Democrats Pull Dumb Move That Will Backfire




If Democrats wants to get something done in Tallahassee, they better get along with some Republicans.  The Republicans still run the show in the Legislature.

That’s a lesson that the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation apparently hasn’t learned.

Palm delegation Democrats had some fun taking shots at Republicans this week.  They ended the long -time policy of having the chair and vice chair jobs taken by one Republicans and one Democrat.

In a coup, after the election of a Democratic chair, Democrats blocked a Republican from being vice chair.  The South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote about it here.

Dumb move.

To what end?  Vice chair of the delegation is really just a title.

State Rep. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, might have left the meeting gloating about snatching the vice chair post from the Republicans for herself.  She might have smirked, “gotcha.

I’ll bet that the Republicans have long memories.  

Let’s see how many of Sachs’ bills get through the House or Senate.

After all, the glue that holds politics together can be summed up in seven words: Reward your friends and punish your enemies.

Remember that Sachs.  And get some good excuses ready for your constituents when your 2009 session is a failure. 

5 Responses to “Democrats Pull Dumb Move That Will Backfire”

  1. shocking says:

    wow buddy things must be slow when you are ripping off stories from the sun sent blog

    FROM BUDDY: Actually I got this from a state representative.
    I also have a point of view, an opinion, which the newspaper blogs don’t allow their reporters to have. I will look at the S-S and link the story.

  2. Oops!!! says:

    That’s what Tallahassee is all about, Politics and bullying. It’s been like that for years and years and it’s a real joke to say the least. All they want is power and control instead of working together as a team for the residents of the good ole’ State of Florida. It’s been a mess and of course the Lobbyists don’t help in the least… HOW AWFUL IS THIS GOING TO BE THIS COMING YEAR? DUH???? Wait an see for yourself

  3. YMMV says:

    Domino is a one issue legislator: Homestead Portability

    Having already accomplished that, he has 2 years to snipe at these bozos.

  4. New Republican Voter says:

    Wow Buddy you seriously need a life.

  5. South Florida Democrat says:


    Please check your sources before posting anything.

    Thank you