Election Tidbits: Lamberti Accused of Dirty Campaigning…Again



Fun and games continue in the sheriff’s race.

Democratic nominee Scott Israel Wednesday accused Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti of using a defamatory ad accusing Israel of  marital infidelity, statutory rape, and paying for an abortion.

Here is the latest salvo in the dirtiest race in Broward:

Contact: Scott Israel                                                         

Phone: 954-682-2266                                                                                                                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Email: Scott@ScottIsraelforSheriff2012.com





Democrat candidate for Broward County Sheriff Scott J. Israel today demanded incumbent Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti call on his supporters to take down YouTube videos in which an actress falsely accuses Israel of marital infidelity, statutory rape, and paying for an abortion.

“These are false and vicious smears far outside the bounds of decency in any political campaign.  Al Lamberti needs to call on his supporters to take down this dishonest, filth now,” said Israel.

“Taunting my wife Susan and mocking our three children — making all these false allegations — is truly despicable,” said Israel.

“I have never met the woman in this video.  These are sleazy and anonymous attacks, as the woman in them doesn’t ever reveal her name,” said Israel.  The videos also were posted on YouTube under a fake YouTube member name of “Barry Israel” and the YouTube pages each display false disclaimers indicating the videos came from Israel’s own campaign.

The woman’s video messages are internally inconsistent.  She first implies she had a fairly recent six-month affair in the original video, then says she “worked” with Israel, then implies in a subsequent video that she is just 17-years-old even though the actress is clearly a decade older than her claimed age.

Even worse, it is readily apparent in one video that the actress is reading from cue cards – and doing a rather poor job of hiding her poor acting work. At other times, she is giggling, winking and playing with her long hair in the videos.

An attorney acting on behalf of Israel contacted YouTube’s legal department last week to request the deletion of the defamatory videos.  YouTube Legal responded: “We do not remove content due to allegations of defamation. … We recommend that you pursue any claims you may have directly against the person who posted the content. If your lawsuit results in a decision against the person who posted the content, and if that court order requires us to remove the content from our service, we will respond accordingly.”

Israel has also asked that people with any information about the identity of the actress to please contact his campaign.  “I plan to sue for defamation once we can identify the ‘Jane Doe’ who appears in the video,” said Israel.


For those interested, here are the Broward Teachers Union endorsements printed in an ad in today’s Miami Herald (click to enlarge):





It’s not just Connie Mack in the U. S. Senate race who brought some glam to this race, in the form of his wife, the former Mrs. Sonny Bono.

U. S.  Senator Bill Nelson has been endorsed by legendary actor Robert Redford. 

Here is the letter to contributors:

I’m writing to ask for your support for Bill Nelson on Election Day, Nov. 6th, in Florida’s U.S. Senate race.

There’s a lot at stake, not the least of which is the continued protection of the Sunshine State’s environment and economy.

Over the years, I’ve been a strong supporter of many noteworthy environmental causes including restoration of the Everglades and protection of Florida’s beaches.

And, as some of the state’s newspapers have recently noted, perhaps no U.S. politician has defended Florida’s beaches as staunchly as Bill Nelson.

Bill helped obtain billions of dollars in federal funding to restore the “River of Grass.” And he led the effort to get the United Nations to put Everglades National Park back on a list of the World’s most treasured or endangered sites.

We need Bill Nelson in the Senate, because he’s made a difference.

Thank you for helping to make a difference.

Robert Redford



It’s Halloween, so at least one campaign worker decided to dress up.  Here is a supporter of School Board candidate Franklin Sands dressed as Superman outside the West Regional Library early voting location in Plantation on Wednesday:






20 Responses to “Election Tidbits: Lamberti Accused of Dirty Campaigning…Again”

  1. Dirty Lamberti says:

    Lamberti is truly desperate. How anybody would vote for this pile of crap is beyond me.

  2. Sam The Sham says:

    Youtube told the Israel campaign that they will not take down a video unless there is a court order to do so. Never the less, the video has been made private. Why?

