Democrats Try To Throw Blogger Out Of Meeting






When I was a newspaper columnist, my editors used to quip that I was doing something right because my column pissed everybody off. 




I was always an equal opportunity offender.

Apparently Tom Lauder has the same cred. 



Tom Lauder 



If a Republican has done wrong, he exposed them on his blog.

If a Democrat stepped out of bounds, Lauder slammed them, too. 

That ecumenical attitude towards political wrongdoing apparently got under Democratic activist Barbara Effman’s skin.  So when he showed up to cover a meeting of the West Broward Democratic Club earlier this week, she tried to get him thrown out. 

Its on YouTube here, right at the beginning (Lauder is wearing a University of Miami shirt.): 







For those of you who don’t know what the West Broward Democratic Club is,  it’s really…..nothing. 

The Democrat’s once fabled club system is way, way past its Buy-By date. Sclerotic and ineffective, the clubs has turned into get togethers for a handful of Democrats who talk a lot and deliver very little in the way of votes. 

The West Broward Democratic Club is a prime example of the decline.  A decade ago, the club was a powerhouse. No longer. 

The condo residents who once filled the seats at meetings have gone on to that precinct in the sky. 

Notice on the video how many politicians sent surrogates to the meeting. That’s something that pols wouldn’t have dared 25 years ago.

Throughout the club’s Long Goodbye, there has been one constant: Ms. Barbara Effman. 

I don’t remember a time when she wasn’t in charge. She appears to be the West Broward club’s El Jefe for Life. 

Somewhere along this journey to irrelevance, Ms. Effman has forgotten what it means to be a Democrat. With a Capital “D”. 

A Democrat who believes in the First Amendment. A Democrat who believes in transparency. 

Lauder’s blog may be called Red Broward, but he is a journalist.  

Effman may not like what Lauder writes, but he is a journalist. 

Does the Broward Democratic Party now throw out journalists they disagree with?   That’s so….Trumpian. 

Ms. Effman showed how out of step she is with today’s party just a few minutes after trying to toss Lauder.  

That’s when she introduced her husband, former state Rep. Steve Effman, along with other “special guests.” 

Steve Effman is “special” but not in a good way.

Here is a refresher from the Miami Herald in November 2017:

“Divorce lawyer Steve Effman’s admission in 2000 that he had sex with vulnerable female clients who couldn’t pay him with money cost him his high-profile job, his seat at the Florida House of Representatives and, temporarily, his law license….”

The story is about a woman’s claim that Steve Effman is again alleged to have abused a client.  He vehemently denied the allegation and says the woman was just trying to beat him out of a his fee.

See the link here.

Steve Effman clearly has a past that is at odds with the Democratic Party. This is a political party who claims to embrace women’s rights and the #MeToo movement. 

So what happened when Ms. Effman introduced her husband to the Democratic club members? 

The club members applauded Steve Effman. Wildly. 

Check it out at approximately 4:30 on the YouTube of the meeting (Thanks to activist Dan Lewis for the video for anyone to see on YouTube.) 

Something is wrong with the West Broward Democratic Club and the three other clubs who participated in the meeting: 

Ms. Effman tried to get a journalist thrown out of the meeting.  Then Democrats clap for a guy who lost his legislative seat after having sex with his female law clients!

Maybe if the club had a younger person running the meetings, they would understand how offense it is to some to applaud Steve Effman.

Ms. Barbara Effman has forgotten the old nursery rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me.”

Lauder only wrote words.   

Steve Effman was accused of so much more and The Herald says he admitted it. 



21 Responses to “Democrats Try To Throw Blogger Out Of Meeting”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    This blogger.What i would like to know is what does Mr.Lauder do for a living.I could be just as effective with a microphone etc.Me, i work 65 hrs.a week.Its a wonder i have any time.I have a few notches under my belt, however its always a team effort.Many, many people give me tips,leads etc which for the most part end up on the front page.Again, i would just basically be a.nuisance without my sources.They know when they throw me the ball( so to speak) not only will i catch the ball but land it right at your kitchen table while your drinking your morning cup of coffee.Priceless.Top that there other bloggers..As far as this guy more.power to you..Good luck..

