Did Gallagher, Eggelletion Wear A Wire?


Federal investigators probing government corruption in Broward flatly told reporters today: We’re still looking.  

“The investigation is still ongoing, said Jeffrey H. Sloman, acting U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

It is highly probable that this continuing investigation involves information from three very cooperative witnesses — County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion, School Board member Bev Gallagher and former Miramar Commissioner Fitzroy Salesman.

My guess is all three are singing long and loud. 

It would be natural.  These are middle-class suburban types headed for the Big House.

They’ve all seen HBO’s OZ.

They’ll do anything to make their fall easier. 

One source speculated that Gallagher wore a wire for the feds during the last several months.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Eggelletion was wearing a wire, too.

Both are facing 10-to-20 years in a federal pen, so it is natural they would try to make a deal.  

As I write this, lobbyists and political types are gathering in the watering holes like Bova’s on Las Olas.  I’ll bet they are frantically trying to recount the conversations they had with Gallagher or Eggelletion in the past six months or so. 

Key evidence of Eggelletion and Gallagher’s cooperation:  They were charged by criminal complaint, rather than a Grand Jury indictment.

Prosecutors sometimes use a criminal complaint when the defendant is cooperative, rather than bringing the case to the Grand Jury.  One reason is because prosecutors can control the evidence in a carefully-crafted report more than they can control the cross examinations, evidence and answers in front of a Grand Jury.

Note:  This case, built (as readers of Browardbeat.com knew ahead of time) by undercover agents posing as businessmen, has nothing to do with a case the State Attorney is investigating against Eggelletion involving payment of his membership at a country club by a developer.

It also has nothing to do with any investigation involving the corrupt insurance company Mutual Benefits.

4 Responses to “Did Gallagher, Eggelletion Wear A Wire?”

  1. hmmmmm says:

    no comment from judy stern?

  2. I guess we will actually see some new blood around here says:

    Judy will be in prison within a year.

  3. anonymous1 says:

    If I was a lobbyist at the county commission, I would be worried. Very worried. They are dusting off a cell for Ron Book?

  4. You Guys Are Off Track says:

    Folks are way off track if they think that any of the lobbyists doing business in Broward are going to get hurt in this mess.

    It won’t happen. They are way to smart to have crossed any line that puts them at such personal risk. No way.

    You’ll see.