In The Jenne Family, Evan Is No Ken


He squirmed. He fiddled. He stared into space.

But what State Rep. Evan Jenne didn’t do is speak when his turn came at the Broward Legislative Delegation meeting Thursday.

He dodged the issue.

Maybe it was the subject matter making the sheriff’s elections non-partisan.

That bill hit a little close to home with Jenne, D-Dania Beach.

His father is Ken Jenne, the former sheriff who quit office in 2007 just before going to jail for corruption.

I’ve heard Evan referred to as “baby Ken or “baby Jenne around political circles.

Whatever the reason, the debate moved around the table in order.

One by one, every legislator and senator spoke.

Until it was Evan’s turn.

He took a pass.

The debate moved on, to his left.

Evan. Sitting in one of his father’s former conference rooms at the Sheriff’s Headquarters, where the delegation held its meeting.

Evan.  Looking so much like the former sheriff.
The same mannerisms.  The same facial expressions.
Appearances are one thing.  Style and personality is another.

Ken would have loudly defended the sheriff’s current partisan elections.

Ken would have spoken up.

Ken would have fought back.

And after the bill was killed State Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek,  was forced to withdraw it Thursday after withering criticism from other Democrats Ken would remember.

Ken was a master in the art of political revenge.

Every time Waldman turned around, Ken would have been there.

Especially at Waldman’s next election.

Waldman doesn’t have to worry about Ken’s son.  Evan proved Thursday he was not his father.

His father didn’t duck a tough issue.

8 Responses to “In The Jenne Family, Evan Is No Ken”

  1. LEO says:

    Thank God he is not his father.

  2. Waldman Is No Democrat says:

    Jim Waldman is not a real Democrat and that has been brought up in every election he has ever run. He switched from a Reagan Republica afer he lost an election to the house 15 years ago. His bill is designed to help Republicans. The Sun-Sentinel had a story which proved he doesn’t live in his district and how is that allowed?

  3. Jack S. says:

    If you look back the only reason Waldman won in his last election is because it was an open primary and Republicans could vote… he didn’t win among Democrats.

    Oh, and that phoney “in the district” address… that’s Ronald Sherman his so called roommate. Sherman is his former law partner. You really believe Waldman rents a little room there when he has a $1 million house outside of the district??

    FROM BUDDY: Gary Sherman, not Ronald Sherman, is Waldman’s former law partner. I know because Gary Sherman went to high school with my wife. Small world.

  4. ma says:

    Wow Buddy that was a cheap shot.

    What was Evan supposed to say?

    He knew this was never going to pass why would he comment?

    No one would care what he says, all that would be reported is that he is Ken’s son, Stern runs his campaign i.e. sour grapes over Israel, etc. He could have given the greatest argument ever against this and no one would have given a damn about what he said.

    Evan should not be judged by Ken, he has and is working hard to forge his own legacy, give him a fair chance.

  5. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Evan is one of the nicest and smartest men I know. Thank god he isn’t like his thieving father. So this apple fell far from the tree. It’s amazing how people can think what other people should do. I call the SHOULDERS. They tell others what they should be doing. This is still a free country.

  6. Jenne Bashing says:

    We really should move on from the Jenne bashing thing. It’s gone on long enough. The former Sheriff disappointed himself, his family and the entire community with decisions that he made. He did not steal government money, he failed to disclose personal business that was at odds with his official duties. I am not minimzing what he did, just clarifying that he did not steal government funds — his was a entirely different crime. He is not an evil man and has done more in just a few days of his life than many in this county should hope to do for others in a lifetime. He was disbarred, disgraced and forced to serve time in jail. I’m not saying that people should forget. Nor is there a need to forgive. Simply, he deserves a fresh opportunity to redeem himself without a continuing witch hunt. That is not the American way.

    As for his son State Rep. Evan Jenne, who could disagree that he has demonstrated true character and grit in the way he’s handled this entire matter. He’s endured it all with great restraint, unashamed to show his continued respect for his father and family, quietly and with dignity. His colleagues in Tallahassee from both parties greatly regard him as a future leader because of his ability to work effectively as a colleague.

    So all things considered, my take is we should cut both some slack and move on. Evan chose to not speak on this issue. So what?

  7. I. P. Freely says:

    I agree with what the previous poster said:

    Evan is a future leader because of his ability to work effectively as a colleague.

    That being said, who says E won’t be there at Waldman’s every turn…

  8. Evan is great says:

    Let’s not throw jabs at a hard working great young man, simply because his dad made a mistake. Evan is a wonderful Representative and we are lucky to have him.