Dems: Haridopolos Should Give Back Money


Florida Democratic Party has called on Senate President Mike Haridopolos to give back $152,000 he “bilked from Florida’s taxpayers for writing one copy of a book that was so poorly done it was unpublishable.

Brevard Community College paid Haridopolis the money for the book about the development of the Florida Legislature.

“The book also doesn’t come close to meeting the original contract’s call for a publishable, textbook-quality look at the development of the Florida Legislature, state constitution, the governor’s office and judiciary from pre-statehood until present,  the AP wrote.

Florida Democratic Party Communications Director Eric Jotkoff got a look at the book.  He said:

“After reading Mike Haridopolos’ book from cover to cover, I am honestly less informed about the legislative process than when I started.

“Haridopolos’ book contains no sources or citations and reads more like a 5th grader’s report on what he did last campaign cycle rather than the textbook-quality, academic work his contract called for him to write.

“The fact that Haridopolos was paid $152,000 for writing that computers are important to run computer software, wooden nickels are a waste of money, and his praise of a candidate going ‘door to door on rollerblades’ as a photo op, should be viewed as the definitive example of Republican waste, fraud, and abuse in government.

“Because Florida’s college students seeking to learn how a bill becomes a law would be better served watching the School House Rock video rather than reading Haridopolos’ explanation, Haridopolos should be ashamed of himself for continuing to defend his book.

What makes it more galling is that Haridopolis is a self-described fiscal conservative who want the state to spend lessunless it is spending to line his pocket.


He is running for U. S. Senate in next year’s Republican primary. Here is an earlier post on this subject.

5 Responses to “Dems: Haridopolos Should Give Back Money”

  1. DeeDee says:

    Haridopolos=lying hypocrite.

  2. S.O.B. says:

    Seems lately that we read and hear of our “POLITICAL LEADERS” doing something of getting money to an institution of “HIGHER” learning; Community college, Junior college, State College, etc…then being hired at a large salary or renumeration to provide some sort of menial service or to teach one class, now write a book… Is this the new method of covering an old habit of “pay for play” here in the state of conservitism???

  3. Resident says:

    I don’t think anyone gets it.

    It’s not that its unpublishable. It’s that its actually the way he thinks about the Florida Legislature.

    Think about it yourself. Doesn’t that explain a lot about him.

    It also says that if he took a course on the subject, he would flunk.

  4. Broward Lawyer says:

    Give the Dems credit for being consistent. They are always in favor of taking an individual’s income.

  5. Kevin says:

    Jeez, I’ve written a book on Florida politics that printed thousands of copies, and never made a cent. This guy must be magic or something (LOL).