Update: Did Sheriff’s New Administrator Protect Accused Child Molester?


Scott Israel picked a couple of political insiders who backed his campaign to key roles at the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

But one of the new sheriff’s choices – Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo – is currently embroiled in a controversy left over from his old job.

He is accused of protecting a man repeatedly accused of child molesting.

Angelo Castillo was hired as an administrator in the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Israel said.  His name was not on a news release of appointments below.

“He is not getting a command position (so he is not on the list),” Israel said. “I’m very well aware of the news out there about Broward House.  We will be exercising our due diligence fully. If everything is as Angelo says, he will be offered something administrative.”

Israel points out, correctly, that he can’t really investigate the truth of the Broward House allegations until he takes office in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Angelo Castillo’s wife, campaign consultant Lisa Castillo who helped on Israel’s election,  was named Israel’s new chief of staff on Wednesday.

Angelo was previously Chief Executive Officer of Broward House, a HIV and AIDS service center in Fort Lauderdale.  He is in hot water because he supported Michael McGuigan, another administrator at Broward House, against allegations that he was a child molester.

Then Angelo left Broward House.  McGuigan became his replacement as CEO.

During Angelo’s time as CEO at Broward House,  he backed McGuigan despite what the Miami Herald called “repeated allegations that Michael McGuigan made inappropriate sexual advances toward children.”

The allegations against McGuigan, which were widely known at Broward House, should have  “tipped the balance against his acquiring a position that puts him in direct contact with children. Yet he had high-profile defenders, including Angelo Castillo , who retired as Broward House ’s CEO in September, and Dean Trantalis, a former Fort Lauderdale commissioner, who serves on the board,” The Herald said in an editorial.

Trantalis is currently running for Fort Lauderdale commission.

Other Herald stories say that Castillo told Broward House board members that “there was no problem; the allegations were unfounded.”

McGuigan quit as CEO in November after newspaper stories broke about him.

Yes, McGuigan has never been charged.  But he has been the subject of a number of investigations by child welfare organizations and police since at least 2000. The investigations continue, according to The Herald.

So it is no surprise that the appointment of Angelo, who supported McGuigan despite the allegations,  immediately raised the ire of childcare advocates.

“Scott Israel is making a major mistake,” a leading voice in the state child welfare community said.

Castillo answered his critics in e-mail to Browardbeat.com:

“The employee was hired sometime around 2005 having successfully undergone all state required background and fingerprint checks.  He came to Broward House directly following many years of employment as a manager with the City of Fort Lauderdale.

“Sometime around May, 2011 he voluntarily disclosed to the agency that he had become aware of a criminal investigation stemming from a complaint of inappropriate conduct that allegedly took place decades before he had become employed by the agency.  No charges had been filed at the time of this voluntary disclosure.  He had not been arrested.  Had the employee not disclosed this information voluntarily, Broward House might never have become aware of the matter. 

“I immediately contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration to report the incident as appropriate and ask for their guidance in addressing the matter.  Both responded that no action was required until and unless charges were brought, and even then the response would depend on the specific nature of the charge brought.  I shared that information with the board’s executive committee and a decision was reached to follow the state’s guidance.  As a precautionary step, direction was given to the employee to refrain from contact with Broward House clients.  That direction did not prevent the employee from performing his duties as the employee’s role was administrative in nature.  This course of action was implemented and events were monitored. 

“To be clear, there was never an allegation that I am aware of that this employee was involved in inappropriate conduct of any kind at Broward House or elsewhere while employed by Broward House.  The allegation against him known to me involved alleged conduct taking place in the 1980s.”

“My decision to leave Broward House was amicable and mutually agreeable.  My departure had nothing to do with this employee or the allegation against him.  I had no involvement with any employment decisions regarding this employee following my departure including any decision to promote him.   Nor did I have any involvement with any comment made by board members or others about his subsequent resignation.”

“It should never be overlooked that Broward House has always provided and continues to provide outstanding assistance to some of our most frail and needy individuals countywide.   The agency plays an essential role in maintaining the social service and housing safety net within our community.  We did amazing work together during my time there and my wish for them today and always is for continued success.”


