Disgrace: School Board Adds Administrators In Tough Times


Patti Good and Nora Rupert are fast becoming my favorite School Board members.

Good and Rupert were the only ones who questioned Superintendent Robert Runcie’s ill-advised plan to increase administrators at the School Board in tough times.

You read it right. Increase administrators. Administrators are being increased in the downtown office.

These are the $100,000-a-year folks.  With added pensions and benefits.

The previous Superintendent Jim Notter had been cutting the number of administrators for years.

Then Runcie rides in from Chicago and decides what he needs is more people in the central office reporting to him.

Runcie’s new organization has 425 positions.  It previously had 423 positions.

There are 44 new positions added to the organizational chart and 42 positions deleted.

Hiding The Cost

But what will the bureaucrats in new positions be making?

Rupert asked what Runcie’s new organization would cost.

No answer.

She asked again.

No answer.

Rupert finally conceded she wasn’t going to get an answer.

“I will leave with no information given,” she said.

Good tried to probe with no better results.

The rest of the Board were cheerleaders for the misguided Runcie. That included the two Republicans who I would expect to be more fiscally prudent.

The worst among them:  Laurie Rich Levinson.  If Superintendent Runcie was Edgar Bergan, she would be Charlie McCarthy. The puppeteers’ puppet.

Let the School Board explain to voters why administrators are being increased.

Instead of increasing administrators, the School Board should be addressing why students are leaving the system in droves.

There are 30,000 students now in charter schools. The system’s own predictions say 4,900 more will join them soon.

The 30,000 who already left is the equivalent of 30 elementary schools, Runcie pointed out.

Now, maybe I’m not as sharp as Runcie or the School Board.

But I do read.

I know that when most businesses’ lose customers and revenue, they adjust.

Did the school system close 30 elementary schools to adjust to the loss of students?


Did the school system layoff 12 percent of its employees to adjust to the loss of around 12 percent of its students to charters?


The answer of our Superintendent Runcie is to add administrators.

School Board Excuses

School Board members excused it by saying it was only two more administrators costing around $250,000.

School Board members excused it by saying Runcie needs to be given the team he wants so he can do the job.

School Board members excused it by saying some of the new administrators were being paid for with federal money.


Its wrong to increase administrators anytime.  This is especially true when teachers and support staff are being asked to do more for less and are threatened with layoffs.

Its wrong to depend on anything from Washington or Tallahassee, when its clear to anybody that reads that the money will probably dry up next year.

And its wrong to treat federal money like it doesn’t come from the same place – taxpayers’ pockets.

Runcie distributed his new organizational plan late Friday. Making public proposals at the last minute has long been the school bureaucrats way of minimizing public discussion.

That led education activist Charlotte Greenbarg to caution that the public has had a lack of trust in the School Board for years. Rushing a plan through with little public notice does nothing to repair this lack of trust.

“The public is entitled to see (the plan) for at least a week,” Greenbarg said.

School Board members talk a lot about the new direction that they are taking the school system.

I don’t see it.

Sadly, the School Board proved – with the notable exception of Patti Good and Nora Rupert – that the more things change at the schools, the more they are the same.

42 Responses to “Disgrace: School Board Adds Administrators In Tough Times”

  1. Weston Resident says:

    I know Laurie Levinson. She is a woman who’s mother or husband always took care of her and told her what to do. It is no wonder that Runcie now performs that function in the only real job she ever had.

  2. wallace stone says:

    Even if Runcie thinks he needs these administrators, it sends the wrong message to the school-based employees and the public. The School Board should have seen this.

  3. LifesABeach says:

    Buddy, Runcie has plenty of money to pay these new administrators – directly from the pockets of every high school teacher in Broward County. Much more money is available by not giving a single raise to a single teacher in four years. Next he will ask teachers to pay more for their health insurance.

  4. Teachers Aide says:

    Same deal in City Hall in Fort Lauderdale. The new ‘Leaders’ like to have a “Team” of trusted loyal staff to assure successful implementation and delivery of “services” to the “taxpayers”. That trust and loyalty costs money, usually ++$100k plus generous perks. Don’t worry its just tax dollars and no one has ever fussed.

  5. Triptrey says:

    The most disturbing part of this, Buddy, is not that school board members just make excuses for Runcie; the first part – where he didn’t thin khe needed to giive two school board members answers. To me, thats pure insubordination. I run a small company. if a member of my senior staff just looked at me when I asked a direct question, gave no response, my response would be to not pass go, just hit the door. But unless people remember this come election time, it means nothing. Support of this superintendant is important for him to succeed; I think all of us would agree with that. But to use some of these reasons as a means is garbage. We need a school board who will be accountable for their own actions as well as the person they hire.

  6. Privacy 101 says:

    Is anyone really surprised at anything this School Board approves??

  7. robin bartleman is wrong! says:

    Remember everybody that Robin Bartleman is running this time around and she is one of the failure of the board. She has voted to fire teachers.
    Buddy, the new that she has voted for new administrators is amazing.
    She is up for election. She needs to be defeated!

