Election Office Atty Strikes Back At Criticism




Burnadette Norris-Weeks — the beleagued Elections Office attorney who is embroiled in a fight over her politicking — obviously hasn’t heard the age-old expression: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Norris-Weeks has lashed out at Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan for daring to criticize her actions — campaigning for candidates at the same time she is supposed to be an impartial Broward Elections Office official.

Ryan’s letter, which kicked off this e-mail brouhaha, is linked here.







Noris-Weeks is wrong, wrong and wrong in this matter.

She either needs to stop openly campaigning and donating money to candidates or give up her job at the Supervisors of Elections Office.

I’m told that Norris-Weeks is claiming racism is behind these allegations.  Bunk!

Her and Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes being black has nothing to do with this matter.

Norris-Weeks should understand that may not be doing anything wrong legally, but it appears wrong.  The appearance of impartiality is being destroyed.

Besides that in my opinion, the woman is obviously very intemperate for a public government attorney, as evidenced by these e-mails below. Here they are:



From: <bnorris@bnwlegal.com>
Date: June 8, 2015 at 10:11:33 AM EDT
To: MICHAEL RYAN <mryan@krupnicklaw.com>
Cc: “TRYAN@broward.org” <TRYAN@broward.org>, “MKIAR@broward.org” <MKIAR@broward.org>, “BFURR@broward.org” <BFURR@broward.org>, “LWEXLER@broward.org” <LWEXLER@broward.org>, “DHOLNESS@broward.org” <DHOLNESS@broward.org>, “SRITTER@broward.org” <SRITTER@broward.org>, “CLAMARCA@broward.org” <CLAMARCA@broward.org>, “BSHARIEF@broward.org” <BSHARIEF@broward.org>, “mbogen@broward.org” <mbogen@broward.org>, “brenda.snipes@browardsoe.org” <brenda.snipes@browardsoe.org>, “bsnipes@browardsoe.org” <bsnipes@browardsoe.org>

Subject: Re: SOE Lawyers and Financial Campaign Contributions ((RESENT TO CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS TYPO IN BNW’S EMAIL)

Your lawsuit was completely political and intended to raise awareness only. One of your co-counsel said that to me and Fred B. while the case was ongoing. Unfortunately, the SOE cannot place an item in a particular position on the ballot because Mike Ryan said so. The settlement agreement basically says nothing and poll workers were already providing information to voters (to vote down the ballot) well before any settlement on the baseless placement suit. Again, you did not even participate in negotiating the settlement agreement that I drafted and worked with your co-counsel on. The articles below were generated and encouraged by you.

If you want a higher level of technology within the SOE’s office, please spend your time lobbying our county commissioners on that issue. Half of the time, you have no idea what you are talking about as it relates to SOE matters. As a final note, exit surveys are a more accurate representation of how voters feel about the services of the SOE. Perhaps, you should do a PR request for those records and compare them with the information that you are disseminating for your media campaign and your other completely self-serving efforts.

Sent from Windows Mail

Sent: ‎Monday‎, ‎June‎ ‎8‎, ‎2015 ‎9‎:‎29‎ ‎AM
To: Burnadette Norris-Weeks
Cc: TRYAN@broward.org, MKIAR@broward.org, BFURR@broward.org, LWEXLER@broward.org, DHOLNESS@broward.org, SRITTER@broward.org, CLAMARCA@broward.org, BSHARIEF@broward.org, mbogen@broward.org, brenda.snipes@browardsoe.org, bsnipes@browardsoe.org

Ms. Norris-Weeks:

I recognized when I sent my email to the Commission and Dr. Snipes, there may be some response from the SOE ‘s office. However, your very personal and defensive response was unnecessary. At the risk of spawning a back-and-forth which is similarly unnecessary, let me offer some thoughts.

I did not accuse you of wrongdoing. You have your own reasons why you contributed to County Commission campaigns – including giving money in differing amounts to multiple sides in a particular election – which you need not explain to anyone.

