Demos Fight Over Future Of The Party



A political party sole goal is to win elections.

By this measure – the only one that counts — the Broward Democratic Party has been astonishingly successful in the past 20 years.

Despite of tens of thousands of its most reliable condominium voters, Democrats have continued to win elections.  Despite the ascendance of the Republicans statewide, Democratic candidate still win in Broward.

Again and again.

Yet Broward’s veteran Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar is fighting to hold on to his job?

For Ceasar it’s deja vu.  He has been challenged every four years since first being elected local Democratic chair in 1996.

This time Ceasar‘s opponent is Cynthia Busch, a Plantation activist.

Cynthia Busch

She’s a securities broker who got involved in Democratic politics as a volunteer in John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.  He’s a lawyer and sometimes lobbyist who has been an active Democrat since helping college days, even helping launch the Tamarac Democratic Club in the 1970s.

Once she became involved, Busch gravitated towards a group of dissidents inside the party that has fought Ceasar for years. The group’s Godmother is Barbara Miller, a political consultant and lobbyist who helped on the first 1996 campaign against Ceasar and has never let up.

The next party leader will be chosen in an inner-party election involving roughly 850 Democratic committee men and women who were elected in the August primary. State legislators living in Broward can also vote.  The election is scheduled for Dec. 9 in a Tamarac banquet hall.

The Party’s Problems

Busch is right about one thing.  The party is clearly sclerotic when it comes to modern campaigning.

It is two decades into the Internet revolution and the party still lacks a meaningful web presence.

Ceasar promises to step of the Democrat’s Internet efforts. He promised the same thing in the past and for awhile he delivered.

A sophisticated website was built which won a national award by the American Association of Political Consultants for best Local/Regional Organizational Website.  He also started a campaign on YouTube.  

Sometime since then, Ceasar drifted away from his dedication to more modern communications.

Part of this is because Ceasar appears uncomfortable with the Internet himself.  I know of no other executive – Ceasar’s formal title is chair of the Democratic Executive Committee –who lacks a computer in his office.

His lack of action in this left his opponent for chair Cynthia Busch, a party activist, a big opening. No wonder the first plank in her platform is a promise to “Revamp our communications systems, including our website, email communications, social media, and mailers.”

Busch also guarantees to create issue-based committees within the party organization and emphasize “human contact” with voters, along with an effort to “support, launch, and elect Democrats.”

Ceasar has largely had a laissez-faire attitude towards the recruitment of new candidates. He has sponsored some, but most just come to his door.
Beyond that, Busch presents as new ideas things that are already being done such as raising money and having a party office, which the Broward organization has had for years.

Campaign Lies

Both candidates for chair are shading the truth.

Ceasar is overemphasizing his role in the recent Democratic sweep in Broward.  “This was the best funded best worked  and best coordinated effort by any local party –ever!” Ceasar wrote to party activists.


But the local party had little to do with what happened on Election Day.

And the huge turnout Obama produced carried the rest of the ticket.

Now Ceasar was a key spokesman for the Democrats and Obama in Florida.  He spent hours on television and talking to reporters. That really was his major role.


Mitch Ceasar: Promoting Ds On TV

Busch has resorted to half-truths or misstatements, too.

She wrote in her campaign statement that in the 2012 election “our deep blue county was dead-last in voter turnout among Florida counties.”

Not true.

Broward had a 66 percent turnout.  Palm Beach County had a 64 percent turnout and four other counties had lower or were tied with Broward.

She called the low turnout the “same problem” that is “partly responsible for Rick Scott winning that election in 2010.”

It is true that Scott’s opponent, Democrat Alex Sink did poorly here, only running up a 131,000 Democratic margin.  Broward had a low voters turnout of 41 percent.

Can it be blamed on Ceasar?  He didn’t help, but who can spin lead into gold?

Sink was one of the worst statewide candidates ever fielded by the party.

Others agree with me: Florida Trend this month called Sink’s 2010 campaign “lackluster” and states, “MSNBC branded her the year’s worst candidate.”

Sink not only ran up a substandard margin in Broward.  She also carried her home counties — Hillsboro and Pinellas – by only 26,000 votes. That mirrored her performance in almost every county in the state, where she lagged previous candidates.

Meaningless Job?

