Sunrise Mayor, Commission Needs To Fix City’s Out-Of-Control Cops!





Something is rotten in Sunrise: the police department.

Over the past weeks, the Sun-Sentinel has detailed how the Sunrise’s out-of-control police have a little racket going.

They seize cash from “drug suspects” and use it to pay overtime to….themselves.

Sunrise’s take is three times the cash forfeited as any other city in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, according to the newspaper’s fine series by two of its stars — Megan O’Matz and John Maines.

Funny how suburban Sunrise has become the drug center of the Gold Coast.  If you believe the police.

I don’t.

The newspaper revealed today that the cops are setting up phony corporations using the names of innocent folks as part of their stings.

This department is clearly ill-managed.  It is time for Mayor Mike Ryan and the Sunrise City Commission to ask some questions.

For instance, how come some of these cops are not on the street protecting citizens instead of drumming up drug sting money?

The Sawgrass Mills Mall, which is in Sunrise, and Sunrise has plenty of petty crime.  The mall is awash in pickpockets.  Why aren’t more cops dealing with this?

Sunrise is a city with changing demographics and a City Hall that doesn’t reflect those changes.  How many of these stings target minorities?

What is the impact on pensions and other benefits when police get a overtime boost in their salaries?

Sunrise’s needs to fix its police department and change its priorities.

It is time for the city’s leaders to do something because that’s why they were elected.


22 Responses to “Sunrise Mayor, Commission Needs To Fix City’s Out-Of-Control Cops!”

  1. Bend over and Cough says:

    I’ve been saying let BSO take over all these small departments and just get it over with already.

  2. They are says:

    well aware of this program. They used the money to pay for the new police building. We need an independent investigator. All this investigation will accomplish is to designate the sacrificial lamb within the department. Money is the source of all evil.

  3. Sam The Sham says:

    They clearly used bad judgement in using innocent people’s names and addresses, but probably a civil not criminal matter.

    If it could be proven that they were doing all these stings just to increase their take home pay, that could be criminal but it would be a stretch to prosecute it.

    This just shows how prohibition type laws only serve to corrupt everybody. To change the Sunrise PD actions means ultimately having to legalize drugs.

    BTW Buddy, “How many of these stings target minorities?” come on, you are reaching here. Unnecessarily divisive.


    The war on drugs has been going on for over a generation and has accomplished nothing except to run up the cost of law enforcement and prisons for taxpayers.

  4. Wake Up Broward says:

    What is wrong with you media mutts? The cops take off the drug dealers. They work long hours doing it and get paid for doing their job. They take the drug dealers money and you don’t like it that the taxpayers aren’t paying their salary. When did bad become good? On top of all this madness, the media exposes the undercover operations to the criminals so that they now know about the possibility of getting locked up. This whole thing is upside down.


    The Drug War has been going on since the 1960s. It has accomplished nothing but create a larger prison/law enforcement bureaucracy and cost taxpayers billions.

  5. Wake Up Broward says:

    Part 2-
    What is the impact on pensions and other benefits when police get a overtime boost in their salaries?

    The same as if they were working at Sawgrass Mills BUT being paid by us taxpayers. Just remember Johnny Brooks was courtesy of Janet Reno.

  6. Sunrise Resident says:

    Buddy, thank you for reporting this. The mayor really does need to crack down on this. Now I know why there has been an increase in break ins in my Sunrise neighborhood – the cops are spending too much time on this useless out of town activity.

  7. All Rise says:

    Shame on you, the pass you have afforded the philanderer in Chief Frank Adderley at FLPD who has had tryst’s with subordinates, setting up a security detail for Scott Rothstein allowing Steven Greenlaw to supervise his girlfriend now his wife the maven PIO DeAnna, exposing the city to sexual harassment litigation. There is capt cover-up Rick Maglione, purging the internal affairs database of arrest’s of supervisor, perjury by Steven Greenlaw. The matter of $394,000.00 of stolen money that has not been returned.

  8. Oh Sammy says:

    This is an opinion from a blog whose owner Sam Fields defends drug dealers and openly brags he smokes marijuana.


    Sam Fields is a lot of things, but not the owner of

  9. edmund dantes says:

    I smell something, and it’s this article. SHAME ON YOU, I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN A COMMON PUPPET.

    And, everyone who can’t see through this sad attempt at fire-starting are nothing but sheep.

