Ehrlich Answers Browardbeat: Bar Poll Flawed

Candidate Merrilee Ehrlich takes issue with some of my comments in yesterday’s posting, “Eichner Deserves A Chance, Even If He Is A Man.

Ehrlich is campaigning against Paul Eichner for a seat on the Broward Circuit Court.

She took three of my comments from the original posting (in italics below) and answered them.  Although she uses ellipses (…), I removed none of her words.

Here is what Merrilee Ehrlich has to say:

Browaradbeat: “Just because a lawyer wears a dress doesn’t mean she’ll be a good judge.”

Ehrlich: …And just because HE wears a suit…

Browardbeat:  “Many voters will choose Ehrlich solely because she is female.”

Erlich: …And do you think the same is true of the male voters in Eichner’s case?

I trust the voters more than that!
Browardbeat:  “In the Broward Bar poll earlier this year…”

Ehrlich: …Over 6,500 lawyers were polled. Less than 10% responded. In our race, fewer still, a total of only 105 attorneys (less than 2%) responded.  Less than 70 lawyers in ALL of Broward County had anything negative to say about Merrilee Ehrlich in any of 17 categories.

They had similar comments about my opponent, as well.
Sadly, despite the Code of Judicial Conduct, my opponent has in the last days of campaigning, begun to malign me.  He specifically is using my name disparagingly in his campaign literature regarding such half-truths.


I still believe it is disturbing that dozens of Broward lawyers believe Ehrlich is intemperate.  I stand by my original post on this subject…..Buddy Nevins


4 Responses to “Ehrlich Answers Browardbeat: Bar Poll Flawed”

  1. jt says:

    by far, the best candidate in all the judicial races is already out of it, the voters in their eternal wisdom sent House packing, both of these are weak and have much too proove, only time will tell how they fare . sex has little too do with it although the old new york idea of religious politics is probably the reason they are where they are.. good luck to both and may they grow into the position.

  2. natrayger says:

    She makes a good point. When a survey receives so few responses compared to the potential number of respondents the results of the research should be suspect. The results only represent the view of the self selected respondents.

  3. Marty Rubinstein says:

    I know both contenders personally and admire them. I will not cast a vote in this race lest I vote against a friend.

    Both would make fine additions to the bench and it would be a travesty if the Governor would not appoint one or the other in place of the late Charlie Kaplan.

  4. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Merilee Erlich looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale like cinderella and she speaks the same way. Paul Eichner is extremely smart and articulate.