The bottom line in all this infighting is that the Broward Democratic Party counts for little and will continue to count for little…no matter who runs it.

Candidates today create their own organizations. They use party activists because those are the people interested in politics, but the campaigns always maintain control.

Campaigns reach out themselves to leaders in the ethnic communities, condos and in neighborhood organizations.  They don’t need or want the party to be more than a conduit to these folks.

Campaigns handle the media, advertising, phone banks and all the other trappings of a modern campaign. What the party can do is help and be cheerleaders, but that’s about all.

The Broward Democratic Party’s role reminds me of the Free French Army in World War II.  The French were helpful, but they did not by any means play a pivotal role.

So maybe when they vote in December, Democrats should consider above all: Does Busch or Ceasar look best in a beret?



23 Responses to “Demos Fight Over Future Of The Party”

  1. Broward Dem says:

    First off Buddy the Election is on December 9th. Did Mitch tell you it was on the 8th to misinform people not to go?


    No, it was my inability to read a calendar. I’ve changed it.

  2. Elroy John says:


  3. Seth Platt says:

    Democratic Party’s communications are abhorrent in Broward. The Broward Republican Party Facebook page has over 22,000 likes. Broward Democrats only created one the day after the 2012 election at my behest.
    I have seen more sophisticated Communications plans for lemonade stands.
    We need party leadership that will galvanize the youth and minority vote which was one of the determining factors in the recent election. We also need leadership clear of conflicts, and that is willing to do the important work of recruitment and getting out the vote.
    Buddy you seem content to let Ceasar sit on his throne as if he were a Caesar but the truth is the party is ineffective due to leadership, not because it is a sign of the times.
    Cynthia Busch is a tireless advocate who worked hard all year long on the GOTV and registration effort for OFA. She has earned this opportunity.
    We only ask that Broward Dems be provided a FAIR voting process to determine who should lead our Party FORWARD.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    With a name like Caesr, you would think the least he could do is throw the fucking Christians to the lions…

  5. Thank Seth says:

    Gotta love the ramblings of another spoiled rich boy who never had to earn anything in his whole life. FYI Richie Rich, ask Al Lamberti how all of his Facebook “Likes” translated into votes.

  6. David F. Carr says:

    This has more to do with the grassroots organizers of the Democratic Party wanting one of their own to lead than it does with Barbara Miller (or any other godmother). Cynthia has near-universal support from the volunteers who did the grunt work of registering voters and getting out the vote. They know her as a leader because she has been doing that work side-by-side with them. The hardest workers simply want the formal county Democratic Party organization to be better aligned with the grassroots.

    Mitch Caesar does a fine job of representing the party on TV, and maybe he’ll continue to have a future as a TV personality. I wish him well. But he shouldn’t have the job of party chairman for life.

    It’s time for a change.

  7. Bernie Parness says:

    When you task about Mitt Ceaser and doing anything to get out the vote you are living in fantacy land. I quote Mitch Ceaser who has stated he doesn’t involve himself in local politics. Well all politics are local. On the day the primaries were held was Mr Ceaser out to the precincts seeing thay were coverewd. No he was campaigning for himself to be elec ted a precinct committee man and only recieved 34% of the vote. TRhere are democratic clubs like mine where Mr Ceaser hasn’t visited for a few years. He organizes nothing. In the elections you described anything but being in the top 3 places is unacceptable. Not near or at the bottom. He doesn’t understand leadership. If it were not forpeoiple like Cynthia Busch or Rick Hoye the numbers would have been dreadful. We need change and Cynthis Busch is the person the De3mocratic Party needs in Broward County

  8. Da Fundz says:

    When the party organization is well-developed and trustworthy, candidates & their campaigns will cooperate with the party organization and thereby produce synergy (Synergy is two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable).

    Electing Cynthia Busch and replacing Mitch Ceasar’s cronies with Busch’s slate would satisfy the “trustworthy” condition. As for the “well-developed” part (defined as: every precinct is fully staffed with well-trained and experienced and hard-working activists who are fully supplied with all the “ammunition” they need (literature, signs, bumper stickers, etc.) via the party’s military-grade logistics infrastructure and who are backed up by an innovative and comprehensive communications juggernaut) – that might take even a highly talented person like Cynthia Busch more than a few years to accomplish.

