Demos Fight Gov. Scott With New Website


Faced with the Republicans’ overwhelming political power in Tallahassee, the Democrats fight back the only way they can — through the media and on the Internet.

Democrats recently set up a website blasting Gov. Rick Scott.

I believe Scott’s mantra that he is creating jobs while cutting government is a Tea Party fantasy.

Scott fires thousands of government employees.  He proclaims he is growing jobs.

Tallahassee has become Bizarro World from the Superman comics where everything is reversed.   Black is white.

The plain truth is that dismantling state government will negatively affect thousands of Floridians, many who don’t work for government but can no longer get prompt services.

The reality is that generating new jobs for Floridians largely is the hands of Wall Street along with Congress and the White House.  Florida will rise or fall along with the general economy.  Scott’s role in it is to a great extent an afterthought.

To say anything else is deceitful. Then again, I’m not surprised that Scott hides the truth from Floridians.

He took the Fifth Amendment how many times?


Below is the news release. The link to the website are in the release.



For Immediate Release: April 14th, 2011
Contact: Eric Jotkoff, (850) 222-3411

100 Days, 100,000 Jobs Destroyed:
Rick Scott’s Record As Governor

Every week that Rick Scott is in office, he and the Republican controlled Legislature are discovering new ways to destroy jobs and hurt Florida’s economy. As Rick Scott reaches his 100th day in office, we’d like to give an answer to the question that many reporters, legislators and hardworking Floridians are asking just how many jobs has Rick Scott’s proposals created?

To answer this question, we have launched the website

Since taking office 100 days ago, Rick Scott actions and proposals have destroyed 100,000 Florida jobs as he works to impose his extreme agenda on our state. As Governor, Rick Scott has solely focused on pleasing the Tea Party rather than implementing commonsense solutions to bring jobs to our state. That is why the Florida Democratic Party is launching, as we work to hold Rick Scott accountable, so Floridians can see how Rick Scott’s extreme agenda is damaging Florida’s economy,said Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith.

The site is intended to let Floridians know just how many jobs have been lost in Florida because of the reckless approach taken by Governor Scott and an overzealous Legislature that continually puts extreme ideology before the needs of over one million working Floridians still looking for an honest paycheck.

“It’s now clear that Rick Scott’s mantra of ‘Let’s Get to Work’ wasn’t a message to Floridians, but a message to his associates ready to launch a hostile corporate takeover of our state. There are ways to create quality jobs and be both a business-friendly and people-friendly state, yet the governor has shown no interest in seeking such balance. It’s our job to work to hold him and his friends in the legislature accountable,” State Representative Rick Kriseman added.

Failed Republican budget policies over the past decade have resulted in a $3.6 billion deficit. Instead of focusing on creating jobs during the 2011 Legislative Session, Rick Scott proposed a spending plan that fails to meet the public’s needs and does real harm to middle class families.

To justify these dangerous cuts, Rick Scott and his Republican enablers have decided to play politics and attack firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, and other public servants, while balancing Florida’s budget by creating a backdoor income tax on working families.

11 Responses to “Demos Fight Gov. Scott With New Website”

  1. Its a Miracle says:

    What a load of unadulterated bull shiite that website is. ( They say that Scott destroyed 100,000 jobs but if you look at their numbers, some interesting facts show up. First of all, by their count, it is only 96,000. Secondly, 49,000 of the jobs were from those high speed rail jobs that never existed. (Besides that, if the high speed rails were created it would cost us a fortune to subsidize it forever.) Next we see that 20,000 teachers are supposedly going to get pink slipped. Where did that number come from? They admit in their source link that the number was just made up. They also accuse Scott of cutting the budget when they admit in their source that the state’s contribution remains the same, but the Federal stimulus education funds are discontinued this year ($880 million). They don’t accuse Obama of firing teachers for that, though.

    Buddy, shame on you for promoting that pant load of nonsense.

  2. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to “It’s a Miracle”:

    Listen, you load of @#$%&!*^”, Gov. Scott is a fanatical crime spree in public life, just as he was in private life. The people of this forlorn fucked up state truly fucked up when they barely put this sociopathic pathological wack job in office.

