Ellyn Bogdanoff’s Husband: TV Star?


Hubbie Steve Bogdanoff has an uncredited cameo in state Senate candidate Ellyn Bogdanoff’s latest broadcast ad.

Steve Bogdanoff, a dentist who volunteered last year to treat soldiers in Iraq, is show at the beginning of the ad sitting with his candidate wife at the kitchen table. 

Ellyn Bogdanoff joked in an e-mail that she used her husband “cause he’s not a member of the union :).”

It is not like this is Steve’s big break.   He is on-screen only around 2 seconds.

The ad bills Bogdanoff as fighting “special interests and insiders to keep taxes low. 

It’s a good message in a recession and in a Republican primary. She’s very telegenic, which can’t hurt.

Bogdanoff’s opponent for northeast Broward and Palm Beach Counties’ Senate District 25 is state Rep. Carl Domino of Jupiter.  Domino is also against new taxes.

 Here is the ad.

5 Responses to “Ellyn Bogdanoff’s Husband: TV Star?”

  1. Floridan says:

    No disclaimer that your son works for Bogdanoff?

  2. Buddy is fair says:

    Buddy you don’t need to put a disclaimer. You have always critical of Ellyn when you feel necessary and people that frequent this blog understand this. This is a TV ad people, not Watergate.

  3. Rothstein Puppet says:

    She was a close friend of Scott Rothstein. Why elect her?

  4. Bogdanoff is a Goner According To Sun-Sentinel says:

    Carl Domino poll shows him way ahead of Ellyn Bogdanoff

    Carl Domino’s campaign said Wednesday he’s way ahead of Ellyn Bogdanoff in the Republican state Senate primary race in the Broward-Palm Beach county 25th district.

    Domino, of Jupiter, and Bogdanoff, of Fort Lauderdale, are both current state representatives. They’re seeking to succeed state Sen. Jeff Atwater, R-North Palm Beach, who’s running for state chief financial officer.

    If the primary were held today – according to results released Wednesday afternoon by the Domino campaign – he’d have 41.7 percent of the vote. Bogdanoff would have 25.3 percent. Undecided, at 33 percent, was still strong.

    The poll, conducted Thursday evening, involved 300 interviews of likely Republican primary voters in the two counties. That’s standard, and enough to get a statistically valid response.

    The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percentage points, said David Wolfson of OSi Research and Consulting in Tallahassee, which does Domino’s polling.

  5. Poor Carl says:

    Nice push poll Wolfson. No one is fooled. Bogdanoff is beating your sorry old man by double digits from what I hear.