    My guess is that the Israel campaign made the video, posted it on youtube and then took it private themselves. Then they blame Lamberti for dirty tricks.

  3. Take a Knee with less than a minute says:

    Dear Al Lamberti:
    Don’t respond to the above letter.
    You will win this thing by ten points and NEVER have to see or hear from Israel again.

  4. no way Scott says:

    Scott makes himself like he is a good man but what about your forcloures and the illegetimate child you had that a paternity suit was filed against you which if my arithmatic is correct you were married at the time so quit your damn lies

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    That’s one hell of a codpiece Superman is wearing…

    Seems a bit braggadocios.

  6. Just Saying says:

    Looks like Scott Israel is sincerely trying to get people to identify the mystery woman in the defamatory videos. See Israel’s twitter and facebook posts today:


    This is going to blow up in Lamberti’s face. Shame on Lamberti for stooping so low.

  7. Israel's Babe says:

    Scott asks if we know that woman is in the video. I don’t know who she is, but I’d like to!!!

  8. timmy d says:

    Israel made the video for press & attention. No way Lamberti did that. No value and no need for him to. All Amy Rose.

  9. Lamberti is garbage says:

    That is classic Lamberti…he is a scumbag thru and thru.

  10. John Balzer says:

    You can see Lamberti’s underhanded tactics every few minutes on Channel 7. For those seeking the truth this You Tube video of Susan Israel is a must see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il1weciiIKo

  11. Turnaround says:

    Lamberti would never do a video like that. he has all the money he needs to do tv ads to benefit himself. Scott Israel got burned by his own dirty tactics.


    Scott Israel gets what he deserves. He screws with people and their families all the time, but he gets kicked in the balls and he cries like a bitch!!!!

  12. NOT Scott Israel says:

    How come the mainstream media failed to report Scott Israel’s shameful attempt at buying his Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers. On Sunday and Monday, Scott Israel was bragging on these pages that he had 20k Fans on Facebook and 101k Followers on Twitter. Come to find out on Tuesday that Sheriff wannabe bought all his Fans from Pakistan. And you want this guy to be Sheriff? Why hasn’t this been reported, Buddy? How come neither the Miami Herald or Sun Sentinel picked up on this while the Tamarac Talk did?

  13. Just Say IT! says:

    Scott Israel has bought up front or will pay later on the County dime for everyone of his so-called friends. Israel is a user everyone knows that. Israel has paid for the Pakistan friends because he has no loyal friends. Look at the people he has surrounded himself with?? Criminals and Fired BSO Employees…. You don’t think any jobs were promised do you!!!

  14. Angelina Fox says:

    Oh hell-to-the-NO! This Sheriff has Got To GO! Everyone in Broward needs to know that Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti sent 95 BSO officers to work security at the Republican National Convention WITH BROWARD COUNTY TAXPAYER MONEY TOTALLING OVER HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! Lamberti sent this taxpayer-funded security at the PERSONAL REQUEST of Gov. Rick Scott, a Lamberti campaign donor. http://www.browardbugle.net/index.php/the-monocle/10-gunzburger-sheriff-lamberti-sent-bso-deputies-to-republican-convention

  15. Lamberti = Homophobia says:


    By Sherman Aimes. STAFF WRITER

    Lamberti, as a BSO Captain in 1991, helped plan and organize BSO’s infamous raids against gay nightclubs.  At the time, Lamberti was a key, high-ranking henchman of Broward Sheriff Nick Navarro, the right-wing Republican Sheriff whom many called a local “Bull Connor”.

    Navarro is best remembered for his arrest of the urban musical group Two Live Crew and a record store owner who sold Two Live Crew albums, claiming the group’s lyrics were “obscene.”

    Lamberti served as Navarro’s “enforcer”.
    The 1991 anti-gay raids occurred on a busy Friday evening, and all patrons in the two crowded clubs were photographed and embarrassingly named on BSO reports.  Later, BSO made a six-figure donation to local gay causes in exchange for the class action lawsuit being dropped. 

