Eggelletion’s Plea Is A Blow To Mike Satz


Former County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion’s guilty plea to money laundering soon is a victory for The People. 

But it’s a blow to State Attorney Mike Satz.

 According to The Miami Herald

 “Eggelletion appeared in federal court in Fort Lauderdale to waive indictment and enter a not guilty plea to a 15-page “information” filed Tuesday. This type of charging document signals that the veteran politician is expected to plead guilty eventually, though no deal was expected to be announced Wednesday.” also predicts Eggelletion will be pleading guilty.

Satz is seeing his biggest catch in years slip through his fingers. The plea makes the state charges of corruption against Eggelletion anti-climatic.

That’s too bad.

Satz has long suffered from the rap that he is soft on public corruption. Satz has much juicier charges against Eggelletion than the Feds. 

State investigators say they caught Eggelletion taking money from a developer. 

The Feds? 

They failed to nab Eggelletion for corruption despite years of investigation.  Instead, Eggelletion is pleading guilty to one count in a convoluted money laundering scam which had nothing to do with his commission job.

The state case against Eggelletion could have been an example that Satz does go after public corruption. Instead it now becomes an afterthought, destined to be buried at the end of newscasts and the bottom of blogs.

Let’s hope Satz does not use his second-place finish in the Eggelletion case as an excuse to again defer to the Feds on every public corruption case in Broward.

We need the Feds and the State Attorney’s Office battling corruption full time.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of it to go around.

28 Responses to “Eggelletion’s Plea Is A Blow To Mike Satz”

  1. Satz Asleep says:

    Satz is one of the major reasons that so many politicians are on the take here. They had no fear of getting caught until the FBI stepped into the picture.

  2. Broward Voter says:

    Satz allowed Eggelletion to conduct his dirty business for 20 years and never caught him doing anything.

  3. InTheKnow says:

    Mike Satz is asleep at the switch once again. Time for either Satz to step down or a recall election in 2010.

  4. Republicans Want Satz' Job says:

    First, any plea to federal charges has nothing to do with the status of pending state charges. Both continue to proceed. So there is no such thing as a federal plea being a blow to a state prosecutor.

    Second, Satz is not light on public corruption. He works with the facts given him and brings the cases that warrant prosecution. Those with “knowledge” of public corruption should file complaints with his office instead of complaining about his office.

    Third, this constant attack on Satz, which is in no way warranted, is designed by Roger Stone personally to try and take hold of that office. From there, he will orchestrate a pogram against local Democratic politicians, coming up with trumped up charges in advance of every election, so that more Republicans can win.

    That is EXACTLY what all of this is about. Don’t allow these master manipulators to play you like a cheap guitar. Watch and see. Remember these words: Keep your hands on your wallets, Republicans want your money.

  5. Nice Spin - The real manipulators says:

    What a laugh. The republicans want the job. Someone is scared at the SAO.

  6. Stanley says:

    It’s time to throw Satz out of office. We need to rfresh our corrupt county politicians with new leaders with integrity.

  7. I. P. Auphen says:

    Dear ” Republicans want Satz’ job”:
    Republican conspiracy? Roger Stone designed the “attack”? Which attack?
    Do you mean the attack on Satz that has been going on for thirty years that he is light on public corruption?
    My ignorant friend, Stone hasn’t been in town for the last 30 years.
    Where is your proof that Stone is behind anything regarding Satz?
    Republicans want whose money? What does that have to do with Satz?
    Republicans know that this is a Democrat county. They have no illusions that they could take over county wide positions.
    The concern about Satz not going after Democrat politicians has been a knock on Satz for years.
    Do worry about Republicans (Republicans have overwhelmingly supported Satz, just ask him!), worry about Democrat politicians who know that the State Attorney is inclined to look after his fellow Democrats by looking the other way.

  8. GET REAL says:

    It is not a LOSS to Satz, a corrupt politician was caught and will be prosecuted. Lets hope with all of our TAX DOLLARS being spent that the FEDS are cooperating with the SAO as much as the SAO is cooperating with the FEDS !!! But unlikely because they are better Politicians and grandstanding over a paltry 2k $ & 15k $ given to local political hacks. A middle school crossing guard could have caught them but of course the FEDS have a big grandstanding News Release. How about that yacht tour, how much did that cost taxpayers, and like the accused are not going to laugh off with “entrapment” defense. The SAO is doing a fantastic JOB, maybe SATZ is not the best politician but we could use more true public service like he provides and less politicking. A shining example in a sea of mediocrity.