    IMPEACH THE GUBERNATOR! and to you, Miracle without a brain, get with it. What are you, some rich puke who feels your entitled to have every business break because you are that special. Get with the masses, feel their pain, if you are capable. Look to the Tin Man from ‘da Wiz of Oz, and seek out a heart for ya’ self.

    and that’s the bottom line ‘cuz Stone Cold says SO!

  3. Broward Politico says:

    Rick Scott is a charlatan. Anyone paying attention last election knew that. Some (tea Partyers) drank is kool-aid and some just didn’t care. Now we are stuck with him for 4 years, but at least people are wising up and caring.

  4. Frank White says:

    Sorry Buddy but this nonsense was rated: Liar Liar Pants on Fire by the St. Pete Times

    The St. Pete Times deals with different but similar criticism of Scott.

    I never wrote the ad was accurate. I wrote the Democrats were using the ad.

    I do believe Scott’s policies consist of fuzzy math. If you are laying off employees, or forcing local governments to do so, you are losing jobs and not creating them.

  5. DeathFrog3 says:

    Ok so this website is exactly what’s wrong with politics.

    The Dems use the talking points that the Reps are the party of fear.

    The Reps say the Dems are socialists.

    Both sides use bogus statistics to tell us how bad the other side is meanwhile Gas is 4 bucks a gallon again and these A-holes (from both sides) are getting campaign contributions from the oil companies.

    Buddy, You agreed with a previous post of mine that one of the problems in the “news” business is just blanket reposting of edited press releases. I’m afraid you’re guilty as charged on two of your posts since that post.

    Your blanket reposting and subsequent comment of “I never wrote the ad was accurate. I wrote the Democrats were using the ad.”

    Is part of the problem. I get the website is yours and the “news” you print is highly editorialized but at least give the disclaimer in your post.

    I’d love for you to call the bums out either side of the aisle they sit. In that way be more like Chaz, He doesn’t care Dem, Rep, Black, White, he’ll kick them in the balls.

  6. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    F the web site Dems. Create better candidates by finding smarter candidates who can get a message across that appeals to Dems and the Middle.

    I went two months of hearing Alex Sink ads on the radio before knowing that Alex was female. I was not the only one btw.

    You have a few years to bring up some new blood from the state level.

  7. BullGator says:

    Thank you for the right-on-target comments. We will survive this but at what human cost. This legislative session will be one for the history books-don’t let the legislature off the hook!! Between Scott, Dean Cannon and Mike “Surfer Dude” Haridopolis, how does the average person stand a chance?

  8. Wayne Arnold says:

    True Governor Scott does not match up to past Governor’s LeRoy Collins and Fuller Warren. When Warren was Governor he put hundreds of his supporters to work including naming his own brother Julian as a Duval County (Jacksonville) Commissioner. Julian, went on to serve several terms while his brother Governor Warren (1949-1953) was limited by the State Constitution at that time to one non-consecutive term. Florida was in tough financial shape when Warren, a Democrat, took office. He did a politically unpopular thing by getting a 3% Florida Sale’s Tax through the Democratic controlled legislature. Through his leadership he put Florida back on solid financial footing. I’m a little “d” democrat but in all fairness maybe we should give this Republican political neophyte an opportunity to eliminate some of the red ink and gluttony in the Florida government. At this point it is apparent that he is making some political proposals and budget cuts that will make him a one term Governor. But,it is a young administration and this guy is not a career politician and that in itself is refreshing.

  9. Broward Politico says:

    @ Wayne Arnold

    There is nothing refreshing about Rick Scott. The Palm Beach Post today wrote an article blasting him for reversals of policy and other nefarious things. Keep an eye on Sollantic.
    As for Cannon and Haridopolous, they are distancing themselves from Mr Scott. It’s going to be an interesting year, but when they hit rock bottom, they will all be voted out, Scott, Cannon, Haridopolous and the rest.

    Before the Democrats can vote these folks out of office, they need a candidate. Can you name one candidate for governor in 2014? I can’t.
    Maybe some rich Democrat with $70 million or so will surface.

  10. Broward Politico says:

    @ Buddy

    Charlie Crist

  11. broward citizen says:

    I wish Charlie Christ was still our Governor