Update: Endorsements Bad News For Sunrise’s Wishner; LGBT Students Endorse Seven


Sunrise Mayor Roger Wishner lost three major endorsements in his campaign to win a full term as mayor– the city and county fire fighters and the city police.

Challenger Mike Ryan announced he received the unanimous early endorsements from the City of Sunrise Firefighters,  the Broward County Council of Professional Fire Fighters and the Sunrise Fraternal Order of Police.

It is highly unusual that an incumbent like Wishner loses both the fire fighters and the police union endorsement.  

In addition, Wishner lost the support of the key Broward County Council, which represents all Professional Firefighters in Broward County.

Fire fighters, in particular, are valuble in a campaign. Their schedule allows them plenty of time to volunteer as campaign volunteers. 

Ryan is a partner at the law firm of Krupnick Campbell Malone Buser Slama Hancock Liberman & Mckee. That’s the firm of former state Sen. Skip Campbell, D-Coral Springs, which means that Ryan will have enough money to compete in this race.

Wishner’s campaign is already filled with money from lobbyists and those doing business with the city.

A father of two children ages 12 and 10, Ryan also is an education activist who is finishing his second term as PTA President for Sawgrass Elementary.

The Sunrise mayor’s election is August 24, the same day as the statewide primary.


Broward’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students have announced endorsements in the primary and general election.

The group is opposing two incumbents, both black.

They picked parent activist Laurie Rich Levinson over incumbent Phyllis Hope in School Board District 6.  Levinson is the daughter of state Sen. Nan Rich, D-Weston.

They endorsed Justin Flippen over incumbent Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed in Florida House District 92. Flippen is a Democratic activist, a Wilton Manors commissioner and was formally an aide to County Commissioner Stacy Ritter.

Here is the news release from the group:

Press Release- Broward LGBT Student-activist group announces endorsements

Today the Broward Council of Gay-Straight Alliances, an independently-run LGBT student group, has announced its’ list of endorsements for the 2010 election cycle. Representing student groups from 26 Broward High Schools, the Council advocates on behalf of LGBTQ students and teachers.

“In these challenging times for LGBT Equality, we are proud to stand beside our allies and work to ensure fair-minded, progressive candidates are elected to positions that can help ensure LGBT students receive a fair and adequate education, said Ryan Terrell, President of the Broward Council of Gay-Straight Alliances.

The Council can provide volunteers, tactical advice on issues, and other campaign services to its preferred candidates. They have already supported a couple of Broward campaigns this year.

Andrew Torres of Coral Springs, the incoming President of the Council, added that the Council usually makes endorsements only in races that it deems can have a direct impact on LGBT students and teachers.

“We’re looking forward to a fun and spirited campaign cycle, said Torres, who takes over at the end of the school year.


  • Scott Galvin– U.S. Congress, District 17
  • Justin Flippen– State Representative, District 92
  • Ken Keechl, Broward County Commission, District 4
  • Patti Good– Broward County School Board, District 2
  • Dave Thomas– Broward County School Board, District 4
  • Laurie Rich Levinson– Broward County School Board, District 6
  • Jennifer Leonard Gottlieb-Broward County School Board, District 8- At Large

17 Responses to “Update: Endorsements Bad News For Sunrise’s Wishner; LGBT Students Endorse Seven”

  1. Time4change says:

    The beginning of the end of what rivals the worst political corruption of the past. We hope the State Attorney looks into the connections brought to the forefront on this web site.

  2. BrowardVoter says:

    Kevin Tynan is a better pick for Broward County School Board, District 2.

  3. Resident says:

    Wow! Do you know how big Wishner didn’t get the firefighters endorsement at the city level? Firefighters (3080 in particular) rarely oppose an incumbent, and normally support whoever is the lowest risk candidate. They are adverse to taking any risk, and don’t like to lose.

    For them to oppose Wishner means one of two things. Either they really have a problem with Wishner that make it impossible for them to give their support, or (more likely) they really believe Wishner will lose.

    It’s kind of reading the tea leaves. I can’t remember the last time 3080 was wrong in this type of situation.

  4. Ryan Terrell says:

    Buddy, race had nothing to due with our opposition to those incumbents. In the District 92 race, we felt that Justin Flippen was not only stronger on LGBT issues but also on education issues as well. Rep Clarke-Reed has taken some questionable votes on education bills since 2008. We also believe that Laurie Rich Levinson is stronger on anti-bullying/ school security issues which is why all 3 LGBT student groups in the district support her.


    I was sure that race had no role in your endorsements. I couldn’t say that because I was not part of the endorsements and I am not a member of the organization.

    I’m glad you went on the record clearing this up.

  5. Sunrise Facts says:

    Facts are that Wishner didn’t get the Firefighters endorsement in 2007. He was elected by he people of Sunrise. That’s proof you don’t need them to win.

    True, you don’t need any endorsement to win.
    However, (1) incumbents usually get these type of endorsements, (2) this is the county and Sunrise fire fighters, which means there will be a lot more volunteers working on Ryan’s campaign.