  8. Ashton says:

    I live in Robin Bartleman’s district. I am determined to see that she is not reelected. We gave her the benefit of the doubt when she was the weak link that voted to oust Frank Till. The community hasn’t had any real input since Dr. Till left. She was the swing vote. She had the gall to say she missed Dr. Till’s strong leadership when he was no longer on the dais. She’s a babbling idiot that struggles to put a complete sentence together.

  9. Senual Chocolate says:

    Oh baby that tall drink of waters, makes me hot all over.

    I got the fever…

    that jungle fever? Hell no

    Bieber Fever? Close

    I gots the hots and its Runcie fever

    Any vote you want all you gotta do is ask 🙂


    A work of satire, any relation to real persons is a mere coincidence

  10. Common Sense says:

    For years I have been paying attention to what goes on here in broward. Not many politicians care for the people they represent. But I will say that Bartleman is someone that cares more than anyone that I have met in the three decades that I have called broward home.

  11. Shelly Solomon says:

    Shelly Solomon, Candidate for School Board, District 4 writes:


    I am so glad you wrote the article and are on top of the current situation.

    On May 8, during the Charter Workshop discussion, I had a concern the District was moving forward before the public knowing the 2012 Budget Deficit. I asked the question: “What is the 2012 Budget Deficit”? I have not received an answer. I attended Tuesday’s Board Meeting and during the Organization Chart Public Comment I raised the question again stating my concerns with an increase in administrative costs.

    I am concerned this Board is approving more administrative costs before the Board is shown a balanced budget, including dollars needed to meet class size. In March, the Palm Beach Sun Sentinel came out with the Palm Beach School District Deficit Funding (31.7 million) and again on May 1st including the additional costs of meeting Class Size Reduction. Why can’t Broward do the same? As a mother of 4 Broward public school students, lawyer and School Board candidate, please put the information out for all of us to see; after all it is about our children first!

  12. sidelines says:

    Shelley – thank you for knowing and asking the relevant questions. I have no doubt there is a huge shortfall half way through the fiscal year at SBBC. Fort lauderdale is already over $11 million dollars off projected revenue. They are doing some creative accounting moving money into general fund from designated accounts. So SBBC is likely doing the same? Who is the Auditor and CFO? Can we email them and demand answers? Do I hear a tax hike coming?

  13. Rcdsnicker says:

    I agree with Patty Good and Nora Rupert. They continued to ask where is the budget so we can see if we can afford these new administrators. The 4900 students going to charter will cost about 29 million and the board members kept saying we will be getting 1.7 million from the new charter schools that are opening. I know that is not good math. Runcie says he is saving 25 million, but he has already lost the 29 million to charter. High schools are losing teachers and non-core classes are increasing. Pay attention to the board workshop on the 22nd.Tthey will be discussing a new way to grade schools on top of the state A+ plan. Wow, students will be doing so much better!!!!

  14. The Truth says:

    People think that the school system has too many high paid administrators. The School Board should know this. They should have ordered Runcie to cut the number of administrators and not increase them. republicans Katie Leach and Donna Korn should be ashamed of themselves because their party claims to handling public funds differently. Robin Bartleman is another member who should know better. When they start laying off teachers and curtailing subject offerings, the public will be outraged by the extra administrators and their lavish salaries.

    Leach, Korn and Bartleman are running this year. This will regret their vote on Election Day because that is The Truth.

  15. Real Deal says:

    Lately, reading this has become something like this.

    Say you’re driving down an isolated road miles from the nearest town. It’s a very hot day. You see a guy in the distance and he’s hitching a ride. You feel bad for him so you pull over and offer him a lift. He gets in and instead of thanking you, he begins complaining about how far you pulled over from where he was standing. He then asks if he can change your radio station to something better, and then he offers you tips on how you can improve your driving.

    Get the picture? Is the point I’m making here to subtle or impenetrable? Let me drive it home more clearly for the denser of you that still don’t get it.

    The theme of this blog has been increasingly turning from something potentially interesting to failure trying to convince mediocrity to become more like failure. I may not be able to dwell with you much longer unless the discuss starts operating on a higher plane.

    This county has only produced failure and corruption in the administration of our public school system. The superintendent was hired to save us from that owing not a thing to anyone within our corrupt status quo.

    Give the man a chance to bring the change to change that mismanaged and dysfunctional operation. Measure his performance on the basis of outcomes and give him time to achieve them. We are in no position to double guess any of his moves. We would be wiser to look and listen than speak. Learn something.

  16. Ribeye says:

    “This county has only produced failure and corruption in the administration of our public schools system. The superintendent was hired to save us from that owning not a thing to anyone within our corrupt status quo…”

    We all wish Runcie well those of us inside and outside the district.How can he save the school system when he is just shuffling around the administrators and calling them by different names? You fail to understand that the school system has too many administrators already. The way to change the system is to streamline it like charters and private schools, not add bureaucrats.

  17. Floridan says:

    Let me second the gist of what Real Deal is pointing out. The issue shouldn’t be whether or not Runcie is increasing the number of administrators by less than one-half of one-percent, but rather what is the intended effect of the move (and how realistic is it?).

    An extra $250,000 (out of a total budget of over 5.5 billion) is money well spent if it increases the effiecency of the system and results in even marginal improvements in academics.

