Donald Trump Supporters Organize In Broward




The Republican establishment may be ganging up on Donald Trump, but that isn’t stopping his supporters in Broward County from organizing.

In fact, it might be encouraging them.

Richard DeNapoli, Trump’s Fort Lauderdale Area Director and the former Broward GOP chair, announced today he is seeking volunteers to wave signs, go door-to-door and make phone calls prior to the March 15 presidential primary.

He especially needs Trump supporters to campaign outside early voting locations beginning Saturday when it opens.

Florida is a closed primary state so only registered Republicans — not Democrats or independents — can vote in the GOP primary for Trump.

Here is his flyer on the event:



Trump Event



DaNapoli can be reached at 954-298-9121

12 Responses to “Donald Trump Supporters Organize In Broward”

  1. Carpe diem Mr. Trump! says:

    voting this Saturday for Mr. Trump!

  2. What's up with that? says:

    I thought that DeNapoli moved to the west coast of Florida for a “career move” and incidentally ran for State Representative. Is he still living, working, and registered to vote in Sarasota County?

  3. Chaz Stevens, Satan's Buddy says:

    Donald Trump Is About To Get Trolled… By A Giant Penis Brigade

    An activist group found a cheeky way to protest the “dong” leading the GOP.

  4. just saying says:
    Sold out $350. a plate the Saturday after FL primary.

  5. Just One Vote says:

    Voters showing up in a steady line today at the Pompano Beach Emma Lou Olson Center on the first day of Broward’s Early Voting!

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well I got to hand it to Trump w/ his wins lately. It doe s not surprise me one bit that they are organizing in Broward. Biggest mistake in trying to take Trump down is calling him names etc. Stick to the issues. His policies(beliefs more like it can’t work-look at the last debate when Chris Wallace pointed out facts #’s etc-Trump didn’t know what to say-Wallace pointed out that Trumps ideas can’t work regarding Medicare changes etc remember the screens-but the moderator (wallace0 didn’t scream at Trump .etc just the facts). Bigger mistake was to have Mitt Romney get on tv stating basiccly to cause chaos and refuse Trump the nomination-you lost Mr.Romney- your endorsements or lack of mean nothing. Another big mistake on Senator Rubio , sure you called Trump names (your wearing to much make up to the “hands comment -really). Rubio aggressiveness back fired ,people were then turned off by him, and gave their support(vote) to Senator Cruz. Stick to the issues, facts etc. Now we have Florida coming up if Rubio loses its all over for him. Stick w/ Trump University, Trumps policy agenda(it can’t work). To imply that Trump has a little penis(the hands comment again really- to Trump showing his hands and ha sno problem I mean who cares. I got to say it appears that Trump does have little hands . Oh i know Mr.trump its sooo big now by me a new louie V, huh Melania. Trump is a force to be reckoning w/ I get it but in the poltical arena if you forget about the hands ,his spray tan, his hair and concentrate on his intended policies than bingo you got him. If not he just keeps going….

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    As someone who knew Donald Trump from DEMOCRATIC FUNDRAISERS in Manhattan I would cauction conservatives to be too invested in the Trump Campaign

  8. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Will American citizen Muslims be welcomed?

    How about non-rapist Mexicans?

    How about females if they promise not to bleed all over the chairs?

  9. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Instead of waving Trump signs, can I wave the Donald’s tax returns that are NOT under audit?


  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Realistically outside of what you paid n at what rate income taxes for non primarily salaried middle class Americans tell you little as high income individuals have llcs trusts n other off ledger major items both plus n minus.
    An llc can have hugh losses or hugh profits n they would not necessarily appear or in detail on a personal tax filing

  11. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Hear we go again, it just doesn’t stop w/ Donald Trump. Supporters, yes i tip my hat to his wins but he is creating a very hostile enviroment at these ralles. I mean this is no democracy, he calls the others running against them names, make sfun of them, disrespects the protestors_listen to him get out, run home to mommy etc). i’ll tell you what happened in Chicago Friday night was trump’ fault. the city officals in Chicago should bill Trump for the extra police detail. to put these police officers lives in danger, for what Trump’ ego. I mean he is way overboard. yes, he has money , beautiful wife (who are you kidding). I mean no he is way out of line. You protestors you wnat to get even-here’s what you do forget about the rallies, you protest at his properties, the plaza, the golf courses etc, You disrupt his money trail. make people uncomfortable to go to his properties. He loses money, you prevail. Trump is just to much. You supporters out there. What do you get out of it? Trump is using you to get the top job. Explain his polices or lack of, going to make the country great again. How? Trade agreements stink, so he says he is biggest beneficary (trump whole clothing line made in China-who is his tailor suit jacket falling off him, carey grant ties, looked good on carey he is nooo Cary Grant(bi sexual by the way). I mean do this at least you put a dent in Trump steam… Will see how this all turns out…..

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    1. The chairs n tables in Ft Lauderdale City Hall Plaza are taken in now because of the LEFT WING DISRUPTERS
    2. The chairs n table at the Publix in Wilton Manors have been withdrawn because THE LEFT WING WILTON MANORS CITY GOVERNMENT WILL NOT CONTROL THE BEGGARS ON THE DRIVE
    4. ALGEMENDE ‘s website ON A DAILY BASIS LISTS anti-Semitic PRO TERRORIST N PRO PALESTINIAN GROUPS TIED TO LEFTIST N SOCIALIST PARTIES distrupting private college or university activities
    5. BLACK LIVES MATTER – a group WITH NO GOAL BUT TO DISTRUPT PEACEFUL N MORE N MORE PRIVATE MEETINGS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY – is treated not as the thugs they are but as legitimate protestors