This one is not over yet.


For Immediate Release: December 19, 2012

Transition Team Office of the Broward County Sheriff-elect 200 S.W. 1st Avenue, 12th Floor
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301


Contact: Sheriff-elect Scott Israel 954.525.4100

Broward County Sheriff-elect Scott J. Israel announced the core members of his new Broward Sheriff’s Office Command Staff leadership on Wednesday morning. “I am proud to announce our new BSO Command Staff leaders who will work with me to move BSO forward in a new and positive direction,” said Israel. “The men and women I selected represent some of the best, brightest, and most innovative law enforcement officials and professionals in South Florida.”

The following are the individuals named to the new BSO Command Staff (effective when Sheriff-elect Israel takes office on January 8, 2013).


Alvin Pollock – Colonel Kevin Tyrie – Lt. Colonel Bill Knowles – Lt. Colonel


Ron Gunzburger – General Counsel


Jack Dale – Colonel


Gary Palmer – Colonel
Kim Spadaro – Lt. Colonel E. Keith Neely – Lt. Colonel


Steve Kinsey – Colonel

DEPARTMENT OF FIRE RESCUE: Anthony Stravino – Fire Chief


Robert Pusins – Executive Director
Veda Coleman-Wright – Director of Media Relations (Acting)


Jim Chinn – Executive Director


Mary Jo Mastrodonato – Executive Assistant to the Sheriff Lisa Yagid-Castillo – Chief of Staff

The following are brief biographical sketches of the Command Staff leaders named above:

Colonel Alvin Pollock has worked in law enforcement in BSO for 35 years. He currently serves as the Watch Commander in charge of the entire county. Over the years, Pollock has served in the Organized Crime Division, Recruitment, Patrol Division, Gang Unit, Community Relations, and various other units in the agency. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Admin from Barry University, and is currently working on his Master’s degree.

Lt. Colonel Kevin Tyrie began his law enforcement career in 1981 with the City of Delray Beach. He joined BSO in February 1983 and has been assigned to Road Patrol, District SET, Fugitive, Robbery, SID, Special Services, Shift Commander and as a District Chief. He has been a Regional Major in BSO for the past five years. Tyrie earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from FAU, and is also a graduate of the Executive Leadership program.

Lt. Colonel Bill Knowles currently served as the Chief of BSO’s Pompano Beach District. He is also currently the Major over the Pompano Beach and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea district offices. In that capacity, Knowles supervises the fiscal and administrative management of the districts’ personnel and their annual operating budget. He was a 21-year veteran of the Pompano Beach Police Department, joining BSO in 1999. Knowles is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Southern Police Institute.

General Counsel Ron Gunzburger has practiced law in Broward County since 1988. He has served as General Counsel and Director of Administration for the Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office since 2003. Over the past 24 years, Gunzburger has also served as a civil litigation partner in a “Top 100” national law firm, General Counsel/Chief Operating Officer of a dot-com corporation based in Washington, DC, an Assistant Florida Attorney General (RICO Unit), and an Assistant Public Defender. He was also the chief strategist for Sheriff-elect Israel’s 2012 campaign. He earned his B.A. degree from George Washington University, and his law degree cum laude from Vermont Law School.

Colonel John D. “Jack” Dale has 22 years of service with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, is the current Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division, and the former commander of Internal Affairs. He has a strong background in criminal investigations, drug trafficking investigations, internal affairs, patrol operations, staff inspections and SWAT; and is an instructor in the areas of leadership, drug trafficking, firearms and tactics. Dale has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Management and is a graduate of the Police Executive Research Forum’s Senior Management Institute, the DEA Drug Unit Commanders Academy, and the National Institute of Justice Law Enforcement Technology Institute.