  10. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Read the first article in the Sun-Sentinel series for the response of Mike Ryan and the rest of the Sunrise commission. None of the commissioners, Ryan included, thinks they or the Sunrise cops are doing anything wrong. (!!!) Their moral corruption started with their highway robbery with red light cameras (includes right turns on red with hefty fines for disagreeing with the robot camera about whether a right turn was “careful and prudent” – doesn’t matter if anyone was harmed, doesn’t matter if the car doing the right turn was the ONLY car or pedestrian anywhere near the intersection). All the commissioners, Ryan included, fully endorsed this highway robbery. Robbing drug dealers is the next step. Then it advanced to actually bringing drug deals to Sunrise so the police could rob not just local drug dealers but out of state people as well (and hopefully stick them with several red light camera tickets while they’re here).

  11. newspaperdelivery says:

    Maybe instead of repeating the same old story over and over and over 1,0000 times maybe we can actually get some REAL NEWS STORIES!

  12. East/West Residents says:

    WHO CARES!!!!

  13. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Where’s Mike Ryan’s sweeping eight paragraph long response?

  14. Plain Language says:

    This is nonsense. Confiscated drug monies have gone towards offsetting police expenses for decades in cities everywhere. There is nothing new about this at all. Every indication is that Sunrise police have done nothing wrong except to enforce the law. Drug laws exist to protect the public. Those laws need to be enforced because drugs kill people and ruin lives. I hope Sunrise hires 50 new police officers and dedicates them full-time to catching every drug dealer they can.

  15. Wacky Media Views says:

    Now, I understand what has been wrong been with the Media for so long. They are all smoky something wacky!
    Oh yeah, stop arresting those nice sweet drug traffickers and drug smugglers that burglarize your home and kill people and go after those dangerous pick pocket criminals!! No, no the jaywalkers!!!


    The Sunrise Police been enticing drug dealers from far away places like New York to make deals in restaurants, gas stations and malls in the city. Then they are arrested.

    (1) Informants — people who mix in the criminal world — are being paid by Sunrise Police huge amounts of money to set up the deals. One informant received hundreds of thousands of dollars for her work.

    (2) These alleged drug dealers are no threat to Sunrise and, in many cases, South Florida. Most are being enticed to travel to Sunrise solely so police can arrest them and confiscate their money. It has become a money-making enterprise to benefit the police. However, city taxpayers are still paying huge amounts for their police. This is just extra, bonus money.

    (3) Bring alleged drug dealers to public businesses in Sunrise are a threat to customers, many of them residents of Sunrise. A deal deal can go bad and a customer could be caught in the crossfire.

    (4) Instead of drumming up crime, the police should be patrolling neighborhoods.

    (5) You belittle the impact of pickpockets. Try losing your wallet, all the IDs and then spend time replacing them. If that happened to you, I believe you would want a crackdown on pickpockets.

    (6) Sunrise has 214 crimes per square mile, according to data supplied by The average in Florida is 74 and the national median is 39.6. The city self-reported 230 violent crimes, 3,229 property crimes and 799 burglaries to the FBI in 2012. Sunrise police have a lot of other work they could be doing.

    (7) According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Sunrise had a 12 percent increase in crime in the first half of 2013. It cleared 18.7 percent of those cases. Compare that with Coral Springs, which reported a 14.5 percent decrease in crime and a clearance rate of 34.8 percent. Of Plantation, which had a 2.3 percent decline and a 20.9 percent clearance rate. Get the picture. Sunrise cops might want to keep their residents safe, not draw drug dealers from other communities to make money.

  16. Wake Up Broward says:

    Sunrise cops might want to keep their residents safe, not draw drug dealers from other communities to make money.

    Why not do both and let the scumbags (not the liberals) pay for it?

  17. Wake Up Broward says:

    Buddy you might want to be careful here….Johnny Brooks helped Janet Reno get Alien Gonzalez away from the Cuban Mafia. Since his life expectancy in Miami was about seven seconds after that, she got Ken Jenne to give him a cushy, high paying job at BSO. When Ken left, the Sunrise mafia assumed the debt, at a great financial cost. Watch out for those unmarked helicopters.

  18. Duke says:

    Fits the criteria for RICO.

  19. Sunrise Resident says:

    Mike Ryan is a puppet of the police union. Remember the Constitution, Mike. You studied it in law school.

  20. Rico Petrocelli says:

    #18, Duke, I had nothing to do with it!…lol…

    “Rico” Petrocelli

  21. Sunrise Resident says:

    All the overtime these cops are making will just jack up their retirements to unsustainable levels that the city will not be able to pay in the years to come.

  22. Sally fitz says:


    “The Drug War has been going on since the 1960s. It has accomplished nothing but create a larger prison/law enforcement bureaucracy and cost taxpayers billions”

    The same thing could be said for the War on Poverty, Buddy.