Election Day Tidbits: The Pix





Democratic Property Appraiser Lori Parrish recorded a robot call for one Republican — state Senate candidate Ellyn Bogdanoff. 

Today she was campaigning in east Fort Lauderdale for another Republican — County Commissioner Chip LaMarca. 

LaMarca was one of three commissioners who backed Parrish in her budget requests from the county commission.  Earlier this year, Parrish threw a fund raiser for LaMarca at her Davie home.



Lori Parrish, with Chip LaMarca on right and Republican activist David Di Pietro in grey shirt on left. 



Democratic activists — most particularly Broward Democratic State Committeeman Ken Evans — are in a tizzy over Dan Lewis’ Blue Card that is being handed out at the polls today.

Lewis’ card endorses two Republicans — Bogdanoff and LaMarca.

It also opposes the $800 million school bonds, which the Democratic Party endorsed (Note: Democratic Chair Mitch Ceasar is a lobbyist who has worked at the School Board.)

Here is a note to Democrats:  Who cares?  Its inside baseball.

General Election palm cards largely work only in non-partisan races and referendum questions…if at all.

Party designation and not palm cards is what drives most “down ballot” votes.

Does Ken Evans or any other Democratic activist really believe that a large number of D voters are stupid? Do they believe Ds will ignore the “R” next to a candidate’s name on the ballot and vote for them because of Lewis’ card?

If they believe that, please say it publicly here.  I would love for you to write that D voters are sheep who blindly follow a card handed to them at the polls.

Evans and anyone else fretting about Lewis’ Blue Card are profoundly underestimating the intelligence of voters.

From Evans’ Facebook page:


Ken Evans


5 hrs near Sea Ranch Lakes, FL · Edited ·



This is what’s wrong: a Republican handing out a fake (Democratic) Blue card with Republicans names on it.. To deceive the voter. Thank you Dan Lewis for your loyalty to our party.



Here are some pix of state Sen. Chris Smith’s (D-Fort Lauderdale) high school Get Out The Vote effort in Deerfield Beach today:


5 Responses to “Election Day Tidbits: The Pix”

  1. Interesting says:

    Evans said earlier this week on Facebook that he didn’t believe his good friend Chip LaMarca had anything to do with Dan Lewis and his evil blue card . wrong on that one

  2. Seth Platt says:

    Your nasty tone belies the truth. Several voters I gave the Broward Democrats card to were very upset when I told them the truth about the blue card. They were carrying into the polls. Make no mistake, the blue card did confuse voters. That’s why you had republican candidates featured on that card handing them out at the polls.
    Ken has every right to be upset.


    Obviously, they weren’t confused. The Democrats won everywhere.
    However, you demean the intelligence of Democratic voters to figure out who to vote for without the palm card.

  3. Chip Supporter says:

    News Flash- the woman in the photo is a DEM who voted for Chip…. And I seriously doubt she’s the only one.

  4. Sam The Sham says:

    Ha! Go to Ken Evans FaceBook and read all the Dems threatening violence. Ken said he was willing to get arrested. True colors coming out!

  5. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Broward voters will get what they deserve…..more criminals.