Error-Filled Voters Guide In The Sun-Sentinel




Broward County readers have many problems with the Sun-Sentinel.  But nobody should blame the paper’s journalists for the error-filled Legacy voter’s guide stuffed in some print papers this week. 

The Legacy magazine left out some candidates and included some that had already quit their race. It is not a product written by the Sun-Sentinel.

The paper’s political maven Anthony Mann or editorial page honcho Rosemary O’Hara had as much to do Legacy as they do with a flyer for Target. Nothing.

The Sun-Sentinel has a distribution deal with Legacy, which is owned by the MIA Media Group of Hollywood. MIA bills itself as “one of the largest Black publishers” in the nation.

The deal makes sense until mistakes crop up. Some readers won’t realize who wrote the guide. They will blame the paper and its beleaguered staff.

Legacy’s errors this week damage the Sun-Sentinel’s reputation. That’s something the already hard-pressed paper doesn’t need.

I suggest you throw Legacy in the garbage.


One page of the Legacy voters guide. In the Broward Clerk of Court race, Howard Forman, Christopher Hugley and Anthony Robbins dropped out. The list doesn’t include Mark Speiser, who is running. In the Supervisor of Elections race, the guide leaves out Jennnifer Gottlieb.

One Response to “Error-Filled Voters Guide In The Sun-Sentinel”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Thanks to Mark Speiser’s late candidacy, the opposition to Brenda Forman became divided, which enabled Brenda Forman to win re-election.

    Good work, Lori Parrish! I hope you’re really proud of yourself for ruining this election and forcing Broward County to endure yet another term of Brenda Forman in office.