Divorce Shocker! Broward Clerk Brenda Forman Wants Cut of Husband’s $800K And $10K Monthly Pension






When Clerk of the Courts Howard Forman retired at the end of last year, he expected a life of leisure after more than 40 years in public office.

It didn’t work out that way.

Instead of a comfortable and quiet retirement, Howard Forman has been embroiled for months in a divorce with his wife, the current Clerk Brenda Forman.

The fight is over money. A lot of money.

The tawdry spectacle is a tragic codicil to Forman’s long, unsullied life as a public official.

Brenda Forman appears to be dragging out the case, according to several courthouse sources.

“Its delay, delay, delay…I’m alleging that Brenda Forman is purposely trying to delay the process,” says lawyer James Stark, who represents Howard Forman.

Among the delaying tactics Brenda Forman has allegedly used is switching lawyers just prior to a court-ordered mediation.

Stark has asked a court to sanction Brenda Forman.

Brenda Forman’s alleged motive for the delays is that she wants to hinder the case and bleed money from Howard Forman. Hurt her husband long enough and he will agree to her terms, according to the belief of several courthouse sources.

She is said to have her eyes on a piece of Howard Forman’s roughly $800,000 windfall from the state’s Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP). Under DROP, eligible state employees freeze their pension and in its place put their accumulating benefits into a lump sum account that is paid upon retirement.

DROP is not all Brenda Forman wants, says sources.

She also would like some of her husband’s roughly $9,800-a-month pension plus part of any Social Security he receives.

That’s benefits accumulated over a lifetime paid to a woman who was married to him less than five years!

Brenda Forman even attempted to get Howard Forman declared mentally incompetent.

Stark says the incompetence allegations are not true:

“When he first (removed) himself from the house with Brenda, he had some issues. I believe it was just part of what was going on in the house. He is fine now.”

Courthouse rumors allege that Brenda Forman was abusing her husband before he moved out of their joint house, which he paid for.

What is Stark saying in the statement above and what isn’t he saying?

The lawyer would go no further than the statement above. You figure it out.


Brenda and Howard Forman in happier times.


Brenda Forman, 59, had a history of financial problems when she married Howard Forman, 71, more than four years ago. She appears in numerous court documents including a foreclosure using different names than she uses today.

Under one of those names – Brenda Dixon-Jenkins – she filed for bankruptcy in March, 2012 claiming her income at the time was $17,392 annually. She had $45,528 in debts.

Howard Forman has been part of Broward’s political scene since he was first elected to the Hallandale City Commission in 1973. He was one of the first politicians elected by mostly Jewish and Italian retirees filling newly-built condominiums at the time, a trend that turned the county Democratic.

Elected as a Broward County commissioner from 1976-1988, he became an acolyte of the outspoken environmentalist Commissioner Anne Kolb.

He was a state Senator 1988- 2000, and then was elected clerk, retiring at the end of 2016.


State Sen. Howard Forman at a groundbreaking in the 1990s. 


Forman’s career was propelled by his wife Susan (Schwartzman) Forman, a thoughtful political operator beloved by many who died in 2011.

Shortly after Susan Forman’s death, Howard Forman became smitten with Brenda Forman, a low-level employee in his clerk’s office. Their marriage over four years ago shocked the Broward political world.

Howard Forman’s many contacts and his amiable presence opened doors for his wife Brenda Forman during her campaign and surprise victory in 2016.  Their marriage lasted less than five months after that victory.

She now earns roughly $170,000 annually as clerk.

The divorce case continues.



35 Responses to “Divorce Shocker! Broward Clerk Brenda Forman Wants Cut of Husband’s $800K And $10K Monthly Pension”

  1. Lisa Ferreri says:

    Not surprised at all. Her strategy and her ability patience to get what she wanted speaks for itself. Too bad because Howard is a great man

  2. Sam The Sham says:

    There is no fool like an old fool.

    Abusing him? Was she spiking his lemonade with stupid pills?

