Dijols’ Last Chance Filed With Supremes



Judge Pedro Dijols last chance to keep his seat was filed in the Florida Supreme Court today.

A 27-page brief asks the court to reverse a Fourth District Court of Appeal ruling that would keep Dijols from running in November. It asks that he replace Mardi Anne Levey/Cohen in the November race.

The appeal was largely written by Nova Southeastern Law School professor Bruce Rogow with the help of Fort Lauderdale legal and political heavyweight Bill Scherer.

The justices are asked to return Dijols to the race because:

 “Mardi Anne Levey used a name different than her official Bar name, and different than the name by which she transacts private and official business, she was ineligible to run and to qualify for circuit judge.  Mardi Anne Levey should therefore by removed from the November 4, ballot.

It asks the court to “expeditiously review the decision of the district court rendered September 24 and reverse it.

The district court ruled that although Mardi Anne Levey was commonly known as Mardi Cohen, Dijols’ attorneys waited too long and should have filed suit before the election.

The appeal to the Supremes contends that the current version of election law 102.168 “expressly provides that an unsuccessful candidate may contest an election based on the ineligibility of the successful candidate.

Ballots have already been mailed out containing Dijols’ name based on a ruling of the trial court, which was reversed by the appeals court. If the Supreme Court rules that Levey/Cohen should remain in the race, a vote for Dijols will count as a vote for her.

The third candidate in the race is Bernard “Bernie” Bober, brother of the mayor of Hollywood.   

The court testimony indicated that there was no lawyer in the state of Florida named Mardi Anne Levey, which is Cohen’s maiden name. Thus, Dijols’ lawyers argued, Levey/Cohen could not lawfully be elected judge.


3 Responses to “Dijols’ Last Chance Filed With Supremes”

  1. mister courthouse says:

    Big Bill Scherer does it again! If I was in trouble, I would want Scherer.

  2. he says:

    Scherer and Rogow are scum bags and anti women. Why are they picking on Levey and not Bober?
    Look at Scherer’s record on the JNC. He never appt. women, just Cuban Republicans and conservatives.

  3. Mardi is The wost says:

    How can u call them antiwomen. Mardi cohen is not a lady or even close. Anyone that knows he will say that she is the nasitiest, least qualified lawyer in brward County. Her former peers inthe State dispise her and her peers voted her the least qualified in the broward bar poll. So this makes them anit-women, no they are just anither