Colonel Gary Palmer is a 32 year veteran with dual certification in law enforcement and corrections. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the University of Louisville Southern Police Institute Command Officers Development Course and Administrative Officers Course; as well as a graduate from the prestigious Senior Management Institute of Police Senior Executive Leadership School at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and the Florida Police Chief’s Training Program. During his tenure with BSO he was assigned to Road Patrol, Organized Crime, Selective Enforcement Team, Internal Affairs, Human Resources and Criminal Investigations; and has experience in contract negotiations, labor relations, facility design and maintenance, purchasing, personnel management, capital improvements and budgeting.

Lt. Colonel Kim Spadaro has served as a BSO Lt. Colonel since December 2010 and is currently assigned to the position of Director of Detention Operations. Previously, she served as a Major who oversaw South Operations and a captain in command of BSO’s Central Intake the Compliance Unit. She earned a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program and the Southern Police Institute Command Officers Development Program. Lt. Colonel Spadaro’s many professional

accomplishments include becoming a Certified Jail Manager and a Certified Law Enforcement Officer. Since April 2012, Spadaro has served as President of the American Jail Association (AJA).

Lt. Colonel E. Keith Neely currently serves as a BSO Major. He first joined BSO in 1987 as a detention deputy. Throughout his career, Neely has worked in and supervised the Mental Health Unit, Inmate Booking, Classification and the Transportation Unit. He has also served as an investigator and supervisor in Internal Affairs. Neely holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Barry University and is a graduate of the 2001 Executive Leadership Program, 2004 Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute, 2005 Southern Police Institute and is a Certified Jail Manager (America Jail Association). He also serves on the Florida Corrections Accreditations Commission.

Colonel Steve Kinsey is a 21 year veteran of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. He served as a senior level manager for the last 10 years, including the last four as the Operations Bureau Assistant Chief. Kinsey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Florida State University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Florida International University; is a graduate of the 234th session of the FBI National Academy; and is a graduate of the P.E.R.F. Senior Management Institute for Police.

Fire Chief Anthony P. Stravino has 35 years in Fire and Rescue Service employment, including 28 years as a senior command level officer. He holds separate Associate degrees in Business Administration and Fire Science, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a graduate degree in Human Resource Management, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Stravino is a nationally accredited Chief Fire Officer Designee (CFO) and vice president of the Fire Chiefs Association of Broward County.

Executive Director Robert R. Pusins served the Fort Lauderdale Police Department for over 30 years and retired with the rank of major. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He has recently been in private practice consulting nationally as an expert in police practices and procedures.

Director of Media Relations (Acting) Veda Coleman-Wright has served as Senior Public Information Officer since 1996. Before joining BSO, she was a reporter and television assignment editor at WPLG-TV/Channel 10, and an information specialist for the Florida Department of Insurance. Coleman-Wright attended Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, earning a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

Executive Director Jim Chinn has been teaching criminal justice since 1973, first at Nova University and currently at FAU. He also served at BSO from 1982 through 2003, starting as a road patrol deputy. Over the years he rose through the ranks to serve as Supervisor of Major Narcotics, directed drug and money laundering task forces, was Executive Lieutenant in Pompano Beach (Dist 9), held the rank of Captain, and served as BSO’s Director of Training. Chinn holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics from Western Kentucky University; and a Doctorate in Mathematics (minor in Educational Research) from FAU. He has also served as a consultant with 500+ police agencies since the 1970s on policy research, grants writing, and other matters.

Sheriff’s Executive Assistant Mary Jo Mastrodonato served the Fort Lauderdale Police Department for 11 years (Patrol Division, Special Victims, Special Investigations, Metro Intelligence Unit; and in the Chief’s Office as Administrative Support to Command Staff). For the last eight years, she served the North Bay Village Police Department as an executive administrator in the position of the Assistant to the Chief.

Chief of Staff Lisa Yagid-Castillo served as a Legislative Assistant to former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, Senior Manager of Operations at the NYC School Construction Authority, and as Chief Aide to Broward County Commissioner Jim Scott. She holds a degree in marketing from the State University of New York.