    I guess it’s hard to get readership up without demonizing those with who you disagree, but it is discouraging to those who care about Broward County but don’t want to join the pitchforks and torches crowd.

  18. Sam the Sham says:

    “We are in no position to double guess any of his moves. We would be wiser to look and listen than speak. Learn something.”

    Yes, by all means. We are only ignorant peasants. Why should we question how the great annointed spend our money?

  19. Jeanne says:

    I am confused. The Org Chart has a net gain of 2 positions. Those that are not made to apply for their former positions are being demoted or moved laterally and are having their salaries cut. The chart is being organized around the most important need of delivering curriculum that changes the way teacher’s teach and deliver instruction and that isn’t worth an investment?

    Having said that, I do agree with Charlotte that this revised org chart should have been vetted with the public in some way and solicited comments even if those comments were provided online. I also agree that not being prepared to answer questions about the cost of the org chart shows that Mr. Runcie has not quite adjusted to an elected school board.

    I agree with Floridian that an extra $250,000 is a small price to pay to make sure that as the District transitions to Common Core Standards, the District has a plan in place to make sure those A/B students do not fall through the cracks when the quantum leap in rigor takes place over the next three years.

    If all the presentations I have seen are in fact are reality, there is going to be a lot of re-training of teachers in this district to deliver content is a manner that will give kids the education they deserve and need. Isn’t that worth an investment?

    Can we see if this works? I see a lot of finger pointing and complaining and no real solutions to address the issues that has been long left by the wayside, the education of the children of Broward County.

  20. Doubles Anyone says:


    How about you tell us about your review of the existing budget and tell us 5 things you would cut to save money and bring back teachers/staff if you were on the Board today.

    Go for it!!!!! Be strong!!!

    Lets hear it Shelly?

  21. janitorintheknow says:

    Give Patti Good and Nora Rupert Three Cheers!!
    Good Job for calling out this Runcie!

    Runcie was Disrespectful by not answering her questions.

    Rumor has it He hates women questioning him thinks they are inferior but what do I know Im a Janitor!

  22. bc629 says:

    To Real Deal,

    “Is the point I’m making here to subtle or impenetrable? Let me drive it home more clearly for the denser of you that still don’t get it.”

    I love the irony here. I guess on your higher plane “to” and “too” mean the same thing, because obviously you can’t tell the difference. It’s like I tell my students, if you can’t tell the difference between too and to, or their, there and they’re, don’t expect to be taken seriously.

  23. Watcher says:

    a lot of people who write here probably never paid a salary..people are not interchangable…some suck and some do the job of 3 people..let the new guy hire his own people

