Dirty Campaign Launched Against Gottlieb


Some voters received a flyer today (August 14) blasting “The Dirty Politics of Ken Gottlieb.
The piece is trash and belongs in the garbage.
Gottlieb is one of three Democratic candidates in a hot primary battle for the seat being given up by state Sen. Steve Geller.  Geller can’t run again because of term limits.
The other Democrats in the race are former state Reps. Tim Ryan and Eleanor Sobel, who also served on the Broward School Board. 
The flyer was paid for by The People for a Better Florida Fund, a Tallahassee organization funded by the medical industry. 
Sobel’s husband is a dermatologist and she has long standing ties in Tallahassee to the medical industry.
Nothing wrong with that.  There is plenty wrong with this flyer.  
The flyer states, among other things, that Gottlieb has accepted donations from “big Republican donors.
In a Democratic primary that charge could kill a candidate. And maybe some of Gottlieb’s money did come from Republicans.
What isn’t said is The People for a Better Florida Fund that paid for the flyer takes money from medical groups.  Surely Republican health care professionals and doctors contribute some of that money.
The same People for a Better Florida Fund sent out flyers earlier this month which said:
 “Special interests have a problem with Eleanor Sobel…and she has a problem with them,”
Funny, Eleanor.  I thought the Florida Medical Association, the state’s physicians and health care organizations were a major “special interest.  The medical industry is one of the most influential special interests in the state.
The medical industry wants voters to believe Ken Gottlieb plays Dirty Politics.  It is really the medical industry that is playing dirty politics.  


2 Responses to “Dirty Campaign Launched Against Gottlieb”

  1. anonymous says:

    it seems clear..everyone down there should vote for the person not accused of playing dirty politics, Tim Ryan

  2. S. Only says:

    that’s funny—I got a recorded call today that said that RYAN was playing dirty politics–about his land deal…