    One thing’s for sure – Mitch Ceasar will never get there. For Ceasar and his cronies, the party organization is a self-serving support system for greedy lobbyists and campaign consultants. For Busch and her hard-working team of activists, the worldview is quite the opposite: the party organization is a selfless support system for effectively advancing Democratic values (fairness, equality, transparency, etc.).

    Unfortunately, Ceasar has abundantly shown his willingness and ability to minimize the transparency of the vote-counting process and thoroughly rig his own “election” by resorting to the most unethical and diabolical methods imaginable.

    Whether Busch can prevail under such a fundamentally unfair and obviously illegitimate “election” process is at this point an open question – and my (modernized) Magic 8 Ball says… “Signs point to NFW!”

    But if Busch does prevail, we will see Democratic activist celebrations comparable to the dancing of Berliners as the Berlin Wall collapsed. That will be followed by the construction of a county party organization which will become the glistening model for all other Democratic county party organizations, much to the benefit of the national Democratic Party.

  9. Andrew Markoff says:

    This is just one of the most cynical posts about politics I’ve ever seen, and it now causes me to view BrowardBeat far more skeptically.

    To assert that Mitch Ceasar might as well remain where he is because the local party is basically useless and will and should remain so should be alarming to anyone who reads that.

    Local campaigns and candidates who come and go are absolutely NOT a means to generating consistent turnout amongst Democrats and voters who tend to vote Democrat. Broward County needs turnout for EVERY election amongst voters likely to vote Democrat.

    That consistency comes from genuinely utilizing the infrastructure divided amongst the DEC, the area leaders, the precinct captains, the volunteers and the Chair.

    A grassroots, genuine and focused voter turnout machine requires modern and efficient communications. Mitch Ceasar’s mimeographed letters periodically mailed out to his minions aggrandizing himself are totally insufficient.

    It also requires morally and structurally supporting members of the DEC- and that should go well beyond sending out a periodic letter or email that tells them to somehow get the job done.

    The local party needs consistent communication with everybody and anybody who takes an interest in the county’s Democratic Party operations, and communications need to be on-line and continually updated. The focus of those who take an interest in the party needs to consistently be directed towards three main objectives: TURNOUT, TURNOUT and TURNOUT.

    Members of the DEC need to be directed as to how to get that job done, and they need consistent direction. Their efforts need to be observable and followed up by the Chair and by the entire committee.

    Using a position in the DEC to instead generate consulting fees and lobbying contracts via outside efforts creates a local party consisting of too many voting members who care too little about which party really wins in elections. What truly matters to too many individuals who support Ceasar’s continued chairmanship is maintaining their positions, getting referrals from Ceasar and from others for outside income and seeing their lobbying and consulting clients succeed- no matter what party they may support.

    Taking on clients who really aren’t well-qualified to be running for elected seats and lobbying for contracts offered by local governments places the main values of the Democratic Party and those who do the actual on-the-ground work to support it on a far back burner.

    We can’t continue to have a Chair whose main focus appears to be appearing on TV and on the radio railing against whatever nutty thing the Republicans are doing these days. Ordinary people who we need to vote Democrat in elections are not necessarily following all of those political narratives and watching and listening to political talk in the media. They need an infrastructure in their own neighborhoods that reaches them directly- and does so consistently.

    Cynthia Busch, as David Carr so well put it, has worked “side by side” with activists and volunteers who have labored in intense heat, in intense humidity, in heavy rains and under many other trying conditions to register voters, knock on doors, organize other volunteers and promote candidates running under the Democratic Party banner.

    Meanwhile, Mitch Ceasar has far too often been unable to manage a “hello” to those hard workers and activists when he sees them unless he feels certain that they support his being ensconced in the Chair’s seat. Ceasar has continually ensured that those who really care about the party and show up for meetings and events are denied an ability to speak and promote candidates for primaries, to suggest new directions for the party and to offer their talents and viewpoints- unless, of course, they’re one of his personal operatives.

    The very idea of supporting any individual who has been known by so many as someone who seems very inclined to rig DEC elections and to hand out favors to those who support the Chair but who rarely if ever bother to show up and truly be involved in voter turnout is stunning and dismaying.