  24. Pay attention says:

    The framework of The School Board of Broward County, Florida’s Strategic Plan (2012-2015) was presented at the March 27, 2012 School Board Workshop. The plan was developed from input attained through various sources including community meetings, listening tours, and employee meetings. Other key data was considered such as Broward County Public Schools’ Student Achievement and Graduation Data, the AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) Report, Broad Foundation Analysis, Communications Audit, and the Council of the Great City Schools Technology Review.
    As a result, the School Board developed a new Strategic Plan framework that includes a clear vision, mission, values and strategic objectives. At the core of the Strategic Plan is the commitment to improve student outcomes. This plan can only be accomplished through supporting and sustaining high quality instruction and by building an environment of continuous improvement and effective communication.
    To that end, the 2012-2013 School Board of Broward County, Florida, Organizational Chart is designed to improve the alignment of staff and resources, and to support the District’s Strategic Objectives. The organizational structure creates stronger accountability systems; improves teacher and leadership development through a seamless and rigorous curriculum; enhances evaluation and support systems; enables innovative programs to attract students to Broward; increases oversight of charter school educational programs and services; and improves stakeholder outreach to build stronger partnerships while enhancing communication networks.
    To accomplish the District’s Strategic Objectives, the 2012-2013 Organizational Chart represents a net increase of two (2) positions from the 2011-2012 Organizational Chart, while committing to a total reduction of $25-$28 million to central administration. The 2011-2012 Organizational Chart previously had 423 positions; the 2012-2013 Organizational Chart has 425 positions. There are 44 new positions added to the organizational chart and 42 positions deleted.
    Financial Impact of the Organizational Chart
    A financial comparison of the 2012-2013 Organizational Chart to last year’s chart reflects a net increase in salary and benefits costs of $242,740. This comparison utilizes actual salary and benefits figures for filled positions and the standard salary and benefits figures for vacant and newly created positions. This net increase is the result of two primary factors: the expansion of resources in the charter school arena and grant funded positions added to address the Race to the Top initiatives.
    The organizational chart reflects the addition of three (3) new positions to provide oversight and support to charter schools. An additional three (3) positions have been added to explore the option of developing District charter schools and providing fee based services to charter schools. There is a financial impact in salary and benefits costs of $630,414 for these new positions; however, it is anticipated these additional expenses will be cost neutral. The District estimates generating $1.7 million in administrative fees associated with 32 new charter schools opening in the 2012-13 school year. As the District begins to offer contracted services to charter schools, beyond those currently required by statute, additional revenue will be generated.
    Additionally, there are five (5) new positions that will be funded by the Race to the Top grant to implement the initiatives required to maintain the grant. These positions represent $442,311 in salary and benefits costs.
    Aside from these eleven (11) positions needed to provide additional charter school oversight, as well as for the pursuit of revenue generating charter options and for the development and implementation of State legislated changes to the evaluation and compensation systems, there would have been a reduction in the number of positions on the 2012-2013 organizational chart and a corresponding decrease in net salary and benefits costs.
    In fiscal year 2009-2010, the District’s administrative cost per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) student was the sixth lowest in the State despite being the second largest school district in the state. In 2010-2011, the District improved its position with regard to this metric and had the fourth lowest administrative cost per FTE. The State averaged $519 per FTE in 2010-2011 while Broward’s administrative cost per FTE was $450. The administrative cost reductions this year and those proposed for the 2012-2013 school year should continue this trend in the reduction of administrative cost per FTE.
    Superintendent’s Message
    The Superintendent has committed to realigning the organization to create a structure that better positions the District in meeting the Strategic Plan Objectives focused on student achievement while reducing central administration costs by $25-$28 million in an effort to address the loss of one-time funding to balance the 2012-2013 budget, mitigate reductions to school budgets, redirect funds to assist schools toward meeting class size and restoring elementary school specials. Any changes to the organizational chart are inclusive of the $25-$28 million central administration reductions.
    Rationale for Proposed Changes:
    Page 1 – The School Board of Broward County, Florida- Public Stakeholders
    In addition to the School Board appointed committees approved annually in November at the School Board’s Organizational Meeting, the 2012-13 Organizational Chart reflects eight (8) additional District committees that work closely with the School Board and the Superintendent. The list is not intended to be inclusive; however, it signifies the emphasis and value the School Board and the Superintendent place on stakeholder input in decision-making and organizational improvements.
    Page 2 – Superintendent of Schools and General Counsel
    The Chief of Staff position was created to assist the Superintendent in designing and implementing operational structures and providing oversight for District initiatives. The position has been filled by a task assigned staff member since November 1, 2011. Although the Chief of Staff position is an additional position on the organizational chart, the Executive Director, Support Operations position has been eliminated to offset the financial impact. The District will adhere to the standard procedures for advertising and selection for the Chief of Staff position.
    There is a title change and reassignment of the Manager II of Administrative Sites from Operations to report directly to the Chief of Staff as the Manager of Administrative Support. The reporting change better aligns the reporting structure with the duties and responsibilities of the position.
    There are no changes to the Office of the General Counsel.
    Eliminated Position: 1
    New position: 1
    Page 3 – School Performance and Accountability
    The restructuring of the Area Offices and School Operations will provide increased school-based accountability while improving leadership development, coaching, mentoring, sharing of best practices and focus on instructional practice and less operational activities. In addition, the alignment will provide a standardized approach to customer service and consistency in handling employee, parent and community related school issues.
    The merger of the Area Offices results in the elimination of the two (2) Area Superintendent positions and nine (9) Area Director positions. The Central Area Superintendent position has a title change to the Chief School Performance and Accountability Officer. Several positions have been downgraded or eliminated, providing funding for the new Chief Service Quality Officer and eleven (11) Directors, School Performance and Accountability positions.
    The realignment of the Area Offices results in the psychological and student support services staff along with the handling of expulsions being transferred to the Academics Division.
    The Director of Strategic Achievement has been reassigned to the School Performance and Accountability Division with direct supervision of the Coordinator of School Improvement, aligning the School Improvement Grant and school improvement processes for monitoring, support and funding.
    Eliminated Positions: 11
    New Positions: 12
    Page 4 – Academics
    The Chief Academic Officer position was created to oversee the District’s newly formed Academic Division. The division will focus on student outcomes with a seamless progression and explicit understanding of student performance expectations and opportunities for families and students from Early Childhood (Birth-Age 5) through Adult. The current Curriculum and Educational Programs & Student Support Services divisions have been eliminated and reorganized to reassign the academic and support services staff into one (1)
    division. The Deputy Superintendent, Curriculum position was eliminated as result of the reorganization.
    The Academics Division is comprised of the following departments: Early Childhood Education, Instruction and Interventions, Special Education and Support, and Student Support Initiatives.
    Eliminated Position: 1
    New Position: 1
    Page 5 – Early Childhood Education
    A critical component to improving student success and the ability to graduate and thrive in a global society is directly related to the experiences and knowledge students attain from Birth-Age 5. As a result of the reorganization of the Curriculum Division, the Early Learning, PreK and Head Start staff have been realigned under the Early Childhood Department. The Early Childhood Department will focus on high standards and quality instructional strategies to prepare students for the Common Core State Standards in Kindergarten. Another vital role of the department will be to expand parental support to engage parents in their child’s early learning and development.
