Election Tidbits: Rodstrom Running Again


Regardless of the outcome of the final appeal on Broward’s term limit law, there will be a Rodstrom on the county commission ballot again.

County Commissioner John Rodstrom said he will run in 2014 if the Florida Supreme Court overturns the term limit law. That would allow him to run in 2012.

What district will he run in?

It depends on how the boundaries are drawn.  The final redistricting vote is due in December.

It appears that a majority of commissioners are leaning towards taking Rodstrom’s current district and making it more friendly towards a black candidate (former Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Carlton Moore???).  If that happens, Rodstrom will be looking toward the northeast Broward district now held by Commissioner Chip LaMarca.

Rodstrom said he would encourage his wife – Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom – to run for county commissioner someday.  But if she doesn’t, he will be running at least once more. Rodstrom was first elected to the county commission in 1992.


Speaking of Charlotte Rodstrom, she must be a real unifier.

Political strategists Dan Lewis and Judy Stern are working on her 2012 Fort Lauderdale commission reelection campaign. Together.  That’s highly unusual.

The two Fort Lauderdale-based consultants are the Hatfield and McCoy of Broward politics – always feuding.  They are generally on opposite sides in an election.

On her campaign’s latest financial disclosure here, note that Stern gave Rodstrom a $148 contribution of a “lunch event.”  The forms also contain a $2,500 expenditure for “consulting and research” by Political Strategic (misspelled on the form as Political Stradegies) at Lewis’ home, 460 Victoria Park Road, Fort Lauderdale.


Judicial candidate Michael Rothschild has scheduled his first significant fund raiser. There is some interesting names on the invitation….although not who you think.

There is a Dr. Larry Smith, Dr. Barry Harris and Dan Lewis.

Larry Smith is not the former congressman.  Dan Lewis and Barry Harris are not the political consultants.  The names are just the same, says Rothchild’s political consultant, David Brown.

Brown and his wife, Dr. Laurie Brown, are on the invitation.  She’s a dentist.

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9 Responses to “Election Tidbits: Rodstrom Running Again”

  1. DeeDee says:

    John Rodstrom is a true public servant which is the only member of the old county commission who remains untouched by scandal. His departure is the downside of term limits. He deserves to be reelected.

  2. #1 Democrat for Justice says:

    Sorry, Rodstrom has scandal and there are 3 new commissioners who don’t have the taint of the OLDIES

  3. Demo107 says:

    This idea of a set aside for various ethnic groups is odious to the MAX. Why don’t blacks and Hispanics go out and win and election rather than ask for quotas?

  4. City Activst Robert Walsh says:

    My mother being Italian I like the fact that the County Comm. has an Italian American on the dais in referenc eto Chip Lamarca. I like John Rodstrom but he most certainly was over the top th e other night. Speaking of Judy Stern, do I have a project for her.


    I see that Cheri has summoned her “minyan” to assure that the TRADITION continues. The fundraiser is held at the home of the past president of the “temple family” with many of the familiar temple names on the invite and after all TRADITION is what it’s all about.
    My question is this. Is Cheri going to be directly involved in her son’s cases just like she was in my custody case before Ron? As you must know Buddy, if you want Ron to rule in your favor, just join the pious “temple family” and Cheri will see to it that Ron rules your way. My ex followed that script and got 100% of what she wanted. Total alienation of the children from their father.
    The following is an excerpt of an e-mail send by opposing counsel who also happened to be the past president of the temple: “Your client sent an e-mail to Judge Rothschild and his wife which she deleted not wanting to get involved in this case again. Please have your client print the email and forward it to you for forwarding to VP, KK and myself.”
    I never send an e-mail to Ron. I did however send to Cheri after an outraged “temple family” member informed me that Cheri & Ron where communicating with my ex at the temple while Ron was presiding over my custody case.
    How did this attorney know that Cheri “deleted” the email and did not want to “get involved”? Did the info come from Ron, Cheri, or both? Did Cheri get compensated for her INVOLVEMENT in this case and if so how much? Please note that my ex’s family paid the Government 1.5 million dollars to make a case against them go away after they were caught defrauding the savings & loans in the mid 80’s, so compensation is a reasonable question here whether to the Rothschild’s or in a form of a large donation to the “temple family”.
    With that said, I never met Michael. However I am a firm believer that that apple does not fall far from the tree. I have an issue with this culture, especially after this matter was brought to the attention of 2 chief judges and the state attorney’s office (Satz and Rothschild are friends and members of the B’nai B’rith Judiciary. You may seek your own conclusion). Yet nothing was done, business as usual. The son is riding on the reputation of his father, a reputation that is not what it appears to be. Just ask a former JA of Ron’s why she left and refused to come back. How Ron, while presiding over trials, pass notes to her demeaning the litigants in front of him. What assurance do we have that Ron did not instill these from the bench antics in the son over the years. Isn’t a judge suppose to be cold unbiased.
    On a side note I came to learn that Cheri is obsessed with M&Ms. Both her son’s first names begin with the letter M as do the names of her 2 grandsons. She is rumored to have a collection of items that are titled with M&M. Is there a control issue here? Furthermore in my years of trying to be part of my children’s life I came to have the highest respect for the law. I also came to have ZERO respect for some cheap imitation there off. Ron encourages people to address him by his first name. He has no respect for the position he holds as judge thus encouraging others to demean the very position he holds and make himself very approachable. He is weak and approachable.
    LIKE FATHER LIKE SON…with a Jewish wife/mother who has control issues. Can we take that chance? You be the judge…at least in a Rothschild’s courtroom.

  6. Broward Politico says:

    I don’t think the young Rothschild stepping into his father’s throne, I mean, judgeship is going to be as easy as the Rothschilds think.
    I don’t think the father was in any way a good judge and I don’t think junior has the legal and life’s experiences. The 2010 election showed the change in demographics in Broward. Look for more change in 2012. Young Rothschild, I predict, will go the way of young Backman and not make it to the finish line.

  7. Mary J. Thompson says:

    New blood is needed on the Broward County Commission. Out with the old, in with the new……..it is time.
    Thank you!

  8. Tiny Bubbles says:

    Rodstrom,Lieberman,Jacobs and Ritter all need to leave. Only Gunzburger should stay. The others have done nothing for the county. We need new blood,

  9. mommas boi says:

    To Tiney Bubbles…thank Ron, good boy mommy loves you.