DeSantis’ War On Broward Women Could Backfire





Gov. Ron DeSantis did what Republicans do best:

He took rights away from women.


Some believe that DeSantis was right to remove four Broward School Board members after a blistering Grand Jury report called them incompetent. 

But why did he remove four women and replace them with four men?

Are there no women in Broward who could serve as School Board members?  Not one?

Doesn’t DeSantis realize what his failure to appoint one woman looks like to many? 

His actions once again indicate that DeSantis and the those that surround him are tone deaf to half the population — females. 

All of this could backfire if Korn wins reelection in November. She is currently embroiled in a tough reelection race against Allen Zeman.  

DeSantis’ action could propels her to victory. 

Only Donald Trump is more disliked than DeSantis among Broward Democrats. And Democrats carry elections in Broward. 

Korn can now portray herself as a victim of DeSantis to Democratic voters in Broward. 

Her suspension puts Zeman in a box. He can’t embrace DeSantis’ suspension and win in Democratic Broward. 

And when DeSantis appears at war with the females on the School Board, being a man might work against Zeman.

I expect Zeman to throw tons of money into the race to try to offset these negatives. That could win it for him. 

Korn may not have the resources — money and campaign staff — to spread her message. 

Then again, two years ago DeSantis removed Broward’s elected Sheriff Scott Israel. And enough voters might just want to support Korn to send a message to DeSantis:

Stop removing our officials from office!  



5 Responses to “DeSantis’ War On Broward Women Could Backfire”

  1. Dean Ledbetter says:

    DeSantis could fix this by threatening to remove her again if she’s elected. Woohoo. It’s a Republican shoe in election.

  2. Mitch S. says:

    “DeSantis was right to remove four Broward School Board members after a blistering Grand Jury report called them incompetent.”

    The rest of your column supporting Korn makes no sense. In fact it is embarrassing.


    Thanks for pointing out that I left out the words “some believe”. It now reads “Some believe that DeSantis….”

  3. Helen C Surovek says:


    DeSantis sexist school board removals and replacements. Appears Misogynistic!

    10:07 AM · Aug 27, 2022·Twitter

  4. Hibbs says:

    These women have been needed to be r moved for YEARS. Korn is just as incompetent and or corrupt as the rest of them

  5. Wise Native says:

    You can not discount the grand jury citing these individuals with every form of malfeasance and incompetence. These people have created a festered culture in the school system which misspends money, alters statistics, tolerates criminal behavior in schools and produces far too many criminal indictments as a byproduct. Criminal behavior should not be awarded by this paper pandering gender as the central issue. It is not. Stop spinning this.