41 Responses to “Update: Did Sheriff’s New Administrator Protect Accused Child Molester?”


    So far the only one not worthy is Kim Spadaro. She will definately assume the position to get the position!!!!!

    Getting caught in the showers with other Deputies to get promoted is just one of her specialized forms of work. Watch out for those showers Sheriff Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dick Steele says:

    Israel is a disappointment. Appoint a real lawyer, not Mommy’s boy Ron Gunzburger.

  3. Discuss says:

    Angelo says

    “To be clear, there was never an allegation that I am aware of that this employee was involved in inappropriate conduct of any kind at Broward House or elsewhere while employed by Broward House. The allegation against him known to me involved alleged conduct taking place in the 1980s”

    Yet as reported in the Herald…

    In February 2011, a Broward County judge ordered that no foster children be placed in McGuigan’s home after an 8-year-old boy told his caseworkers that McGuigan had molested him. By that time, DCF had already removed three foster children from McGuigan’s home, and McGuigan then relinquished his foster care license.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/11/09/3090152_p2/ceo-accused-of-child-sex-abuse.html#storylink=cpy

    Angelo stop lying please…

  4. No Way says:

    Israel didn’t announce Angelo’s appointment because now he can back out and say it was never planned and the media got it wrong. Angelo will never work for BSO and should never work for BSO.

  5. Lois says:

    Each time Angelo speaks his words suggest that he is a little less guilty than the last time he spoke. By the time he is done, he will try to make us believe he never even heard of Broward House. By the way, anytime you hire an administrator and tell him to avoid contact with the clientele, you’ve got a major problem.

  6. Angelo Castillo says:


    It’s kind of sad to see these efforts to twist these facts for political or other reasons. Sort of easy I guess to take shots when you have an ax to grind. However, that never changes the truth. I have no axes to grind and find myself in no hot water.

    I have told the truth and no amount of effort, no politically motivated desires to attack my character will prop up any lie.

    And as for these so-called “child care advocates” of yours, kindly refer them to speak to me directly. I know most of them but curiously have received no such phone calls.

    Those that know me will tell you that I’ve done more in an average week during my career to protect and defend the interests of children than most people have done in a lifetime.

    And that’s no a boast, it’s a matter of record. Protecting vulnerable people is what I’ve done for many years. And I’m good at it.

    So how dare any anonymous jerk with no direct knowledge of a situation suggest otherwise to you in so cowardly a way, without the decency of contacting me, when the truth is state instructions regarding the handling of a matter under investigation were followed were followed? When this matter was fully and immediately disclosed?

    My statement is truthful and I stand by it 100%. I defy anyone to disprove even one word of my statement.

    I’ve been hearing comments about “backed, protected, defended, vouched, recommended, promoted, etc.” All of that is bullshit. No such things ever took place.

    My one and only role in this matter was to protect the agency I served by disclosing a matter to the state that needed to be reported and following the guidance they suggested in response to the situation.

    That is what happened. And all the twisted efforts of some won’t change those facts.


  7. OpenEyes says:

    Buddy: Why have you not reported on who is calling the shots in this new administration? None other that convicted felon Ken Jenne. All of these folks listed for firing were hand picked to leave by Ken Jenne. Mr. Jenne is consulted on each and every move and has had to reprimand Gunzburger for speaking off the cuff and not consulting with him first. Irael is sadly a puppet, not the leader. This is a serious issue, a convicted felon running one of the largest public safety agencies in the country. Keep looking Buddy, as they turn on Israel you will hear more and more of this.

  8. Poor Angelo says:

    Angelo, I will be waiting with anticipation for your defamation suit against the Herald. The problem is that all anyone has done is reprint all or parts of the Herald articles which are inconsistent with your public statements. Are you calling the Herald liars?

    Everyone go back and listen to this interview about Angelo and Judy Stern. As you listen to it, replace the words “judy stern” with Michael McGuigan and you can see/hear the same Castillo bullshit. You know the same castillo bullshit where angelo keeps talking and talking or writing and writing until everyone gets tired of listening to him drone on and moves on.