    The department will be led by the new Executive Director, Early Childhood position. The Executive Director, Early Learning, ESOL and CTACE and Coordinator, Early Reading First positions were eliminated as a result of the reorganization.
    Eliminated Positions: 2
    New Position: 1
    Page 6 – Instruction and Interventions
    The Instruction and Interventions Department, formerly the Core Curriculum Department, will concentrate on the alignment to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and on literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and College and Career Readiness for Kindergarten to Adult. The changes in alignment will also provide additional support for a rigorous curriculum and instructional best practices for English Language Learners (ELL), and unique needs of students identified as gifted/talented and students needing remediation.
    The enhancements to the department and realignment of responsibilities within the Instruction and Interventions Department resulted in changes in personnel needs. Eight (8) Curriculum Specialist positions were eliminated and one (1) Curriculum Specialist was reassigned to the Early Childhood Department. Five (5) new positions have been added to appropriately align the duties and responsibilities with the transition to the Common Core State Standards. Additionally, two (2) Directors and their departments currently within the Curriculum Division, were realigned to the Instruction and Interventions Department to enhance collaboration and the delivery of services.
    Eliminated Positions: 8
    New Positions: 5
    Page 7 – Special Education and Support
    The modification to the Special Education and Support Department will provide a structure that provides a more focused-approach to enhance student performance, instructional models, instructional strategies and compliance. A new Director, Special Education
    Operations position was added to support the additional psychological services staff reassigned from the Area Offices and additional responsibilities related to Medicaid, SEDNET, and 504 Eligible students.
    The alignment of staff, primarily focused on instruction and operations, assists in defining staff roles while continuing the synergy and collaboration required to provide the appropriate services and support to students and families from identification, evaluation, and placement.
    New position: 1
    Page 8 – Student Support Initiatives
    The Executive Director, Student Support Initiatives is an added position that will be temporarily filled by a task assigned staff member to oversee the realignment of staff and the department operations. The District will adhere to the standard procedures for advertising and selection for the new position.
    The elimination of the Director, Diversity, Cultural Outreach and Prevention position assists in funding the Executive Director of Student Support Initiatives position. The Executive Director, Student Support Initiatives will continue to provide oversight of Diversity Department along with assistance from the Curriculum Supervisor, Diversity, Cultural Outreach & Prevention.
    In addition to the Executive Director position, a new grant-funded Supervisor, Clinical Nursing position has been added to address the required supervision of nurses for medically fragile and chronic health services.
    Additionally, the staff and responsibilities of student services and the Assistant Director, Administration (Expulsions) from the Area Offices and the Director, Title I, Migrant & Special Programs and related responsibilities have been reassigned to the Student Support Initiatives Department.
    The Student Support Initiatives Department will provide a standard support service model to all schools by providing assistance with behavior plans, school climate plans, and prevention training. The second tier will provide additional support to groups of schools and students identified by critical data such as graduation rates, attendance, discipline, and expulsions, etc. The third tier will provide specific, individualized support to schools, students and families in the form of family counseling, homeless services, etc. Support services will also be provided using multidisciplinary teams of professionals through a case management approach.
    Eliminated Position: 1
    New Positions: 2
    Page 9 – Auditor
    The Chief Auditor Division added the Manager of Property Inventory Control position. The addition of the position is the result of a job study and upgrade of an Auditor III position. Therefore, the Auditor III position will be eliminated to support the funding for the Manager of Property Inventory Control position to mitigate the expense.
    New (Upgraded) Position: 1
    Page 10- Facilities
    The Facilities and Construction Division has four (4) major construction projects that have recently commenced; however, the capital budget continues to project a $20+ million shortfall in the coming years. The reduction in capital funding combined with an increased number of projects placed “on hold” or canceled, necessitates continued reductions in Facilities and Design Department staffs. The remaining employees in the Project Management, Design and Contracts Departments will focus on execution of safety related minor construction projects that are in the queue, starting with the bidding and award process. Close-out of the backlog of completed projects will free up much needed capital funding for maintenance and capital contingency funding. Rewriting our contracts and updating procedures will also remain a priority in the coming school year.
    A key component in increasing both professionalism and accountability in the Design Department is the need to have a direct supervisor. The newly established Lead Architect position will serve as an administrator to provide greater oversight, accountability and evaluation of staff. A Senior Architect position will become vacant as of August 1, 2012 and will be eliminated. The funds from the Senior Architect position will be used to support the new Lead Architect position.
    The Growth Management Department has been reassigned to the Portfolio Services Division; however, the Safety Department has been added to the Facilities and Construction Division. A considerable amount of the Safety Department’s work directly relates to facility safety, driven by their inspections, the generation of related work orders and accomplishment of safety driven projects that comprise the bulk of planned and funded work in the next several years. The Facilities and Construction Division staff also work collaboratively in any disaster recovery scenario. As such, aligning the Safety and District Maintenance departments creates the opportunity for synergy and the reduction of duplicative functions.
    Eliminated Positions: 9
    New Position: 1
    Page 11 – Financial Management
    In an effort to align the financial management of general, capital and grant funds, the Financial Management Division will merge staff from the Area Offices and various departments to provide coordinated administration, guidance, and monitoring of the budgets and financial systems for departments and schools.
    The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) staff will be transferred to the Strategy and Operations Division under the leadership of the new Chief Information Officer position for improved coordination of effort and to capitalize on opportunities for cross-training, shared resources and improved accountability.
    Additionally, two (2) Business Analysts from the Area Offices and one (1) Process Analyst, Funds Management & PBC from ERP will be transferred to the Budget and Financial Management departments to assist with the consolidation of the budget process for schools and departments. Two Process Analyst positions are being eliminated from the ERP
    Department. The duties and responsibilities will be distributed among trained staff at Education Technology Services (ETS) and ERP.
    Eliminated Positions: 2
    Page 12 – Human Resources
    As a result of changes in legislation that have impacted teacher and school-based administrator evaluations and compensation systems, the Human Resources Division is utilizing Race to the Top grant funding for additional support to assist with the design, implementation and oversight of these systems.
    The additional positions include a task-assigned Director, Employee Evaluations, to assist with the union negotiations, design, communication, and implementation of the teacher and school-based administrator evaluation systems. An Evaluation Coordinator, whose current position will remain vacant, will assume the task-assigned role to allow the individual to return to the position when the funding and task-assignment have been completed.
    Additionally, the Race to the Top grant will fund an Evaluation Coordinator and Compensation Manager to assist with the implementation of the changes in the evaluation system, and to oversee the development of a new compensation system, performance pay, differentiated pay plans and the revision of job descriptions aligned to the organizational changes.
    The Human Resources Division is eliminating two (2) Gang Prevention Coordinator positions. Responsibilities will be assumed by the remaining Gang Prevention Coordinators, District Investigators, and with assistance from the schools’ security specialists and campus monitors.
    Eliminated Positions: 2
    New Positions: 3
