Source: Rothstein Claims $$$ Influenced Judicial Appointments


The Feds are looking into a claim by scamster Scott Rothstein that he had influenced Broward judicial appointments with campaign contributions, according a source familiar with the investigation.

The judges are not suspected of anything.   

Rothstein gave large sums of money to the Republican Party of Florida within days that three Broward judges were appointed.

In one case, the money was given the same day.


The source says Rothstein is boasting to investigators he bought the appointments from Gov. Charlie Crist and RPOF chief  Jim Greer.

I put little credibility in the babbling of a con artist desperate to cut his looming  jail sentence.  He is facing life in prison.  He would claim anything to stay out for just a day longer.  

However, I will report what I have been told from this good source.

Here is what I found out: 

On January 26, 2009, Rothstein and his law firm Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler gave $100,000 to the RPOF.  Two days later, Judges Carlos Rodriguez and Barbara McCarthy were appointed by Crist.

On July 28, 2008, Rothstein’s firm gave $52,000 to the RPOF.  That was the same day that Jay Hurley was appointed to the county court. One day later, Rothstein’s firm donated another $25,000 to the RPOF.

Once again I can’t emphasize this enough the judges are not suspected of anything

All three are running for re-election.

McCarthy received a $500 contribution from former RRA name partner, Stuart Rosenfeldt.  It was her first campaign contribution.

Hurley got $150 from Ken Padowitz, a lawyer once at RRA.

29 Responses to “Source: Rothstein Claims $$$ Influenced Judicial Appointments”

  1. Law man says says:

    If Rothstein said the sun rose in the east, I wouldn’t believe him. I hear that he is making all kinds of claims. None of them true.

  2. Where's the BEef says:

    Ok Buddy. Granted, I know this is an interesting story (by the way, what source would have issues with Hispanics on the bench as well as Jay Hurley — raises some interesting issues there — the call didn’t come from North Carolina did it?).

    But if there is no allegation that the judges were involved or did anything improper, what’s the actual story here?

    Scott Rothstein paid off the Republicans to get people who didn’t know he was involved in doing so get appointed to the bench?

    What’s the angle here? That afterwards, Scott could approach the judges to say — “Hey, if it weren’t for my donation to the Governor’s party, you wouldn’t have gotten appointed…” That seems beyond silly to me.

    A source says Rothstein is claiming to have bought judicial appointments.
    Why would he do that? To make himself appear influential, to try and involve the governor and the party chairman in his scandal and to get a lesser sentence.
    I find all this interesting. I DO agree with you that Rothstein’s claims are “silly.”

  3. Pat says:

    I think it stinks. It doesn’t pass the smell test. Barbara McCarthy has strong ties to RRA.
    She went to Rothstein to be her campaign manager and got Rosenfelt. Her husband, judge Birkin, has a son who works at RRA. I think that needs further investigating and some answers from Judge Mccarthy. Hurley has known and helped Crist for a long time now, getting Rothstein to help was probably icing on the cake. What about Rodriguez? What is his connection to Rothstein or RRA? The public is entitled to know. Great story Buddy.

  4. TO'C says:

    Jay Hurley did not receive one dime from any employees of RRA, nor did he get a check from Scott Rothstein. Ken Padowitz donated a $150.00 check to Judge Hurley’s Judicial Campaign because (1.) Jay is a great judge, and (2.) Ken has known Jay for 20 years. Ken’s check was from his P.A. Law Firm Account – not the RRA Operating Account.

    Judge Hurley never met with Scott Rothstein to discuss his election campaign, never received any recommendation letter fron anyone at the RRA Law Firm, not one RRA Law Firm member ever appeared at any of Judge Hurley’s fundraisers, Judge Hurley has tremendous support throughout our community, and he will continue to serve the people of Broward County in an honorable manner.


  5. Dear TOC says:

    Dear To’C aka Tom O’Connell

    What a great friend to Jay you are to not even publish your name with what you wrote above. Looks like you are being a weasel as usual, covering yourself just in case something between Jay and Rothstien comes out so you can deny you said anything on behalf of Hurley.

