It was time to call the question,” he said.

    And her answer: She’s going with Jenne, Rodstrom reported.

    “I’m in shock. I’m in shock,” (John) Rodstrom said. “You would think that if somebody were your friend she’d say, ‘You’re both my friends, I’m staying out of it.’ That’s what I would do.”

    Stern is ever-present at County Hall, and is known for her tenacious brand of politics and campaign strategy. Rodstrom said he’s “defended her many times. She doesn’t even know how many times I defended her. I took so much flak.”

    Rodstrom said he wonders if she chose Jenne — who hasn’t filed paperwork to run — “because she can’t manipulate Charlotte? I guess we’re expendable. Because we do what we think’s right all the time.”

    Stern’s reaction on the jump.

    Stern said she committed to Jenne months ago, when he indicated he’d run for Broward County Commission if term limits were upheld and John Rodstrom’s seat became open.

    She worked on Charlotte Rodstrom’s just concluded City Commission campaign, and said she had no idea Charlotte Rodstrom would turn around and run for her husband’s seat on the County Commission. Friday, Charlotte Rodstrom opened a campaign account to run for the County Commission seat.

    “She’d told me she had no interest in the County Commission,” Stern said. “I got back into town Monday. I was just, like, shocked.”

    “For as close as we are, I mean, I was surprised that she never raised it beforehand,” Stern went on. “So I had no idea. … Right up to the Thursday before the election she still spoke to me about she was glad the election was winding up and she didn’t want to campaign anymore. The whole thing’s bizarre.”

    Stern said at the Monday lunch with Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, Rodstrom was gracious about the bind Stern is in.

    “She told me she understands and she won’t be the least bit offended, she knows how close I am … with the Jennes.”

    Stern said John Rodstrom tried calling her last night, but didn’t reach her. This morning, when Stern tried to return the call, she got voice mail.

    “John and Charlotte have been wonderful friends, exceptional friends. I love them,” Stern said. “And I feel like Evan is a son of mine.”

  16. AUH2O says:

    That Brittany Wallman story can’t be true because there was not one mention of Shitty Activist Robert Walsh.

  17. Good News for Tim Ryan says:

    Jenne knew he could not win more votes than Tim Ryan, and this clears the field of Ryan’s only credible competitor. Keechl pulled 6% fewer votes than Alex Sink in 2010 on his own turf. Rodstrom doesn’t measure up to Ryan either – she may as well follow Jenne out.