However, as a voter and a taxpayer, I voiced my opinion on an issue that objectively most people with whom I have spoken agree – any lawyer for the SOE should make a choice: either be the SOE lawyer or be politically involved in campaigns through financial contributions, not both. This is not “piling on”; it is part of being involved in representative democracy and making my voice heard.

For some reason, you have decided to go beyond the issue at hand and defend the SOE office on operational matters. Since you have invited a discussion on the performance of that office, I will oblige. I, and others, have written about these concerns long before this present controversy:






In addition, I was part of the elections taskforce convened by the local delegation in the aftermath of the 2012 election, where I was appointed the chair of the sub-committee regarding local recommendations. So, as you see, I have been raising issues regarding the SOE’s office for a long time and this is not personal.

In a pre-November 2014 election cycle meeting with Dr. Snipes I, along with Larry Davis, suggested Dr. Snipes consider the idea of pre-paid postage for absentee ballots going forward. It was too late for the 2014 election. However, we told Dr. Snipes that if such a plan was ultimately proposed as part of a budget by Dr. Snipes we predicted there would be broad support. Oddly, Dr. Snipes did not include that low-tech innovation in the budget proposal available through budgetary savings. This is just one example of the lack of innovation by the SOE office.

As you know, in the 2008, 2012, and 2014 election cycles, my law office was the headquarters for election day field operations for the democratic party countywide. We had hundreds of poll watchers in the field reporting actual and potential problems and I was a supervising lawyer among the 30 or so lawyers involved in the headquarter operations each election cycle. Through those three election cycles and the hundreds of calls and reports from the field, I saw firsthand the lack of innovation in and concerns about SOE operations.

In the aftermath of these elections, there has been very little innovation in my opinion. Precinct workers applying the law incorrectly on a variety of issues has been exacerbated by the failure to have an effective “early warning” system in place. When the SOE receives a report of an error in procedure involving an issue of an important magnitude and because the SOE cannot personally supervise all precincts countywide, why not have a system to send a specific alert to all precincts highlighting what is being reported and reminding them of the actual law and procedures? My children can group text, why can’t the SOE have an effective method to remind all precincts of the proper procedures on election day?

Instead, the SOE continues to operate with an antiquated system of receiving individual reports from outside sources or complaints, accumulating those reports, and then calling individual precincts to verify if that particular precinct is failing to meet proper procedures. Sometimes the failures in the field may appear anecdotal, but are in reality a “tip of the iceberg” problem worthy of concern and a meaningful reaction. Delays of hours or failing to address the problem system wide on election day can cost votes and impair the integrity of an election.

With respect the CSC issue, your recollection of the settlement involving Citizens for Broward’s Children vs. Dr Snipes is untethered from the facts. The SOE was not doing anything before we raised the issue of voter confusion and threatened a lawsuit. It is true the SOE began posting signs in early voting precincts and posting a message on facebook regarding the confusion (essentially proving our case that there was a problem). However, the settlement required more a message on facebook and a sign posted.

As to being involved in the settlement, it is true I didn’t negotiate with you as that was left to my co-counsel Larry Davis and former Attorney General Bob Butterworth. I was busy averting your efforts to create delay by seeking to disqualify a judge and preparing for the evidentiary hearing because I was the lead lawyer for the hearing. I would note, however, even after a settlement was reached, we received credible reports from throughout the County of widespread failures of the SOE to comply, including those identified in the news: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/opinion/commentary/sfl-i-voted-i-think-20141104-story.html. In every instance, without exception, you denied there was any failure to fully comply at any precinct in the county.

In short, and back to the real issue at hand, any SOE lawyer should be above the political fray of local elections. If contributing to a campaign is so important to any lawyer, then don’t be the SOE lawyer. In my personal opinion as a voter and taxpayer, this issue is not a manufactured issues. Others may disagree.