    The problem is Angelo, you are correct, you didnt do anything “wrong” but you also didnt do anything RIGHT, you let this guy slide.


  9. The Wall says:

    Angelo, is there something about Ray Diez that needs to be shared too? Your behavior illustrates a very bad pattern of cover up.

  10. Angelo Castillo says:

    Dear Poor,

    This shall be my last comment on subject because it’s silly now to try beyond this.

    First it was “hired” then it was “promoted” which are both lies. Then it was recommended, suggested, protected. A few other things in between. Then it was vouched. And now you introduce the concept of “slide.” That’s quite an evolution but none of those are true.

    The truth is I reported the facts immediately upon hearing the information to the state and others that needed to know. I then implemented the state’s guidance relying on their greater experience in the proper handling of cases in which an investigation was in process but an arrest or a charge had that not yet resulted.

    Anybody that says otherwise is lying about these facts.

    That course of action is NOT letting someone slide. That course of action is called handling a matter in a prudent and professional way.

    Now, if you have a better suggestion on the proper handling of so complex a fact pattern, some insight that might illuminate the practice of government, employment law, social services, any suggestion at all that might transport this conversation from the gutter in which you dwell, then please, by all means, suggest it.

    We’re all ears. Illuminate us with your better course of action or kindly “slide” back into your snake hole.


  11. Omitted on resume? says:

    Where did Lisa Castillo work after Jim Scott? I am sure it was just an accidential omission. She was Judy Stern’s secretary. Looks like Judy is back at BSO…


    As soon as Castillo filed last week to run for the seat, his wife, Lisa Castillo, quit her day job to run his campaign. What was Lisa Castillo’s day job? Well, she worked as — drum roll, please — Judy Stern’s assistant at her consulting firm.

    Before working with Stern, Lisa Castillo served as an aide for County Commissioner Jim Scott, who was another Stern loyalist. It was after Scott lost to now-Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl that Lisa Castillo went to work for Stern.

    I suppose her husband, Angelo, is a frontrunner in the race, so it looks to be another notch on Stern’s belt. That would give her four.

  12. Floridan says:

    All this is 99.9 percent partisan politics. If you don’t want the person who wins the election for Sheriff to put his or her own in management positions, then support a movement for an appointed Sheriff.

    As for Angelo Castillo, if it weren’t this issue, his detractors would find something else to attack him with. Until specific charges are made, I consider all this no more than the usual drumbeat of the malcontents.

  13. JNC says:

    Nothing on the Governors new judicial appt ? He must be desperate

  14. James lee says:

    Please check into current Broward House CEO, Stacey Hyde. She also knew everything about McGuigen’s past and covered it up too.

  15. James lee says:

    Stacey Hyde is also running Broward House into the ground. They now have 1/3 of the employees that they had 4 months ago. Those that are left fear for the axing by the queen. Hyde knows a little about nothing and the agency will fail within the next year, mark my words.

  16. Broward says:

    First, I find it quite interesting Angello aka. Mr. Big Mouth, Let Me Put My Foot In My Mouth Again” has become quite hostile in his remarks. A new Administrator at the BSO using curse words in his remarks. Excellent reflection on the Agency New Administration.

    Secondly, you can bet no matter what comes of this situation, Israel will hire Angello. He owes Angello and his wife and it’s payback time!!!

    Thirdly, why would Israel say we will exercise our due diligence if there was no validity to the allegations. He is Angello’s friend and spends lots of time with him, so why wouldn’t he just say Angello is clear and of good moral character. Why?? because it’s all most likely true and thats why Angello was let go by Broward House. Angello according to sources didn’t knew anythign abotu what was going on and the number two was running everything.

    Angello portrays himself as a “know it all” “I do my homework”, but all of a sudden he recommends a person for his job with serious allegations involving young boys and he mysteriously “Knows Nothing.” Angello and Israel are from the same school, lie, lie and lie until you have to change the story!!!

    Let’s be sure of a few things.