    Page 13 – Portfolio Services
    The alignment of select departments from the Educational Programs & Student Support Services and Facilities and Construction divisions has formed the Portfolio Services Division. The Deputy Superintendent, Educational Programs & Student Support Services was eliminated and the new Chief Portfolio Service Officer position was created.
    The new Portfolio Services Division provides a model for all space utilization and growth management with student assignments in one division. Additionally, the Innovative Programs Department will lead the exploration of District charter schools and charter school services (beyond the State required) that will generate additional revenue to account for monitoring and support costs already associated and expended for the State required services. These services provided by the District will offer a variety of educational opportunities to parents and students.
    This division will also align all program design with marketing and resource procurement under one team of design and marketing experts (Magnet, Innovative Programs, Service Management and Potential New Charters). Another enhancement within the division is that all student assignment processes will be aligned under school boundaries connecting all enrollment data and space utilization processes together.
    The new positions within the Portfolio Services Division, along with the additional positions in the Charter Schools Oversight Department within the Strategy and Operations Division, will be funded by the increase in charter school administrative services fees estimated at $1.7 million.
    Eliminated Position: 1
    New Positions: 4
    Page 14 – Public Information Officer
    The goals of the Public Information Office are to improve communication with BCPS stakeholders about the District’s strategies, initiatives and accomplishments; facilitate and foster the School District’s relationship with local, state and national government, not-for-profit agencies, community organizations and media outlets; and to build and strengthen partnerships between the Broward community, schools and the District.
    The addition of the Director of Marketing and Communications position is to increase the overall communications efforts throughout the District, facilitate public relations and marketing efforts to promote the variety of programs and options offered within the District, and collaborate with schools and departments to continually publicize positive news to internal/external stakeholders and the Broward community.
    The position of BECON Engineering Manager has been eliminated and the responsibilities will be distributed among the staff.
    Eliminated Position: 1
    New Position: 1
    Page 15 – Strategy and Operations
    The Chief Operations Officer title has been changed to Chief Strategy and Operations Officer to represent the added functionality within the division.
    Page 16 – Strategy and Operations /Information and Technology
    A technology review conducted by the Council of the Great City Schools indicated that Broward County Public Schools needs a more coordinated approach to maximize technology resources and to have greater oversight of technology usage and purchases. The Council recommended the addition of a Chief Information Officer and recommended merging the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) department with the other departments within the technology division. The consolidation of the ERP and ETS departments will maximize technology resources and has eliminated two (2) positions from ERP (currently within the Financial Management Division) and one (1) position from ETS. In addition, two (2) positions will be reassigned to the Business Support Center. The changes to the organizational chart reflect the Council’s recommendations.
    Eliminated Position: 1
    New Position: 1
    Page 17 – Strategy and Operations
    This page includes the Business Support Center, Charter Schools Oversight, Student Assessment and Research, Chief Building Official and Strategy and Continuous Improvement. The new Strategy and Continuous Improvement department encompasses Broward Education Foundation, Student Assessment & Research, External Partnerships, Grants, and the newly formed Performance Management. This page represents new
    functionality in the school district that will assist in continuous improvement and improved operations efforts.
    The position of Executive Director, Strategy and Continuous Improvement has been added to lead the division that is focused on strategic planning, development of performance measures with the assistance of research and evaluation, and expansion of grants and partnerships to leverage support and resources for our school district.
    The Coordinator of Performance Management has been established to work in the area of performance management. A staff member from Core Curriculum has been reassigned to assume the role of the Coordinator. The Executive Director, Strategy and Continuous Improvement and the Coordinator will work on the development of performance measures and goals that are aligned to the District Strategic Plan that will assist the District in improving efficiency and providing clear goals, expectations and outcomes for improved performance.
    Another added functionality to the organization is the newly created Business Support Center (BSC). The BSC will provide operational efficiencies by providing centralized purchasing from school budgets, bookkeeping, and management of internal accounts for schools. Other business functions will be added to the BSC as needed. Four (4) positions are being reassigned from other divisions to establish the core management of the BSC. The 2012-2013 school year will be spent working on re-engineering all current business processes to align to the new centralized model. The team will also field test the new processes to ensure their effectiveness and work collaboratively with the Federation of Public Employees (FOPE) to establish a transition plan for the full implementation of the BSC in the 2013-2014 school year. Schools with bookkeeping vacancies in 2012-2013 will pilot the BSC and assist with the development of the implementation plan.
    Additionally, three (3) positions have been added to the Charter School Oversight Department to assist the District in providing improved oversight, monitoring, and communication to the charter schools. The added staff will monitor services and curriculum provided to the students attending charter schools.
    One (1) new Curriculum Specialist/Grant Coordinator has been added to the Grants Department using Race to the Top (RTTT) funding to oversee the grant initiatives and expenditure of Race to the Top funds.
    The addition of the Director, External Partnerships position is being added to leverage large partners, foundations, and donors. The position will focus on large District-level initiatives, customer-strategy focused outcomes and legislative support. Combining the Partners in Education and Broward Education Foundation positions under the same division will provide improved synergy and collaboration when working with District partners.
    Eliminated Position: 1
    New Positions: 6
    Page 18 – Strategy and Operations
    This page includes Food and Nutrition Services, Supply Management and Logistics and Student Transportation and Fleet Services departments. The Student Transportation and Fleet Services Department has been undergoing a thorough review and analysis to determine improved efficiencies and ways to lower costs and reduce the budget. The Department is making improvements such as reduction of vacant positions, routing
    efficiencies, reduction in overtime expenses, and the sale of equipment parts that will yield a $15 million savings in 2012-2013; however, the administration requires expanded oversight, direction and leadership. Two new positions, the Assistant Director, Transportation Support Services and Operations Manager are being created to provide improved supervision and accountability.
    New Positions: 2
    Page 19 – Talent Development
    Talent Development collaborates with all Divisions and Schools in the District and higher education partners to provide an array of professional learning and continuing education programs for all employees (instructional, administrative, and non-instructional personnel), through a well-defined organizational structure and integrated processes which are aligned to the District’s Strategic Plan, State Statutes, and research-based national standards.
    Talent Development is committed to designing, implementing, and maintaining programs that support development of employee expertise. By employing measurement systems to ensure Return on Investment (ROI) and providing clear monitoring structures, Talent Development ensures that professional development is implemented with fidelity for continuous improvement and professional learning effectiveness. To assist in these improvements to the Professional Development System, a Research Specialist, funded through Race to the Top, is being hired to assist in creating performance metrics and conducting summative research and data analyses concerning professional learning programs and initiatives, as well as providing guidance to professional developers in conducting formative evaluations of their professional development offerings.
    The position of Director, Program Development & Alignment was eliminated which was responsible for coordinating the Title II grant and overseeing Broward Virtual University. The staff and responsibilities have been reassigned to the Director, Teacher Development and Director, Professional Development Support.
    Eliminated Position: 1
    New Position: 1