Best regards,


From: Burnadette Norris-Weeks [mailto:bnorris@bnwlegal.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2015 2:58 PM
Cc: TRYAN@broward.org; MKIAR@broward.org; BFURR@broward.org; LWEXLER@broward.org; DHOLNESS@broward.org; SRITTER@broward.org; CLAMARCA@broward.org; BSHARIEF@broward.org’; mbogen@broward.org”
Subject: SOE Lawyers and Financial Campaign Contributions

Dear Mr. Ryan,

Over a number of years, we have had several discussions about the inappropriateness of some of your actions. At one time, you purported to represent the local Democratic Party, for which they had no knowledge. Most recently and at the same time that you were threating to sue my client, I requested that you communicate directly with me rather than Dr. Snipes. This caused significant tension between us. You were so rude and disrespectful to me and Dr. Snipes that it was necessary for me to forward to you a Florida Bar opinion showing you that it is unethical and violation of the Florida Bar rules to communicate directly with a client of a person known to be represented by counsel. This opinion holds true even if the client is a public official. There has been great tension between us due to your blatant disrespect for my client in her role as the Broward County Supervisor of Elections.

I have found over the years in Broward County that if you cannot be controlled by the establishment, the establishment will seek to destroy you. While you are given this fine opportunity to “pile on” please know that I did give to all candidates in all of the races in which commissioner Bogen complains. I gave to both sides. He choose not to show all of the contributions and that is his prerogative.

Dr. Brenda Snipes has been the Broward County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) for nearly 12 years. She has served Broward County with dignity and excellence. This independent thinking supervisor is not always well received by the “the establishment.” Before Dr. Snipes recently announced that she would run again in 2016, there was already a push underway to try to make the SOE’s office an appointed position. I believe that you wrote an editorial regarding this and other issues. Know that there is only one other county in the entire State of Florida that has an appointed SOE (Miami-Dade County). After Dr. Snipes’ announcement, people like you quieted down for a few weeks but now see that this manufactured issue affords an opportunity to engage.

In politics, when there is no issue pending, some create issues for attention and political gain. Dr. Snipes has a stellar reputation and has operated ethically at all times. She is often blamed for things totally outside of her control (i.e., not being able to place a general election within a primary, as testified to by the creators of the voting system). County Commissioner Bogen is sponsoring an agenda item that would ask Dr. Snipes not to allow vendors connected with her office to exercise their free speech right in making contributions to campaigns. If passed, this would be the first such resolution in Broward County to ever request that an independent constitutional officer take any particular action whatsoever. This issue was never raised with any of Dr. Snipes’ predecessors — and I assure you they contributed to campaigns..

The Broward County commissioners collectively raise millions from vendors who do business with the county. The resolution questions the ethics, while also serving as a precursor for a ballot measure that would make people believe that they need an appointed SOE. No matter who is in the position of SOE, this position needs to be independent.

Again, this is a manufactured issue and you are astute enough to have such realization. You may not be aware that a County Commissioners can sit on canvassing boards and make decisions about ballots even after having given to a particular candidate. The state assumes that these officials will operate ethically under those circumstances. Vendors are more removed from the canvassing process and do not sit on canvassing boards. Furthermore, how far are you willing to kick this can down the road? Should SOE employees be deprived of their right to contribute? Should poll workers be included in the resolution? Should we look at the primary duties of all constitutional officers in performing their primary operations?

Finally, your representation that you prevailed in the SOE/CSC case is a total disregard for the truth. The SOE agreed to do EXECTLY what the office was already doing. In fact, you did not even participate in the settlement discussions (it was Larry and the General). They both said they just wanted the case over. While you are advocating transparency, you should also be transparent that you and I have a long, contentious history due to your considerable and consistent disrespect shown to the SOE.