  9. Stop Lying says:

    Get Real is ignoring the fact that the US Atty publicly snubbed Satz when the FBI probe news broke. They said Satz had nothing to do with their Gallagher and Eggeletion cases and you can bet he has even less to do with RRA since so many of his friends work there and he liked to party with Scotty too. Time for a change people. Don’t let them weasel and politik another 4 year term after ruining Broward county.

  10. Got real says:

    Mike Satz took thousands of dollars in money from Rothstein and his lawyers during the last election. Get real “Get ReaL”.

  11. Wilca says:

    30 years is enough for one man’s vision.

  12. JAAblog says:

    Satz has been in office over 30 years. You can count the public corruption cases he filed on one hand. Enough said.

  13. Henckels says:

    I think the SAO cares more about protecting themselves and the police than doing the right thing. I think that’s why Mr. Satz is still here after all these years. I think it’s a very potent political formula for staying in power. I think he should be thrown out of office once and for all.

  14. Roger Stone says:

    Roger Stone hand crafted the Scott Israel smear to get Lamberti a Republican elected Sheriff.

    Roger Stone and his crook friend Dr. Alan Mehndolson crafted the last minute Gottlieb/Ryan smear so that woefully inadequate Eleanor Sobel could get elected to the Senate instead of either, who were smarter.

    Roger Stone’s strategy is simple: Where a Republican candidate can win by lying, let’s do that. And where a Republican can’t win, lie so that the weakest Democrat will win. Only a scumbag as low as Stone would craft such a strategy in America and use it.

    Don’t tell me that Roger Stone isn’t still slithering around town.

    This entire Rothstein thing has Republican fingerprints all over it, including Stone’s. That lawfirm was a Republican production from start to finish, there to help “the socialist republic of Broward” as they like to call it turn more to the right.

    We are on to all of these dirty political games. There will be no more manipulations of that kind.

    FROM BUDDY: This, of course, is not written by the real Roger Stone.

  15. Buddy Says says:

    Everybody knows that Judy Stern, who’s stench is on everything she touches, managed the Scott Israel campaign. Whoever and Whatever she manages ends up breaking election laws and ethics laws. She is disgusting and worse than any Roger Stone ever was.

    FROM BUDDY: “Buddy Says” is not Buddy Nevins and has no connection with me.

  16. Way Cup and Smell the Coffee says:

    Satz has quite clearly stood idly by and allowed the corruption to flourish under his watch. There have been to many obvious crimes, scams and schemes perpetrated by his friends and collegues to opt for another possible excuse.

    Broward County, although geographically large and home to many people, is still a very small political circle. Having said that it is clear that Satz has and always had his fingertips on the pulse of Broward County. For anyone to suggest otherwise is just another attempt to cover up the fact that Satz has been a bought public official who has ignored his duties in favor of allowing the public corruption to tarnish the county forever.

    History books will eventually tell the tale of his tenure as State Attorney, and it will not be kind. The facts are the facts and even with the excuse that SAO does not have the resources to address public corruption fully, they could have at least done a better job of faking it. Dirty money has bought dirty deeds…and very cheaply when compared to what has been heisted from the taxpayers over the last 30 years.

    Mike…this bud’s for you.

  17. Ipsa says:

    What do Roger Stone and the Republicans have to do with the fact Satz is 20 years past retirement age?

  18. More Smelly Coffee says:

    Mike Satz brings public and private sector corruption cases where enough evidence exists to convict. There is no hesitation to bringing those cases. People who think they are in the know, who blog here complaining about his office, would do better filing complaints with facts instead of bellyaching that nothing happens.

    While policial circles in Broward sometimes overlap, over the last decade, we’ve seen distinct networks emerge with different agendas. Many elected officials belong to those networks, and some don’t feeling they can get elected without them. None are involved in conspiring toward corruption. That’s just not true, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Accusing a State Attorney of taking payoffs is a very serious allegation that demands production of fact or an instant apology. That is a very irresponsible thing to accuse someone of without facts. This is the depths that our society has fallen into. Making shit up to try and prop up some hunch in disguise of argument or policial conclusion that has no basis in fact. And we pass that garbage off as intelligent observation when all it is is self-serving gossip and lies.

    Put up or shut up. Show us something to back up your viewpoint. Where’s the beef?

  19. Way Cup and Smell the Coffee says:

    I have filed many complaints over the past many years and the lack of investigation and the clear efforts to protect the targets are clear…so I can say that I am “in the know.”

    So, More Smelly Coffee…you give some examples of these investigations and charges filed or you shut up. I am very, very confident that the “accusations” are indeed true. Therefore, if you believe they are not…why don’t you make a move and we will “let the chips fall where they may.” You are obviously one of the wing men to Satz and probably give to his re-election campaign on a routine basis.

    I will repeat…give examples of the charges being filed and these prosecutions that you speak of. P.S. Don’t even try the Eggelletion case…that is based on work done by the Feds. P.S.S. I’ll give you Wasserstrom, but that is it.