    This is part of the agenda item on the Superintendent’s organizational change. Although it promises at least a $25 million reduction in costs, Runcie refused to answer repeated questions on how the money is being saved and where the savings comes from.
    Among the items he was criticized for at the meeting by the public was eliminating positions responsible for combating gang activity in the schools. He was also criticized for eliminating a position at BECON TV to fund his own spokesman.
    Four positions are being added that will sell services to charter schools. After questioning, Runcie’s staff admitted that there is no guarantee that the charters will buy these services, thus eliminating the revenue anticipated from these four positions.
    I’ve got an old political term for this agenda item: smoke and mirrors.
    Two School Board members saw through it — Patti Good and Nora Rupert.

  25. Good Ole Days says:

    I know its not popular to come on here and say positive things about the former Superintendent, but when Notter was here, the Board held numerous workshops on the budget, all of which were open to the public and fairly well attended. I know because I was one of those in attendance. Go back and look at the eAgenda a few years back and you will see multiple budget workshops.

    Before Notter even submitted his budget, it was vetted with his staff and the board and the public. Nothing was hidden.

    Makes you kinda wish for the good ol’ days, doesn’t it?

  26. Mia says:

    I’m confused..Doesn’t Mr.Runcie work for school board members and not the other way around? If I were to ignore my boss and not answer questions I would be written up for insubordination…

  27. Former Employee says:

    The public is being bamboozled. When they say job duties will be re-distributed they lie. What happens is, the jobs go undone. Someone needs to ask why the Board lets some departments pick one job category to keep gutting from.

  28. butch says:

    Bring back Darla Carter she didnt take shit from her husband and certainly not Runcie.

  29. Doubles Anyone says:

    Dear Shelly Solomon

    Thanks for your answer,or lack thereof, as usual you show yet again that all you can do is yap in soundbites but once you are asked to scratch the surface and propose actual changes you would do on the Board you fall flat. Go back to tennis lessons.