    Buddy, you have a history that apparently inclines you to support what you’re most familiar with and to view the support of activists, volunteers and ordinary voters with terrific cynicism, but I can only offer you and any other supporters of Ceasar too words of advice: THINK AGAIN.

    There’s really no excuse for anybody to be supporting Mitch Ceasar except for one reason: SELF INTERESTS. Anyone who supports a change in leadership demonstrates another cause: the better interests of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in Broward County, in the state and across the nation.

    The party’s better interests don’t come from only espousing a superior agenda on TV now and then but from generating consistent voter turnout.

    And yes, Buddy, Democratic voter turnout in Broward is vitally important for the party, and it really does count a lot, and it doesn’t only come from individual candidates and their campaigns. It comes from activists who truly care and who are truly involved in their neighborhoods and who have the consistent support that they need from the Democratic Executive Committee.

    Cynthia Busch has been making that promise. Mitch Ceasar has been making promises behind closed doors only to a few select individuals who promise only one thing in return: showing up every few years to vote for him. Your cynically implied support for that kind of modus operandi, Buddy, is dismaying to say the least.


    Read the piece. I never asserted that Mitch Ceasar should continue as chair. I pointed out some of the very reasons that Ceasar has fallen short.

    I also never said turnout didn’t matter. I said Ceasar must take some of the blame for the poor turnout in 2010, but Alex Sink must also take the blame. Remember that Miami-Dade had almost the same turnout as Broward and that can’t be blamed on Ceasar.

    I disagree that the party has three main objectives: Turnout, Turnout and Turnout.

    The party’s only objection and only reason for existence is to win elections. Winning elections takes many things beyond turnout, for instance candidate recruitment and voter registration.

    I must point out this: Cynthia Busch is largely untested in any of these aspects. She has been part of a team, not the head of a team, in the campaigns she worked on. As far as her grassroots skills, she spent a lot of time and effort to get Ceasar defeated in his precinct in the primary. This work included standing outside of his precinct on the day of the primary. She and the dissidents failed to beat Ceasar in this small race confined to a few hundred voters in a tiny corner of Plantation. What does that say about her campaign abilities?

    That said, Ceasar has done little candidate recruitment and voters registration that I know about. I’m not sure about turning out the vote, but any effort he made clearly was unsuccessful in 2010.

    And as far as the relevance of the Democratic organization, I said the party largely takes a backseat in all aspects of a campaign to a campaign itself. That’s just a fact.

    Let me add, I couldn’t care less who becomes the Democratic chair. It doesn’t affect me. It doesn’t matter to me. Nothing the party does will sway my vote one way or the other. I am an highly informed voter and I don’t need the party at all to make a choice.

  10. Andrew Markoff says:

    “Broward Democratic Party counts for little and will continue to count for little…no matter who runs it.”

    That level of cynicism is simply inappropriate. Recruiting good candidates, pursuing voter registration, focusing on the party’s values with committee members, supporting DEC volunteers for the work they need to do and directly communicating with voters all generate one result: turnout.

    The potential for turnout in Broward should not be compared to other counties, including Miami-Dade. Broward has a heavy concentration of Democrats that should ensure that a massive turnout effort is well-organized for every election, especially for elections that can swing the state. Broward could do that if we had the focus and the preparation we need.

    Individual campaigns cannot and will not provide a continual infrastructure to make that happen, whether it’s for a mid-term or for a Presidential election. Individual campaigns, including the President’s, likely stay away from the DEC specifically because of Mitch Ceasar’s attitude and his behavior. I’ve heard that straight from the mouths of paid campaign staffers.

    Busch may be “untested,” but Ceasar certainly is tested quite enough. The persona and operational methods of the current Chair should not continue, and over the recent years, Ceasar has provided absolutely ZERO indication that any of his methods or lack thereof- or his attitude- will change. Just the continual allegations that DEC elections have been unverifiable and highly suspicious should indicate the Caesar is entirely the wrong choice.

    The Broward DEC needs a Chair who at the very least appears to be a genuine person who cares about voter turnout and who is approachable. Busch has been consistently involved with Organizing for America for years now and has been available to others who work out on the ground for Democrats. She can actually be called on the phone- directly- and she doesn’t lobby or consult as a political operative for personal profit. If Busch needs direction from members and some improvements in her methods over time, then she’ll certainly be far more amenable to that then Mitch Ceasar has been. I mean… please.