    1. Angello can run in Pines all he wants and Lisa can run around as his campaign manager, but??
    2. The taxpayers of Broward County will be fully aware of Angello’s costly decision on the prision and;
    3. The taxpayers will be made very clear Angello’s costly decision to support a person with serious sexual allegations against little boys and;
    4. The taxpayers will be made aware the both Angello and Lisa are on the Broward Taxpayers payroll and we will be watchign every move during their working hours to make sure the Pines residents will not be paying him twice at the same time.

    In closing, we will be aggressively looking for a prime candidate to run against Angello, which will make being a BSO Administrator and Pines Commissioner at the same time a difficult task.

    Also, who in these economic times would leave their $172,000.00 job at Broward House and say it’s just time to move on??? A person would have to be in serious trouble of beign fired and that’s what was happening to Angello. The word is he resigned instead of being fired and now he desparately need the BSO job. $172,000.00 NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WALKS FROM A JOB THAT PAYS THAT MUCH, UNLESS THERE IS A REASON!!!!!

  17. Agree With Broward says:

    I must say, Broward explained it very well. I totally agree and feel the taxpayers should know Angello is on the Broward County and Pembroke Pines Commission and having two government entities contributing to his pension at the same time???

    Buddy, is it even legal to take a paid vacation day as a BSO Administrator and then get paid by Pembroke Pines to attend a Commission Meeting and at the same time both Broward County Taxpayers and Pembroke Pines Taxpayers are both contributing to his state pension at the same time??/ I believe double dipping is illegal??? The BSO and Pines Commission are both in the same State Pension Plan???

  18. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I can see where people are concerned about Comm.Angelo Castillo. Picture this Mr.Castillo say I molest your children, get acquited, or don’t get charged etc. Then your son, etc commits suicide-, and I lose my right to adoption etc.So I was not convicted hence give me a job paying over 100g a year.This is precisely why so many people are disgusted w/ Mr.castillo stance concerning Mr.Mcguigan. So again to say it differenty. Let say I rob a bank, no make it a Brinks truck(be careful w/ these drivers they are certainly trigger happy, even though they ar e making 12bucks an hour-)Ok so its done, I do not get charged(Mcguigan), so Mr.Castillo gives me a job dealing w/ taxpayer funds. Again Mr.Castillo’ trump card “show me a conviction he states”. Sorry your ace in the hole is a scum-bag. District 2 canidate Dean Trantalis expressed the same stand. I never liked this Mcguigan and his father wa s just as bad. My son/daughter-you bet I get them(castrate)and then burn your house down. So as long as its somebody else is child,or childern that are put in your care, as long as you don’t get caught-everything is acceptable. This is why you should have just distance yourself Angelo. No you get right on that band-wagon and defend the “didler. Keep him(Mcguigan)…..

  19. Barb Iturate says:

    Observing you tools in south Florida, I must say that I’m glad I moved away.

    Psycho scumbags roam the streets, pit-bulls tear people to shreds, there is filth and litter everywhere. And you people just grab for mo money and “power”. So sad.

  20. Lois says:

    Angelo, in your comment above (#6), you state that those who know you know that you have done more in a week to protect and defend the interests of children than most do in a lifetime. I find it quite interesting that none of them feels compelled to jump in and defend your service to children now?

  21. Ex Con Robert Walsh says:

    Let’s take this opportunity to remind our readers that City Activist, and poor grammarian, Robert Walsh knows what he’s talking about when he accuses others of legal misconduct.


    Robert Walsh, if rumors of misconduct are grounds for keeping people out of a job, surely your criminal record is grounds for you to keep out of this conversation.

    But then again you must like to steal the spotlight, any other stealing you do at this point probably carries a 3-year minimum sentence.

    Glass houses Mr Walsh.

  22. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    I’m beginning to wonder — is “City Activist” code for “breaking and entering”?

  23. Employment Lawyer says:

    Castillo requires no defense in this situation at all because so far it adds up to a big non-issue. Castillo reported the man to state officials so it can’t be said he was protecting the employee. If he followed the state’s instructions then that is exactly what you do in any reported case much less one under investigation. He then disclosed the facts to his bosses so there was no cover-up. That is how situations like this are supposed to be handled.