  30. taxpayer says:

    Mia is right. And further don’t (elected)school board members work for taxpayers?
    Good ole days is right as well but Notter came up thru the ranks for better or worse so his power had not completely gone to his head. Runcie walked on water from Chicago once he got this gig, so he already feels infallible. Someone needs to show him a chart of the dates/timeline of prior superintendednts so he can see how short a tenure can be, contract or not. And I’ll say it again – the sooner we go broke the better, because they will be forced to live withing their means.

  31. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To “Pay Attention” there my god what where you writeing a thesis. You got OCD-. The Super has to put people(staff) that he can trust and work with. This Board gave him this job, come on, let him to it.

  32. Missy says:

    Sadly, most of the so-called “administrators” whose jobs are being eliminated work in schools with children and do not make six figures. Their jobs are being cut due to the corruption and politics of the school board. How the hell do you cut people with years of seniority and invent new positions in which to hire your friends? Having worked for these scoundrels, I know first hand about the way they mismanage, um, run the district.

  33. Mia says:

    So True! I can’t believe that we have MORE of the same! When will we have board members that actually care for our children?Nora Rupert and Patti Good should be cloned! They are our only hope!

  34. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    Good Democrat government.

  35. s only says:

    Runcie and School Board should stop paying rent on off campus offices and use the empty space in under enrolled schools. If this opens up space downtown, then lease a floor to some other business and get some much needed revenue.

    Some schools may need to be closed or merged. Administration should be cut cut cut. Central departments should be cut by at least the % of enrollment loss made by charters and then some. Most “administrators” should be based in schools anyway. See what’s really happening in the schools.

    I think Runcie should be able to bring some of his friends. But this could be done by attrition and/or the people he is replacing should go back to a position the schools.

    So sad that Runcie talked in circles when Rupert and Good questioned him. Does he think we’re stupid? It made him look ridiculous and either he did not know the answers or he was covering up that he did.

    The teachers are the only ones with the true influence on our students, our future. When are the board, the administration, the people in our society going to realize, recognize and reward this?

  36. Bullied out of kcw says:

    The issue is that high school teachers must now teach SIX classes with no extra pay and STILL do professional development on the new standards and instructional strategies. If Runcie really cared about teachers, he would give us our STEP, long overdue, and simply take high schools off of traditional block schedules to help save money. The straight or rotator seven is futile; you get nothing accomplished!

    Meanwhile, the same incompetent leaders remain on their tushes at central office. And even though they’re being demoted, they get one year of salary protection. All the while, BTU allows its members to be treated like garbage.

  37. Wah wah says:

    The issue is that teachers were ALWAYS supposed to teach six out of seven periods on a seven schedule. Check your contract. Years ago, when money was flush, the district allowed teachers to teach 5 out of 7 and paid them for the extra period. Now that money is tight, they are adhering to the contract.

    BTU allows its members to be treated like garbage? When are you teachers going to wake up and demand better leadership? You allowed Santeramo and his goons to control the union for way too long, ignoring or choosing not to understand that they were never doing you any favors. They only cared about and protected their own, highly paid upper level staff.

    And the administrators who get one year of salary protection? That was also bargained, through their meet and greet groups. Are you opposed to bargaining that protects the employee? I bet if that salary protection applied to you, you would be all in favor of it.

  38. Reading Coach says:

    Mr. Runcie vowed not to touch schools, with an emphasis on teaching and learning. Yet, he has cut reading coaches from schools. We do so much more than reading..this valuable support position was eliminated without prior thought. Who will organize / administer assessments, provide reading and math interventions to struggling students and perform the many varied tasks that we are responsible for? When questioned, he states Title One schools will be able to keep their coach. What about the other schools..do they pay the price for being high-performing?

  39. Real Deal says:

    To Sam — yes relatively speaking Broward is an ignorant peasant when it comes to running a school system and that assessment is earned on the basis on our own track record. I it very healthy for you to acknowledge that fact.

    To bc629 — Thank you for the correction. From the balance of your comment I can detect that had I the benefit of your insight instead of my own I would most assuredly become a better typist.

    To the balance of the org chart cynics — Let the man do his job. Give him time to complete his reorganization. Judge him on the basis of his outcomes not intermediate steps. There will be pain associated with transforming this corrupt, inefficient, fractured, arrogant and evil school system. It’s plainly obvious that many of the comments posted here come from people likely to say ouch in that process.

  40. Tired says:

    Sadly I have no Faith in any of the School Board members or there Administrators. So why does Runcie need to hire two more so he can hide behind his desk and let them do his dirty work, none of them care about our children or there education it’s all about taking care of there own, they have proven it. We should vote them all out.

  41. disgusted says:

    I must agree with Tired. After hearing about numerous problems the School Board has encountered and ultimately ignored…..I AGREE! VOTE THEM ALL OUT! Let’s bring in people who care about our children and who have morals.


    I agree with tired. After hearing about numerous problems the School Board has encountered and ultimately ignored….I agree! VOTE THEM ALL OUT! Lets bring people in who care about our children and have morals.