Developer: We Aren’t Using Sterling


Lobbyist Neil Sterling is apparently not the most popular guy in town now that there are published reports he is under investigation.

A spokesman for Legacy Development of Broward pleaded with me over the weekend to make it clear that Sterling wasn’t working for them.

Legacy has one of two proposals to build a new parking garage for the courthouse.

“Neil Sterling is not part of the project, said person authorized to speak for Legacy, who asked his name not be used.

Real estate investor and lawyer Bill Scherer told that Sterling was working for Legacy.  He was quoted as saying that in an earlier story here.

Scherer is Legacy’s competition for the parking garage.  County commissioners will pick one of the two to build the project, and both have amassed teams of lobbyists to work the Government Center.

Legacy’s skittishness about lobbyists under investigation doesn’t include Ron Book. 

Book, whose involvement in a controversial hurricane clean-up project at the School Board is also under investigation, has signed up at the county to represent Legacy.

The $25 million project involves building approximately 1,000 parking spaces for the new courthouse.  

Legacy wants to build the garage on their land at Southeast Seventh Street and Andrews Avenue, the site of the old Coca Cola plant. Scherer wants to add floors on top of the existing courthouse parking garage, at Southeast Third Avenue and Sixth Street.

4 Responses to “Developer: We Aren’t Using Sterling”

  1. downtown lawyer says:

    The important thing is to get that parking built. It is sometimes impossible to find any spaces anywhere near the courthouse.

  2. Meet The Press says:

    Your many recent posts have no doubt secured your position as the number one “gossip columnist” in
    Broward County given that most things you write are devoid of the whole truth. Hey Buddy, you want to tell your readers the exact reason why you were tossed from the Sun-Sentinel??

  3. S only says:

    Dear Meet the Press:
    No one is forcing you to read Buddy’s blog or to comment on it. And, why aren’t you using your real name? I happen to like the way he writes.

  4. The truth be told says:

    To S:
    Buddy has a nice writing style, but please keep in mind that this is a blog and truthfully Buddy isn’t writing as a columnist for the papers who are moderated (legally) by slander and libel laws. Buddy is not held to that standard (in a way), so his content is not always accurate and truthful and that’s important to keep in mind. Buddy will correct himself on occasion but not always. Gossip can really hurt innocent people and Buddy has his “friends” and favorites- some he tries to help and others he tries to destroy.

    Note to Buddy: Sorry dude… but this is all true. Some of your stories are not based on facts but on gossip and conjecture from people you know and trust… but the stories may still not be accurate. I do like your blog though…. and the comments… I just take everything you say with a grain of salt. I hope you have the guts to let this pass your content moderation process.

    FROM BUDDY: Thanks for the compliment about my writing and my blog. I appreciate it.
    On your other points: Can you point out one thing in the post that is “gossip and conjecture?”
    If I make a mistake, tell me and I’ll correct it. That is more than many other bloggers and/or staff writers for newspapers do.