Environment-Friendly Amendment 1: $1 Million Raised in a Week




With all the debate about the medical marijuana Amendment 2 on the ballot, a lot of voters don’t know anything about Amendment 1, which is equally as important.

That is about to change.

Amendment 1 supporters have raised $1 million in a week. So expect to hear a lot about saving the environment with Amendment 1.

Here is the news release, which contains a good explanation of the Amendment:


October 8, 2014 Will Abberger
Campaign Manager
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Amendment 1 Campaign Raises Over $1 Million In One Week

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – During the last seven days, Floridians demonstrated tremendous support for Amendment 1, the Water and Land Conservation Amendment, by helping Florida’s Water and Land Legacy, the Vote Yes on 1 campaign, raise over $1 million. Two generous challenge grants, from the Florida Wildlife Federation and an individual donor, triggered this surge of support for the campaign’s voter education efforts.

“Floridians from every part of our great state and all walks of life have stepped up with contributions large and small to help make sure the everyone voting in this election understands that a ‘Yes’ for Amendment 1 means clean water drinking water, protecting the water quality of our rivers, lakes, and springs, and conserving our wildlife habitat and natural areas for future generations, all without increasing taxes,” said Will Abberger, campaign manager of Florida’s Water and Land Legacy. “We are truly humbled by the support for Amendment 1 and the response Floridians have shown to this challenge grant opportunity.”

Amendment 1 would set aside one-third of documentary stamp taxes – paid when real estate is sold – to conservation measures aimed at protecting drinking water sources, restoring the Everglades, and reviving the state’s historic commitment to preserving natural lands and wildlife habitat. Amendment 1 is not a tax increase. For nearly 20 years, Florida used this funding source to protect natural areas, wildlife habitat, and preserve water quality but, in recent years, the funding has been diverted to other purposes.

“The outpouring of support clearly demonstrates that Florida voters understand the importance of dedicated state funding to protect the Florida we love,” said Allison DeFoor, campaign chair. “With more than 800 individual contributions in one week, it’s clear that keeping pollution out of our bays and rivers and protecting vanishing wild Florida is a something the voters believe we must do.”

Florida’s Water and Land Legacy. Florida’s Water and Land Legacy is the campaign working to win voter approval of Amendment 1, the Water and Land Conservation Amendment, on November 4. Nearly 1 million voters signed petitions to place Amendment 1 on the November ballot. Now more than 40,000 Floridians have signed up to support Florida’s Water and Land Legacy campaign to pass Amendment 1. The coalition includes more than 400 organizations and businesses from across the state. To learn more about Amendment 1 and to contribute, please visit www.VoteYesOn1FL.org/contribute.

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