Demos’ Legal Team To Be Targeted In Attack Ads


Flotsam from the Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme is threatening to disrupt a key Florida Democratic legal team as it prepares for next year’s election.

Republican trickster Roger Stone is taking aim at Berger Singerman, one of the mainstay of the Democrats in Florida.

The firm sued Stone last week. The firm, appointed to oversee the Rothstein law firm’s bankrupcy,   is seeking to recover up to $350,000 that was paid Stone for political work.

Vowing not to pay “a dime,” Stone always believes that a good defense is an offense.  He said he will launch an ad campaign against the Las Olas Boulevard law firm for earning millions from the bankruptcy of Rothstein.

According to a printed media report, the bankruptcy court distributed $11 million of a total $18 million to Berger Singerman.

Stone said he will raise the money – up to $1 million, probably from well-heeled Republicans – to pay for the ad campaign.

“The GONIFS at Berger-Singerman have wealthy enemies,” Stone wrote to, capitalizing the Yiddish word for a thief.

For Stone and Berger-Singerman, this is Round Two.  Round One was the 2000 Presidential Recount.

Firm founder Mitchell Berger, a leading national Democratic fund raiser, and his partner Charles Lichtman were strategists for Al Gore’s Florida legal team. Stone was working for Republicans and is credited with orchestrating a near riot which shut down the Miami-Dade ballot recount.

A near riot was just another notch on Stone’s six-gun.  He first learned ferocious hard ball politics – some would call them political dirty tricks — working for Richard Nixon.  In fact, Stone has Nixon’s face tattooed on his back.


 Roger Stone, from New Yorker Magazine

Stone today gets six-figure fees for referendums and GOP campaigns.  He has lots of high rolling friends.

Since the Recount, Berger and Singerman have become voting rights specialists for Democrats. The firm watched Florida polls in 2004 and 2008 to insure that Republicans were not scaring away Democratic voters.

That is how and why Stone will have an easy time raising money to run the ads.

Anything that distracts the Democrats legal team — that includes a stinging attack ad campaign targeting them personally – can only hassle Barack Obama and the D’s ticket next year.

Stay tuned.


 Here is portions of Stone’s statement to

The lawsuit is without merit. I earned every penny I was paid by RRA* for professional services which had value. I have rejected any offer to settle for a lesser amount. I am confident of my legal defenses and will vigorously contest the action.

Frankly, I relish the opportunity to put Berger Singerman on trial and expose the illegal actions of their attorneys. ..Before the matter is  settled I fully expect those at Berger-Singerman who have committed illegal acts and those who covered them up to be disbarred.  I also expect those who have conflicts to be fully exposed.  The biggest rip-off since the Rothstein Ponzi scheme is the massive legal fees being paid to Berger-Singerman…I have been warned about the cozy nature of the legal-judicial fraternity in Broward County. This does not concern me to me as any adverse ruling in Broward will be appealed.  I do have confidence in the integrity of the (Appeals) Judges.

I will never pay these corrupt bloodsuckers a dime. I intend to educate the public about  the crimes… through a TV ad campaign in the Miami-Fortl Lauderdale market. I will spend $1 M for his campaign –none of it mine. The GONIFS at Berger-Singerman have wealthy enemies.

I beat Mitch Berger and Chuck Lichtman in Bush V. Gore and I will beat their asses again.

Roger Stone

(*RRA: Scott Rothstein’s defunct law firm, Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler.)

7 Responses to “Demos’ Legal Team To Be Targeted In Attack Ads”

  1. Words of Wisdom says:

    The best advice which I have received over the last few years was to stay off of the radar of the IRS and Roger Stone.
    I don’t even want Stone to know of my existence.
    We know what the IRS can do, but Stone can not only ruin your life, but make your parents wish that you had never been conceived.
    Be afraid. Be very afraid…

  2. MR says:


  3. SAM FIELDS says:

    If I understand this correctly Roger Stone is going to run a million dollar ad campaign denouncing Berger Singerman as having some special “cozy” relationship with the judiciary.

    The implication being that he can manipulate judges to his will.

    I have not spoken to Mitch about this but I am sure he wants Roger to be sure he spells the name of the firm correctly.

  4. Its a Miracle says:

    These lawyers at Berger Singerman do sound like theives. They gin up rumors of evil Republicans scaring away Democrat voters from the polls, and then they charge high fees to be watchdogs. All the while knowing there was no threat of voter intimidation and of course, they found absolutely no evidence of it. Look for them to pull the same crap next year.

  5. Linus says:

    You don’t want to cross this guy. He’s like Tony Benedict.

    The last guy that crossed him? I hear that he not only got him sent up for 10 years, he had the bank seize his house and then he bankrupted his brother-in-law’s tractor dealership.

  6. Shifty Shifrel says:

    It seems that all the loony left usual suspects are afraid to post because of this Stone character. What a hoot! That is really showing the courage of your convictions.

  7. Las Olas Lawyer says:

    The Berger firm is just getting some of its own medicine. Their lawyers are widely known as being nasty name-droppers who believe they have the Broward judiciary in their pockets. It will be interesting to see.