  3. Speak Truth says:

    KARMA is going to pay the nasty, evil gold digging wicked _itch of the clerk’s office a wonderful visit at just the right time

  4. B. B. Poole says:

    Poor, poor Howard. He fell for the oldest story in the book. Old man gets taken by younger woman. I hope he cleans her clock in court

  5. Friend of Howard says:

    Just a disgrace. Just mind-boggling really. Howard, you will prevail and justice will be served in this matter. Be strong my friend. It will all come out all right in the end. Just know that you have many, many people in the community who support you and are with you 100%. Don’t give her a penny.

  6. Rightwinger says:

    Speak Truth, you are so right. Investigations are coming to a head. On a state and a federal level. What comes around goes around. Get ready Madam Clerk.

  7. Christopher Boyce says:

    News flash Brenda, to be entitled to SS
    benefits you would have needed to been married for 10 yrs. What you need is a personal finance course on how to handle money. LOL

  8. Tell the truth says:

    News Flash
    His pension is NOT wages as he is retired. No judge will award her alimony or a cut of his retirement funds.

  9. Christopher Boyce says:

    I wonder when she filed to run for office if she only had to divulge her joint credit under her married name as well as her maiden and various aliases? Did she or was she required to disclose her past financial situation? How can she be entrusted to manage the budget of the Clerk of Courts when she can’t manage her own personal finances. Only in Floriduh.

  10. Dee says:

    I’m sorry Howard, I so loved seeing your name on my tickets. That said, how is someone like her still in her position? How is she considered a fair and just candidate? Had she been a man accused of abusing his wife…this would be a different conversation, don’t you think?

  11. A reader says:

    This woman should listen to Aretha’s song “RESPECT”. She has no respect for herself or her husband!

  12. Voya Roberts says:

    My word lady, I don’t get it. Why the unquenchable greed.
    Boyce is right, you do need financial counseling and education.
    Someone please help me understand. You had everything.
    You filed bankruptcy, so you should have NO debts remaining.
    You now make $170,000 a year. If the Clerk’s office has a 4 year term for the Clerk
    then you would have made $680,000 ($170,000 x 4) and that would still land you with more money if you were awarded half of Howard’s DROP.
    GETTING $400,000 NOW vs EARNING $680,000 in 4 years
    But you want $400,000 + $680,000 = $720,000. That’s a lot to make in FOUR short years.
    You want HIS Social security. If you were trying to declare him incompetent, why would you want to take a supposedly incompetent’s person’s money and then leave him (divorce)?
    You’re 59 now, and the earliest a person can begin collecting SS benefit is age 62. Why not wait 3 more years. In 3 years you would have earned $510,000 in addition to your own SS benefit that would begin at age 62.
    It both makes sense and does not make sense why you switched attorneys because the new attorney would have to catch up with all the research and discovery thus buying you more time. But, Boyce is absolutely correct, you do need to be married for 10 years prior to divorce to receive spousal social security benefits. So, you know THAT doesn’t apply to you. But, the second alternative might, which is to receive the minimum 35% of the full benefit while still married. But, in order to qualify for spousal social security benefits YOU Brenda would have to be age 62 (you’re not disabled). Or, a next reason is because you yourself did not work long enough in your life to receive your own social security credits thus going after HIS to supplement your $680,000 salary.
    Prior to marrying your husband, you were making $17,392 a year, and filed BANKRUPTCY and wiped your debts away. It would take you 39.09 years at $17,392 a year to make $680,000 (what you would have at 4 years). At age 59 + 39 years and you would be 98 years old to end up with $680,000. But, you’ve probably already calculated all that and deceided that waiting until 98 years old is way too long and needed a faster way. It is quite very interesting how prior to Howard’s retirement the 4 years was all good. But, you were sharing his wealth WITH him. Why did his “incompetence” come out after retirement?
    If any investigation reveals no violation, no misconduct, no abuse of power against pass or present employees, and if you truly want the marriage dissolved what are you hiring multiple attorneys to defend. Why not just walk away and continue to Clerk’s duties? I’m no lawyer, but I believe it is illegal to take legal action against an “incompetent” person. It’s like Decemeber 31, 2016 he was competent and broke. But, 12:01 am January 1, 2017 he was “incompetent” rich, and retired with a pension. SMH.