    The Broward Bugle has obtained affidavits from BSO officials who served under Navarro, which implicate Lamberti for his role in the notorious anti-gay raids.

    Lamberti’s anti-gay problems have followed him during his rise at BSO.  Openly gay BSO Deputy Rob Joseph was subjected to hostile workplace conditions in the squad room while serving in a city commanded by Lamberti in 2001.  Joseph requested a meeting with Lamberti in an attempt to stop the hostile conduct.  In response, Lamberti refused to meet with Joseph and refused to investigate or discipline any of the offending officers.

    Just this year, another incident arose involving another out gay BSO employee.  Public Safety Aide Tony Vincent was pulled over and ticketed by a BSO deputy who subjected Vincent to anti-gay slurs during the traffic stop.  The insults were even recorded.  However, when Vincent complained about the incident, it was Vincent – not the homophobic, name-calling deputy – who was suspended.

    The most recent anti-gay action occurred just a few weeks ago.  Lamberti’s campaign purchased a full-page ad honoring Rev. O’Neal Dozier at Dozier’s “Pastor Appreciation Banquet for Rev. Dozier.”   Dozier – who vocally embraced the Tea Party at rallies – is best known for his years of public homophobic remarks.  His most infamous line: “homosexuals make God want to vomit.”  Despite that history, Lamberti publicly praised Dozier.

    “Broward deserves a Sheriff who talks the talk and walks the walk about LGBT equality,” said Scott Israel, Democratic nominee for Broward County Sheriff. 

    Openly gay former Hollywood police officer Mike Verdugo, who today is a successful gym owner and interior designer, serves as co-chair of Israel’s campaign.  “Scott Israel will stand up for equal rights for all of us,” says Verdugo.  “I know Scott, I trust him, and I know Scott is on our side.”

  16. Rosalind D'Angelo says:

    Did Al Lamberti think he would get away with a video that featured some cheap hooker hired to slander Scott Israel and his family? It was cheap and tawdry and screamed FAKE! This is only more proof that Lamberti is not fit to be Broward Sheriff. And Good for Susan Israel! See how she fights back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il1weciiIKo

  17. Hooker says:

    Yea, I’m really proud of Susan for fighting back as well…with a paid political announcement. Watch the end of the video. What a sham!

  18. no way Scott says:

    Go check the Clerk Of Court records and you will see that the scumbag Israel had a paternity suit filed against him so where does he have the gall and audacity to lie since it is public record and that robo call I received about Sheriff interesting that it was a from Coral Springs which just so happens to be where his headqaurters are and ooops don’t for the foreclosures Israel has had. Is this a person we want to up[hold the law? I DON’T THINK SO

  19. no way Scott says:

    Defendant Scott, Israel

    Doing Business As Scott Israel Candidate For Sheriff Case Type: * CC Damages >$5,000 – $15,000
    Incident Date: N/A Filing Date: 04/17/2009
    Respondent Israel, Scott Case Type: Paternity +
    Sub Type: Paternity
    Incident Date: N/A Filing Date: 1984
    Defendant Israel, Scott
    Real Property MTG Foreclosure + (prior to 1/1/10)
    Sub Type: Foreclosure-Prior to SB 1718
    Incident Date: N/A Filing Date: 01/11/1993 COL (prior to 1/1/10) Do NOT use
    Sub Type: Claim of Lien-Prior to SB 1718
    Incident Date: N/A Filing Date: 09/19/1990
    This is what is the real Scott Isral beginning with being a damn liar
    Defendant Israel, Scott

  20. Oh my a foreclosure... says:

    Julio Gonzalez had a foreclosure a year ago and was sued by amex before he was ousted from the bench. Far worse than a 20 plus year old forclosure case. FYI many people are in foreclosure today , many ar there because it is the only way a bank will negotiate down a monthly payment.