Update: Demo Charge That Hasner Hid His Judaism; Candidate Calls Charge “Laughable”



Republican congressional candidate Adam Hasner is a Jewish Republican.

That’s well know in South Florida.  Hasner has been openly courting Jewish voters as one of their own in the Palm Beach  and north Broward Counties race.

But it hasn’t always been that way, according to some Democrats who served with him in Tallahassee.

These colleagues remember that when Hasner came to Tallahassee 10 years ago, he wasn’t so open about being Jewish.

In fact, the fact that Hasner is Jewish was left out of the House’s Clerk’s Manual for 2002-2006. The book is widely used as a reference by Capitol insiders.

“This is laughable,” Hasner said. “(Remember)It’s 19 days to the election.  This has no basis in fact.  The first thing, the very first thing I ever did in the Legislature was to pass a bill expressing solidarity with Israel.”

And it is true that the Election Day is fast approaching and Democrats are worried about the inroads that Hasner is making into the Jewish community.

And it is true that a Sunshine State news poll of 750 likely voters conducted Oct. 14-16 found that Hasner is running dead even with Democratic opponent Lois Frankel, 47 to 47 percent.

And it is also true that Hasner sponsored HR 9021, Resolution Expressing Solidarity With Israel In Its Fight Against Terrorism on March 6, 2003, right after his first legislative session began.

So was leaving his religion out of the Clerk’s Manual just an oversight, a mistake, a typo?

“I have no idea how that happened and I never saw any of that,” Hasner said. “There was never any secret that Adam Hasner is Jewish.”

Not true, say Democrats who are opposed to Hasner’s election.

“Every member is given a copy of the clerks manual. He missed for 2 straight cycles. My recollection is I was first alerted to this by (two Democrats from Broward). Hasner’s response to this when I confronted him about it said it had to do with his legislative aide not filling out the information properly for him,” one Democrat said.  “That is garbage! All of us are given the questionnaire to fill out. And of course, it’s like the telephone book, as soon as it comes out you race to see your name in it.”

Another said, “He absolutely left it out of the manual.  He left it out.”

His Jewish identity was omitted from the manual for four years.

The reason, say Democrats, is political.

Many Tallahassee Republicans viewed Jews, especially those from Palm Beach County, as liberals.

“It was politically advantageous in his party not to be a strong arm conservative and a Jew,” said a former House member.

Democrats alleged that Hasner only included his Jewish hertitage in the manual after 2006 because of his marriage. Jillian Hasner was the executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Palm Beach County in 2006.

“He had to embrace it at that point,” a Democrat said.

This is important issue for some Jews.  That’s  because one of the things they hate is a Jew pretending he is not Jewish. It could affect his appeal among some Jewish voters.

Is all this real?  Well, his religion was left out of the manual while Jewish Republicans like Ellyn Boganoff’s religion was included.  That is indisputable.

It is the reason it was left out that is in question.

The former Democratic colleagues of his are convinced Hasner did it on purpose to hide the fact he was Jewish. Hasner calls their charge a last-minute desperate move to hurt him in the Jewish community.

You decide.


14 Responses to “Update: Demo Charge That Hasner Hid His Judaism; Candidate Calls Charge “Laughable””

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    This is a non-issue. Any Jew who would not vote for him because of this would not have likely voted for him in any case.


  2. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Say its not true Buddy- Hasner covered up being Jewish-oh vie. The Jewish residents in Ft.lau and county have been very good to me-thank you. As far as Hasner I’m w/ Lois Frankel(huh Judy Stern)

  3. christine says:

    a non issue…..

  4. Lois says:

    I don’t know whether Hasner did or did not do what he is being accused of, but you guys on the left need just to make your rules and live by them. To wit, you damn people on the right for being too vocal about their religion, or in some cases for even practicing a religion, and then damn Hasner for not being vocal enough. If this is the best you’ve got we should, come early January, be calling Hasner “Congressman.”

  5. Veritas says:

    Everyone knows Adam is Jewish, and have from his very first campaign. Gotta love those brave souls who will attack someone about their religion but won’t put their name on it. Losers.

    Fact is Hasner’s first legislation was about Israel and he sponsored the landmark Florida Iran Divestment Bill!

    Everyone knows he’s Jewish, come on.

  6. 53% says:

    hey buddy

    aren’y you a “woody allen jew” also?

  7. Yo Walsh says:

    There little to no Jewish vote in Fort Lauderdale. Why do you think your pal Judy Stern’s daughter,
    Babs “Honey Boo Boo” Stern couldnt break 38% against Rep Moriatis despite mommys connections? Even that moron Chiari pulled mid 40s.


    The U. S. House District Hasner is running for includes much of Plantation through Fort Lauderdale and north to the Riveria Beach. It is not only Fort Lauderdale.

  8. JP says:

    Nobody cares about the Iran bill.

  9. don't have a cowan says:

    Hasner has a great reputation while Frankel has a checkered past.

  10. SR5 says:

    Buddy, really this is what you write about? Let me guess your a supporter of his opposition…

  11. Lois says:

    This updated version makes the entire issue even more laughable. Sort of like Obama’s Big Bird ad; going nowhere fast.

  12. Ed Foley says:

    Now we have a manual that names the Jews in Tallahassee! How has this come to be? TMI Buddy.

    FRONM BUDDY: It has religion listed in their bios.

  13. Barbra A. Stern says:

    Michael Ahearn you are leaving your calling card in blog comments yet again. Grow up and move on.

  14. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Get him Barbie.