  2. Tom Lauder is NOT a reporter says:

    Buddy, we all know in the political world that Tom Lauder works for political campaign manager Michael Ahearn. Does any know how Tom is paid? Tom Lauder supports Mr. Ahearn’s candidates and opposes the candidates running against Mr. Ahearn’s candidates. Michael Ahearn pays Tom Lauder for his “blogging” services. Tom Lauder does NOT have an “ecumenical attitude towards political wrongdoing”. He’s the prime example of what is FAKE NEWS.

  3. Old Timer says:

    The ‘Old Timer’ says that things are a-changin’. Seems like the world is passing Barbara by. See ya … or should I say adios.

  4. Frankie Hollow says:

    There is no reason to throw anybody out of a Democratic organization meeting unless they are disrupting the proceedings.

  5. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #2.Thanks for the info.Nothing ever surprises me concerning the “grizzly bear”…As Mr.Lauder put down the mic and get to the gym..Fast…

  6. Go Hyphen, Vote Jason Allen-Rosner says:

    Watch the video at the 43:23 … you have to give candidate Jason Allen-Rosner credit, Effman thought she was going to make Allen-Rosner look bad by asking why he added a hyphen to his name. To his credit, Allen-Rosner held his ground and shocked the room saying he changed his name to be top of the ballot and had his Circuit court decision from Judge Rodriguez-Powell to back it up. It was refreshing to see someone own their decision and not try to put bs spin on it.

  7. Tom Lauder says:


    Lauder says he doesn’t seek attention. He posted the following comment on Facebook:

    “First, I’m saying prayers for the victims of the Capital Gazette shooting.

    With all the talk about threats against the media I thought I’d give some local perspective. Despite what you may hear, the threats come from both sides of the aisle.

    On Wednesday night, a Democrat club president singled me out and tried to get me thrown out.

    On Thursday morning, a group of Republicans surrounded me while trying to shout me down.

    Two weeks ago, after I was grabbed and pulled by campaign volunteers and confronted by a wannabe security guy, a Republican Club “advisor” told me to “get the fuck out” after I dared to ask a candidate questions.

    Last year, a campaign manager knocked my camera from my hand and smacked me in the face in front of two Davie cops. A former Democrat elected official stalked my wife at her place of employment. They’ve posted pics of my children online.

    A Republican official has threatened Democrats and Republicans who dare to be friendly with me. Another Republican official tried to convince the State Attorney to investigate me. Another Republican official called 911 because I witnessed his outburst against a female.

    I’ve been dragged into court on phony claims by someone who didn’t like being exposed for his stupidity. The Judge dismissed the case.

    And through it all, I’ve said very little publicly.

    While I’ve had no training as a journalist, one rule has been made clear: you have to develop a thick skin. Believe it or not, most reporters are fair. They’re not all Jim Acosta at CNN. They spend hours covering boring events. They don’t make big bucks. They don’t attend fancy cocktail parties. They do their job and go home to their families. Like the reporters at the Capital Gazette. It had nothing to do with Trump or Maxine Walters. There are dangerous people in this world.”

  8. Thank you Dan Lewis says:


    Glad you were there to tape this exchange and posted it online. Without you doing this, this incident would have subject wpukd have been filtered through the rumor mill and spin cycle. People can see for themselves and judge the actions of Effman as they see fit.

  9. Dan Lewis says:

    There is a difference and a distinction between asking someone to leave and forcing someone to leave.

    To suggest Lauder, a digital bully in the employ of a political operative for the sole purpose of muckraking should be welcome at any public meeting would be to stretch civility almost to the breaking point. More to the point; Lauder’s claim of being a journalist is laughable.

    He had no right to attend the meeting as a “journalist,” but as a member of the public, he did.

    Barbara Effman had the right to ask him to leave and did.

    If Lauder had any respect, he would have understood why he was unwelcome and left, but I suspect he was there on “assignment”.

    Barbara was civil. Lauder was not. No surprise.

  10. Much Younger Democrat says:

    Dear Buddy,

    Thank you so much for writing this article this is the most accurate story I have ever read. From the perspective of a much younger Democratic and first-hand knowledge, I can only say that I have never seen anything more disturbing but that’s the way they have always done business. if your an abuser, abuser, you are a GOD

    A bit of advice show some decorum and class and civility you have had many Republicans at your meetings and I have never seen them treated that way.

