Divorce Muslim Style?

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Muzzammil Hassan was one of the founders and the CEO of Bridges TV –the English language cable network intended to undermine the extremist image of Muslims and convey a mainstream one.

 Wife BeheadedMuzzammil Hassan is accused of beheading his wife Aasiya Hassan


He saw Bridges TV as an opportunity to exchange ideas between Muslims and the rest of America. [Call your local cable operator]
He has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.
In February, 2009 Hassan, practicing what he preaches, promoted Divorce Muslim Style.
He chopped off Mrs. Hassan’s head after she served him with divorce papers, according to police. 

It was called an “honor killing” by some.

Some may see “honor killing as barbaric.  The Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the murder and condemns domestic violence.

With a University of Rochester MBA, I suspect Mr. Hassan viewed it as Islamic judicial economy.  It was a way to reduce the outrageous legal expenses associated with Divorce American Style.
On the upside, there will be no expensive divorce trial, no alimony, no custody fight.
On the downside, Buffalo enforcement authorities exposed their anti-Islamic prejudice by charging the misunderstood Muzzammil with murder.

Ah, but the flow of ideas goes both ways.

It is now reported that Hassan intends to go to court and raise an American legal defense. 

His lawyer says poor Hassan was a victim of domestic abuse. The only reason he chopped off Mrs Hassan’s head was because he suffered from “Battered Spouse Syndrome.
Where is Jerry Springer when you need him?

2 Responses to “Divorce Muslim Style?”

  1. Chaz Stevens says:

    And May God Bless the GOP!

  2. Y. L. says:

    Almost all Muslims would condemn this crime. It is not part of Islam.
    It must be remembered by all that many of other faiths kill their wives in very gruesome ways. It is on the TV all the time.
    When it is a Muslim, there is always talk in the media of an “honor crime.” Almost all the time in this country this is the fantasy of the media.
    This man was mentally ill. There is no faith that is immune to mental illness.