Burnadette Norris-Weeks, Esq.
401 North Avenue of the Arts
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
PH: (954) 768-9770

28 Responses to “Election Office Atty Strikes Back At Criticism”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    All this Monday morning quarterbacking to get some trend and your name in the newspaper or in this case a blog. Comm.Bogen was right. For the cherry on top at the workshop (by the way why wasn’t it televised on the public station-I thought we were going to let the public chime in) I would have done a records request(hi Dolly you get a raise yet?-she should one of the lowest paid staff down there)and I would have gotten how much w/in the last five yrs we have paid att.Norris weeks(bingo). She Is not paid to have an opinion or endorse anyone as lead council for Dr.Snipes. Bring this up Comm.Bogen and you really get brownie points ( speaking of Com.Bogen-still waiting to hear how you performed Grand Wizard-when you went before the State supreme ct-or where you to distracted suing us in Ft>lau(by the way entire case file is waiting for me, along w/ yours Lory Farmer and your suit against City clerk Jonda Joseph-(moles thank you for letting me know Jonda staff met w/ Farmer’ att. Steph Moon)…(again there is a special place in Hell for woman who don’t help other woman(you’ll see-got it Wendy-shame on you)….

  2. Huh? says:

    I don’t care what race this person is. I agree with Mayor Ryan and Bubby’s summation 100%. Who among us could send an email like this, full of personal attacks and major grammatical errors, to a customer/client (taxpayer) and not be fired? Wasn’t Ms Norris-Weeks relieved of her duties at the Early Learning Coalition for similar behavior?
    What more proof do Broward County voters need that Dr Snipes is not leading and managing her office by allowing this person to be in her service?

  3. Count L F Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Again I think Mayor Ryan is theoretically correct on ethical grounds but White Irish N Jewish County Commissioners ain’t going to allocate funds to pay for a Black patronage operation; so we get dale holyness’ proteges as chief counsel. AND MAYOR RYAN WANTS TO REMIND US HE LOST THE RACE FOR CHARLIE CRIST TWICE!!!!! I mean Mayor of Sunrise mayor of podunk!

  4. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    My moles just called(yes, even @ the County) as far Comm.bogen resolution(#71) not so fast Dr.snipes won’t be there(‘Someone should report you to the Bar Norris-weekes and Dr.Snipes to the Ethics comm) @ a conference-how convenient ). Play her game defer the item. Who gives a rats ass what attorneys(black)you have show up Att.Norris -Weekes(your the bigot) @ the comm.meeting tomorrow(play fair people-I can and will play dirtier). Keep the calls comin people(love you more)…

  5. Talks like a politician says:

    This woman is toxic. Evidently she does not recognize any boundaries in her taxpayer paid position. We taxpayers would be thrilled to have her work at her job and quit grandstanding about her own personal vendettas. Talk about a chip on a shoulder!

  6. All for naught says:

    I hear bogen pulled the item pertaining to Norris weeks. It appears he caved to the pressure of being thought of as a racist.


    Its a disappointment.

  7. Chaz Satan says:

    Perhaps Snipes and her lawyer are caught dead to rights, and are wilting under the pressure. Sure Snipes has taken some, pardon the pun, sniping over the years, but it’s never really called into play her ethics.

    Not to return this to Sylvia Poitier, but watch this video.


    At that moment in time, I was up her ass. I found out her extended family was getting a break not paying their water bills — carrying balances from month to month, and our CM (fired soon after) went to various Poitier households to collect money.

    I keep coming at Sylvia, relentless, never letting up, always screwing with her. The pressure caused her to make more mistakes, adding grape shot to my cannon.

    The point here … If I was counseling Mr. Bogen, I’d tell him to keep pressing the issue, come at her from different angles. I’m a long time amateur boxer and I know it’s hard to get a wily veteran fighter pined and bloodied against the ropes. Worst thing to do is let up. Covering their ears? Drop down and attack the body.

    Seems to me, Mr. Bogen needs to sneak the left hook around the right elbow and find the liver. Took down de la Hoya.


    Worst thing for him to do is let up. There are not many moments in time like this.