    Why are you speaking for Padowitz? Cant he speak for himself in his own name on here if needed? Is he silent because of investigations of RRA? Whats the deal?

  6. Tommy O? says:

    Not too obvious who TO’C is…..Jeez Tom, at least try to cover your name a LITTLE BIT.

    Your loyalty to Jay is soooooo convincing. Hopefully its a little stronger than your loyalty to FORMER Judge Pedro Dijoles last year. You were a big backer of him, fundraising, sending him money, etc., etc., etc., and then — oh wait, a month before the primary, you switched sides and went with Boober, leaving your friend Pedro high and dry.

    What will happen to your good friend Jay Hurley if the heat gets turned up. I suspect you’ll flip to whoever is opposing him pretty damned quickly too.

  7. At The Bar says:

    Hurley may not have gotten Rothstein money. He got plenty of bail bonds money to make up for it. Wayne has sure bought himself a judge.

  8. Pat says:

    I think Nathaniel Klitsberg should reconsider running against Judge Lee Seidman and consider running against Judge Hurley. I don’t like what Hurley is all about.
    Frat brother to Guv Crist, the Rothstein RPOF money and timing of Hurley’s appointment, a lot of donation from defense attorneys like O’connell and way way way too many donations from bonds man.
    Think about it Nate.

  9. Sam Fields says:

    I am not sure it is a good idea to print a story that denies someone didn’t do something when they have not been publicly accused.

    I have known these judges for decades and the idea that Scott Rothstein bought their appointments is only slightly less absurd than the notion that they were in on it.

    It’s easy to play “Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon” and connect any judge with anyone you care to…but it is not evidence of wrongdoing. It is evidence of a fertile imagination.

    Before this over Scott Rothstein—who is facing “dancing with Fontaine” for the reset of his life— will point the finger at anyone for anything.

    In the end he will be useless to the Feds because crap like this proves he has no credibility.

    If Rothstein had an ounce of honor he would have left an apology note and then swallowed the Glock.

  10. Pat says:

    Sam, when did you become a fan of Dr Kevorkian?
    I must most respectfully disagree with your assessment. No one is pointing a finger at any judge, and the public has a right to know which judges had dealings with Scott Rothstein.

  11. Sam - Bad Form says:

    Sam – to say that Scott Rothstein should just kill himself does a disservice to you and the rest of your argument.

  12. Mehh says:

    Pat – I think Nate made an educated decision about where to run.

    There certainly was lower hanging fruit than Seidman, but like he says — do what’s right, not just what’s easy.

    This thing with Hurley, Julio and Carlos is just plain silly.

  13. Damoorgian ? says:

    Did $$$ go to Crist before the Damoorgian appointment to the 4th DCA? Daamorgian was frat brother of Crist. How about another Crist frat bro, Ciklin from Palm Beach?

  14. Pat says:

    Mehh – I think your wrong on both counts.
    1. Seidman will be easy to take out. McLawrence can do that.
    2. Rothstein’s connections to judges, whether by donations or support, whether it was Jay Hurley, Carlos Rodriquez or Barbara McCarthy (who appears to be in deep with Rothstein) must be aired out.

  15. u betcha says:

    I think it is true. What does he have to lose at this point by lying? Think about it-Why would anyone pay so much money to political candidates during a recession? There has to be a reason. It is a known fact that certain candidates bundle contributions. It is a known fact that lobbyists pay candidates for votes. Look at Judy Stern, Jenne, Geller, Seiler, dumbbell Stern Saunders, Eggy (nevermind), Rostrom I & II, and all the rest of the Stern cronies.

  16. Sam Fields In A Dress says:

    Fields is a pussy. He defends the judges because he must appear before them every day.