  11. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #9.Hold on here.First there is no real difference pertaining asking Mr.Lauder to leave or forcing him out.What she was going to literally pick him up( sure) and physically remove him.Come on.Now i don’ t know Mr.Lauder, however if this organization was open to the public, and it wasn’t an invite only event, and if there are a 501c etc- then guess what he had every right to be there and PARTICIPATE if so desired.I mean is it a big deal in the bigger picture, i think not.Don’ t feel bad there Tommie me Robert Walsh, just the other day at the laudermat( towels) this guy asked me” where was i from since i didn’ t look American”.Really i was stunned.I replied i derserve and am entitled to be in this laudermat and or any given place i want.Yes, entitled.What does an American suppose to look like?.With Bernie( deceased father) serving in the Korean War and being wounded, to having a brother that went all the way to the top( Air Force) etc to grandparents that came here from Azores, Italy and ireland and helped build this country nin the early 1900’s you bet im an American.So don.t feel bad there Tom.I blame Donald Trump for this person ignorance not so much his comments towards me.Where am i from since i don.t look American…

  12. Gary T. P. L. says:

    Mr. Lewis is wrong. The Constitution does not have a political litmus test for the First Amendment. No one is excluded because of being in the employ of a political operative.Regardless of who is the”sponsor” they are protected by the First Amendment.

  13. I ran won without barbara says:

    Barbara Effman is a paper tiger for a long time. I would bet that most of her audience consisted of candidates and managers and no uncommitted voters. You see the same twenty Democrats at every club meeting.candidates time would be better spent elsewhere.

  14. Let me get this straight says:

    I give credit to Bush, Evans and Carrington for their recent position encouraging anyone of any party affiliation to attend Broward Dem Club meetings.

    People wonder why the DEC is so dysfunctional? This incident is exactly why younger dems in Broward want no part of the “machine”.

    So I understand, Dan Lewis, who has been accused in 2014 and 2016 of intentionally creating a “blue card” that was believed to cause voter confusion amongst Democrats as it looked similar to the actual Dem Part local “blue card”, was welcomed and permitted to video this dem club meeting? The same Dan Lewis whose “blue card” caused the Broward DEC to waste resources printing and advertising warning literature as to the “fake card”, was welcomed at the West Broward Democratic Club?

    While I have heard many people not agree with things Lauder has written, no one has ever said he lied about anyone. If the accusations are true, Lewis attempted with his “blue card” to cause voter confusion amongst Democrat voters with his “blue card”.

    Can someone explain if the above is true, how was Dan Lewis accepted and embraced at the West Broward Club and Lauder was not?

  15. Bob Songil says:

    Dan, you are right about Lauder being a puppet of Ahearn. Anything he rights is FAKE NEWS. The meeting was a private club and they had the right to exclude him.

  16. Crown Molding King says:

    I miss Charlie King’s pithy comments

  17. a fly on the wall says:

    Tom Lauder does not qualify as a reporter, a journalist, or even a blogger. Anyone who takes the words of a politician running for office and tries to make it seem he himself wrote the words is a fake.
    Check out the piece on redbroward regarding Walter Duke and his sidekick, Lisa.

  18. Chaz Stevens, Retired says:

    Lauder likely had more in common w a jelly donut than he does with the truth.

  19. Chaz Stevens, Unjourlanist says:

    Also Buddy…

    For you to refer to Lauder as a journalist, being a former journalist yourself…

    Guess what boyo?

    You’ve lowered the bar until it because a line in the sand, and then a dog came over and dropped a dookey on it.


    Some would have said that about you, Chaz, when you wrote your blog.

    A journalist is defined as “a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast.” Nothing else. There are no qualifiers or other clauses.

    Whatever you believe about Lauder, he fits the definition.

    Check out his latest effort on Hallandale Beach:

    Despite the piece’s lack of readability, it has some interesting content.

  20. Chaz Stevens, Unjourlanist says:

    Also, who exactly were these people who tried to “throw” Lauder?

    I’m thinking it would take … say, a half-dozen stout young men and two bulls imported from Pamplona.

  21. Chaz Stevens, Unjourlanist says:

    >> Despite the piece’s lack of readability, it has some interesting content.

    The bible has some interesting content — especially if you’re into incest, rape, murder, and bestiality.


    About my efforts…

    People went to jail because of those efforts.

    Please never compare me to Lauder, honestly, that’s just rude.