Dems Launch Anti-Rick Scott Website



Democrats have not taken the Holiday Weekend off.

The Florida Democratic Party launched a website highlighting many of the faults they see in Gov. Rick Scott.

Check it out here. 




5 Responses to “Dems Launch Anti-Rick Scott Website”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    Low information voters always fall for Dems’ lies, obfuscations, innuendos and half truths.

  2. Duke says:

    Everything in the ad is true. He did take the 5th 75 times. He has slashed education, stalled transportation, purged voters, blocked affordable care and hidden public records. It’s a very good ad. I hope it runs in the form of a television commercial. Rick Scott is a crook who should be in jail. He tried to ruin Florida as to hand it to Romney. When it didn’t work, he started backtracking. There’s gonna be a bullet train from L.A. to San Francisco but not from Miami to Tampa and Orlando. A tourist based economy in a highly populated state with little land mass and no bullet train that the feds were going to pay for?? Screw you Rick Scott. At least Charlie won’t try to keep us in the dark ages.

  3. Really Sham says:

    @ Sam the Sham

    Could you kindly tell the public about these “Dems’ lies, obfuscations, innuendos and half truths.”
    Oh!!! That’s right you can’t or would you rather plead the fifth like Gov Scott? 75 times?

  4. just wondering says:

    hope you don’t delete this
    already upheaval and power tripping in Crist campaign camp?

  5. Sam The Sham says:

    Duke and Really,

    You two are the Poster Children for Low Information Voters.

    “Scott slashed education” not really, he just did not fund it at the temporary levels of the Obama Stimulus.

    “Stalled transportation” Scott kept us from paying up to a $1 Billion for cost overuns and daily maintenance of a white elephant rail that we really don’t need anyway.

    “Purged Voters” Scott tried to get illegal aliens off the voting rolls, something that you two Lo-Fos want to perpetuate voter fraud.

    “Blocked Affordable Care” According to the attached article, Scott wanted it but the Legislature would not act on it. Sounds like some misdirected anger here.

    “Hidden public records” Scott gave his computer over to an IT tech, so his emails could be saved. The tech inadvertently deleted them. Not Scott.

    “Scott plead the fifth 75 times.” Just like the US Constitution guarantees his right to do. Is that sort of like the IRS general counsel saying “I do not recall” 80 times to a Congressional Hearing? Not by a long shot.