  17. What about Scott I says:

    I want to know what discussions Scott I and Rothstein may have had that caused a flip flop in the BSO race. What was at stake? Why would that be important to Rothstein to shunt money into that campaign? Why isnt anyone interviewing Scott I on that one?

  18. Sorry Pat says:

    Sorry Pat, Nate’s committed to taking out Seidman (politically, not literally). He’s not interested in Jay…..and I think he also likes the Bowtie.

  19. Speaking of weasels says:

    Sprinkles, Aturd, nice to see you are alive and well on the blog today.

  20. Ask the lawyer says:

    Tom O’Connell was counsel for the Israel campagin he would know about the Rothstien money I would imagine?

  21. Fort Lauderdale Lawyer says:

    The appointment process for judges has always been political. The JNC won’t send your name to the governor unless you have political clout with the right connections. Hurley is a good example of someone who put years in Republican politics before being appointed, plus being a fraternity brother of Chiles.

  22. Average Lawyer says:

    Hurley was an average lawyer at best. He is the ideal example of appointed mediocrity, with political connections to Crist as his main attribute. He has virtually no qualifications except that he fraternized with the Crist. It’s bye bye Hurley when she jumps in the race.

  23. andy boy says:

    You all miss the point. Rothstein’s contributions and these judicial appointments fit a PERFECT pattern. Co-incidence? I think not.

    Republican Boss Jim Greer is a scumbag and not above selling judgeships.

    Charlie Crist is a pathetic fraud and closeted homosexual who would sell his mother for campaign cash.

    If this is what Rothstein is trying to feed the FEDS he is going away for a long time as this whole buying judgeships thing will be hard to prove.

    Rothstein will be raped in prison and deserves it. All Broward will cheer when this pompous phony gets his !

  24. Quentin says:

    Judge Hurley is a real joke, he is smashing that Cuban girl who worked at Hughes Cafe

  25. Quentin says:

    Ummm yeah, a cashier at Hughes Cafe marrying a judge, a fairytail story.

  26. Out of Control says:

    Judge Hurley is an embarrassment in public. He was seen out of control, yelling at the top of his lungs at a young group of women.

  27. Voter says:

    It is the voters that will decide. And so they should…the other process apparently doesn’t work!

  28. David Petrano says:

    An irrebutable presumption exists that Rothstein peddled influence while on the Florida’s Bar Grievance Committee and the Judicial Nominating Commission in a self-serving manner. Every grievance case he sat on should be re-examined. Every judge he recommended or donated to should be questioned UNDER OATH.

    Do not buy into the Florida Bar promise this will never happen again, b/c it ALWAYS does. The FL Department of Professional Regulation must take-over regulation of attorney discipline instead of allowing such matters to remain in the hands of those Rothstein type loonies who self regulate themselves at the Florida Bar.

  29. NY TOP COP says:


    – Republican Sheriff’s top paid political advisor is a Convicted felon who viciously beat his wife then sprayed her in the face with LYSOL in front of there three Children … 2588.story

    -Why was a man convicted of armed cocaine smuggling, passing bad checks and grand theft running the Sheriff’s campaign ? … 2588.story

    -Lamberti is a cop who surrounds himself with criminals like armed cocaine trafficker Lewis. Lamberti’s right hand man actually drove Ponzi schermer Scott Rothstein to his getaway
    in a BSO patrol car and helped him spirit $16 M in cash into a duffle bag. Lamberti’s Undersheriff, Tom Wheeler was on the take from Rothstein too, accepting super-bowl tickets and luxury jet transportation as well as unlmited food and booze at Rothstein’s restaurant. Time for Republican Lamberti to go !!!

    -Now BSO is covering up domestic violence against women. Lamberti’s top political advisor savagely beat his wife—for six days BSO did nothing- no warrant, no arrest. Republican Sheriff Lamberti supports the war against women.

    FACT – Republican Scott Rothstein and his associates spent $195K to try to defeat Scott Israel in the 2008 primary for Sheriff and another $100,000 to defeat Israel in the general election. That’s $295K for Lamberti!