Does Rothstein’s Lawyer Have A Conflict?


Does white collar criminal lawyer Marc Nurik have a conflict representing his discredited former boss Scott Rothstein?

After all, Nurik was a partner of  Rothstein’s firm until a few weeks ago.

“I don’t see any conflict at all,” Nurik said.

You decide.

Here is what I see coming:

Lawsuits from victims of Rothstein’s alleged scams are circling Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler.  They will contend Rothstein’s illegal activities involved the RRA law firm.

Nurik was a partner at RRA.   The partners will be questioned and possibly sued as part of the lawsuits.

Some allege the partners were paid from the proceeds of the multi-million dollar investment fraud as Rothstein attempted to keep the firm afloat.

The partners will no doubt proclaim their innocence and point their fingers at Rothstein.

How can Nurik defend Rothstein in criminal court and blame him in civil court?

“I’m representing Scott in criminal matters, he said. “I have no connection at all with the other side of this.

Nurik said he earned every dime he made at RRA.

“I was a partner who generated a lot of work for the firm, he said. 

He also helped recruit lawyers for RRA.  A source says Nurik was instrumental in getting more than a dozen lawyers a join RRA.

“I got very well paid for what I did, Nurik said.

What if his pay was from the proceeds of a scam, he was asked.

“I have no knowledge of that.

Meanwhile, Nurik told the Miami Herald that Rothstein was not talking to the feds.

“There is a lot of misinformation being disseminated about this case, Nurik said.

If Rothstein is not talking to the feds, it is possible he is negotiating a proffer letter, or as it is called, a “Queen For A Day” letter.

Such a letter is an agreement between prosecutors and individuals under investigation.  The letter usually outlines what an individual will tell prosecutors about various crimes in return for an assurance that their words won’t be used against him.

If the agreement is accepted by both sides, the interview takes place during what the feds calls a Queen For A Day session.

(The name comes from the Queen For A Day radio and TV show, which ran from the 1940s to the 1960s.  The show was a contest for women who told depressing stories about their lives.  Audience applause determined which woman was the most deserving of being made Queen For A Day. The winners were given a crown, a robe and expensive gifts.) 

Nurik had no comment about any negotiations that might be taking place.

“I can’t discuss anything about the case, Nurik said.

11 Responses to “Does Rothstein’s Lawyer Have A Conflict?”

  1. I. P. Auphen says:

    The answer to why Nurik is representing Rothstein is clear.
    Rothstein has naked photos of Nurik and was able to sneak them out of the office before the feds got there.

  2. Chaz Stevens says:

    Queen for a day? Ha!

    If SR spends anytime getting pokied while in the pokey, he’ll be queen for a lot longer than a day.

  3. Karnack and Scorekeeper says:


    There are many conflicts to go around. The entire firm has to answer to questions about where they and their ethics were while this whole scheme unfolded.

    Buddy, if you opened a business with a friend and that friend began spending ‘your’ future bonus or basic income, even if you were not responsible for the books or the management of the company, you would surely ask questions. You would be “in the know” even if you were not pleased about what you knew.

    The very idea that the other attorneys were simply unaware of the fraud being perpetrated simply does not hold water.

    I feel that before this is over, the majority of the firm will be implicated in some manor. The plausible deniability defense may work with Satz…but not the Feds.

  4. Florida's Bar says:

    Nurik is not the only one with a conflict. Les Stracher’s client was Ed Morse & I’ve read Ed Morse lost millions. David Boden wasn’t even authorized to practice law in Florida. Grant Smith was the “managing partner.” Stuart Rosenfedlt is a moron bought off with cars and money. Carlos Reyes. Barry Stone. All part of it.

  5. Robert says:

    Now that Scotty has gone public on TV,
    he is sending a message: If my former partners are trying to throw me under the bus, I am going to STEAMROLL them. Idiot lawyer Kendall Coffey’s “show and tell” office tour has backfired Scotty reveals that was only the way the law firm operated in the last seven months. How about the other six years? This is going to get UGLY.

  6. Robert says:

    Nurik is a schlep lawyer and not well thought of by the DOJ. He’s trying to use his representation of Mr. BIG as a means to deflect his vicarious involvement.

  7. Scotty's Flunky says:

    Les Stracher was Rothstein’s lock-stock and barrel. Watch him.

  8. John says:

    As a partner who observed Scott and saw the daily workings of the firm, he is a potential witness in any civil or criminal matters.

    This is so clear it’s crazy he would even consider representing him.

    Worse, Nurik, as a lawyer and potential civil defendant, could advise his client to hold back information to the FBI that would be damaging to him.

    Of course it’s a conflict.

  9. Lady Law says:

    The answer to the question is most definitely.

  10. PR Disaster says:

    Nurik has made some amazing PR mistakes. He allowed his client to be interviewed by The Miami Herald and boast about how he was enjoying expensive cigars poolside. Then he allowed him to be photographed drinking a martini at a restaurant which showed up on Channel 10. And he allowed Rothstein to be interviewed on Channel 7.

  11. j says:

    Thats because he was living for free in a Rothstein house PR DISATER and sipping whskey on a monday is indicative of how many clients the moron has