  6. A child of a war veteran says:

    Memorial Day Service in Sunrise
    A day to remember and respect our fallen soldiers. Very heart warming!
    Then comes Mike Ryan and volunteeers handing out campaign literature. “Vote Mike Ryan” How disrespectful can you get Mike. And shame on you. Shame on you Sunrise Firefighter and police officers following suit. Don’t you have any respect for the veterans. Whats next you go to our graveyards to get the votes. No respect No vote and you want to run the city, Shame, Shame, Shame!

  7. SimpleMan says:

    Hey Child,
    Get over it. Free political expression is what our service members fought and died for. I don’t believe your outrage is real anyway. You are probably just a Wishner supporter or even more likely a lobbyist writing some baloney to help Wishner get re-elected so your hotel or recycling plant can get forced on the city. I did not see you complaining about any of the other commercial entities present and participating. Shame on you for politicizing the day.

  8. Sunrise Mom says:


    what you may not know is that Mike Ryan’s own brother is a war veteran and Mike rode alongside his brother on a bicycle ride in the U.K. last year to raise money for families of veterans. I think he knows a thing or two about respect for veterans. It’s citizens like Mike Ryan who will fight for what’s right in our community just like the veterans who have fought for what’s right in our country.

  9. kwitcherbelyaken says:


    Notice how condescending Ryan’s supporters are. Wishner’s supporters didn’t hand out anything at the memorial. Neither did Hope’s Glasser’s or Sofield’s. Only Ryan.

    Game, set, match.

  10. wife of a veteran says:

    Dear child

    Most of those police and fire fighters are veterans invoking their right to which these great men and women past,present and future have died and currently serving for. FREEDOM AND CHANGE!
    My husband is a veteran and has honored all that have come before him and after him. My children and I are very proud of him for using his voice and the freedoms he so viligantly fought for exspecially on this day!So no matter how much you may find it disrespectful and shameful. I find it honorable.No man or women should have to sit in silence on there believes.

  11. Actual Veteran says:

    I am a veteran: And I take great pride that the very freedoms that I fought for were being applied on Memorial Day and any true veteran should feel the same way. Memorial Day isn’t a funeral, it is a day to reflect about everything that all veterans have died for or believed in. There is no better way to display appreciation than to participate in the freedoms that I have helped provide.

  12. another sunrise resident says:

    Mike Ryan is running a grass roots campaign and is not seeking corporate or lobbyist money to make changes in our local government. This will require him to get his message out whenever and wherever large groups of people are congregating. Anyone who has had the privelege to meet him or hear him speak knows that he is genuine in his devotion to helping others. He has an ego which is fed by his ability to help others without expecting ANYTHING in return and finds the good in everything and everyone.

    Thanks Mike for running for Mayor, we can only hope that you decide to take on Washington, DC after you get Sunrise government straightened out.

  13. Keeping Facts straight says:

    To Sunrise FACTS:
    Whisner was NOT elected by the people of Sunrise. He became the Mayor when Mayor Feren resigned his post to run for Judge. Wishner was the Deputy Mayor so he assumed the position left by Feren..He was not elected then, and wont be now either!!!!

  14. Patty says:

    Justin has not attended one debate with Representative Clarke-Reed and he is not discussing the issues. His platform appears that he is “gay” and wants to be the first. He is not stating any efforts to advance the gay causes or issues that are important to those who are gay or lesbian. He has not spoken on what he can do for all people in Florida. Did you notice he closed the race, so that Republican cannot vote for Representative Clarke-Reed, as she attracted Republicans because of the issues? I have researched for Justin’s agenda and the only agenda appears to being gay and nor heterosexual. Does this mean that Justin will not represent all people? The Sun-Sentinel mentions age and wisdom over young and inexperienced. I did think age is an issue in the race. Justin is collecting money from outside sources and that is a reflection of outsiders trying to influence votes in Florida. Florida has had enough of anyone making decisions regarding their votes. I do not need gay and pretty. I need representation regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

  15. Lynn Simon says:

    I am running in the District 6, Broward School Board. I have not taken any special interest money or lobbyist money. I am willing to donate 10% of my salary back to the kids. None of my opponents have done this. I am really saddened that I have not been considered by the LBGT, as I know Ryan Terrel personally. He has been in my home and treated like a family member, I do not think he can say the same thing about the candidate he is supporting. I hope you all can vote on the character of the person, not what you think they can do for you. One usually ends up disappointed when they vote that way. We were all make in the image of GOD.

  16. Lynn Simon says:

    We were all made in the image of God.

  17. Ryan Terrell says:

    I thought this was where that comment came from. Lynn, I dont appreciate the insinuations about my motives. You as well as Melvin Propis were given consideration in the endorsement process. However, lets pose a few questions that might clarify why we picked Laurie, even though I have considerable respect for you and your family:

    1) Have you ever once attended a GSA meeting, in the 4 years Ive known you ?
    2) Have you fought teachers and administrators on behalf of LGBT students, particularly in cases where bullying incidents were being covered up ?
    3) Have you developed and presented clear strategies to combat the rising rate of bullying/violence against LGBT students in our schools ?

    The answer to all of the above was no, but dont get defensive, 2 of your opponents also hadnt done any of the above. Thats what set Laurie Levinson apart from the rest during our endorsement process and why we backed her.