Candidate Lives Large On Taxpayers and Other Political Tidbits







County Commission candidate Alexandra Davis likes to live large at taxpayers’ expense.



Alexandra Davis


Davis has taken two summer junkets to Jamaica since taking office as a Miramar Commissioner in 2010. The cost to taxpayers — $1,320 in 2011 and $1,407 in 2013.

The trips were to attend conventions on the “Jamaican Diaspora,” how people living in Jamaica and Jamaicans living in this country can help each other, according to city records.

Davis stayed in an oceanfront room in the Hilton Rose Hill Resort & Spa. She also paid a baggage fee of $126 in 2011 and upgraded her seat both years for a total of $86.

Besides traveling on the city’s dime, Davis bought two tunics and other clothes from Land’s End and charged $368 to the city in 2011 and 2013.

We aren’t talking about a great deal of money. We are talking attitude: The idea that someone believes trips — whatever the reason for the trip — and clothes are perks of the government job.

There are a lot of Caribbean folks living in Miramar. I bet they would like a couple of free trips to Jamaica.

Davis is fighting incumbent Commissioner Barbara Sharief for the Southwest Broward District 8 seat.


Judicial Candidate Loses Endorsement


Circuit Court candidate Rhoda Sokoloff lost a big endorsement this week from a political leader in Century Village of Pembroke Pines.

Adele Berger, who was listed first in a list of Sokoloff supporters in a mailed campaign advertising booklet late last month, has changed her mind.

Berger says she dumped Sokoloff after being told that one of her key campaign workers was a conservative Republican.

“I found out that a gal who was part of the Tea Party was working for her campaign,” Berger says.

Berger was referring to Elizabeth Eddy, who once ran for state House as a Republican and has been accompanying Sokoloff to campaign events.

Berger has now endorsed Andrea Gundersen. “She’s got the experience to make a great judge.”


Elections Official Forgets Candidate’s Name 



The work load must be getting to Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

Brenda Snipes

Brenda Snipes: Forgets candidate’s name (photo:


Despite being involved in a lawsuit on the validity of a state House District 96 write-in, Snipes forgot the name of one of the candidates in the race during a speech this week to the Coral Springs Democrats.

She was talking about District 96’s law suit and said, “Kristin Jacobs and another candidate in that race.”

“That would be me,” injected former state Rep. Steve Perman, who was in the audience.

“That would be you. Tell me your name,” Snipes said.

“Steve Perman”

“From Margate….”

“I live in Coral Springs actually.”

“Okay. Alright,” Snipes said.

Now maybe Snipes can’t be expected to know every candidate on the ballot. But she was in court over this one!

Perman and Jacobs are in a Democratic primary race to replace term-limited state Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek, in the heavily-Democratic north Broward seat.


21 Responses to “Candidate Lives Large On Taxpayers and Other Political Tidbits”

  1. Alice McGill says:

    Perhaps it is time for Dr. Snipes to cash in on her second government pension source and enjoy retirement.

  2. Just Saying says:

    And that’ll be the outcome on August 26th, nobody will even remember Steve Perman’s name. But be assured he’ll be back. Once you lose 5 times, what’s another campaign….

  3. Notocorruption says:

    Everybody forgets a name from time to time, no one is perfect. Dr. Snipes has always been consistent in running her Elections Office well. Maybe we should go find Miriam Oliphant and put her back in the office? God help us.

  4. Tea Party Rhoda says:

    One of Rhoda’s supporters as listed here is Gineen Brasso

    Never heard of Ms. Brasso? She was a Tea Party thinking Republican who ran against Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz 2 years ago.

    Good for Adele, at least she sticks to her Democratic principals unlike Ann Zucker who support Rhoda.

  5. Freedom says:

    It’s all about attitude and boy does Davis have bad one! Watch the sun sentinel interview.

  6. Broward RESIDENT says:

    Maybe if Perman was from Broward Snipes might know him

  7. voters always loose says:

    alexadra davis sees dale holness junkets 9and 92k++ salary) and is likely envious.
    so shes running for bcc. no one seems to care how or why the municipal electeds spend their travel budget. and many abuse it. taxpayers care the least. the voters continue to elect the biggest abusers.
    sharieff will be re-elected. and then has one more run due to term limits.

  8. Steve Perman for Supervisor of Elections says:

    Dr. Perman has the skills and experience to be Broward County’s Supervisor of Elections, and when you elect a chiropractor you know he’ll have the voters back.

