Dinnen “Mistaken” For Lobbyist


I want to thank blogger Chaz Stevens for the following bit of silliness.

Lobbyists are so entwined with the Broward School Board that the paper pushers at the school system mistakenly gave  Board member Maureen Dinnen the job title of  “lobbyist on her telephone bill.

Stevens obtained the telephone records of the nine Board members and published them. 

Good solid journalism!

Eight of the nine bills identify their job title as “Board member.

Dinnen is identified as a “lobbyist.

Here is Stevens’  full report.

5 Responses to “Dinnen “Mistaken” For Lobbyist”

  1. Chaz Stevens says:

    Chaz Stevens is my hero.

  2. Mr. Jay says:

    Now who is calling the kettle black! Dinnen was put on SBBC by BTUseless because she is the former president of the Florida Teachers Union. She may not be a lobbyist in name but look at how she got there and who her alligence is toward. Not the students and parents!

    We lost a few wonderful school board members over to years to special interests who would not dance to BTUsless’s music and others.

    Darla Carter was took no garbarge from anyone along with Marty Rubinstein. These two folks were not part of the “network!” Gotlieb is another put on the SBBC because of BTUseless. So you see my dear friends it is all interwined some how!

  3. InTheKnow says:

    Dinnen IS a lobbyist. Don’t forget the money from Sterling to lobby the State for more education money.

    She just “happens” to be a School Board member as well. One that represents the BTU. Lobbyist? I think that “somebody” who listed her as a lobbyist on the phone bill hit the nail right on the head.

    FROM BUDDY: I didn’t forget about Dinnen taking Sterling’s money. I wrote about it!
    And I agree with you.

  4. No Mistake says:

    Dinnen is a lobbyist. She is a mouthpiece for the teachers union. Having her on the School Board is like having the head of the UAW as president of Ford.

  5. Mr. Jay says:

    Yes, Dinnen is the lobbyist for the BTUseless but do not forget about Gottlieb, She got there the same way, she pushed out a great member Darla Carter. Gottlieb was put up by BTUseless to shut Carter up and get her out. Carter took no crap from anyone and could not be bought!

    Maybe when Steph goes to the big house Uncle Charlie will re-appoint Darla because she was honest and did the right thing. Wouldn’t it be great if Darla and Marty came back???