  13. Inside Player says:

    She kept a foreclosed property for 5 years, until a final Objection to Sale was denied in May.

    Five years of not paying a mortgage, and she still filed an objection asking for more time.

    Case CACE12014600

    Stay strong, Howard. She doesn’t deserve a dime more from you. Hopefully she’ll end up in an orange jumpsuit.

  14. Another Friend of Howard's says:

    I’am deeply saddened my old friend, up front her intensions were so obvious, I remember our conservation like it was yesterday, gold digging opportunist. and the dots finally connected. We are still with you my friend. Madam Clerk’s (as she threatens everyone to call her) day is coming soon. Sooner then she thinks!!!!!

  15. mia adams says:

    Brenda was underestimated, in many ways. Howard is now living a trite cliché, at the end of his life. His intelligence and judgment were overestimated, when a younger, opportunistic scenario presented herself. Who hasn’t heard this story before? Apparently, Howard didn’t see himself in it? Hopefully, his health will allow him to survive the drama and deal with the stress and pain. OMG!

  16. CHRIS JABONSKI says:


  17. Tired of the bull says:

    It’s no surprise that the clerk’s managers and supervisors are complete garbage. It is a trickle down effect and it’s quickly spreading to employees. Selfishness, bad attitudes, lack of humanity, and bullying tactics are part of a regular work day. Not sure how we can expect effective leadership if the ringleader is B.D.F.

  18. Charles R. says:

    Dear Brenda Dixon Jenkins Forman,

    Just wanted to let you know that I will be by soon for a much deserved and overdue visit. Hope you’re ready for me, cause I plan on staying a while!!! 🙂



  19. Christopher Boyce says:

    Wouldn’t she have to disclose her past personal finance woes when filing election paperwork? Maybe she only furnished her joint credit information with her soon to be exhusband rather than disclose the bankruptcies and foreclosures under her aliases?

  20. Charles R. says:

    @ Inside Player

    How about all the money she collected in rent while the house was in foreclosure??? Such an honest and upstanding person she is. NOT!

    She is a disgusting human being on a power trip. She bullies her staff and demands that they call her Madam or they get reprimanded. They walk around in constant fear of her because she’s so unpredictable. She thinks nothing of calling out individuals and embarrassing them in front of their peers. It’s only a matter of time before the employees pull together and force someone to do something.

  21. George Ortiz says:

    As bad as I feel for Howard, the biggest suckers are the dumb voters of Broward County that voted for trashy Brenda.

  22. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Results of August 2016 primary for Court Clerk:

    44% Brenda Forman
    30% Mitch Ceasar
    26% Elizabeth McHugh

    This should have been a runaway victory for Elizabeth McHugh, who was by far the best qualified and the most competent candidate.

  23. Really says:

    I am appalled that a woman such as Brenda would take advantage of Howard Forman all her put on to be elected in his now retired position. Now I know the reason and motive behind. Shame on you.

  24. The Flaccid Smoked Gun says:

    Why is everyone attacking the fly girl?

    Poor Ole Howard was struttin around like a broke down ole pimp with a new suit toutin how qualified fly girl is, now the rest of the story……

    Is there another heartbreak in the making at the Courthouse?

    Buddy, what are the chances that you run (walk) out of your pasture for one last………?

  25. Yep says:

    It’s crazy that Howard will now see how corrupt the divorce process is…have fun at the mediator, who is NOT going to be on your side. Divorce is the most sexist thing I have ever gone through. In a court that is supposed to be equal, you will find that it is truly not. That’s the investigation that should happen.

    But as a distant friend of Howard’s, I do feel sorry for him. Divorce is not a good thing, but it sounds like this was doomed.

  26. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    How is this divorce any of anyone’s business. I mean what is being implied is that he got rolled. Happens everyday in divorce courts across this country . How is this any different. What we don’t know the personal circumstances here. The lawyers will work it out(wait to they both get their legal bills(wow). Seems to me a lot of you are casting judgement is because she is Black. Let the courts paly this out. They both deserve a fair shake(speaking of lawyers Atty >Entin take good car of GD(its all because AA snitched)….