    Instead, Mitch Ceasar has carried a persona more befitting a Mafia don, and he is unavailable to those attempting to get involved and get information. He has been well known to be uncommunicative except through his secretary, and he has been known to avoid calling people directly but instead sending all of his responses through the secretary. That kind of wall of intimidation and aloofness should be unacceptable.

    The Chair is not a national figure. It’s a local position. The DEC should be an organization that acts local and can be directed by its members. It should be an organization that fosters talent for both running for seats and for organizing precincts.

    To assert that the goal of re-creating the Broward DEC is senseless and that Democratic voter turnout will not be affected by DEC members who work their own neighborhoods with the support and direction they need is just cynical. That characterization of the DEC implies support for Ceasar, and that’s because the very notion that whomever chairs the DEC could make no difference at all is just the kind of endorsement that Ceasar needs.

    After all, it’s not about the local Democratic Party and its volunteers and the voters when it comes to Mitch Ceasar. It’s about his own self interests and the self interests of those who support him. To view the party and its potential in the county so cynically that we might as well stick with a Mafioso style of leadership is- again- dismaying.

    Nobody can guarantee better results with Cynthia Busch, but we can choose hope & change over the continued reign of Ceasar and all the suspicion and dissension that he will continue to engender. DEC members were only informed of the date, time and location of the DEC election just days ago, and that notice included the statement that “Additional rules will be announced at the meeting.” So, apparently we’ll find out who’s checking in the voters, who’s running the election and how it’s being conducted after we get there.

    Da Fundz gets it right: if Cynthia Busch does win on Dec. 9th, there will be rejoicing fairly comparable to seeing the fall of the Berlin Wall. That’s not necessarily because certain individuals hold different beliefs and want different things for Broward. That’s because there are individuals involved in voter turnout efforts for the Democratic Party in Broward and in directing the party’s values who CARE about such things. They care about the voters, the potential voters and party values a lot more than outside political, consulting and lobbying efforts pursued by others in the DEC to the detriment of party unity and of consistently satisfying results.

    …And then there are the loyal choir boys. Besides the outside income generated by being a loyal Ceasar minion, there are those who disturbingly seem to enjoy being loyal and secretive co-conspirators- like school boys watching the hallways for the priest. One of those was recently arrested for misspending DEC funds, and who should be surprised if he’s the one checking the names and signatures of arrivals for the election for Chair in two weeks? No one should be surprised- that’s who.

    We can and should do better, and electing Cynthia Busch is the very first step. After what we’ve seen and heard under Ceasar’s reign and how unhappy the genuine Democratic activists have been, any assertions that we should settle for more of that just add to the great mystery that is ‘Planet Broward.’


    It is dedication like yours that will make a difference. You make many good points. The import thing is to remain involved and fight for what you believe.

  11. Joe Six-Pack says:

    If Cynthia Busch is “untested” then I’ll happily vote for that. Mitch Ceasar has repeatedly epic-failed his tests. A six-pack of Busch please!!

  12. No matter what says:

    Buddy is right, the DEC is a fast becoming extinct animal.

    Why does the local party structure still rule the day in the NE area of the Country? Patronage.

    Look at why Scott Isreal said he was originally an R, becase in his are of LI, NY you couldnt get lifeguard job if you were not. Nothing bad on Scott, that is not my point, the point is where a local party is successful is where they offer something to their members.

    What does the DEC offer now or with Ms. Busch east of I95, nothing?

    What does the DEC now or under Busch offer anyone under the age of 45 other than warm lemonade and stale cookies? If I want to know about issues, candidates or anything else politicial, I dont need to go once a month to Plantation, I look it up on line.

    Why are more people becoming Independent? Because they identify with issues and individual politicians, not for some great blind love of “party”.

    Here is another secret, Obama was a once in a lifetime candidate that could inspire the masses like no one we will ever see again. Do you really think in 4 years, Corey Booker, Hilary, Harry Reid, DWS or whomever the D’s put up for President could inspire the base like Obama, no way.

    Understand I am no Mitch fan. Do may problems stem from him, of course they do. At this point Mitch and Cynthia are fighting to be CEO of the buggey whip company a couple of years before the Model T came on the market.