    No matter how horrible the accusation, employers cannot simply fire because they learn of an investigation. There has to be an arrest and charge to justify that kind of a termination. I make a living off cases like that.

    Suggestion has been made that Castillo left his job over his handling of this employee, but how does that explain that the employee was then named to replace Castillo? It makes no sense so that can’t be right.

    More likely this is politically a motivated thing may have something to do with denying Scott Israel the staff he wants. Judy Stern is rumored to be behind this effort as are Lamberti supporters. That seems more believable to me.

    Castillo has issued a very strong and factually compelling statement. Unless any part of it can be disproved it is clear that he handled the situation correctly. Far from being implicated in any wrong doing himself, he appears to have acted appropriately throughout his handling of the issue based on the statement issued. I notice that the agency itself has not disputed the facts in Castillo’s statement.

  24. Ann Zucker says:

    The election is over. There were winners and there were those who did not prevail. It is time to put it all behind us. Scott Israel is our new Sheriff and Barack Obama is still our President. Let Scott Israel put his team together for the good of the County. The fact that he has not been allowed access to the workings of the Sheriff’s office is appalling. Stop the Obama bashing for the good of the Country. The fact that he does not have the support of Congress for the good of the economy is equally appalling. Two separate examples of how hate can disrupt the workings of a peaceful society. It’s enough! Stop the hating!

  25. Funny says:

    Like Angelo, employment lawyer selects the facts in their best effort to fit the square peg in the round hole.

    “No matter how horrible the accusation, employers cannot simply fire because they learn of an investigation. There has to be an arrest and charge to justify that kind of a termination. I make a living off cases like that.”

    No one ever questioned whether Angelo should have fired this person prior to his exit. The issue that has been raised by the Herald articles is the appearance that Angelo reccomended this person to replace him as CEO and it could be gleaned from the Herald articles that there is a question whether he made the BH Board aware all of the allegations of a pattern of abuse when supporting this person to replace him.

    I would agree Angelo broke no laws, but as it has been said here before, sometimes because an action may be legal, depending on the surrounding facts, it maybe not be “right”.

  26. Panda Bear says:

    Thank you, employment lawyer. You seem to be one of a few choice people to have sufficient intelligence to view things from the correct perspective. But in Florida we seem to go by hearsay and gossip and judge others guilty until proven innocent. It’s clearly evident that Buddy has something personal against Angelo because whenever he puts something in print about him it’s to try to smear his reputation. It must be something Angelo has that Buddy knows he never will. That toxic envy pours out in bushels. Let’s face it, this is undeniably cheap yellow press at its best. The Pulitzer will never be yours, Buddy.

  27. Lois says:

    Why turn this into a discussion of Obama? For better or worse, we remain a 50-50 country and, last time I checked, hate is rampant on both sides. Sorry, Ann, but elections do NOT make everything the victor wants to do right; never have, never will. History impartially written, by those not yet born, will, I believe, record the fact that the millions of us who worship blindly at the altar of Obama are truly the problem. And, sadly, Obama is just as fascinated with himself as you seem to be. Why, just this week, at the funeral for the truly wonderful Dan Inouye, the President mentioned HIMSELF more than 60 times. If you truly listened to him you, too, would be disturbed by what you hear. And, now, back to Angelo…

  28. Deflect Deflect Deflect says:

    Oh now Buddy has a grudge. I guess the Miami Herald has one too? Go read the Herald articles and their own Op-Ed on this subject, far more cutting than Buddy was.

    As always nothing is ever Angelo’s fault.

    Honestly, if Judy Stern is behind this thread good for her. She did so much for Angelo and gave his wife a job when Jim Scott lost and for what… when he was asked if she was involved in his campaign against Sharief he made her sound like the second coming of Rothstien and did everything but deny he even knew her. Why? Stern has never been charged or convicted or anything, he soiled her reputation and for what? Nothing. At the time of that interview she was helping him in his race.

