Democrats Should Be Trembling: Governor’s Race Tightens





Democrats should have the shivers…even in the Democratic Republic of Broward.

Especially in the Democratic Republic of Broward, which is filled with Ds under the illusion that the governor’s race is in the bag.

Gov. Rick Scott is history, these delusional D’s say.  He’s toast.

Not so fast.

Polls are starting to show what I predicted months ago:  Scott is catching up with Democratic favorite Charlie Crist.

Not good for the Ds. There are 13 months to the 2014 election.

Here are the polls:

  • Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling found Democratic former Gov. Charlie Crist leading Gov. Rick Scott 50-38. PPP surveyed 579 Florida voters with automated phone calls from September 27th-29th. The margin of error is +/-4.1%.
  • A Florida Chamber of Commerce survey has Crist over Scott 46-41. Republican consulting firm Cherry Communications surveyed 618 likely voters through phone interviews from Oct. 4-8. The margin of error is +/- 4 percent.
  • The University of North Florida’s Public Opinion Research Laboratory poll reported Crist over Scott 44-40. The data was gathered September 30 through October 8 by phone surveys of 526 registered voters (margin of error +/- 4.27) in the state.

The university poll is presumably non-partisan, conducted by students in a survey center with phone banks and supervised by professors.  Since it found only a 4 percent difference between Scott and Crist, Democrats should be worried.

Very worried.

Too many Democratic voters here believe that Scott will be a pushover.  Their beliefs are skewed by this community, where everybody that counts politically is a Democrat.

I suggest Broward Democrats take a drive one day to North Florida.  Just study the bumper stickers.

Broward cars are filled with Obama stickers left over from last year.  Cars in North Florida are decorated with Romney stickers or anti-Obama slogans.

Broward Democrats forget that this state elected two of the Tea Party House members holding up Congress and a Tea Party Republican U. S. Senator, Marco Rubio. And a Tea Party governor, Scott.

Crist is the best the Democrats have to throw against Scott. (The polls were consistent that former state Sen. Nan Rich would get crushed by the governor.)

So far Crist has had a honeymoon from the media.

“The media really hasn’t focused on Crist yet,”  Dr. Michael Binder, the UNF assistant political science professor who ran their poll, says. “Once he declares,  you’ll see spotlight on him.  His record.  His positions.”

That scrutiny should further tighten the race.

And when Scott begins to tap his enormous bankroll for an advertising blitz, the race will get even closer.

“It’s going to be close.  I don’t think I am saying anything startling here because most statewide races are tight in Florida,” Binder agrees.

Bottom line for Broward Democrats:  The race won’t be a cake walk…for Crist or for Scott.




13 Responses to “Democrats Should Be Trembling: Governor’s Race Tightens”

  1. The Truth says:

    Little known fact, Buddy has a faded Ross Perot ’92 sticker on his car and a Herman Cain air freshener.

  2. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    Charlie Christ vs. Rick Scott-come on. Not all the money in the world(and goober has plenty)can Rick scott go up against Charlie Christ. Mr.Christ is a seasoned politician and statesman. Rick scott could put a 100mill into his campaign(and he probably will) still no ay can he beat Charlie Christ. Think locally its almost as bad as City Resident Charlie(Boo-koo money)King running against Jack Seiler for Mayor(get it)…

  3. Floridan says:

    That Crist is the leading candidate to take on Scott is a major indictment of the Florida Democratic Party.

    What happened to the party of Collins, Askew, Graham and Chiles?

  4. Sam The Sham says:

    There will always be those who vote straight party ticket, both Republicans and Democrats, but can’t most Dems see that Crist is just an opportunist with no real core beliefs?

    I believe there will be a substantial number of Dems that will not be able to bring themselves to vote for Charlie Crist. They will just leave the Governor’s race unchecked.

  5. Ghost of McLovin says:

    2006 Republican
    2010 Independent
    2014 Democrat
    2018 Green? Tea? Libertarian? Birthday?
    make a friggin’ decision – career politician wannabe

  6. Sam is a Sham says:

    @ Sam the Sham

    You are obviously a partisan Republican. It is safe to say that most Democrats will not vote for Rick Scott. On the other hand, many RINOs
    will be voting for Charlie Crist.
    This is going to be a highly contested, lot of money spent on both sides, race. The folks trashing Charlie Crist are Rick Scott-drones tea partyers like Javier Manjarres who afraid of Crist.

  7. Duke says:

    Both sides should be trembling. Anyone who truly pays attention knows that Rick Scott tried to ruin Florida as to try and hand it to Romney. It didn’t work. He has taken Floridians for granted and insulted our intelligence. He’s saying and doing stuff that he previously said he would never do. I expect him to advocate for more teacher raises, a cleaner environment, tout Obamacare, and initiate a bullet train project sometime before the election. I truly hope some of the Obama operatives make the trip down and help bury this guy come election time.

  8. ginger ale says:

    YOU GO CHARLIE BOY – YOU’VE GOT MY VOTE! You won’t have to buy your way into the Florida White House like slick rick – you are a “sure winner” when election time comes.The voters will speak!

  9. Get out says:

    I don’t care who runs against that train wreck. Just get him out!!!

  10. Invoked Fifth Amendment 50 times says:

    I will never understand, but for the $72 million he spent out of his pocket, how a man who invoked his fifth amendment privilege against incrimination over 50 times, became Governor of Florida. Are Floridians that dumb?

  11. Duke says:

    If what just transpired in the special election in Pasco County is any indication, Scott is in trouble. Anyone at least halfway formidable should do well against him.

  12. just one vote says:

    interesting but close

  13. Duke says:

    That’s with a special election and less than a 20% turnout. Watch what happens in the 2014 midterms and the 2016 presidential election.