Demo’s Choice: Insider Candidate Or Progressive






Lawyer Michael Gottlieb has much of the political establishment in his corner as he campaigns for the Florida House.

But politics today is a bubbling caldron of dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Aren’t the members of the ruling class on Gottlieb’s fund raiser invitation below the ultimate representation of the status quo, the same ol’ same ol’? 


Michael Gottlieb


Voters will decide that one in the August 28 Democratic primary for the Davie/Plantation based District 98. The seat is now held by retiring state Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation. 

What you don’t see on the invitation is many, if any, younger Progressives that are resetting the Democratic Party agenda.

Some appear to be lining up behind 20-Something Democratic candidate Andrew Dolberg, who bills himself as Progressive.


Andrew Dolberg


Or Stephen Korka, a political newbie and 30-Something businessman who owns two comic book stores.

Dolberg doesn’t hide his positions. On his website, he backs: 

  • A ban on assault weapons.
  • A ban on fracking.
  • An expansion of Medicare to cover everyone in the state. 
  • An increase of money for public schools and a raise for teachers. 
  • Legislation to make it easier for seniors to stay in their homes as they age.  

Gottlieb’s website is more of the same mush politicians have been feeding voters for years. Gottlieb’s website platform falls into that old pattern. It states:

 “I know that Tallahassee does not reflect our values of working for the common good. We have school safety issues and do not provide properly for public school students. We need to continue to insure a clean environment and establish opportunities for good paying jobs and businesses to succeed. We need to protect our civil rights…”

A voter could hear the same feel good words with no specifics from Gov. Rick Scott!  

I sat through dozens upon dozens of candidate interviews at the Sun-Sentinel and the biggest complaint of the Editorial Board was a lack of specifics from politicians like Gottlieb is spouting.

Gottlieb’s political establishment support is good for one thing: Money. 

Along with the candidate’s own $50,000, Gottlieb’s campaign has roughly $87,000 and spent almost nothing…yet.

That is twice the money that any other campaign has collected. 

Dolberg has roughly $42,000, but has spent $7,000. Korka has nothing.  

A fourth Democrat for this Democratic seat is Daniel Stallone of Davie, who has reported raising no money. A fifth Democrat Elaine Geller has kicked in $30,000 of her own and has raised just under $2,000.

Geller could have her gender working in her favor. But she has a past that could put her out of the running if attacked.

Voters will know Gottlieb is worried about victory when his campaign (or a friendly PAC, probably from the legal establishment) starts slamming Geller…and the others. 

Gottlieb’s fund raiser in Plantation last night was well attended.  There were kids, average voters along with longtime courthouse/political figures like retired judge Tom Lynch and state Rep. Richard Stark, D-Weston. 


Michael Gottlieb speaks at May 29 fund raiser in Plantation tavern/restaurant.



Money, a network built over decades in the courthouse and grey hair. Some voters may even confuse Gottlieb with the beloved Broward County Court Judge Ken Gottlieb, a former state rep.

All these factors have turned Gottlieb into the favorite in this race. At this point, he appears to be on his way to Tallahassee.  

But what do I know? 

I thought Hillary Clinton was a sure bet. too.



5 Responses to “Demo’s Choice: Insider Candidate Or Progressive”

  1. FTL Voter says:

    Dolberg, from his own website, is certainly a progressive …… but he is also endorsed by establishment types: Dean Trantalis, Kristin Jacobs, Dale Holness, Rosalind Osgood, etc.

    And do he and Gottlieb differ significantly on any issues? I cannot find where they do.


    If you can pin Gottlieb down he probably is almost identical on the issues.

  2. Plantation Mom says:

    Dolberg looks like a baby. Gottlieb’s grey hair means he has life experience. That is something that is needed for politicians.

  3. GOPapa says:

    @FTL Voter
    Trantalis’ endorsement is designed to get the gay vote, while Holness and Osgood are for the black vote. It is what’s wrong with Democrats, always playing to tribal politics

  4. Mr. Courthouse says:

    Gottlieb is know as a jerk in the courthouse. He is effective. If he is elected, at least he will be our jerk in Tallahassee among many jerks.

  5. Dear Plantation Mom says:

    We have a guy with orange hair and weird white lines around eyes in the Whitehouse, looks ain’t everything