    Start running! 2016 is right around the corner.

  9. Davis's Campaign? says:

    Thank you for including the picture of Davis. I saw her in a Hallandale parade a couple months back in a convertible rental car. Someone told me the City of Miramar paid for her to rent the car so she could campaign in the Hallandale parade. I know that seems like small peanuts compared to all expense paid trips to Jamaica but why is the city covering her campaign expenses?

  10. Paging the IG! says:

    Why do the Broward County tax payers pay for an office of the inspector general? Clearly, these candidates and municipal electeds know they will not be held accountable. What a joke.

  11. Independent says:

    Who cares what this woman thinks. I have my own mind and so do most other people. How much did this woman get paid $$$ to “dump sokoloff?

    I like her and her book. We shall see who wins – time will tell won’t it Buddy?

  12. hypothetical question says:

    Would it seems odd if a candidate took to Facebook seeking prayers for her adult child who is ill yet that same candidate has never missed one campaign event day or night since putting the word out there?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Holness’ puppet has the same morales as her. Both are crooks.

  14. Dear Hypothetical Question says:

    Me think it sounds like an opponent. Who would know if a candidate never missed an event. This is all so ridiculous. Vote for who you think is the best candidate. I know who I am voting for.

  15. Señor Censor says:

    Who is Adele Berger? Adele Berger…..she is going to the White House and Washington, D.C. to meet with President Obama…. Who paid for this trip?

    Who is this character? Are the taxpayers subsidizing this political maven?

    Does she now support Hamas?

    Does she wield this much political power to get the tattoo model elected?

    Does she spell check the absentee ballots?

    Why is CNN not reporting this, Oh it was on FOX, Rush also.

    How on earth can one person have this much power, will you investigate this?

  16. power up says:

    If Adele is such a loser why did Rhoda kiss her ass for over a year? To get the thousands of votes in CV west that go by Adele’s palm card that is why. Rhoda decided that the Leonard family and their tea party chums would get her elected this time.

    i applaud Adele, she is not a DINO like other Rhoda supporters David Singer and Ann Zucker. Adele didn’t look away at Rhoda’s Tea Party ties and continue to support her. She stuck with her Democratic principals and chose Gundersen. Go adele!

  17. No party like a tea party says:

    Didnt Danita and Tea Party Fort Lauderdale nominate Libby Eddy as their nominee for the BREC Young Republican of the Year?

  18. I Own Broward says:

    Alexandra Davis looks like some voodoo priestess in the Sun-Seniles video, with her weird hand motions and “booga! booga!” eyes.

    As for this Adele Berger, one of the most pathetic things about Broward politics is that the only reason she has influence is by “arranging” for candidates to meet with the elderly in Century Villages. Broward remains a “Pay to Play” county.

    Oh yeah, Snipes. She doesn’t listen to the courts, she doesn’t listen to the voters, she doesn’t listen to the state legislature. Why SHOULD she remember the name of a candidate who is running against the candidate that SHE will be voting for? Time for her to go, folks. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and she demonstrates it perfectly.

  19. conservative jack says:

    Davis is also a racist. Yes a racist she and her fellow commissioner demanded that 25% of the workers be minority on the new Miramar Police Dept Hq building. So that means in english if you are white do not apply….. and then starts demanding a living wage amendment on a union job that has federal guidelines requiring it. BTW check her financial statements on the city web site she took campaign checks from the Construction unions and she still got to vote on it… to the motion to start the construction while the city tax payers pay 1/2 a million dollars a year for a temp building in Miramar Park of Commerce the only good thing is we are rid of her in our city……

  20. Kevin Hill says:

    THIS is “living large?”

    Well, I guess that makes sense in a Broward sort of way, where spending $30,000 on a campaign is considered “massive spending”, while $30k would not get you elected to the El Portal City Council in Dade County.

    Say what you will about Plam Beach and Dade; you have to at least be talking mid-5-figures there to “buy” a politician, whereas in Broward 5 bucks and a corned beef sandwich will do it…

  21. On the sidelines watching says:

    @Conservative Jack

    Unfortunately we are not going to get rid of Alexandra Davis. If she looses the Broward election, which we all know she will; she has until January 2015 to reapply for her Miramar seat for the March 2015 elections. Only thing I can hope for is that someone is watching her through the eye of a needle. Eventually she will step so deep into it she won’t be able to get herself out of it. SHE NEEDS TO GO AWAY!