Donald Trump, Huizenga and Others Pump $$$ Into Rick Scott’s Campaign



Broward’s high-rolling fans of Gov. Rick Scott pumped tens of thousands into his 2014 re-election in the last three months.

The Let’s Get To Work committee raised $2.864 million in the quarter ending June 30. The group now has roughly $4 million in the bank

Champion Broward contributor was entrepreneur H. Wayne Huizenga, who gave $250,500 in his name.

H. Wayne Huizenga gives a quarter of a mil.

Two big special interest contributors gave a lot, but were not as generous as Huizenga.

Companies related to the Hollywood Greyhound track gave $100,000 while three Las Olas Boulevard insurance companies gave another $100,000.

Other contributors included entrepreneur Ron Bergeron’s mining interests ($10,000), Weekley Asphalt ($5,000) and Southern Waste Systems ($5,000) and the Seminole Tribe of Florida ($5,000).

A contributor that popped out included developer and The Apprentice TV personality Donald Trump. The Donald,  who has business interests all over South Florida,  doesn’t want voters to tell Scott “You’re Fired.

Trump gave $50,000.

Trump: Thinks the governor is more than The Apprentice. 

More money came from the private prison concern Geo Group of Boca Raton ($100,000), Broward’s taxi cab king Jesse Gaddis ($2,500),  the Tripp Scott law firm ($15,000) and law firm name partner Jim Scott’s girlfriend, Republican activist Laura Miller ($500).

Scott and Miller: Rick Scott fans

Let’s do the math.

Scott’s committee has approximately $4 in the bank more than two years before the election.

And the Democrats have…nada. No candidate. No money. No nothing.

Wanna bet who will win that election?

4 Responses to “Donald Trump, Huizenga and Others Pump $$$ Into Rick Scott’s Campaign”

  1. Heavy D says:

    Yes I will bet that not all the money in the world will allow Rick Scott to buy another election.

  2. s only says:

    So—how many jobs has the guv. created? (minus the ones that state and local govt. has cut)

    And the final number is….tell us Buddy—

    or is there someone else out there who can tell us?

  3. Dorothy Tee says:

    I am a little old lady and I do not understand how these people can pump all this money into someone’s campaign? When I was making campaign contributions I was told there was a limit! I thought it was a limit of $500? Could someone please explain this to me?

    FROM BUDDY: These contributions were given to a political committee, which has no contribution limits. Only the actual campaign organization is covered by the $500 limit. Its a big hole in the law.

  4. Barack Obama says:

    I think DICK scott is going to have big trouble in 2014. He won by a percentage point in one of the greatest republican atmospheres since 1988.

    All the money in the world isn’t going to change that.

    Unless 2014 is as big of a republican wave as 2010, D.S. is going to have big trouble