  13. Seth Platt says:

    @thank Seth
    You don’t know what you are talking about as I have worked many minimum wage jobs in my life, sometimes along side illegal aliens . I am a union member and I have worked hard in many ways that you obviously will never know, since you don’t have the courage to sign your name to your criticism.

  14. all that glitters... says:

    Hey Markoff, maybe you should turn to Louie Granteed for help! As a lifelong Democrat, he really knew how to energize the Democratic base. If you’re looking for him, try Solid Gold… heard they have a great lunch special.

  15. Randy A. Fleischer, Esq. says:

    I am a long time Democratic activist who first was elected to the DEC in 1996 I am sure that Ceasar will never change. He believes he is the Emperor of Broward County politics. But the Emperor has no clothes and no game!
    For the last several years people have asked me of Obama is going to win re-election. I confidently told them that Obama would win because he was going to win Broward by over 250,000 votes and that was going to push Florida into the Blue column and that would guarantee Democratic victory. The reason that I always cited for my confidence was Cynthia Busch and OFA. They have worked Broward County since 2007 and I knew that there efforts would pay off in a big win, which it did! Ceasar has done as he pleased with no oversight from the state party or the DEC management committee. The DEC election on December 9th is being run without any supervision or input from the management committee that is supposed to be responsible for managing the DEC. Ceasar has cancelled meetings for November and December, never mentioned the lelection at any DEC meeting and has appointed all the people responsiblie for printing ballots, checking in voters and counting the ballots. This is a repeated recipe for another unholy election.

    I am so proud to be a part of the Cynthia Busch’s Blue Broward Team and am running for State Committeeman along with hardworking Democrats like Maggie Davidson, Rick Hoye, Maggie McCauley and Alan Ehrlich. We have a tough Governor’s race in 2014. Under Ceasar, Broward’s margin of victory for Democratic Gubernatorial candidates has declined in every election since he became Chair in 1996. Unless we want Rick Scott to be re-elected we need new leadership in the Broward DEC. How can anyone continue to support Ceasar and Glasser who have only worked hard to maintain their own power base and done nothing to strenghten the Democatic party!

  16. Thank Seth says:

    Really, being a member of the actors union makes you rosie the riveter? There is a difference between choosing to do manual labor and having to do it. I seriously doubt daddy george in Rio Vista would have seen you suffer.

    I re read your post, you are so dead on, looking at all the “likes” BREC had on Facebook really had a big impact on the most recent election. I cant believe Mitch missed the ball on this.

    So union member, former man of manual labor, where are you working now? That is right Daddy’s office.

  17. Chaz Stevens says:


    I say prove it then.

    Come cut my grass. The pay is $5.00′

  18. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    All That Glitters…

    Another Bob Norman Self Righteous Groupie.

    Get a life and/or batteries lady.

  19. Andrew Markoff says:

    “No matter what”:

    You compare members of the DEC contacting voters in person within their own neighborhoods and using person-to-person discussion and persuasion to get out the vote for every election to running a “buggy whip company.”

    You should think that over a little more.

    “all that glitters…”:

    I will instead pursue glazed meatballs on toothpicks at Swinging Richards, thank you very much. That’s outside of Scott Israel’s jurisdiction.

  20. Dan says:

    A struggling unemployed actor and member of SAG…is that the union you speak of? Lol. That’s funny.

  21. just Me says:

    I’ve got nothing against Mitch Caesar personally, but I’m not going to support him based on the fact that I’ve never seen him DO anything but make things difficult for people that don’t go along with him. We don’t need that. How are we going to grow and bring people in if every new person is seen as a threat to his power? Thanks Mitch, but that’s enough.

    I’m happy to have someone to vote FOR in Cynthia instead of just casting a vote AGAINST someone.

  22. Seth Platt says:

    I am a proud member of the Screen Actor’s Guild which is a member of the AFL-CIO.
    I also worked for over 10 years at minimum wage in my lifetime, and have also held manual labor jobs that would likely make you wilt. I am not afraid of work and proud to now be working with my father.
    This is not about me and I entitled to an opinion for those who run for office. If I was spoiled rich kid I’d probably be supporting Republicans instead of Democrats. I support the working class and underdogs, and have the courage to do so publicly unlike some of the trolls here.

  23. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Seth Platt

    Didn’t you also do a summer stock revival of the boy band Menudo?