  27. Friend of Howard says:

    @ 26 City Activist

    In the face of unbridled greed and opportunism, your best explanation for people’s criticism of Brenda Forman’s shameless behavior is that those comments are racially motivated ? What has the color of her skin got to do with the objective facts here ?
    Another winner of a comment from you. Just can’t help yourself can you.

    Oh, and by the way, the fact that Brenda Forman is a public figure, makes her personal antics newsworthy. Like it or not, that’s what happens when you enter public life. If you value you privacy, you should stay away from being a county-wide elected official.

  28. a HOWARD SUPPORTER says:

    So sorry that you are going through this gold digging bitch divorce Howard. How can this person be our COC? she is a thief and a fake! to treat this man this way is deplorable. is she even qualified for the job? and to belittle the employees like that? madam? really? please can we impeach her? no wonder the courts are so f**ked up! karma will get this old lady!!

  29. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #27-Just can’t help myself huh.I stand by what i commented on previous.Mrs.Forman divorce and settlement etc.is none of anyone’s business.Willing to bet you and alot of these other nasty comments are coming from court employees etc.Real story here is how much money alot of you county and city employees are cashing in on.Also willing to bet her atty. Will bring up these comments which are probably being encouraged by Mr.Forman.This divorce has nothing to do with her postion at the court house.No matter how many of you desperately think it does.Next…

  30. CD Stan says:

    I could see 32k but no more and no spousal support unless there is a documented history of the police having to be called to prevent him from abusing her as she has a well paying job and the same goes for her drawing on his social security.

  31. Friend of Howard says:

    @29 City Activist

    You’re free to stand by your comments. However, let me disabuse you of some of your observations. I do not, nor have I ever worked for the Clerk’s office or otherwise been employed in the public sector. I don’t know who the other commenters are so I cannot speculate on whether they are court (sic.) employees. I suspect they are not. I can assure you that nothing in this blog is ever going to be admissible in court. Howard Forman and his attorney know this. In fact, I would suspect that the absurd notion that these comments might enter into the divorce proceedings never even occurred to them. The only thing that I agree with is that her divorce has nothing to do with her position in the courthouse. Never said it did. I don’t know anything about you or whether you have experienced the heartbreak and pain of a divorce. I think that Brenda Forman’s conduct is reprehensible. I’d say the same thing if she was white, purple or green. I’d say the same thing if she was not a public official. Hope this clears things up for you.

  32. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #31-What pen pals we ate becoming.Now no one knows divorce more than me.Destroyed my family.90% of my friends ate either dead or in prisons across this country.Might think i was 90.That being stated however you make some valid points.I have to admit some of the comments were beyond inappropriate.Again,the real story here is the money Mr.Foreman gets from his pension.Which we are paying for.Watch the mayoral race in Ft.lau this winter .The pension that some of the canidate is receiving although earned is absurd.These pensions again although earned are ridiculous.Going to play a huge role in ft.lau next mayoral elections.Front page news you the voter .resident will see every dime…I have to say#31 the way you expressed your argument was very impressive.Big words and all.Happy trails lady.Im assuming your a woman or a very sharp gay guy..

  33. Friend of Howard says:

    @32 City Activist

    Sorry Bobby. Wrong again. I am not a lady or a “very sharp gay guy.” I am just someone who, unlike yourself, knows how to spell and can string a few sentences together. It’s really not all that difficult. It just takes some clarity of thought and focus. Try it sometime.

  34. Voya Roberts says:

    @Friend of Howard: Thank you, because City Activist was going off the deep end.

    How can one post with a name such as [City Activist] and post with such (closed-minded) remarks and have difficulty gathering the gist of what everyone is saying.

    How about we all just Kumbaya and pray that everything will work out for Howard and justice will be appropriately served.

  35. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ps.For more of all of this go florida bulldog and go to. to story on Lauren Book and her father Ron.Don.t worry guys stay strong got your back.Charlie King shame on you….