  8. Maybe! says:

    Infighting among democrats. This what happens when there is more democrats than offices available.

  9. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    the item 73/74(I was close) is off the agenda today. Dr.Snipes as I reported yesterday is @ a meeting . Taken off today agenda. Go to hell Norris-weeks.

  10. Change Is Coming says:

    @all for naught – Commission Bogen didn’t cave to that loser of an attorney Burnadette Norria-Weeks – He deferred it to the next commission meeting so that he could get what he wanted the item to be out there and not let BNW shape his resolution.. Bogen isn’t taking his foot off the gas.. If anything he’s using these extra days to be able to push harder..

  11. you're right Chaz says:

    Yeah, maybe Bogen can get a misdemeanor conviction on her after 3 years of effort like you did Chaz.


    This post about the supervisor’s office is not going to become a debate about Chaz Stevens.

  12. bcdevelopvet says:

    Burnadette should just waive the white flag now…she’s horribly mismatched & out of her league picking a fight against Ryan….her response was like that of an angry child who just got caught doing something she knows was wrong but yet still tries to rationalize the bad bahavior… clearly in this situation common sense, ethical behavoir and professionalism are not in her favor.

  13. Not yet mentioned says:

    Norris-Weeks claims she gave to both candidates in the same races involving County Commissioners last year. She says Bogen was misleading in how he brought this up.

    Why would counsel for SOE be so interested in spreading money to all sides in a County Commission race when she is hired directly by Snipes as outside counsel?

    Probably because she is involved with a concession contract at the airport and needs to keep whomever is on the Commission happy keep the contract.

    Ironic that she tells the Commission the should limit who vendors give to, when in facts she appears to be a vendor.

  14. Step Away from the Keyboard BNW says:

    To the “beleagued” (interesting word choice Buddy) BNW……

    Perhaps when you get an email that gets so you riled up and angry, you should take a few minutes, calm down, and then slowly prepare your response. And before you hit “send” on the email, read it once or twice, make sure that you are addressing the points that had been made, that you aren’t digressing and going off topic (which can look like ranting/raving) and possibly run a spell-check.

    Then, after you’ve done all of that, you should probably give it a once over again and decide whether you should even send it.

    Because going into a battle of wits so clearly unarmed with Mike Ryan in responding to an email that wasn’t addressed to you probably isn’t the best choice.

    Given your political/social/business involvement with one of the commissioners, representing the supposedly neutral SOE in court to the benefit of that commissioner’s daughter’s boyfriend looks to anyone like a clear conflict of interest.

    Commissioner Bogen and Mayor Ryan are 100% correct — Anyone should know that you don’t get fairness from an umpire who’s wearing the jersey of the opposing team. And for you to bring race into it when the issue is about inappropriate behavior, conflicts of interest, and an office that has clearly been falling down on the job for more than a decade is disgusting.

  15. Onion Peeler says:

    What is the quid pro quo associated with this?

    Florida Limited Liability Company
    Filing Information
    Document Number
    FEI/EIN Number
    Date Filed
    Principal Address
    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Changed: 04/30/2014
    Mailing Address
    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Changed: 04/30/2014
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    1201 HAYS STREET
    TALLAHASSEE, FL 32301-2525
    Authorized Person(s) Detail
    Name & Address

    Title Manager

    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Title Manager

    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Title Manager

    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Title Manager

    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Title Manager

    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Title Manager

    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Title Manager

    Smith, Kevin
    2849 Paces Ferry Rd
    Overlook 1
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    Annual Reports
    Report Year Filed Date
    2014 04/30/2014
    2014 10/08/2014
    2015 04/26/2015

