Eggelletion Busted Again


Suspended Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion was arrested today and charged with one count of receiving unlawful compensation, a second-degree felony.

State prosecutors accuse Eggelletion of accepting a $3,200 golf membership at Parkland Golf and Country Club paid for by a developer.

Eggelletion traded the membership for support of Prestige Homes projects at the county commission, the State Attorney’s Office charged.

The one-time county commissioner is already facing federal charges of money laundering.

Note the last line of the news release below, which indicates that the State Attorney’s Office investigation  of government corruption is “ongoing.”

“Nov. 5, 2009



    The Broward State Attorney’s Office today charged suspended Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion with one charge of receiving unlawful compensation, a second-degree felony.  

    The charge follows a lengthy investigation into allegations that Commissioner Eggelletion received a $3,200 golf membership at Parkland Golf and Country Club from Shawn Chait, a representative of Prestige Homes of South Florida Inc., in exchange for nearly three years of favorable treatment for Prestige Homes on business before the county commission.

    Eggelletion turned himself in to the Broward County Jail Thursday.

    Tim Donnelly, head of SAO’s Special Prosecutions Unit, said the charge brought against Eggelletion is part of an ongoing public-corruption investigation.




Ron Ishoy


2 Responses to “Eggelletion Busted Again”

  1. Catch up says:

    I would think Satz has to do something here. The feds are making him look foolish.

  2. Not impressed says:

    Well, I guess the pressure finally got to Satz enough that he had to do something. What’s it been ten years since he had a “political corruption” case? I guess he and Eggelletion were not friends.

    FROM BUDDY: To be fair, its not really 10 years.
    Satz’s office convicted Hollywood Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom of official misconduct two years ago.
    Satz’s office presecuted Broward County Commissioner Scott Cowan nine years ago and he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor election law violation charge.
    The federal government has laws which gives them much greater latitude to prosecute corruption.