    Total Jerk.

  29. Plain Language says:

    Funny: With all due respect I just don’t believe there is much that you can teach any us about right. In fact, why don’t you and your hater friends go back inside and watch cartoons. The adults are speaking.

  30. Floridan says:

    Lois, if you actually listened to Obama eulogy of Sen. Inouye, rather than just repeating what Fox News said about it, you would realize that when President Obama was referring to himself it was in the context of Inouye’s influence on him and others.

  31. Real Deal says:

    Floridan, don’t even waste the effort. As a friend once told me, never try to teach a pig to sing. It won’t work and trying only annoys the pig. It’s pretty clear where this entire thread is coming from and the kind of darkness that motivates it. They attack a guy who they can’t compare to simply because he’s successful and they are not. That is reason enough to invent stories and attack his character. Let them spew their poison. Move on to the next topic. The haters have been totally deflated on this one.

  32. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Real Deal

    You were friends with Robert Heinlein?

  33. Hey Hey its kool aid says:

    Thanks Real Deal

    “They attack a guy who they can’t compare to simply because he’s successful and they are not. That is reason enough to invent stories and attack his character.’

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid pal, unitl I see Castillo sue the Herald it is obvious what they wrote is true or much closer to the truth than Angelo’s bs. Inventing stories, the kool aid is kicking in I see.

    Successful, lol, at best where he is today is the ceiling. This story never goes away. Angelo will never achieve higher office. At best he is just another city commissioner. He just quit a job paying 150k or more to go be an administrator with BSO, sounds like a major salary cut. Yes he is quite successful.

  34. Real Deal says:

    No. But I guess my friend was!

  35. Real Deal says:

    You have to take pity on these Lamberti people especially Alan Berkowitz and Judy Stern who put everything on the line and did all they could but lost anyway.

    Their pain must be very deep to provoke so sloppy and transparent an act of revenge on their part. The facts won’t stick in their revenge story just as it didn’t in their failed campaign. That makes their loss all the more frustrating and pitiful.

    This issue is all about taking revenge against one person for having the courage to oppose an incumbent sheriff in an election. Such courage must be punished if politics is to remain controlled by the power elite in this town. They are very used to having things their own way. Problem is sometimes the voters have their own say in how things will go.

    But it has been amusing to see this play out. We now see the depths to which these leaches living off to the side of government will go in order to stay fed.

  36. West Broward says:

    Ann Zucker should stop all of her bolony. Ann?? Nobody cares what you think and nobody believes anything that comes out of your mouth. You talk so much shit about people and should first look in the mirror at yourself and the lies you run around telling people about others. Scott Israel was arrested, was court ordered to pay child support, had a foreclosure and lies about everything just like you. Scott Israel is not even a sworn COP, so he is not even entitled to internal information at the BSO.

  37. Lois says:

    Sorry, Floridan, I read it in the Sentinel. Obama always makes everything about him, and it does not take Fox News or any other media outlet to explain that. I suggest you LISTEN to him yourself for a little clarity.

  38. Jeri says:

    As of 1/7/2013, Broward House is still paying Michael McGuigen with HOPWA taxpayer funds. Disgraceful, do the research. Ask new CEO Stacey Hyde why she condones paying a child molestor for no work. He was fired, or was he?

  39. Floridan says:

    Lois, I just reread Obama eulogy of Sen. Inouye and, in my opinion you are wrong. The president used his own experience of first, as a child, discovering Inouye during the Watergate Hearings, and then learing about his service to his country and finally to serving with him in Congress as a way to reveal Inouye’s place in American history (which, in the second half of the eulogy he developed more fully)and in the hearts of family, friends and fellow citizens.

    Actually, this is a rhetorical deveice that is not all that uncommon in eulogies. How many times have we sat while a friend or relative of the departed recounted what that person meant to them or how he/she influenced the speaker’s life?

  40. Jeri says:

    BROWARD House is filing for Bankruptcy this week.

  41. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Accused child molester? Time for this wanker to get a job with the Catholics.