  16. Count L F Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    While every question about the Board of Elections is generally valid, and the conflicts of interest are REAL, the fact is the County Commission and most City Commission races are financed by people with business before those bodies, uniformly wealthy Whites, and, to be honest, outsiders if not foreigners. The educated, White bloggers have to take into consideration the facts that the Black community bore a large blunt of the real estate collapse, has a high unemployment rate and has limited access to credit to start their own businesses. It might seem terrible that conflicted-ridden Black officials tied to the Board of Elections and some County Departments and even city departments in the County are considered “Black patronage mills”, but the Black community has problems of education, credit, and employment the bloggers here with good educations and probably good credit histories do not have. I know if the SOE’s attorney was White I probably would be agreeing with the critics, but I can’t ignore the racial issues here. A White young female lawyer gets appointed to an advisory board or a White lobbyist gets appointed to a Planning Board, then both become lobbyists for groups that appeared before them. NO ONE SAYS A WORD! Now it’s great to discuss the ethical problems in government, but to zero in on one Black “operation:” and ignore all the others isn’t “Fair”. Miami Beach banned people with zoning issues and contracts contributing to municipal campaigns. THAT I WOULD SUPPORT, A GENERAL BAN or LIMITATION, but, again, zeroing on one of the few Black dominated offices, it just isn’t “Fair” taking into considerations ALL FACTORS and the CONTEXT. I am sorry to appear to be an apologist for dubious ethics, but this issue I feel has to include the GENERAL ISSUE of conflicts of interest.

  17. Hey, Count says:

    Before you ramble on, use the right terminology… there is no such thing as the “Board of Elections”

  18. cclark says:

    All of this has me thinking about Lori Parrish’s support for Marty Kiar. She is out fund raising for him and the establishment has basically giving him the job. Then there was some talk about a few years ago on how a district was created for him during the redistricting process. So I echo the sentiments of the Count, you can’t just target one office. What about Barbara Sharief’s husband being elected in her district. Does that give Miramar an advantage over Pines and other areas she represents. I also read here that Stacey Ritter’s husband is a lobbyist, that sounds like a conflict to me. One last thought, now they want to amend the gift ban. Talk about a bunch of hypocrites! How about Commissioners talk about giving the SOE the office space they were promised and increase their budget for the presidential election cycle. There are plenty of other problems that need to be fixed with Broward politics than who Burnadette gave campaign funds too. Are we going to ban elected officials from giving to presidential or governor campaigns? I can go on and on.

  19. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #15 what are you getting at. What did this Norris -weeks do. We now wait until Jun 23 (next comm.meeting). Th e comm. took my advice call her bluff. Imagine trying to say the Broward county comm or its members or member is racist. Norris-weeks try using the race card and it backfired. Trust me. Be carful att>Norris-weeks before you end up working @ Mcdonalds. Fries w/ that burger Robert…..(as if I eat Mcdonalds-maybe I should )….Dr.snipes I think you need new council will get you out of this mess. you have to let her go to keep your SOE or any challenger will us e Norris -weeks stunt to their advantage. (fire her Dr>snipes-hire your daughter up In Atanta( I men she is an att. isn’t she?? or that…Randy Fleisher-the rodeo cowboy-thanks to you Rogow referring me to him-I ‘m mad at you anyhow suing us in Ft>aly-you and that bald head & bow tie and lets not forget the Granddd Wizard Bill scherer(I know, I know )…..

  20. If I know Browardtown says:

    In two weeks Holness will give Norris-Weeks a proclamation for her great work in the Community which will be seconded by Bogen. The SOE matter regarding Norris Weeks will be swept away as the BCC and Snipes agree on postage for all absentees.

    Bogen got elected with a 3 part base, 1-Wynmore 2-Century Village North and NW Pompano. No way he is going to risk losing the black vote in NW Pompano over this trivial of a matter.


    It is not a trivial matter. The Elections Office should not have a key official publicly taking sides in an election by campaigning and donating to candidates. Period.

  21. Jim Miller says:

    @If I know Browardtown obviously doesn’t. Broward County proclamations aren’t seconded or voted on.

  22. S O E Insider says:


    It is not a trivial matter. The Elections Office should not have a key official publicly taking sides in an election by campaigning and donating to candidates. Period.