  20. Starbucked says:

    Yes you should stick to things you can prove such as all the innocent lives Mike has destroyed. There are a lot more than Anthony Caravella, including people he put on death row and at least one that got executed. Can anyone argue against the earlier comment that thirty years is enough for one man’s vision?

  21. Much Smellier Coffee says:

    If you have brought factual cases to the attention of the Broward SAO, showing cause to believe there is public corruption, and the SAO has not persued this case, then your job is to turn that over to the FBI or to FDLE or to the press. But to “say” this is what you have done while offering no proof is BS and unconvincing.

    You are the one saying SAO in Broward isn’t performing. Use this very blog to report out instances. Go right ahead. We’re all listening.

    Or can’t you?

    Look my point is very simple. Lots of people are pointing fingers at the State Attorney’s Office but too few of them file complaints. That office has a duty only to bring cases to prosecution that they believe will result in guilty verdicts. They are not funded sufficiently to put a tail on every elected official, or frankly on any of them. They respond to facts given to them by citizens and cops and the like.

    You are saying there is all this unchecked corruption going on. OK. Put up or shut up. Where is it? Who does it involve? You say that SAO has ignored your complaints? Which complaints, about what? Involving what? Put up or shut up.

  22. shut up says:

    gimme a break. you people are so incompetent and intellectually dishonest to boot.

  23. Way Cup and Smell the Coffee says:


    First of all, it is not my “job” to go to FBI or FDLE if the SAO is not doing their job. What if the crimes are not federal crimes? What if the jurisdiction is with the 17th Judicial District you dumbass???

    Second, I don’t have to prove anything to you. You are still pharsing your comments in the “if” there is corruption in Broward. What distant planet do you live on?

    Finally, you are clearly a Satz crony. That is okay. At some point all of those who are guilty of inaction (knowingly and willingly) will have to deal with the law and history. I am sure it will be no different for you. Now perhaps you will second guess whether “we” did follow up with others because useful idiots like you stood idly by trying to suck your next breathe out of the as of the state attorney instead of doing the right thing.

    Fu#k yourself.

  24. Stench says:

    My odious friend, it is your job to go to the authorities when you have information about public wrong doing. That’s called civic duty. You’re obviously confusing that with being a chronic complainer. There’s a ocean of difference between the two, and your failure to understand that robs you of all credibility.

    If you have nothing to prove to me, then don’t write blogs. Blogs are for people with something to say who have credibility but want to say it anonimously, and sometimes not anonimously. It is not a place to just write any shit you want. There are bathroom walls for that.

    Last, I am not a Satz crony and you are the one guilty of inaction. Put up or shut up. I think you are lying about what you did. Give examples, names, situations? Can you?

    You’re nothing but a lying complaining scumbag, attacking your betters, like Mike Satz, who is eight times the man you are. Jerk off.

  25. Donna Quixote says:

    Well, I filed an ethics complaint against an elected county official. It was found to be unsubstantiated. I was not, and am not, happy with the SAO’s decision.
    However, after following the ethics
    complaints that have been substantiated…what can be done???
    There is no punishment in local or state law. All we have is the federal, “Failure to deliver honest
    services.” Maybe Mr. Satz knows that some of the ethics complaints,
    although verifiable, offer no sanctions, punishment, or recourse
    after the expenditure of taxpayer
    funds for prosecution. Help me out
    here bloggers.

  26. Donna Lacked Facts says:

    If you filed an ethics complaint, it was not Satz that dismissed it. It was the State Ethics Commission.

    If they then decided to refer it to the State Attorney for review, and if the SAO also found no merit to it, that’s probably because it lacked enough evidence to begin with. That being the case, you really have no basis to complain.

    I respect that you at least tried to do something about the problem.

  27. Way Cup and Smell the Coffee says:


    Again, you have identified yourself as Marty Rubenstein. You speak in ways that only a useless has been (future hopeful) would speak to try and gain favor with the pigs you bed down with.

    Satz is a useful idiot who is otherwise useless to law, in my opinion.

    Marty, did you help Lori get the $10,000 for the 3′ x 4′ piece of land on the Piper HS ball field?

    I thought so…

    Satz needs to resign immediately. How can he pretend that he saw none of this stuff that is in the news every five minutes???

    Thanks as always for the laughs Marty…you jag off.

  28. Still Wrong says:


    I am not Marty Rubinstein. I’m the guy that banged your mother last night.

    By the way, I left my wrist watch on her nightstand. Let her know I’ll be by to pick it up.

    And tell her to shave the hair off her back, OK? Also, my crotch itches perhaps she should go see a doctor.