    With all due respect Mr Nevins you should get out more often to see first hand the antic committed by these candidates, surrogates and or agents. Bring back the “Purple Finger” to these third world elections.

  23. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    all this mess is/was caused by Norris -Weeks. As far as Dr.Snipes I could care less what color sh e is. Black, brown, lite skin, pokka dot etc. She is elected. I do not want to change that. If a lot of you (myself included-if I could vote ) simply do not vote for her next time around. Very simple. Get a canidate to beat her. Dr.Snipes you don’t like the county comm. telling you how to run your office(pay th e postage on the absente ballots etc) to bad . They(BCC) give you the money to operate your dept.Lastly Norris-weeks you are a mess..

  24. Realist says:

    @if I know browardtown – you clearly don’t know Broward politics at all!

    First, Bogen won with 53% of District 2 which is Deerfield, coral springs, margate, pompano, and coconut creek. So your premise of Wynmoor, CV north, and NW pompano is not accurate. And the folks in NW pompano are backing Bogen in this effort.

    Second, Proclomations don’t get seconds and if they did I’m sure Bogen would be voting not to give her any pats on the back for doing a good job!



    No, I’m right. I am writing about the future, not the past.

    The election that put Bogen in office was on Dec. 4, 2014. It had five candidates in a race for an open seat. Two black candidates won roughly 15 percent of the vote, taking many of the so-called inner city precincts. Former Coconut Creek Mayor Lisa Aronson got 27 percent of the vote.

    No doubt there would be fewer challengers in a campaign where Bogen is the incumbent. In particular, it is unlikely there would be any serious candidate with a base like Lisa Aronson.

    No one in a future election in that district is going to win or lose based on the criticism of Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes.

  25. Knows for Sure says:

    I have some words for Norris-Weeks:
    Methinks thou dost protest too much.

    A lot of defensive rhetoric from a government trough-feeding attorney who claims to have done nothing wrong.

    I think Mike Ryan and Mark Bogen are right on point here.

    It is unbelievable that we Broward taxpayers actually pay someone as toxic, arrogant, hate-filled and slick as Norris-Weeks.

    The fact that she “gave to both sides” of a campaign does not excuse her impropriety one single bit.

    For Norris-Weeks to be involved in ANY political races, in ANY way while holding her position in the SOE’s office, while not illegal, is completely unethical and highly inappropriate

    In her emails, she attempts to redirect blame to others as if to excuse her own highly inappropriate actions.

    Someone should tell her that the inadequacies of others do not excuse her inadequacies.

    She is a classic Shyster of the highest order: It is people like her that give attorneys a bad name.

    Factoid: Shyster is derived from the German term scheisser, meaning literally “one who defecates,” from the verb scheissen, “to defecate,” with the English suffix -ster, “one who does,” substituted for the German suffix -er, meaning the same thing.

    Generally used to describe someone who is untrustworthy, money grabbing and full of crap, particularly in the field of legal work for some reason.

    I think she should resign immediately if not sooner.

    If not, we should relentlessly badger her and the SOE’s office until she is gone.

  26. The punisher says:

    There is that bully ! I was wondering when you would show that ugliness.

    I think the points have been well made badgering someone relentlessly until you get your desired out come is unnecessary.

    Change will come one way or the other. The lawyers are the only ones to badger and humiliate until they get their desired out come.

    Stay calm everything is going to be alright.

  27. Mitch M says:

    This is a dumb issue. Bernadette is right. Stop donations from lawyers to judges Stop donations from commissioners to vendors and on and on. What about the supreme court case Citizens United? Giving to anyone from a corporation is a right. This is another example of of the status quo wanting to show two strong women their places.

  28. count l f chidkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Knows for sure is inaccurate. Shyster comes from Shylock and was first used by antisemitic writers and legal professionals to depreciate Jewish lawyers at the end of the 19th century. Absolutely unrelated to the German word mentioned.